A Change you say ? in my opinion, There are only two reason why people change, First, They learned too much and the other is because They have been hurt too much, I am the latter.

8 Heads, First: Firmament

“The hell was that ?”

Silver cracked his knuckle while grinning suspiciously, I looked backwards and then my surroundings, I’m sure I felt a presence there, but…

I gulped a little saliva to calm myself, For some reason, after He finished chanting, The atmosphere around here becomes quite eerie.

“Hey, Let’s take a chance, Who will enter that waterfall ?”
“Hands down, me”
“Ah, oi !”

I quickly ran to the lade which a large waterfall comes down while ignoring the response

I finally reached the waterfall after running for around 10 minutes by taking the banks. I thought of swimming but the current and hazards were too dangerous no matter how you look at it, So I took a detour instead of taking risk of getting myself into trouble again.

“Well, then” I spawned a giant circular blade from Seethe and face it to the water wall direction, it then started spinning by itself without affecting the handle because of the part that separates the handle from the spinning blade.

After it has spun fast enough, I launched myself and pierces the water wall with all my might, The pressure is very painful because of the debris that falls from upwards that varies from woods and stones.

Luckily, The point has pierced the wall before I could end up roughed and carried away by the water. I land in the cave on my belly and because of my exhaustion and panic, The blade disappeared as well.

I coughed a little water and examines my body, a bit of my sleeves were torn off while the boots has been roughed “Argh, Let’s get it over with, I can patch this with a cardbox if needed”

I could only silently shake my head, Well, I mean, He is hot-blooded but to think that He would take the role without even discussing it makes me have no other choice.

Goodness, He ran away like a kid that was caught shoplifting , what could make him go that way ? is what I am thinking while placing my hand together as to keep my Transfers going, because, currently I have two transfers going on.

First is “Transfer: Illusionist” which creates an artificial person out of personality, it could be said like creating alchemical life form, but if I do not keep focus, it will dissipate not long after. Currently, my “Shy Character” is with Irene and examining a squad that looks like they were drained out of energy.

Second, “Transfer: Parasite” is the one I planted on James, it’s like a living mana parasite that nest in his head that took shape on my whim. For him, I took the shape of the Biological magic tool “Letter bee Queen”. As expected, He won’t be defeated by small fries so the queen was latched to the big fish that allows me to see into his mind.

From what I could see inside the shrine, Tatsumi looks like he is being comforted by his sister, but his expression looks like a ghost, grim and have blood dripping from his right eye.

Meanwhile, My body double is using Device: Musician of Bremen to try and compose the Restoration note, it’s not impossible but without me, it wouldn’t be permanent concept.

“Hm…Seems everything going just fine…” I spoke to myself soundlessly but I abruptly opened my eyes because of a cold sensation “Oh fuck”

A Rusty zipanguese knife is already floating dangerously near my neck. when I placed my pupils at the corner of my eyes, a skeletal face came out.

“No Wonder He ran away like a cat on water…”

A bead of sweat falls from my face’s side as the skeletal jaw moves downwards and unexpectedly warned me with a dry voice “Pretend…You don’t…see anything…”

The empty eye sockets stare at me with an empty but frightening stare that froze me in place. Damn Undeads, The Worst type is actually coming…

After a few considerations, I muttered under my breath “Forgive me…”
“What ?”
“I’m so soorrryyy !! I’m just kind of lost ! I swear !”

Tears start streaming down my cheeks that startles the skeleton, I couldn’t tell by the bony expression but the grip was shaking for a mili-second.

“Lost…?” It regained it’s composure and quickly throw something to the side. The thing found it’s target as a thump came from the same direction.

“Do you mean…that…?”  It directed my head to the thing after readjusting the knife. A Body wearing a white robe is lying on the ground motionless with a sharp star throwing knife at his back

“Shit…” I cursed once before I transfer to that body and start running while ignoring my wounded back. It hurts but way better than getting captured !

“Light Release: Seiryuu’s tears”

A flash of light suddenly occurred from the surrounding environment and all of sudden, My body feels like being shocked and falls to the ground without strength left. The Skeleton comes walking no long afterwards while holding it’s body finger up.

“…Pathetic, To think you were thinking of running away” It’s finger crumbles to dust and falls while the speech becomes more understandable without gaps.

It crouched beside me and pulls off the throwing star, My body is still pulsing from the aftershock

It’s characteristics comes more clearly to me now, it has a pointy, bony, ears and a tail structure from it’s pelvis bone and wear some kind of uniform of black color with yellow linings.

