The other end 

[249th day]

Today,I started by visiting Tatsumi at his dorm,but for some reason,the girl who has a crush on him tagged along with me while carrying a bag full of ingredients.Tatsumi has been asleep since 2 days ago,at the night I helped him to his room,but I already have a plan for the castle,while still developing my magic.


At last,Tatsumi woke up this morning,but with that girl around,I can't freely organize the plan with him,so I will have him come to rear school gate after school with the intention to inform him about the meeting place

He came into the classroom with a gloomy face,I wonder what happened because I went to school earlier than them,He replied my question with a mere "Nothing".

He glanced at the girl's seat,seems something really went wrong,for he has shown no interest in the lessons and the announcement before the break time.

"Miss Izuna" one of the students called out my name,for some reason I feel bad for her.because she was the one Tatsumi defeated in a duel the other day.

"Yes ?,what is it ?"

"Will you come to the assembly hall after school ?"

"I would if I can,but I'm afraid I already have plans for other things"

"okay then.but please come,it's the principal's announcement"

Announcements ?,so It's like some sort of command to them ?,seems strange

The clock currently counted to 5 o'clock,it's the time the school ended,as the school ended I'm immediately heading to the rear school gate,while I see Tatsumi at second floor as I called him

After briefing the plan to him,I prepared for the plans,according to plan,Tatsumi's going to take the shorter roads,which I believe will be more traps present there.

At the cliff's foot,I broke my illusion magic and started to analyze the paths with my water magic,and I got reactions at the farther road.

"Looks like somebody already know"

Tatsumi appeared from the shadows of the forest and already prepared with his tight suit along with the bag,after I told him to watch out for his surroundings because of his carelessness at our first meeting,we started to climb the road.

We followed the path while I casted protective barrier magic on him,the demonic energy intensity is still going up

"Nee-san,did you just breathe heavily ?"

He started talking to me,regarding the effect of the demonic energy which I felt too

Suddenly an arrow loosed on us,which tatsumi blocked with his kunai.

an ambush,as I thought.I'm quickly flying to the other side as Tatsumi told me to split up,and while freezing the archer with my water magic

Tatsumi is quickly running towards the castle,and I'm taking out the archers

"Wait a minute,aren't they familiar ?" I saw familiar faces,who I realized were my classmates

"Really,someone must have brainwashed them"

as I said that,I'm forced to fighting them while not damaging them,good thing I have learned the freezing point and boiling point of water at school.

There's no end of them,and I don't want to hurt them at all,until I saw something outrageous

a ray of blood red color,released from the castle,even I can feel the malice inside them

"Tatsumi!!"I got worried about tatsumi,which I don't have a choice but to hurry up but this guys keep me from it

"Please move,I don't have the leisure of time fighting you all"

"No....,all monster who oppose the order must die!!"

The order ?,the so called disciples of chief god ?,for demon lord's sake,I don't even attached to demon lord army,and yet this extremist group is trying to take us all out ?

"Then,please hold yourselves tight"

I started to regenerate a magic circle for summoning,at this scale,I don't even know this will be succesful or not,because this is my own first summoning magic.

"The one who has been banished to hell of cocytus,I call upon your dancing figure and crystalline body,may your freezing dance once again comes to this lands,Odile!!"

my first summoning technique,I came with an idea of another form of water,ice.but I'm still not experienced with it

a giant ice statue came above the ground through the magic circle,and started to freeze the students,and as if it was dancing while do so,and after all students are frozen,it disappeared.

"My...,what a feeling"I'm feeling good,because after all of that,I finally developed my own techniques,almost forget that Tatsumi might be wounded in there

I finally reached the castle back doors,only to find a white haired man with dark purple eyes carrying Anastasia in his arms

"You....,who,no what are you ?"I spontaneously jumped back,after I felt that his energy are all demonic energy and not just from one mamono.

"My,aren't you a rude one,nee-san ?"

"Nee-san ? could you be Tatsumi ?"

"Yup,He's sleeping right now,and my name is Kanzaki or what I was named"

"And ?,what could you possibly be ?,with that much variation of demonic energy of yours"

"Oh,you noticed ?,well,let's see,I am a mixed breed you can say.from Succubus,Minotaurus,Werewolf,Werebat,and somebody I still don't remember"

He is saying some outrageous words,for my human step brother to hold that much demonic energy,normally a human will be turned into Incubus after all that

"And ?Why is principal and vice principal clinging to you ?"I asked regarding the latter,because their conditions looked like they saw something..."Beyond their wildest dreams"

"Oh,Almost forget,you see,this two are the masterminds of all this,even this Dhampir girl probably called by them to take us out"He is telling me that while gave me a mirror,this is not Yata mirror but it's still releasing an amount of demonic energy

"This is not what we looked for"I cracked the mirror to stop it from letting out demonic energy

"Tell me,you used some kind of magic on them aren't you ?"

"Oh man,You caught me red handed,You are correct Nee-san.I used some ninjutsu on them,because I don't know any magic,well yes,the ninjutsu I used was the one which give a slight terror effect and mind control after effect"

Slight terror,but it seems like they are really having some kind of nightmare,and as if they meet face to face with them.

