"Tatsumi,You are the intruder,aren't you ?"

I'm in a tight spot,I don't know if she is able to recognize my face even in this form,or she was able to tell someone from their blood

"Human,let me take care of this"

"Hell no,you damn demon"

Arrival of The Bloody Moon


"Why did you do that ?"

I broke my illusion magic,even knowing by doing that,she will surely mark me as the intruder

"That's because of my mission"

"What mission ?"


"I'm sorry..."

before I can finish my word,she cut it off with a gloomy-toned voice

"It's a privacy right ?,sorry about that,I won't pry on you anymore"

She told me that while she releases my arm,as she is quickly going out the door

even when she tried to hide her face,I can tell that her cheerful and honest usual self is disappearing.while for a moment I can see her tears

"That's why I told you that you are really dense"


"I must apologize to her later"


I'm arriving at school after a 10 minute walk,with a gazes of astonishement or fear from the fellow students,I still can't react to any of them

I come into the class with a heavy step,all my classmates adverting their eyes from me except for my sister

"Good morning,Tatsumi"

"Good morning,Nee-san"

"Hmm ?why is your face like that ? is something wrong ?"

"No,nothing,more importantly,do we have any plan on that castle yet ?"

"I already have a plan for it on the night 2 days ago,but because of your condition I have to postpone it"

"Well then,can we do it tonight ?"

"If you are sure you can finish it,then it's fine"

I glanced back at anastasia's seat at the back,but it's empty

"She's not coming here,where did she go then..?"

I was wondering about it all the time,even the lessons can't get into my head,at break time,I'm going to the rooftop as always from my first day

"You sure are handful,human"

"I guess,you can insult me this time demon"

"Now,you let me insult you ?for demon lord's sake,how far do you intend to fall ?" He started to complain about how I thrown myself away and not caring about myself,which I still don't intend to listen.

"As bottomless as my guilt"

"Che!I can't hold this anymore!"

"Hold with it for a bit longer then"

after the break is over,I'm going back to classroom only to find Izuna's seat empty as well,and Herman is retorting money from other students again.


"YEAAASSS??" He's answering in a shuddering voice,I wonder why

"Here,I have some questions for you,will you answer it for me ?"

"Of course!what questions do you have for this peasant,sir ?"

"Look,why are you treating me like a monster ?,can't you at least treat me like a human ?"

"Even though you are only half human"The Incubus insult me again in a scornful voice

for the rest of the school,I spent my time questioning Herman regarding the patrols,the castle and any of it,just to find nothing regarding the patrol and some info about the castle

as the red moon night coming along,I never thought that my bloody awakening would be this soon.

Two faces of the same coin (1/2)

I still haven't found anastasia anywhere,with a growing guilt I can't rest until I apologize to her

"Little Brother,Over here" Izuna is calling me from the rear gate,I already know what it is

"So,what's the plan ?"

"Here,the only road to the castle is through steep cliffs,but only 2 roads built on that cliff,so we must choose one of these paths"

"can't we just take both ?"

"We will if we could,but I sensed a big amount of demonic energy around that castle,you will lose your mind if I'm not casting a protective barrier on you"

"That's true...,alright,I will take the shorter road"

"Fine then,just don't fall into any traps later,usually a shorter road has more traps"

"Ain't that the truth"

I kept searching for anastasia until nightfall,I already have anticipated that

In my bag,the equipment from before were stored,with this,I've already prepared

"Alright,the meeting place is at the cliff's foot"

I'm running straight to the cliff's foot,there,I found Izuna that already broke out from her illusion magic

"Good,now we have to follow this road,watch out for traps and your surroundings"

She still treat me like a little kid,well that's fine

"Okay then,Let's go"

We started to follow the path,while I'm already sensing that someone is tailing us


"Now,were all of you prepared ?"



We kept following this road,only to find it darker for each step,I also can sensed the demonic energy now

"Nee-san,did you just breathe heavily ?"