Looks like I made it untrusting on me…well, no shit. Except Undeads I knew were mindless, but it places it’s glowing skeletal palm at my face.

Ah…Maybe I will turn into undead too, well, it’s not like I was “living” in the first place. My strength feels like being sapped away while the skeleton starts regaining the features when it’s still alive. A gem-like red eyes and a long, straight black hair tied into a ponytail that reach to her back, even the skin and muscle structures are starting to regenerate.

“Well…I think I should thank you, “Lost Person” “ It, or I could call She as for now, Finally stopped leeching my energy when I already resigned to my fate. It reconstructs her appearance back like she was alive and healthy with no undead trace found.

She left afterwards leaving me barely able to stave myself from knocked out, groaning “Fuck…If you were going to finish me…then go ahead…”

Just when I think I have everything under control, someone comes and screw that all over. It’s not a lie if someone were to say that time has changed.

“Dang….Argh, Move damn it” I tried to stand up by grasping the nearby bushes to drag myself to a tree and use it to stand up, but I fell again nonetheless, I tried until I finally able to get up on my knees.

My vision starts to blur out because of shortage and because of My ring “Kalei”, I can’t produce any energy inside my body, but instead Kalei produces it for me in exchange I have to think how.

“Could this be the end of me ? That’s funny…” My grip on the tree starts to loosen as my knees losing strength. If I can’t fulfill my role, I’m dead, that’s how the Evil Gods work eh…

I fell again, my hearing muffled and somehow my eyes seeing dark water again. Well, I kind of violate the first commandment, “Not showing Ignorance”

I remember when the owner and my customers tell me how I could be so skillful in mixing beverages. Like Whisky with some Vodka and it still turns out good. Being said, I didn’t have any shred of confidence nor skills, because It all my own chemicals, not the ones from the cellar.

I lie on my back while closing my eyes. Hoping that I would see my dream for the last time.

“Oi, You ! Wake up, It’s not safe here !” Someone’s voice called to me while I float in the darkness of my mind. In a world without light, I need to create something like one lantern I saw, not same but in similar function, that’s how it goes.

The voice continued to a shake I felt on my body, it is more like someone shaking me to wake me up, although in my dream, hands start binding me with their shadows.

With my half-opened, empty eyes, I say “What…Let me die, I’m done”
“What the hell are you talking about ?! You are not dead yet !”

A Woman with horns and burning red hair cut in short-fashion, her blue eyes look energetic as she carries me on her shoulder and leaps away.

I finally opened my eyes slowly, spheres of energies of various colors comes from behind, staining the silent scenery with reflection of ugly things.

And on top of that, around half of a dozen zombie-like people, wearing light attire, are attacking one person that is wearing a leather-fashion clothes, the attacked person  with the characteristics of white wings and tails is dodging and retaliating very well but the zombies attack are all too well-coordinated.

“Dammit !” I shouted in weak voice and struggled to get off from my benefactor

“Ah, Hey ! Don’t squirm so much, the terrain isn’t easy to pass !”
“I-I’m not ! That person is-“

I activated “Transfer: Illusionist” the moment I shown a weakness and spawn the copy near Irene. Then, I had my personality swapped.

After I opened my eyes in “Bewildered me”, I activated various concepts at once. The water suddenly formed into a fierce-looking Horse head because of “Concept: Arthropod Horse:  Nesse” and it is immune to magic-like attacks like bolt because of “Concept: Magi’s Skin”

While the Nesse head replica distracts the zombie people by receiving the attacks and also occasionally biting, I bought myself some seconds to activate “Concept: Bird of Prey” to grow avian wings from my back and swoop Irene and fly away in one go.

“Irene ! What are you doing here !? I thought I’ve left-”

She wore a quite sullen expression and pouts, I laugh reluctantly to finish “Uh…Nothing, My bad, I went out on my own…”
“So…What is with this “Shy me” ?”

“Shit…” I spoke to myself in my heart, I didn’t expect she would be able to dig through my transfer. Carelessness ! Dammit, Rasch. Do your job properly !

I sweated profusely inside as we fly through the skies while I keep an eye at Kalei’s gem glow. It blips, that means all transfers would be cut off in less than a minute.

“Alright, Fancy a fine landing ?”
“…Fine, But I will need to punish later after this event is done”
“Alright then…”

I prepared to land with my face kept a doll-like expression. Wide grin spreads across her face when she said “punishment”.

