"Chief,Bucharest Branch is still not answering"

"And ?,The Last report is ?"

"An operation to take over Bucharest by using mind control sir"

"Then,it has already lost"

"Excuse me,sir ?how can a human without god's divine protection can endure that much demonic energy ?"

"There's one,the first and last anti-mamono unit experiments"

a Kingdom in Chaos (1/3)

[27 September 1556]

it's already been 20 days since I made contract with the demon,somehow the old saying that demons will take away your body if you make contract with them seems to be off,actually the demon introduced me to other members in my head,John the Minotaur,Rivalz the Werewolf,Gerald the Slime and Jeremy the Werebat,and in night I can see a girl draped in black arguing with the demon about something which I can't hear,and I will name her Sayo.if she plan to talk to me.


It's already been 20 days,and our destination was Lisbon,because we need to return to Zipangu ASAP,or else I will gone mad in this lands,while I stared at nothing,my sister and Anastasia seems busy with themselves at somebody's stand.

Meanwhile,things that makes me mad is,the guys in my head,after taking control on my right side,are trying to peep on women in towns,including the incubus but he done it so respectively and stupidly,what kind of fool asked a woman to show them their breasts ?,and actually I can only control my left side,but I still can see through my right eye. 

"Gah,this is so irritating!"I furiously break out of the bordedom,while I walk to the forest,uncaring about the complaints in my head."C'mon boss,let us peep a bit longer/Prime self,actually I want to get sticky with some girls/Alpha,I know we must stay in the hunting pack,but can we have a bit more privacy ?"John,Gerald,and Rivalz started to complain,so diligently in that,and that's make me blushed and angry at the same time."You guys!I know this is a sudden but actually the boss wanted to tell us something" The demon started to talk,I hoped for him to say something that's not ridiculous."He said he currently at that age too,and wants us to peep a bit more!","Oi!!,don't start making up excuses!!" I yelled angrily at them,not to mention that's true I'm at that age.

I already walked deep into the forest while arguing with them,and when I'm aware of my surroundings,I already have lost the way back,"Well,damn.guys,can one of you search our way back ?","I can,with some leading scent,but we don't have that right ?"Rivalz answered me while told me his inability to track something without a leading scent,much like a half breed,but well if any of them were full-breed I'm not human anymore,literally

"Sigh,can't help it,I will search for a way back,and anyone who can mind boredom can stay here","no,thanks" all of them replied in a snychro except for the demon.

"Well,you did a good job keeping them away"the demon started his original disposition,a deceitful and sarcastic one

"Demon,You really got me in a deep problem last minute,and tell me,was the thing you told me 3 days ago was solid ?"

"Of course,at least about the past,I won't lie"

"About the fact that you made my right side into Incubus,and the fact that we were being experimented on by the order ?"

"Yup,I will tell you once again then"

He started to tell me about my past,my past started by me,sitting in a slum,while my nature was pessimistic and a lunatic boy,that's when I found him sitting in my mind,at first he was confused why he still in his succubus form and even more,in a form of a boy.

"You Human!,how could be fine even after infused with demonic energy !?"

that's was his first line for me,well according to the books,humans who are being infused by demonic energy will instanteously turned into succubus and Incubus.

"And what caused that is,You have a multiple personality which means you are two person in one body,and because your mind already unstable,my energy chose the right side,which still has some rationality,because if I chose you,you would be too dangerous,not driven by lust but by insanity instead,it would be troublesome"

He skipped to sometime after that,in one of the order's laboratory,I got syringe with demonic essence content in my body day after day,but somehow my body still won't change,that's makes them do even more.

"well,actually it's not you that was infused,it's me.and meanwhile a doppelganger,created in the timeskip started to assimilate the energies,making them to have their own free will,but still in this body"

"And ?Who created her ?" I asked him about that,because I thought doppelgangers are born from demonic energy and only wanted to mate with their men in their transformed form

"You,and me"

"Meaning ?"

"She was created by taking toll on your lingering regret and both of our energies,because of that,she can transform into male and female alike,while having their energy,demonic or spiritual"

"And that's the show for today,thanks for watching"

"This is not a Kabuki,you damned demon"

"Heheh,You know I'm being sarcastic,so please have patience,and please make sure we go back in time,Nee-san will get angry at us,and because I can hear her with your right ear,I don't want to hear her scolding"

"Heh,I will make sure of that"

I heard a howling in the forest,which I conclude it's a wolf howling because tonight is a full moon again,but not a red moon while I fought anastasia.but seems the demon has his own opinion

"Human..,do you know what that is ?"

"I know,a wolf,what else ?"

"no,it's not,I will call Rivalz for emergency.Guys,wake up!!"