"No,I didn't,why ?"

"Somehow,I felt that someone is breathing heavily at my back"

"That...,I felt that too"

Suddenly an arrow just got loose at us,which I quickly throw a kunai to block that


"As I thought,there's really more traps in shorter ways!"

"Darn it!on this small Road it's impossible to keep up!,Nee-san let's split up!"


Izuna flies to the road where the archer shoots from,and I can see her freeze them using water magic and freezing point of water

"Seems you have learned something new Nee-san"

I Keep following the road,not aware for what waiting me in the castle


"Someone's coming"

"So,you've come Tatsumi...."


"Human,do you think you will be fine ?"

"I will,because if I won't you will take over my body right ?"

"Seems so"

Two faces of the same coin (2/2)

The Incubus kept telling me about the Demonic Energy Intensity,even with Izuna's protective magic,I still can feel it,but I don't have the option to fall back now

at last I arrived at the entrance,it's one hell of sinister entrance,with a burning maiden and skull statue hanged at it

"Alright,let's do this"

I entered the castle,only to find the entrance hall empty

"Empty ?Herman said that the entrance is full of blood sucking bats,or is he lying to me ?"

"Well,doesn't matter,I have to stop this demonic energy source if I want to complete my mission at all"

I keep pushing forward,still finding the second hall empty and the upper part is also empty

I'm started thinking that this castle is abandoned until I found someone on the floor

Golden hairs,Blood-red eyes,and a rapier,She's someone I know and search for


"Tatsumi,why did you lie to me..?"She spoke with a lifeless voice

"Hey,you sure you are alright ? look,I'm sorry about this morning,so-"

"Be Quiet,you Rascal!!"She angriliy charged at me before I even finished my sentences

"Whoa!!,what the hell !?"I'm just barely parrying that thrust,I can't sense anything other than malice in her attack

"Goddamnit,Seems she was being mind controlled by something,but she also has increased her physical ability"

"How dare you,how dare you,HOW DARE YOU!!"she talked like an angry puppet while she casted a magic spell at me


"Earth Release:Earth's stomach"

I casted earth stomach ninjutsu,hoping for it's defense to hold out while I make anastasia to wake up,or so I hope...

her spell is breaking through my ninjutsu,what destructive power

"Gah!!"I was dazed for a minute,unknowing about the next attack

the next attack was a high kick that hitted me right at my stomach,which make me coughed up blood


She approached me,I still can't do anything to stop her from approaching my neck

Suddenly she is biting right at neck,seems like a basic instinct for a vampire,my consciousness started to fade away,am I going to die here ?

"New DNA Acquired:Dhampir,Assimilation Initiated"

After hearing that voice,Anastasia jumped right at distance and my hair and eyes started to change

"Maaaan,You sure are handful,Human"


My name is Kanzaki,or what I was named,I'm the sealed part of this human Tatsumi.

As you can see,I can just watch what he does everyday,just like that.not aware what happened 13 years ago


"Maaaan,You sure are handful,human"

After a long time since my last step,at last I can walk for a while,despite being sealed for so long makes my body feel stiff,which after the wake,I stiffed up my whole body,from my purple eyes and my white hair.

"You...You are not Tatsumi !?"

the blonde girl I saw there with blood at her mouth,seems spouting some meaningless words

"Yo,girl,you see this human seems wants to find the source of this demonic energy can you help out ?"

Without a word,the girl just jumped at me like a wolf chasing a rabbit,but I'm not the rabbit,nor do I want to be one.

"Whoa,chill out" I jumped back to avoid the attack but she She keeps attacking me,which make my emotion rises a bit and veins to pop out

"I said,chill out!" Enraged,but still in civilized manner,I started a handstance for a ninjutsu,though this was different from the one the human used,because this one is the most dangerous,Darkness releases.

"Darkness Release:Entangling Shadow"

darkness release,a forbidden method of ninjutsu,or what they said,because It doesn't pose any risk towards me,I wonder why.

the darkness that surrounding the hall gathered here and tangled the girl,just like what written in the scroll I readed in the past,good thing I have readed it.