“Okay…There we go..Wha-!?” Suddenly, My right wing was torn off but luckily, it only was a transfer so it didn’t bleed. I started to lose control in the air when a great crow shows itself, with a piece of my wing in it’s beak and in a posture of ready to strike again.

“FUUUUUCCCKK !!” I spin my body in the air and hugs Irene while my back faces the crow’s direction to shield her but a sudden tug pulled me to the ground and I was caught in the arms of a woman, in an embarrassing pose.

“Thought I lost you good. And Esteemed Lilim, What could you be doing here instead of the camp ?”
“Tch, And I thought we were going to have a rather amusing scenario only the two of us.”

Irene jumped down my embrace and I was dropped by the woman, Strength left: Zero.

“Arles Dog, What happened to your minister ? I thought She was supposed to stick with you?”
“Yeah, She kinda left me with an order to keep watch outside. While She has her private time with His Majesty”
“….I bet he is going to hesitate again…That is the kind of man he is.”
“Call me what you want, “Princess”. But don’t you dare insult my captain !”

They began to argue, Seriously guys, There is a wounded person here.

The arguing topic is starting to become more tense, Irene revealed that “The White devil” in the diary was her sister, The 10th that has passed away in the diary. But the woman, called Agni contradicted by various things too, this is a precious info.

“Ladies ? If you have to time to argue, Could I get some medicine ?” I rolled my body and show them my back that still has hole because of the throwing knife earlier, as expected, it attracts their attention and soon, Agni has medicine, Irene does the treatment.

“…Dude, That was some crazy shit you have.”
“God, This kind of thing still exists ?”

Seethe shines again as a brand new Claymore emerged from the light into my hands. The cocky bastard is still leisurely holding his thin sword that is crackling with lightning over his shoulders.

That three-legged crow broke the cave’s top earlier while carrying a victim… Again !? Dang, I could sacrifice soldiers but no civilians !

“Hey…You. You said your name was James right ?” He dropped the sword and hilt onto the flooded floor, because the top is no longer there, the waterfall changes position.

He walks to the cave wall without any tension and raises his fist, Then He punched the wall until it cracked and crumbles.

“….You….Really naïve, I don’t know what You are supposed to do now.” He reaches into the cavity he made and takes out an old wooden box. From the size, it could only contain a little more than a knife.

I was so tense that my leg muscles aren’t moving but ready to leap and slash him.

“Hah, What is that ? Some kind of coward’s tool !? Stop running away and stay there !”
“Nope, This is something very precious to me.”

He opened the box and took the content, an ornate looking short sword at least 40 cm. After putting down the box, he held it in a psycho-grip.

“Okay, Sorry for the wait, I will fight you seriously this time”

I dashed before he could finish talking and slashed him with a grand upward slash.

He sighed as his body lets out blood “My, Tenacious.”

I continued to get ready to pierce his head to finish him, but when I lifted my weapon. A slashing wound appeared at my body and interrupted the attack.

“…But still slow” Unknown since when, He already regained his stance and stroke my chest with his elbow, then He continued to jump and locked my head with his legs.

“You….Asshole !” I swing my head violently and crashes him to the wall but he suddenly turns his legs and jumps down

“….As expected, He is not human - You don’t say, dude – Well, then. That means it’s okay to break a bone or two, ‘aight boss ?”

He spoke with 3 different voice while I reposition my bones. It certainly didn’t hurt a bit.

“ Light Release: Untainted Blank – Darkness Release: Evil’s Legacy – Fire Release: Cauldron Fire” He disappeared from my eyes and so suddenly, stroke my back with his elbow, then sweep my knees, continued with a smack to my face.

“ Water Release: Seven Dragon Palace – Earth Release: Golden Snake Throne – Wind Release: Storm Rider”

After He finished speaking with  6 different voice, The water quickly sprouted vines and binds me into a viper-like throne made out of earth mixed with bronze.

“Filthy bastard….You…Do you know how many victims you have claimed !?” I struggled to get free, but  Seethe suddenly stopped working.

Without him saying anything, a gust passed and swirled around the throne that started to let out a hissing sound. When I looked at it, The viper came alive and look at me with disturbed pair of eyes.

It’s huge jaw slowly opens, letting a tongue of fire from it’s mouth to lick my face. And afterwards, it bites my head.

“He is done, Well, If he is not human, he would be fine”

The inside could be described as flaming pit of hell. So hot that it is unbearable ! after a short of burning pain, The interior changed into the dark sky

Ah, crap…I couldn’t feel anything. Even when I’m like this, I’m sure my head contents have been fried because I no longer can move my head and I’m here again.

