Honor is one thing, Pride is another matter. If you think you could predict the future, Why don’t you try to solve the matter at hand ? Perhaps if you had done so before, The outcome would differ greatly.

Transfer: Illusionist

I let out a long sigh after I flexed my fingers. After ten years of no training on Ninjutsu, My body feels a little rusty,Because I had used too much strength on that one. I trot to the man that was sent flying by “Emanating Blaze” and taken a direct hit of “Vortex of Malice”.

I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the body not far in the woods. “No Gettin’ All hard, ey ?” My eyebrows twitched as I heard a disturbingly familiar sound and clench my tongue while looking at The body. He is surprisingly still intact after receiving full damage, I still remember that day I knocked this one big guy with no jutsu and he was left unconscious.

“….His attire seems kind of different…Well, What kind of People wear edgy clothes like this in the middle of summer ?” I pulled his black jacket as I bent down. It looked like it was made of out some kind of horse-skin leather and strapped onto his shirt under it, a rare choice among clothes fabrics. After a while of commenting on his disorder, I started inspecting him. A Bruise is visible on his forehead and overall dirt around his attire because of the recoil that sent him flying back earlier , his skin is also a bit pale with a tint of bluish purple and overall normal shirt and pants with a set of jet-black leather boots, But He wore some kind of ring that looks expensive.

Who is he, seriously ? a Footman would never be allowed to wear accessories this luxurious, but His attire looks too shabby comparing to higher-ranking officers and moreover, His reaction speed seems kind of too slow, it leaves me puzzled.  As I still inspected him, I felt a large amount of change in the surrounding aura, becoming thicker and various.

“…Alpha, Intruders in our Hunting ground”
“I got it. Seems some Trespassers need punishment, right ?”
“Good call”

I reached towards the sheathed blade at my back and some kunai behind my jacket, Then I ran to a tree and propelled myself upwards by kicking the tree, landing on a large tree branch nearby. After that, I started to lunge from tree to tree until I noticed a presence.

“Hm… an Unusual visitors” I landed on a branch of a tree as I spotted a group of people in a small clearing of the woods. Composed entirely of Warrior-type Monsters, Salamanders, Dullahans, You name it.

I unsheathed the blade at my back, it’s sharp edge is still as new although I had been given this substitute around 10 years ago. This “Raizan” itself is a katana, not a Ninja-to I am used to use.

“Well, Whatever” I leaped forwards above the group and rain down my kunai.

“Here he is ! Hold your ground, Girls !” a Particular individual among them cried a command as She realized there was wooden cylinders on the ground. But it was too late as they exploded into bright light explosion. I continued to land and dash forward to land a hit on her while the group is stunned with a few of them caught kunais in their various body part.

She surprisingly able to block my attack while deflecting the kunais with only one hand while the other was covering her eyes.

Boss, Let me do this for once”  My right eye slowly changes color to green that means John. A Second after He completely in control of my right side, He slowly overpowers my opponent in a lock of the swords.

She clicks her tongue as She realized that if She doesn’t act, She will definitely be left with a serious injury. She finally held her sword with both hands and change her sword trajectory and with a moderate strength, She turns John’s raw power into a parry that sends Raizan stabbing to the surrounding tree.

“Good enough” I lean backwards after Raizan was parried and thrown away. Using my hands as a platform, I grappled her neck and with a swift move, dislocated and pull off her head and throw it to Raizan’s direction. Then, I flip backwards and used someone’s body to launch myself and lands on Raizan’s hilt whose blade is in a Tree’s trunk horizontally.

“ Ugh…bastard…” The one I used as a platform let out a disgruntled voice while the remaining individuals finally regained their senses, some helped The Dullahan back up because of the body collapsed because of the sudden energy leak.

“Sleep tight, everyone.” I caught the head that lands shortly in my hands afterwards and jumped to a tree’s branch after pulling out and sheathes Raizan. Then, I quickly performed the handstances of Mid-level earth release while focusing my eyes at the ground the group stand on.

“Earth Release: Black Tortoise’s Shell” Suddenly, The Landscape around the ground transformed as The Character “Earth” disappeared from my finger. Forming a large black dome around them as I relaxedly sit down on the branch while looking at the head.