"What is it,Chief ?/Secondary Self,What is the need to yell ?/What is it,Second in Command ?/"

"Rivalz,you take the wheel,seems I heard some werewolves and not a individual,a pack"

He talked about a pack of werewolves,don't we only need to hide ourselves and erase our scent to avoid them ?"

"Roger that,Second in Command,Alpha if you please allow me"

"Granted" a girl's voice heard in my head,granting access for rivalz to my side

My Black hair started to change to white,and my eyes changed to raven-colored,and I'm running on all four claws,much like a werewolf,because Rivalz is taking control now,and I can only watch.

He keeps running through the woods,and seems find a scent of someone,and a human if I can tell correctly thorugh the nose.

"Help!!" a human,no,a knight,seems only a messenger is running from the different directions,while having a werewolf chasing him

Rivalz jumped right at him,knocking him down while having the werewolf who chasing him growl.

"You..I didn't recognize your scent,from which pack are you ?"She asked Rivalz about his scent,do all werewolves recognize their pack by scent ?

"Now,now,Lady.I'm only a lone wolf,and if you please excuse me,this is my food"

"What's happening here ?" the other members are coming,which means more trouble

"Um,Excuse me Ladies,but can you tell me which one of you are the alpha of this pack ?"

"I am,and are you a male werewolf ?" a werewolf with chains at her limbs appeared and asked our gender

"Yep,I am,What of it ?"

"Alright,Male wolf,did you just claimed our food ?,well if you defeat me you can have it"

"Oh-ho,fighting for food !?,how nostalgic,and do you mean "food" is spirit energy ?,I also have them"

"Well,that means a bonus for me"

the man is terrified from the conversation because we have been wagering him as the prize,while the other member are holding him

"Well,then shall we go ?"

"At your mark"

'Wait a minute Rivalz,let me in this fight" I suddenly intrude the fight,controlling my left hand in the process

"Alpha,you don't need to interfere-"

"Nope,I can't let you have all the fun,can I ?"

"Heh,just like you Boss/Prime self,You need to change that attitude of yours/Alright,I'm up,what happened here ?/"


"What are you talking about male wolf ?"

"Ah,it's nothing,please attack first"

"Well,then" She started with a dashing claw,which not even grazing us,and followed with a kick,of course with her claws,it's effectiveness also increased,while I can see behind her clothes with it

"Oh!,a nice view"Rivalz said that while dodging her attacks and smiled pervertedly

"This is not the time for that dammit!"

"Ok,ok"Rivalz counter her by a swift uppercut which she dodged by crouching while I attacked her spinal cord

"Kkh!!,a human technique !?"She is surprised because of my attack,which moved individually,out of Rivalz control,and even if she is a werewolf,her base is still human body,and that means a momental shock

"Nice enough enduring it sweetheart,but it's over"Rivalz quickly move to her back while she is stunned,and with one swift move,locking her in place

Rivalz succesfully subdues her,which mean I have the man now

"Go away"I told him to go away while regaining control of my left side,which turned back to it's original color and also the claws turned back to a normal hand

"Weeell,You ain't bad Alpha"Rivalz talked through my right side mouth,because of the contract

The man passed out,while the werewolf is sitting at front of us

"What do you need from me ? Master" She called us master,I asked Rivalz about this

"Ah,I remember! in fights,werewolves usually put their loyalty to the one who defeat them"

"For my mother's sake,Rivalz,because you have been causing trouble for us,you must deal with it"

"Eh!?,Me ?,uh.. ok,alright my lady,if you please,I'm not human ok ?,so please treat me like a normal werewolf,and please tell us the way out of this forest"

"Yes,Right away"She guided us through the forest while I have to carry this man on my back

"This is the exit,but please be careful of humans wandering here"She warned us of humans but I already have changed the right side color to black

"That's ok,and I appointed you as the alpha of this pack and wait for my return"

"Yes,thank you for trusting me"

"Yup,see you next time"He was trying to be cool,well I will let him this time,because he is at front of the same species

After a walk,I finally find the road,which Izuna and Anastasia already waiting,and seems worried about me

"Tatsumi!,Where did you wander off to ?"

"Tatsumi,I was so worried!"Anastasia hugged me because of the worry,and I also don't want this but because of the crew reward I will let this one slip

"Ah,I'm fine,and I found this guy chased by werewolves so I brought him here"

"He's being out cold ?,Wait a second" Izuna started to cast a water magic,which created a small cloud that rains at the man's face,but still in her illusion magic,I wonder what is it,she improvised it ?

"Uwaaah!!,Where am I !?"The man wake up with surprise,while seeing our faces

"You awake knight guy ?"