“It looks like I have lost…”
“You haven’t”

Rion already stood where I had arrived. Her eyes looked dissatisfied and as if the playful look she has the last time was only a lie.

“It looks like you have fished a rather big prey, Haven’t you ?”
“Surely you jest. I have him in my hands, but he slips away”
“Well…I suppose it is time to tell you”

She told me about who this Tatsumi is and his attachment to this conflict. I listened carefully and nods “So, It was like a sister to you that caused this mayhem ?”
“What sister ? Father and Mother’s will is our will, and She decided to leave.”
“That makes her no sister to you anymore ?”
“Obvious. I will make you be revived again. But in cost…”
Oh My God in heaven, If you are hearing me. Once again, I have violated another virtue…I am ready to receive any punishment in afterlife because of my negligence.

“You have to eliminate a High-ranking divinity.”
“Huh ?”
“ Yes, Kill a god. I believe Tsukuyomi would do nicely”

An Ominous grin appeared on her childish face before I was sent back to the real world. I groaned painfully as I could feel my skull’s skin being reconstructed

“…He is reviving again…”
“Undead ? Thought so, But I didn’t expect he took the “Enthroned Sea Prince” formation and survived”
“Well, Because Susano’o was taking it easy, He might survive.”

Enraged Tyrant under the Moonlight

“Lucky me…”

I immediately re-activate “Parasite” after being treated. It looks fine, although I’m not sure how long it will last, because has been cut off for 5 minutes tops.

“Hondo, Have you explored the entire region ?”
“Yes, No Human’s siege weapon could pass the residential area because of the countermeasure”

It looks good, after I strap that guy into the chair. It seems like the premonition I had was a bit off.
Well, it’s part thanks to the residents that was always in constant alert. Having streets that bent and forked, along with the secret paths that no carriage-let alone a catapult or cannons could pass.

“Tatsumi, I figured you used a Forbidden Method to have assistance, but are you sure you are ok ?”
“Yumi, of course I’m fine, I’m already an adult ! Although you don’t look like aging at all.”

I laughed a little but coughed afterwards, with a few drop of blood in it but I shrug that off.

After all, I leave Chisako, Nene and Akane to guard the guy. But I’m sure I heard a buzzing after His head was left scorched, So I sent Hondo to check while Yumi and Aki stays with me, God only knows where Sai went.

It was against my will to use this anyway. Forbidden Method Number 8: Time – Orochi’s Grudge. It raises 7 bodies perfectly, they act like they are living, in fact, they are living, but being a double of 4, it still costs my life to use it.

But still, I was overjoyed. They are my closest friends, because I couldn’t choose to resurrect the ones more powerful than the caster, and I’m ashamed that I still couldn’t surpass my mom and dad even though I already passed 25 years old.

I walked on the sides of the now small stream. Because the cave was broken when I called Yatagarasu to bring Shiina, Miike and Nee-san to safe place. Agni could manage on her own, after all, She was the best among the 5th company.

“You know”

Yumi lifted me up like a child asking for a piggy back ride, Her strength doesn’t wane at all ever than when she was killed.

“You rest, You couldn’t hold it up any further, could you ?”

She removed her mask and speaks gently while looking at me with her black eyes. She is like an older-sister figure to me when I was unknowing that I really had a sister outside of the clan.

I reminisced the persons I have chosen as Yumi brought me to somewhere I know that is safe. Hondo was my Childhood friend with Childhood name of Hikaru that often sucks at Ninjutsu, but Her physical ability are top-notch with her specialty being Earth Releases.

If things set in order, it would be: Akane- Light, Aki-Water, Yumi-Fire, Nene-Darkness, Chisako- Wind. Because of the legend that says Orochi was 8-headed snake, but with one being the core, it only has 7 additional necks. Only Sai that specializes in more than one Ninjutsu and I’m being the core.

In other words, They were all of the same generation, but Yumi is the oldest. They are the last and my precious family. I don’t care if they are brought back by a release or my life was reduced and I do wish these hours would continue for eternity.

“Here, calm down and relax. Who knows how many of your time that had been taken”

Yumi puts me on a laid out futon when I was busy hoping pointless things. Time will always flow no matter how many or who that wishes it to stop. She then politely bow and gets out of the vicinity.