In reality, Black Tortoise or Genbu, is a Pacifist-natured Ninjutsu series. It created a dome and suck the energy of the ones trapped in them until they are knocked out, rarely used due to the fact most of My clanswomen were always slipping in undetected.

After a while, The dome opened again with many sprawled bodies on the ground. Many passed out and only a few were able to stay conscious.

I threw the head back to The Dullahan’s body and turn my back from the group, as I started to leap. I could hear a faint voice reaching to me, but whatever, Someone might be experiencing delusional sight because of exhaustion.

After a few moments, I am already returned to The Man’s position, but what greeted me were a Pouting little girl that is poking his cheeks.

“You took so long, Uncle Tatsu.” She puffed her cheeks as I scratch the back of my head. “Miike, What were you doing here ?” I gave a reluctant smile as I approached her and bent down at the opposite side from her.

“…And I’m only 30 years old…” My smile turned into a Hannya smile as I mentioned my age, but She only grins “That already makes you a middle aged man.”. a vein popped on my forehead as I lift the man while she giggles seeing my reaction, Seriously, I may be a middle aged man already but, screw that, my growth was impeded anyways.

We walked through the woods as She keeps throwing sentences after sentences at me, most were teasing me about my age. Well, This little fox is just like her mother, Aunt Shiina at the Mountain foot. She wasn’t killed by The Order 12 years ago because of the policies of The Damned old Rat Nozomi. The Warlord who contracted The Late elder for Life-long service of the generation, and yet he sold us out !

“Hey, Uncle. Don’t you think your face is a little scary ?” I was brought back to my senses by a poking on my sides, along with a burning sensation in my belly and face. Coincidentally, We just passed a small clear stream that reflects my distorted face.

“….Sorry, I just…well, I need to settle some scores once this commotion dies off.” I crouched down and drew a little water from the stream to rinse my face.  But yet still, my face still distorted, signing that my temperament seems only worsen.

I ignored my own feelings and keep moving upstream with Miike following me because she has no other options. After 3 minutes, We finally arrived to the source of the stream, a Mountain water spring named “ Eight Way Reflection”, This spring was frozen that day, but since that new year anniversary, It has not frozen once, even during winter.

I pondered and stare to the clear spring’s water, What I did was not wrong…right ? After all it’s only self defense. Well, For the past years, It is hard to say there was no inspection at all.

“Man…” I put the unconscious body on the ground and stare at my fox companion “Miike, Go ahead and bring him to the shrine and put him wherever, I need to go somewhere…”

She nodded obediently with pure eyes before I turn and run to the left side. Passing over small cliffs and also a series of bridge created above a gaping ravine from strings that was almost snapped. The Small trip was like a sound of silence, no chirping birds, not even slight wind sounding, even the sun is not shining even gently. It was really a punishment that mom told me when I was going to bed as a kid.

I stepped in through an awfully familiar entrance with a character of “Thunderbolt” engraved to it’s wooden support and bowing my head lightly when doing so.

I proceeded to walk through the empty streets of the once home to the Raigeki clan. Now filled with graves of the honorable owners of these settlements and also my comrades, Echoes of young children’s laughter filled the empty houses and hollow lawns.

I entered one of the house with a smile radiating grieve, remembering about the tree that was used as a Target for Knife-throwing at the front of the house, I open the backdoor, usually, The backdoor was fitted with an anesthetic smoke trap that would render anyone paralyzed, but it was deactivated for more than a decade.

The Backyard’s grass are all growing high, not even trimmed and have a strange color. With a swift swing from Raizan, I cut my way clear of the grass where I am arrived at a clearing, 2 graves are hidden within those grasses.

“Hello, Mister, Senior.”
“Hey, Dad and Mom. Tatsumi is 30 years old now…Here, I brought some treat for you two”

I put Raizan down as I knelt down and take out two empty cup I stored behind my jacket inside a pocket right beside the ones used to store Kunais and Shurikens. Then, I pull off Raizan’s blade and remove it’s guard.  A small sized Porcelain bottle comes out the handle and lands on the stone platform

I pull the plug lightly and it opened with a pop, I proceed to pour the contents into the cups I set on the gravestones, The content itself is a Plum wine, 20% alcohol content that I made myself.