She's still resisting,what a pain in the ass,seems she was being mind controlled

"Sigh,fine then" I sighed a bit,because of the need for more efforts,it's not like me to do things that I don't wanted to do.

I prepared for some spell dispeller which is a light release

"Light Release:Untainted Blank"

Untainted blank,a light release type that erase any magic energy in the vicinity,a dangerous ninjutsu to use if this was a team-mission because it will erase my teammates's energy.

the Girl passed out,I sighed again while grumbling of the more needed efforts.

"Well,then,I guess it's over there"

I walked over the big wooden door ,where the demonic energy most concentrated I opened the door,demonic energy gushed out from inside,which really delicious after the long time of fasting.

"Weeeeelll,a smell of Freedom!"

just after I got in and gulped some of the energy,a bunch of dogs and bats charged at me,which stopped just before they have bited me

"Move"I shout an order to them while a visage of a werewolf and werebat appeared behind me whicch made them ran away,revealing an old man and a big man standing behind them,which I saw something really unpleasant.

"Damned Order's Dogs" I growled after seeing their order uniforms which a bright yellow robe with white stripes,remembering me for the pain they caused me,long ago

"You,how dare you breaking through here"the big man tried to intimidate me,but with no avail,because He doesn't have the claim to order me around,and I obey no one

"You,shut up" Glaring at him,I ordered him to shut up,even without hand motions,I can still spread the influence through eye contact alone 

The big man just shut his mouth after I said that,but seems he still tried to speak.How stubborn...

"Hooo,who are you young man ?"the old man started speaking to me,which I recognize him as the principal through tatsumi's eyes

"Well,then,Old man,are you the one who did this mass mind control ?" I asked him for his actions in the incident,because none other than him is more suspicious.

"Mind Control ?what are you talking about ?"

I grabbed his neck and pushed him to the wall,my strength is almost no different from normal people,but it's enough to push this old man down.

"Don't try to play fool,old man,the students at the way here and that dhampir girl,that was your doing right ?"

"Hmph,it's not,it's that mirror's doing"

he pointed at some mirror,it's letting out a good amount of demonic energy,looks tasty but I must hold it

"Hmmm,this is a good mirror,seems I will take it as a souvenir"I took that mirror into my bag,aware that it will be leaking demonic energy even when I got outside,after that,I focused my sights to the two.

"Alright,time for your punishment then~"

I took out a needle from my bag and stab it slightly into my eyes that makes my eyes bleed,when the blood drips to the ground,I chanted a incantation,I already said that darkness was the most dangerous,but this one is not a release.

"By the pact of my vision,I will bring you to a sinister place,real yet unreal,which is none other than your's mind!!"

as I finished,two magic circles appeared below the principal and vice principal

"Forbidden Method Number 2 Dream:Lucid Nightmare"

lucid nightmare,a forbidden method,indicated by the number 2,dreams.which effect is manipulating people's mind,the price is the blood from vision or in other words,eye.

We were brought to a dimension,dark and cramped place,my form was ethereal while the principal and vice principal still having their solid body.

"Wh-where am I ?" He is still confused about the sudden enviromental change,while I sat here on a char that never be there before.

"It's your mind beyond your wildest dream,principal"

"You...,what did you do to me ?"

"What did I do ?,why don't you ask them yourself ?"

as I flick,shadowy figures of students who were mind controlled by the principal appeared behind him,behaving like a zombie,but I'm sure it's not the zombies I ever saw before.


"What did you do to us...?"

"You...,you all...,GYAAAAAAHHHH!!!" He is being ripped to pieces by the shadows,but because this is only the unreal one,their real body won't die

"Right then,the punishment has delivered,time to go home" I headed back to the entrance,with the two of them clinging toward me in fear.

under my white hairs,there's hidden one black hair,don't you know what's that mean ?

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