“You have a good family, Tatsumi”
“Oh, It has been a while since I heard your voice, Fallen God”
“You were so happy, that your tone and speech conduct are like a different person”

What was that ? It’s not like this wasn’t my original personality anyway

“I could hear you…”
“Anyway, I have something to tell you”
“What is it ?”
His voice becomes more serious “Expect a caravan of Angels and various Judgments, The Portal I created for your entrance 12 years ago couldn’t hold out much longer”

“Crap…I gotta agree with him”
“What ?”
“Angels, Second Sphere upwards. Coming from the west”
“Now that is trouble”

I could feel my face pales away while Irene rests her chin at her hand while thinking. The Parasite soon disappears, even The Letter Bee I planted on James seemingly dead from the thoughts of Tatsumi. I have to admit, Even when as enemy, He is a ninja.

“So, what ? We came here prepared, aren’t we ?”
“Eh, you know…um, Agni. You could refer Angels as God’s Judgment yeah ? and The Humans suffered huge losses, so we can’t expect any small fries.”
“And we could expect a Tyrant-class Magic coming down the skies, You did a good job analyzing it that far, my dear.”

Irene caresses my head lightly, well, it’s not like it was anything special.

“…You have more brains than I expected, for a prisoner”

The hell, This fellow is dim ? I was left with impression of a prepared lady because of the “Ethereal String” that She attached to me at the first encounter, because if it’s not for it, I would have been pecked by that giant crow and probably taken away to the seas.

“Well, Irene, What about The Dullahan captain ?”
“Oh ? What makes you say that ?”
I chuckled a little “Even someone as inexperienced as me could tell she was special…”
“Well, by “Special”, do you mean her workaholic attitude ?”

What ? Workaholic ? Like being a Jailer, Captain, Interrogator and Bodyguard at the same time ?

“….Screw that, We still need to prepare, right ? Come on”

Agni lifted me up and put me in a Princess-style carry. Her face shows an expression of embarrassment because of her late figuring abilities but my face is even redder.

….Because, Shouldn’t it be the other way around…?

“Damn….I wonder when I would have a body like Sister Deruella or Eldest sister Charryss, I also want to do that…”

Irene spoke with a tone full of displeasure…please, don’t misunderstand something like I’m an M or The receiver end of bondage…please.

We have walked for a roughly 3 minutes because no flying options available, nobody could be sure that “Yatagarasu” wouldn’t come back as Agni said.

She seems knowledgeable about the modus operandi and character of “Tatsumi” that is her captain when He was still an operative in the field.

The Dark Barrier-like aura around the mountain also seems looking to be paling out. When I first landed on this mountain at the elevation of 2000 meters above sea level, it’s like I was entering a Necromancer’s Palace, but now, The sunlight could pierce the air even just barely.

“….Hello…Over there, by 3 trees. Show yourself”

Irene called to something while walking, a bristling sound came from that direction afterwards

“Impressive, I couldn’t expect less from a royalty”

Ghost in the Sun, Zombie in the Earth

“it was that whore…” My eye widens as a swift shadow descend from the tree lines and make her way to us. I really need to run away right now, for reasons. But because there are people around me, all I can do is turn away.

“You, whose side you are on ?”
“Murakami Sai, 7th Generation of The Raigeki clan.”

So her name was Murakami huh….I thought Sai was the first name but I wonder if that’s a surname, ah whatever.

It looks like they still talk about Lady-like thing that I am not supposed to join. Even with Agni questioning me why I turn on my back, better take a precaution instead of having my ass whooped later.

“So, What do you want by coming to me ? It’s common sense for Kunoichis to remain hidden, no ?”
“It is, or was.”

I look up to the sky that has started to bright up, a plenty amount of sunlight is entering already.

“I, and the others are only corpses. Thus, my request is, please save the last living among us.”
“Oh ? And what kind of thing will you offer me for that ?”

The Bright sky has finally come with a too-bright bolt of light raining from heavens, and I suppose I didn’t mention them people that one of them are raining at the top of us !

“Light Release: Lightning God’s Hall” a chant was being done as a crackling barrier erected from the earth around us, as well as Sai’s muffled response that comes afterwards as the light vainly strikes the barrier to only disappear.

“I shall serve you, Until my body rots away”
My body turns back at reflex and I see Sai, who is a Ninja, pulling down her mask while bowing down, a taboo within Ninja’s code of which operative’s face is not allowed to be seen while in duty. Holy shit, She is dead serious !

Irene giggles mischievously with her index fingertip at her chin “Interesting…Such loyalty, I do hope most of the recruits in my home have such thing.”
“Do you…accept ?”
“I accept, genuinely.”

Ah, My peaceful life…. I suppose I will keep check on Tatsumi then…In case the bitch is still holding knife behind her back…

“Hey, “Lost Person”. Could you find out Tatsumi whereabouts if you inspect me ?”