It might be not as delicious as What Mom made, But The Demon also do the same after I’m done, with another 2 empty cups that He had taken out before I knew when. He said that He was sorry because of his ill-prejudiced behavior to Dad…or Susano’o Ken when He was first seeing the world.

I burn some incense that was also in Raizan’s handle after The Demon is done. Then, I stood up and joined my palms at the front of chest and bowed, Then respectively re-assemble Raizan and walks away.

“Hey…I didn’t lie, Did I ? Well, I kinda lost control about that damn night, Sorry ‘bout that”
“Nah, don’t mention it”

I closed the back door lightly and threw a kunai at the center of it when it almost reached the closed state then, it closes with a clacking sound. I figured I might not coming back here for the next year, because those people were some elites if I was not mistaken from the crest engraved on their armors.

I slammed my head into the tree at the front, and as could be expected. Nothing responded but silence. I looked at the bark that peeled my skin on impact that is bloodied but when I touched my forehead, There is no blood whatsoever.

“As always, This tree is strange…You always ate my Shuriken after I threw 5 of them” I nudged the tree lightly in a playful manner and my chuckles resounds through the empty village. It may sound like a happy chuckle but I feel like screaming my vocal cords out.
“Hey, That’s enough human. You ain’t making a progress, in fact, You are becoming shit yourself just like back in the day.”

The Demon took over and stopped my constant elbowing to the tree and immediately heads out the village as I’m forcefully strapped on the chair by John and Rivalz that are telling me to calm down.

“Boss ! Hold on a second, It’s only 12 years, Right !? Right !?”
“Fuck off ! I need to track that old rat and make him beg for forgiveness!”
“Alpha ! Calm down ! “

I flailed my legs and hit Jeremy as I struggled before Rivalz put my head into a bobbly jelly-like substance.

After I gurgled for a minute, My head finally cools down after I was overcome by hatred and nostalgia. Oh, This is going to leave a scar on my psyche.

“Have you finally reached the save temperature, Prime self ?”

Gerald dissipated himself from around my head before I ran out of oxygen and drips to the floor in a liquid form.

“You are embarrassing… and Humans were stubborn too, They didn’t actually need to assault for more than 5 years.”

A White haired youth entered the dark room through the also black curtains. Then He pulled the chair to the curtains and throw me with it over the other side.

“Get on it, We will earn our ticket soon enough”

I was shoved back into my consciousness , now already back at the banks of the spring while the dark sun is already so high. I stepped my foot into the water and lightly huffed while moving my hands.

“Water Release: Basilisk’s Feet”

My foot surface area slowly floats up after I finished the handstance, a basilisk lizard was said to be able to run on water on it’s own feet by instinct. So, I discarded my thoughts and walk across the water.

This spring is actually around 7 meters in depth, very suitable for breath-holding and diving exercises. But this is not the source of that stream lower to the mountain. I strode over the water surface while observing my surroundings, in the past, There is a variety of habitations around here, frogs, butterflies and also lotus flowers, but they are gone now.

I’ve stepped on the water surface for about 10 minutes now, The current also go stronger the each meter I strode. I prepared my limbs to swim as I slowly regain my thoughts and thus, deactivating Basilisk’s feet.

I leaped over the water surface for the last time and dived 3 meters forward that I start swimming in the extreme water current. I’ve endured worse for this kind of thing to deter me. After a few minutes of extreme swimming,  I could hear a heavy slamming of water in the distance.

I speed up my swimming as I saw a heavy cloud not far ahead. It made me shiver even only by looking at it because the cloud shaped like a crescent moon.

“Water Release:  Snake’s scale” I dived as I saw a harmful obstacle coming down at me when I swam. After I casted an instant-cast Ninjutsu, My legs start colliding together forming what that looks like a snake tail, and my body became able to produce scales that ignores the flow. But the bad side is I could really turn into a snake if I go on like this for more than 30 seconds.

I slithered forward underwater as I build force, and at the count of 28, I launched myself upwards at 75 degrees. Breaking the water surface and also penetrating the waterfall.

I somersaulted and landed on my feet inside, a limestone cave naturally formed behind the waterfall for centuries. Strangely the inside is illuminated by Hinotama-like fire that emanates green light through the path.