"Mister,are you alright ?"

"Y-you,were you the one who drive away the werewolves ?"

"Yep,it's me,don't need to say thanks"I swept away his thanks,or so I thought

"N-no,it's not that,are you a Traveller ?"

"Well,yes we are,why ?"

"T-then,Please accept this" He gave us a bag full of gold coins,I don't know what is this,because I'm not used to human society...yet.

"What is this for ?"

"Please overthrow the Kingdom I serve!"

Just after regaining control of my body,an absurd command are heard in my ear,divine commandments ? I don't believe in that non sense

The Kingdom in Chaos (2/3)

"Please overthrow the kingdom I serve!"

He is telling us to overthrow the kingdom he serve ?,I actually never jump into this kind of event

"And ?,what kind of kingdom is that ?"

"Yes,The Religious Kingdom of Auvers,It's located at north of Devil's forest"

"A Religious Kingdom !?,Are you Insane !?,No way in hell I will go to that damned place!"The demon started to speak so violently,I know you disliked the religious kingdom because of they behaviour to chase away all mamono

"Please!!,if this continues,this kingdom too will be turned into demon realm!!"

"Eh? demon realm ?,How ?"

"Well,you see,our new king the Handric the 3rd is a ridiculously sloppy king,he let corruption eats away the kingdom,while having my childhood friend,the princess as his pet"

"And ?"

"He also have a insatiable carnal appetite!,if this continues,and a succubus come onto us,this kingdom will be turned into one of demon lord's territory!"

"Well,let me speak with my mates about this for a sec"

I step away from him,when it's far enough,I started to discuss it with Izuna and Anastasia

"Well,that's what he said,so can we believe him ?"

"It smells of Deja Vu,but I can't remember what that is" Izuna seems confused about it too,and a sense that told her it has happened once

"Ah,I remember,it's about Lescatie"

"Lescatie ?"

"Yes,it's about a great nation ruled by the order,but currently it has lost and becomes a myth,with the Fourth princess of the demon realm ruled over it"

"Smells fishy,I remember about Lescatie,they said the king is not so considerate about People's opinion,and tried to manipulate heroes minds in there,and that was the cause of their losses"

"Well,so we are going to accept it ?"

"We will prevent that from happening"


I approached the man who still patiently waiting for us,I can see vigor in his eyes,seems what he said was true

"Alright,we accept the job,so please lead us there"

"Thank you very much!!,The Kingdom is that way"

We followed him,aware that this is not going to be easy,but this is what we have to do

"So,how do you plan to overthrow the kingdom ?" He asked me about my plans,which I didn't plan anything

"To overthrow one kingdom that as stubborn as the order ?,only one way"

"What is that ?"

"I will become the king"

"Huh ?" He was shocked hearing that,while Izuna and Anastasia only tried to hold their laugh

"As careless as always Tatsumi"

"Yes,Tatsumi,but that's what I loved about you"

"Boss,are you serious ?/Prime self,You don't really have bounds you know that ?/Alpha,Your leadership will suffice/That will do/"

all of the people in this group are laughing at me,well that's normal because none of you were human,and I'm not a full-blooded human either

"You will become the king !?,How !?"

"Through normal Procedure of course,what else ?"

"Well,I will inform you this,but the king despises men,so he will try to eliminate you"

"Then,do you need to become a woman ?" Izuna steps in the conversation,while holding some earring 

'What's that nee-san ?"

"Use it,you will know"

I see my reflection from the mirror

I attached the earring to my ear,and I still don't feel anything,while the man and Anastasia seems shocked

"Well,Feeling better ?" Izuna give me a mirror which I see my reflection in the mirror,a girly image with black hair and red eyes

"Eh,who is this ?"

"It's you,the earring I gave you is a gender-changer artifact,I bought that from a wandering Gyoubu Danuki near Berne"

"So that's what took you two so long huh ?"

"So,is this good enough ?"I asked the man regarding my appearance now,while I can hear laughter in my head

I will surely get them for this,I'm a man and always be,not a woman,but even though I'm changed into a woman,my energies still same,and the same about the other guys

"W-well,It's good enough,you will be fine"

"T-tatsumi..,even though you are a girl right now,you are still so attractive!!"

"Alright,Alright,enough with the pleasantries,so,can you tell us your name now ?"

"Ah,right!my name is Zack Holstrade,nice to meet you!!"

"This is not a classroom,so can I call you Zack ?"


"Alright,Nee-san,Anastasia,did you get my plan ?"

"Of course"


"We have arrived"

we arrived at some huge gates,this is the first step to glory ?,nah

"Time to carve out the path of glory"

This is the first step to hell,path to hell always paved with good intentions after all.