“Shit,shit,shit,shit ! – Chief, Your speech’s gettin incoherent – You are in no place to say that, John !”

I  blocked off one of those light while moving in zig-zag pattern in Rivalz’s form. Dammit, if those bastards are able to come in, that means the site is not going to last !

“Hondo ! Kurogane ! Tactical retreat, move !” I placed commands on Hikaru and Aki while continuing to dodge, I’m sad to admit but my ability, both mentally and physically are still inferior to Aerona in Command, Dad in Ninjutsu, and Mom in Physical accuracy.

If I had remember correctly, Yumi is going down to check on The Arles-Royal Demon Realm Army to check and try to negotiate, Sai is not reporting yet.

I finally arrived at the ruins of the cave, the smell of blood came out one of the cavities as well while I’m trying to find an entry.

“Jun ! Hanada ?!, Anyone !?” I desperately try to dig the sealed entrance because of falling rocks, although John unexpectedly took over and crush a large chunk with his bare hands, well, it’s mine though.

I crack open the rock as I forcefully gets in with my frame, a laughing echoes from the inside as I pass in and in the same sudden, an object was sent flying towards and pierces me.

“What the…”

It was a hand, a severed hand, piercing towards my sternum through the insides. I was stunned and wasn’t able to respond properly and I now drop on my knees.

“Hello, there. Susano’o Tatsumi” an evil grin and a pair of garnet-like eyes appears in the shadows with a stepping sound of boots coming closer.

A figure with black coat holding a head in one hand comes out of the shadows just barely because of the sunlight that came through my entrance, but his appearance is not what I fought the last time.

His eyes are that of the ones of killing machine, his smile crooked and apathetic, even his coat was stained by someone’s blood, he was…

“Here, I hate zombies you know” He thrown me a head and show me the other free hand, the palm is missing with some portion of the wrist, wait, doesn’t that mean….

“I would like to take my arm back”

“Fuck !” I immediately run back towards the stream

“What is it ? What’s wrong ?”
“Tatsumi ! He is about to get done in !”

Sai instantly responds after I told them what is going to happen and in speed even greater than thunder, passes me by the sides straight to the cave while in the last instant, That stupid James is dragging Tatsumi away to some higher position, fuck, how far that fucker wants to take this shit !?

I smirked as I stopped my run, Irene and Agni followed suit

“Why are we stopping !? Captain could be dead any minute you say, but why are we stopping !?”
“Calm down, I still got something”

I closed my eyes and draw some breath, an image of Sakuya came into my mind as I do so, I have managed to steal some energy from Sai, so I am putting it to use.

“My Hime !”
“Yes ?”
“I could say, it is time to do it”
“I got it”

Her tone is a bit cold, although not bossy anymore, probably because of some shock due to her cutting my contact by her end that means permanent excommunication.

“You two… Could you two run ?”
My two companions looks dumbfounded yet has their own reactions reacting to my sentence, Agni pulls my collar while Irene soon regained her composure.

“Down the mountain I mean !” I started my own chase when the first explosion came from behind the mountain, second explosion soon followed and so on.

“Could this be the “reliable person” you were talking about !?”
“Haha ! I’m a genius alright !?”
“No, Not at all !”

I jumped forward to avoid a pit of lava the second explosion came from, and the third was on the back of the mountain again. This is really a systematic deconstruction to remove extra altitude, ancient people sure are scary !

We continued running our path down the mountain back to the camps while the lava consumed the woody landscape, luckily we were able to reach the mountain foot just about time !

“That was the craziest thing I ever done, ever !” I laughed while panting in a sitting position, I’m so tired, but because of the purging Sakuya did, She was only cutting off the 3800+ portion, So the mountain foot wouldn’t be too affected.

Soldiers soon starting to swarm around us, many from The Royal Demon Army while the other is Arles’s 5th company detachment. They all looks like they have worried about Irene and Agni, but none seem to care about me.

“Well, that should’ve stopped him” I sighed out of relieve that soon ruined because of a vile laughter that sang through the air

“My Comrades ! I have ended it !” a silhouette stood on the mountain top with one of his hand pierces through one other silhouette, oh shit….

That James…He has done it now, With that barrier of light around him, not even me could get close to him and all of us is forced to watch.

“Watch ! Watch as I end the life of this heretic !”
“No !”