“….I still can’t get used to this…can I ?” I squeezed my jacket off the water before proceeding through the path. The Hinotamas danced merrily inside their stone lanterns as I loftily passed them, Not too long afterwards, I am greeted with a scenery of a shrine with imposing structure.

A Large shrine in this limestone-cave is just not a right thing you see, but I am nothing you could see everyday as well, I step it’s entrance stairs and slid open the doors.

“I have returned”  I closed my eyes and step into the shrine, but strangely, my nose caught some faint sweetness in the air like a plum petals in their full bloom as a Young girl that looks my age is removing her sandals.

“Welcome back”

She is could only be described as gorgeous, short Silver hair that tied in hime-style that consists of two short bangs that reveals a nice proper face with big purple eyes proportional with her face that is framed by a few strands that reaches her chin with a hip-length hair at the nape of her neck. The black ribbons with cherry blossom clips that are colliding around the bangs at the sides of her face only accentuate her already overwhelming charm.

I gulped a little and get going by starting to remove my own shoes as well. Because, no way I could remain undisturbed in the presence of someone like this, to be frank, my type, really.

While I’m still busy removing my shoes properly, The girl is already heading inside. The corridor’s floor creaks as I begin to step in as well.

I stopped thinking for a moment when I had reached the end of the corridor. Two set of large slide doors are present at the both sides of the wall, but I knocked on the left one first.

“Oh my, What a coincidence” a Mature figure opened the slide door after I knocked, She has a fox ears like the small one from before. I guess anyone would have gotten it already. She is Miike’s mother, Shiina.

“Sorry for disturbing”
“You are being humble, Go on, some of our guests are referring to you just a second ago”

I bowed my head on reflex before she told me to raise her head and get in, So I stepped in with some kind of hope in my chest. But it all perished when I was glomped by someone when I just landed my first step

“Captain !!”
“What the-!? Agni !?”

A familiar succubus with red hair cried as She clung to me dramatically like a sea cucumber to a rock. Her tears are sticking to my face as She continued to rub her face against mine while constricting my leg with her tail and continuously calling with the same word that is the same word I could only understand after losing my linguistic ability. In the same time, an uneasy gaze assaulted me from both sides of the room.

“Agni, Cease your actions this instant !”

A Deep voice resonated as Agni turns rigid. I was surprised myself because of the overwhelming sense of familiarity. And I couldn’t expect less.

“Hello, Nee-…Honorable sister”

I took a seat solemnly as Agni also gets back to her seat. My eyes also twitched and I could imagine it become slanted because of my effort of desperately closing it.

“Drop the formality. It is I who has disturbed this abode either way”

Golden eyes, Purple hair that reached to her waist and also a pair of legs but still with webbed ears. Oh god…

“It has been the longest of time, Little brother”
“I do believe Tsugumi-san already told you everything, Didn’t she ?”

Our eyes met when She stared at me gently, as opposed of my staring. The previous tender atmosphere soon turned tense as The silence enveloped the room that is only flickering tickings of the clock chimed across the room.

“So…” I broke the staring contest as I opens the topic
“What do you want by coming here ?”

I could visualize the memory of when we were travelling together. When She was almost getting bitten by stray rabid dogs not long after we left from Bucharest and still has our magic and Ninjutsu restricted. She was wandering alone that time while I just gathered firewood and Anastasia was cooking food. It was her fault, but I sacrificed myself and got bitten instead.

She now stares at me with the same gaze she got that day. A Mixture of pity, guilt and also maternal protectiveness.

She still doesn’t answer and only stares at me, So I made the first move “Nee-san, If you don’t have anything to say, I would rather ask you to leave”

“I really should have come that day, haven’t I ?”
“What ?”
“Listen to me this once, and maybe the last time…okay ?”

Her voice trembled as She starts telling her misconduct that day…

Yasakani's jewel conduct

I squinted over my eyes to the distance as the icy wind blow to my face. My breath whitens and my tail is freezing under this clear sky with the newly-born moon barely shows it’s face.

“Uh… Maybe I should have taken Milly’s treat afterall” I mumbled to myself when I hold my body to minimize the cold. This year is severely colder, I believe it was nothing that bad when I was little.