"Uuum,if you please excuse me,but my hands are tired from carrying this girl and I have to do some "refinement" on these guys"

"Well,then,I will let you go,but return to dorm after that,Tatsumi would need rest"

"Roger that"

He walked to the way to school,while I have to unfreeze the students and take care of the aftermath

The Contract Formed

[6 September 1556]

I fell into deep sleep again,because of blood loss.I remember that Anastasia sucked out my blood Yesterday,and I heard the incubus telling me the rest of it,which surprised me because he used forbidden methods and darkness releases so recklessly,doesn't he think that it will affect my body too ?


I opened my eyes,and the things that appeared are,white snow,people smiling,and a man cried for me,I wonder what is this

"What should we name him ?"

"Let's see,let's name him-"

he suddenly stopped mid way,and my vision skipped to sometime after that

"His willpower is amazing"

"Well,you can say that again,he is my son"

"As expected of you,general"

"Well,I only hoped that he will live strong,aren't that correct ? James"

My vision went blank again,and when I opened it,the things that appeared are my room and I can only open one eye

"Oh,human,you are awake ?"

The incubus talked to me while in my body,so my predictions were correct

"Demon,You took over my body aren't you ?"

"Well,you fell asleep while fighting this girl,so I have taken the liberty to protect this body"

"This girl ?"

"Here,I will lend you one more eye,see for yourself"

I saw Anastasia sleeping on my bed with my second eye,what could have happened after all that ?


"What is it ?"

"I would like to make temporary contract with you"

I can't believe I said that,but I'm curious about that memory I saw just before

"Oh-ho,so you finally have decided ?"

"Well,yes,I can see more of that by making contract with you right ?"

"Fine,then it's settled"

The Incubus suddenly let off the control of my body and started to talk in my head

"Guys!At last the boss decided to stay with us!"

"Eh !? seriously ?"

somebody's voice are heard in my head,who is this again ?,while I think,somebody's other voice are heard

"Demon,who are you talking to ?" I asked him,just to hear him talked to me in respect

"I'm sorry,but in this body,it's not just the two of us"

"Meaning ?"

"By making the contract with me,You are our master"

by the sound of that,there's some noise inside my head,calling me boss,prime self etc

"Well,then please excuse us,you have something to say to that girl don't you ?"

The Incubus excused himself,formally in that

"Ugh...,where am I ?"Anastasia woke up,which I responded in normal voice,after that she get behind the bed,while her face turned red

"T-t-tatsumi !?,Did I do something to you in my sleep !?"

"No,You did nothing"

"T-then,what's with those wounds ?"

"Ah,this ?,Yesterday,I did something indecent to you,and you just kicked me"

"I-is that so ?,Please forgive me!!"

"No,you don't need to apologize,it's me who must apologize"

"huh ?"

"Well,I'm sorry for yesterday,and about yesterday's rejection"

"Ah,about that ?,please don't mind it" She responded in a saddened tone

"Well,I'm not an expert in that field,but maybe I have a feeling for you"

"Eh ?"

"and it's really complex that I don't quite understand it,but let's start as friends.will it be good enough ?"

"Yes!,I love you Tatsumi!" she jumped at me in tears,and I can tell it's a tear of gratitude,but what's troubled me is..

"Uuuum,Anna ?,your breasts is...."Her breasts wrapped my arms,which make my face went red

"Tatsumi ?,Are you awake ?"

The door are opened by someone,which is my Nee-san,well,I'm doomed

"What are you two doing ?"She asked us in a low-angry voice,somehow I can see a shadow of a dragon behind her

"Well,Nee-san,I can explain"

"No need for explanation you Pervert!!"She launched some high-condensed gas in a water ball which blown me away

-after one explanation to another-

"And that's what happened"

"Hmm,I understand"

"Yes,Miss Izuna,it's all my fault"

"No need to feel guilty,anna,I will hit this pervert either way"

and what about this wounds you just gave me nee-san ?

"Well,we are going to quit school"

"Huh ?"I'm surprised,half not believing what my sister said

"Eh !?,you are going to quit school ?"

"Yup,and not me,us"She pointed at me while saying that

"Us ?,Nee-san,what about the principal and vice principal ?"

"Yes,miss Izuna,you will need both of their approval to quit school"

"I already have them" she pulled out two paper with signature of principal and vice principal on it

"Nee-san,How did you obtain that ?"

"How ?,YOU are the one who obtain these"

Damned demon,I knew he was plotting something like this

"Sigh,fine then"

I picked up my bag with my equipment in it,and started to move out


Anastasia pulled my clothes and with the same face from before

"What is it ?"

"Let me come with you"

"Heh,Do as you wish,isn't that fine ? Nee-san"

"Well,I won't forbid it"

"Thank you very much!!"

She thanked us as we step out of the room and meet up at city gates at evening

"Well then,let's go"


"Let's go"

We left our school mid-way,and my contracted demon seems still treating me with respect while the air got cold.