He is just like a lunatic when He crushes the heart in his grip and tosses the body away right to the south, the body was thrown right onto the crowd, but luckily, with my halved Bird of Prey, I managed to catch him and skid on the ground as to stop, Arles soldiers were quickly rushing in, because no room for hesitation.

Most of the Arles soldier’s eyes are terrified looking at their mutilated king. His chest has a hole gaping through with his right yellow eye slowly closing in as Agni ran through to check on him.

“This is bad…” I whispered to myself while Agni checked on him. The eye stared at me the last time before finally closing shut.

“He is…dead.” That shocking statement shattered all hope of his survival as well as the soldiers’s faces turns blue. Well, the next reaction could be expected.

Many of them, mostly  warriors monsters that were trained by Tatsumi, lose their morale consciousness and probably at the brink, maybe most of them are affectionate and competing for him as a husband and now he is dead, the remaining 1/3 is feeling conflicted.

Well, The others is, one of them is Agni, drew their weapons and intends to do a last strike to kill James although it’s pointless, He is already disappeared by a Light sphere that brought him back to the western direction, to the Human’s camp, but if you are thinking about suicidal tendencies, They will definitely strike the camp, ignoring their own survival….someone !

“Silence and calm down ! All of you !”

Suddenly, a loud shout break the tragedy atmosphere as the soldiers turned their eyes to the source, a majestic figure with white horns and hair, like a completely different person, Irene was able to stop them.

“If you think he will be happy if you offer your lives, I think you are terribly mistaken.”

End of The Pact, Fourth: Betrayal ?

After his first execution, James, whose hands are bloody from having crushed the heart of Tatsumi, is being escorted by two women in shining armor with a crest of second sphere.

“Say, Exalted Sister. What took The Excellency Chief God so long to send his Shining servants ?”
“It was….”
“Hehe, That was a trick question, Do not mind it.”

The Chief Angel voice trembled to James’s question. But still, He mysteriously keep his noticeably impudent gait, even against his current interlocutors, Even the other one that has turned her face away, has been sweating.

Their eyes are in a full look of terror. because of their late arrival due to the fallen god’s interference, Many Humans and Soldiers have fallen victim, but why being afraid of that while a squad of their lower tier was being annihilated 4 years ago ? Why a human could possibly frighten them to this extent ?

Being told, It was that cause that angers James so, Before He entered the Transportation Sphere which He is in right now, He almost exploded into a puddle of rage and anger, righteous, and fanatically obedient and devoted to his god, far exceeding the ones of the third sphere, maybe could even match the Purest ones of burning flame, The Seraphs.

That was the reason, or being correctly spoken “reasons”. First, His show of faith, He ventured alone through the fogged enemy lines which even The World Sentry couldn’t even supervise and even more surprising, He accomplished the mission.

Second, His Kindness and Righteousness. His Ruthless Nature and Kind Nature that was displayed by leaving his comrades, the group that only consist of 4 other people, had he not done so, They might have died a humiliating deaths. That ended up as the reason why Even Second ranked Archangels feared him with respect and fear.

“Thank you very much for the escort, May The Chief God bless us all in his mercy”

James stood up and flexes his shoulders as the Sphere opened. Revealing a messy grassland with the remnants of The now over war, Men corpses and Monsters carcasses were thrown over side by side, scattered swords and claws and other bodily weapons only accentuate the bloody page of the history.


James only said a single word, his sigh. His face is unfazed, even the crying face of a dead soldier could not move him, his majestic act are as tiring as what He could do any day, namely, nothing.

“ Sister, What about The Principalities of Observation Reports ?”
“Y-Yes, Here you go”
“Thank you”

The one his word was directed at twitched with surprise, but She managed to hear what He demands and gives it to him.

“Versailles Dintz” James knelt on the ground next to a soldier corpse after he read the reports and removes the corpse helmet, it was accurately “Versailles Dintz” that has reported to have died in action, page three, martyr number 63

“May your soul reach The Paradise safely, Before The Devil had known that you have died” was James prayer as he made a cross gesture, followed by the pair of warrior behind him. As to honor the dead, There was an exception, He was taught to respect the dead, even with other typical subjects.

“Dear Lord, May you grant us guidance and keep the souls of our honorable comrades here safe for all eternity, Amen.”

Suddenly, The Corpse combusts as He stood up, the fire flashes at his tranquil, frozen now Garnet of an eye only flash no emotion, His eyes are still, guiltless.

“What was it ?”

With a startled voice, the one that let out the word gasped her mouth shut, She looks unnerved for having lost her control like that as James approaches her.