I continued to pass through the lone passage. In the first place, Osaka was a place for trading, so, many occasional cottages ran by their respective owners stood on the sides of the path, waiting for exhausted traveler, hoping for them to stay and preferably to make some coins for the way of living.

“Dearly….I could do with some good hot ginger tea…” I entered a small forest while babbling under my breath with my eyes almost closed

fortunately, some noise occurred in a pre-determined interval which wakes me up to my senses before I could just hibernate here, They said Ryus were Hot-blooded, but I think we are still merely a Higher species of Lizards, since Dragons are Lizards that had grown wings, developed strength than average, and also able to breath fire.

I finally got out of the wood and greeted by a heavy trail of white clouds in the distance. That could be Tatsumi that has been running non-stop with Great speed befitting of a Shinobi. He should’ve reached his Maturity Ceremony without any problems by the next 30 minutes.

I breathed a white smoke a little while smiling. To be honest, He was not a too bad of a brother in my opinion. He is unexpectedly skilled but also late to think, yet short-tempered but extremely committed.  Verdandi was the proof.

I finally reached the swamps at the outskirts of my hometown.

“Finally…” The old way boards are covered in snow, but even without it, I could discern which way and which way. I went on my way through the swamp when I see a familiar guardhouse in the distance.

“Oh, Young lady Izuna, Are you going back for new year ?”
“I am, Uncle.”

I greeted and bow in respect to the middle aged man in the guardhouse. He had been guarding this wet plains for decades, that really deserves respect. Because My mother and perhaps my Grandmother could train safely in their time because of him.

I passed the guardhouse after politely decline his offer of a warm rest because I do not want to waste time. After enduring piercing cold and snow, I finally reached my home, a Water god shrine of Murakumo.

“Welcome home, My lady” I slid open the door and stepped in while holding my body with the door closed again on the moment notice.

A Warm blanket is covering my back as I mindlessly step through the entrance when a hug blanketed me over the blanket.

“Reiko-nee…I think that is enough”
“Oh my, You have matured it seems my lady”

I shivered a little when she licks my ear with her long tongue with me letting out an embarrassing moan. She giggles slightly and continues to place the hand around my ear.

“Oh, Welcome back, My daughter” Mother passed me when with her carrying piles of books.
“Happy new year, Mother”
“Well…New year can wait, Come see me when you feel like it”

I wondered about what she meant while she goes through the corridor to her chamber. Reiko also let go of me when My mother passed but bow slightly when I get on my way. While I enjoyed the warmth, suddenly my chest started to produce a thump, followed with an excruciating pain that makes me let go of the towel and holds my chest.

“W-What…” I grasped my chest and take a look. The Yasakani jewel is reacting by emitting a gentle green light.

“It…hurts..! “ I coughed a little as the pain continued, When I tried to remove it, It beats with some kind of wave that paralyzed my hand with sheer pain. As I could do nothing, I tried reaching for the door.

“As I thought…” My Mother entered my room as She saw me desperately reaching for the door, and with a swift motion, Her clawed hands plucked the Yasakani jewel off my chest, it soon stopped radiating it’s light.

“Do you understand what this means, Izuna ?”
“Mother ?”
She sighed as She holds the jewel in her hand “I mean…Do you realize why The Yasakani Jewel pains you when it reacts ?”
“Well…I didn’t feel anything when It reacted previously..So..”
Suddenly, a thought passed my mind before I could finish my sentence.

“…Yes…It reacts to Evil within people’s heart…”

She turns away from with her hands behind her backs “And…Why do you still leave something as fragile as Tatsumi on his way alone ?”
“Fragile ? In my life, He is the one most impudent I ever seen, Mother ! How could you-“
She glanced at me with a glare that sends chill down my spine “…You might see him as strong…But in truth He is as fragile and raw as an egg.”

She pulled a deep breath before continuing “You see, Yasakani symbolizes Kindness, and from Kindness, Naivety.”
“…So all the reactions I felt before was…It reacts to Tatsumi ?”
“Yes, It demands protection for him because of his weakness, He dislikes killing but naïve, If He was ordered to by a pact, then, there is nothing he can do”
She turns back to me while I was astonished by the fact, She stares at me through her glasses “Your Father was a Susano’o descendant which blood runs in you. But why Tatsumi gave such reaction that pains you so badly ? He was an adopted child, and the most fragile that makes Ken took him in.”