“You…still have a trait of humanity”

James bat his eyes after his cold eyes pierced the angel as he boldly declare that She is still not fit for her rank. Yet, again, She could only swallow it as the fire spread over the battlefield as they walk over them to the remnants camp.

There was no helping it, as The Court of one of the affiliated kingdom used to say. He is cold, sadistic, and relentless. He won’t stop just after he finished a battle, He would go to them, caress one of the corpse gently, and then burn them, He believe that leaving them be would be a blasphemy and a sign of disrespect, and by burning them, He could help them reach heaven more quickly and safe.

They finally arrived at the camp. The Remaining soldiers are all full of anxiety, but as James entered, They suddenly stood up and cheered which James only respond by a strange smile and wave his hand.

“Lord Hargreave !”

Suddenly, someone from the crowd at the side hugged him, her light blond hair and pointy ears look familiar to him as her smell does, because of the previous night, He almost made her fall that continuously taken toll on him.

“Such insolence !”

The Valkyrie at his right has already had her hand at her sword sheathed at her waist, but James raised his bloody right hand that stopped the angel and softly called

“It’s nice to have Humane people like you here, nice and sound well in all means”

James slightly patted her head as She is still hugging him, called her Sera. The Soldiers are looking like they want to call that no romance is allowed here, but seeing his achievement, none of them dare to, because they also barely survived.

“Excuse me ? James Hargreave ? Sera Nightchild ?”

James and Sera released each other as a child voice came from upwards, in sync, They kneeled as a bright figure came flying down at the front of them.

It was an angel, a messenger, in fact. They are the lowest of angel but bring higher importance, that is why James even more than would to bow down, although his left arm is still holding the reports from the principalities.

“Go to the Main Tent, Major Liselotte of The Inquisition has called for you two”

After saying those words, She disappeared into a bright light. The two of them nodded in consent and started walking to their destination, their face are serious without a trace of emotion found earlier.

In other words, Both of them, no, Maybe the majority of officers in The Order of The Gods are all like that, cold, tactful, and obedient, the only matter is, how long will they be able to hold.


As they arrived, a Guard with two blades hung behind her waist called to them. It is another one familiar to him, Myra Randall, The one that He “danced” with.

They only nodded as They keep walking through her, but a soft voice came out of her lips “you did a good job, I admit it”

“Greetings, Major”

James put his right hand at his left chest while Sera knelt and bow down with the one they offered their greetings is a person at the far end of the table, her hair is all black, but her golden armor with Silver Rosario hanging from her neck, the trademark of The Order of The Gods combat force, provides a polarity sight.


Liselotte joined her hands and turns her sight at the two, next to her is a man in the same golden armor, but without a Rosario.

“So…I commend you for your bravery….Hargreave”

James serious smile suddenly crooked upon hearing the praise that invites a question from his now interlocutor.

“What is so funny ?”

He slowly walks to the other end of the table, his crooked smile is still present as his cold, tranquil eyes are now full of desire, desire to deliver damnation as He recalled the pact he made with the Man at Liselotte’s side

“Major” He stopped next to her, the reports is still in his left arm “Do you know about Genesis Chapter 9 Verse 6?”

“Yes” She said “Whomever shed a blood of man, By man shall his blood be shed, For God made men in his own image”
“Well done”

He felt an admiration for her the moment She answered without hesitation, not much people had read The Holy texts much these days, He think. But James had always taught about that from the moment he was born walking. Without hesitation nor regret, He threw the report on the table with the papers flipped to page six

“For the Murder of Hero Gastros…” James slowly marched to the other side, the ring on his ring finger shines brightly as an image of a claymore being projected in his hands.

Meanwhile, The other one, with name of Frederick, froze in his feet. The cold intent that James emitted has taken away his ability to run, even if he could run, He would face execution.

“I resent you, Burn for all eternity to repent”

Without Hesitation, The newly formed black claymore swung cleanly through Frederick’s neck. Next, His body continued to fall as his now headless neck spurt blood that gathers into a pool.

The Skull at the body of the stained claymore, although that might be an illusion, laughed. Even though it is supposed to be inanimate, it laughed as it’s hands emerged from the single spike, mimicking a psychopath that laughs at his kill.

He felt nothing, in fact, He felt that he just squashed a bug, a life of a heretic is even less than a lady bug to him. A fact that makes Liselotte, a Major of The Inquisition and Sera, a Lieutenant in Information Department, stares deeply at him, dumb-struck.

“You…” Liselotte’s voice trembled as the reports in her hands fell to the ground “…and that Claymore”


Once again, in the end, He only sighed.