She simultaneously pushed the jewel back to my chest as She reveals the truth. The jewel once again glows with a hue but with blue glow this time

“Do what you need to do, You are not restricted by Family ties anymore, are you ?”
“ Mother, How many times am I need to say it ? We are siblings, even with no blood relations, I had already recognized him as my own step-little brother !”

She chuckles in a low voice in response of my blushing face “That’s it, Protect him, Even though he is no descendant, He might have been given the traits of The Susano’o too…”

Make me yours

“So, That’s it ?”
“Yeah, That’s all”

I closed my eyes to think, So Tsugumi-san has known it all from the start… about me, Kanzaki, The others and also Dad’s pedigree, Well, It’s not like marrying a Ryu was easy in the first place with all willing men to do it.

“And ? What makes you expect me to comply and go down the mountain ?” I opened my eyes with a calmed gaze.

“Nothing” She replied while lowering her head with her tone falls

“Then, What do you expect me to do ?”
“I do not expect you to forgive me, either. You don’t need to show compassion to me either.”
“But you are compassionate, aren’t you ?”
“Compassionate ?”

She sniffled after hearing my comforting response for her. She holds her clawed hands at the front of her and stares at them with murky shadow that clouds her golden eyes

“My hands are already bloodied, I can’t be expected to return if you want to know.”

She spoke the response that completely nullified my following response. my eyebrows slightly twitched. I don’t want her to keep following me because my hands are already stained with the soldiers clotted blood covering my palms that day.

“Then…What do you expect me to do…? And Miss Shiina, Could please step outside for a while ?”
“Agni, You go out and keep guard. This has become a private talk.”

She looked like she completely read my mind and ordered Agni to step outside in the same low voice. The other two complied and step outside because they could grasp the situation that leaves us two alone in this room.

“Well…Let’s get to the topic.” I flicked with my left hand that summons a set of confectionaries at the front of us. A bowl of Summer radish slices

I picked up a slice and chewed it, She is still in her trance while looking at me.

“Nee-san, What do you want by coming here ?” I gasped for breath because of the infernally spicy vegetables. They are in season, but why the hell must they be so spicy ?!

“That, Stop calling me that…Call me by name” I could see the mist in her eyes cleared a little after she saw my reaction, while demanding me to call her by name

“W-Uh…You are older, So I suppose…”
“Just do it…”
Yeah ! Do it my man !”

I gulped a little with the guys in my head push me down, my cheeks also redden “I-I-Izuna”

Suddenly, a little static noise sounded in my head and as if time is freezing, The others froze up.

“What the-“ I looked around at my surroundings. It all literally stopped, even the light seems not illuminate anything anymore

“Now, Choose” a Heavy voice that belongs only to dignified figures shook the entire room.

“Would you take a knife into your heart ? Or Would you break the fall and take defeat ?”

That sentence shook my brain because of my interpretation. It said “You die” or “Stop these needless conflict and give up”.

“Now, Choose” My heart vibrates violently the moment he finished talking and I coughed up a few times as a result. The Vibration is strengthening every minute, I turned a blind eye and chose.

“T-That has gone better than I expected…” Izuna’s stuttered voice broke the freeze as it comes back normal like nothing has happened. Her cheeks redden with the usual paint at her face still present although I didn’t recognize it earlier because she was so gloom.

“Uh…Well…” I managed to stay calm as to not cause unnecessary reactions and straighten my face muscles and takes another slice of the radish “I only call those I knew by respect or important relationship. If you say you want me to say that again, You should prove it”

She giggles lightly and says “You like Tangerines, Peeled and cooled within a container submerged in Icy cold water. You also slept at most only 6 hours a day, Your favorite color is black and You hate ambiguity. And-“
“Okay, Stop”

I dropped the spicy summer radish and sighed “Where was that comes from ? I don’t like-“

“Stop acting like a middle aged man, You brought a few dozen of Tangerines last time”
“…Well, We can’t be said young anymore…”

A laugh broke out of our mouths and filled the room

“I am surprised, and honored that you knew so much about me, Izuna” I stopped laughing and finally begin the serious talk “Anyways, What happened to The Imperial court ? That you could bring the soldiers here without any problems ?”

“Well, I had been given permission directly from the empress” She played with her hair as she begin speaking “You know about the state in the basics Father taught, don’t you ?”
“Warlord Nozomi Kenichirou has been given an order to be apprehended because of this incident”

I seriously listened to her explanations, allegedly, that old rat was arrested and presumably executed for betrayal of the clan that literally causes me to snap. But I didn’t expect that The Raging Mino Province would be such a hassle for trade route.

“My turn” She finished her half-told explanation “What did you do, On the way here, 5th Company’s detachment has encountered various Youkais like in Grandmother’s era, Do you have anything to say ?”

“That, huh ?” I laughed a little “I merely gave them power.”
“Meaning ?”
“You see, They were the Mountain’s inhabitants that wasn’t killed. So, I gave them increase in magical power massively”
“I see, That is the same concept of Powerful Youkais “

She finally grasped the situation, that the monsters they encountered are townsfolk that has received huge mana pool addition, making them able to return to their stronger form and therefore, able to hold out the assault that has continued for 8 years.

“….But that has nothing to do with them killing people, right… I got report from the scouts that many of The Order Soldiers and Onmyoujis fell victim, why didn’t you make them a little bit weaker ?”
“I don’t have obligation to answer that. but we tried to save the ones we can, still, they are too fanatical to the point of trying to murder us rather than surrendering, We couldn’t do anything.” I draw in a little breath as to explain “ Dad’s clan has perished, Many of The Mikado Inari’s shrine devotee were slaughtered and a tribe of Onis were decimated while trying to avoid conflict and many innocent civilians and elders that wasn’t even resisting…”

My hands shake violently with my eyes could be felt dripping blood and my mouth muttered some disturbingly broken lines but I could feel a warm tap on my head afterwards

Forbidden Method Number 8

“Tch, Now he is just being a weak “little brother” mode again…”

I opened my eyes slowly with my pupils and irises glowing bluish purple because of “Transfer” . I can’t possibly believe it, I teleported all the way just to watch some drama after going through all the trouble to trick Irene to believe that the more easily domitable “Transfer: Illusionist” is actually me.

I sweep through the bloody book in my hands as I idly sit and occasionally play with water while I’m on the banks “How about I stir things a little bit…?”

I stopped at the end of the book that completely covered in black liquid, after using “Transfer: Memory” a chains of incantations appears in a form of rune-like structure.

I began chanting the incantations, it somehow feels eerie considering the lyrics it has something to do with some top-necromancy stuff, especially the “Zi Ka’al Vitas” that is my own language that translates to “From The Life-giving Lightning” and continues to “ Invideo putassile Ji amelga, ego te” that means “And using the grudge of my comrades, I call upon you”.

Suddenly, a shriek resounded through the nearby lime stone cave behind the waterfall as an abrupt quake passed the mountain. It all went silent after a minute once again.

“Ah, well. I always think that a long ass chant at the end of the book is always a worst thing, Proved by Professional”
“Your actual personality came out, huh ? I thought you promised to always smile on women until you hit 30 ?”

An angry voice comes from behind as I turn around, it was my good friend James Hargreave

“Hey, You done pretending ?”
“Don’t “Hey” me, Why don’t you just collapse the cave behind that waterfall and end this quickly ?!”He grabbed my collar with his pupils full of killing intent and a slight spreading tentacle lurking within.

“Whoa, Your personality on the front sucks, man. I got a personnel inside, so we can’t go on high profile”
“And, Who is that ?”

“WHAT !? How could you-”

I slipped my fingers to lock his lips shut to calm his surprised expression as well to release myself from his grip afterwards “Calm down, You don’t call me a ladies man for nothing when we work, right ?”
“That’s one thing” He swiped his lips and spitted to the side “ How the hell did you argue with a High divinity to help out ? Even organizing a group of Mid-tier angels reinforcements need a various procedure and only in dire situation !”
“Can't you even shut up ? You need to shut up and look at someone doing strategic thinking, not just training yourself everyday !”

He finally shut his mouth, although I bet his head nearly explode because of his Angry person issues, a gust of wind shakes the tree branches as multiple swift moving object…or person moving in the background

“Let’s get this show started.”