What do you mean by that ?”

I tried to speak to his message with no answer, He sounds like he was being indignant.

“Liselotte, Could you send a few people to check the underground network ? In here, here and there”
“Yes, sir”

I pointed the location of the underground network at the nearby map after telling Lise of the additional remnants of the hostiles, She agreed to it and heads out of the tent.

“What is that idiot thinking, still on the site where I threw that body..?”

Absurd, Frictionless luck

“Come on, You are fine !”
“Hey ! Over there pull up a little bit, We got a tail on our asses !”

I ended up commanded a single scout group after the Arles troops calmed down. There must be a reason why that Tatsumi could be killed so easily, but why ?

I pulled up a person out of the underground tunnel entrance that turns out to be a Lamia, Her scales are peeled and bleeding a little, so I called somebody with medical knowledge on Reptile family to treat her.

So far, there has been around 76 wounded in my vicinity, probably more in the others, Aquila’s group and Agni’s group. Even though both of them were wounded, one physically and other mentally. They still insist to help people, that is what I call persistence.

“Hey, Um…”
“Yes ? It’s Silver Rasch”
“ I think it’s already late to ask for now, but why are you not trying to run ?”

A woman with snake lower part asked me when I passed the wounded Lamia to her. It’s simple reason actually.

“Do you feel something attracting from me ? No ?”
“That’s it”

I gave a simple response before going back into the tunnel once more, the tunnel itself is dark and fetid but many individual is still checking if there are still anybody who is in the tunnel, only equipped with a Lantern using a plant as a light source and a few Gnome Dark Elemental and Ordinary ones, to prevent the tunnel from caving in.

“Hey, Hello ?”
“What’s it !? I’m busy !”
“Geh, S-Sorry !”

I poked a shoulder of a Minotaur that is digging at the side of the tunnel but responded rudely.

She looked at me and then sighs “Whaddya want ?”
“Urgh…Let me borrow your ear”

She bent down to let me whisper something at her ear because of the difference of height between us. I whispered to her about what I know about what has been going on and what will happen if we stay any longer, a context to ask for progress.

“So far, Nothin’ to report ‘cause most were already sent to the top”
“Really ? Good, Because we must pull out ASAP if we don’t want things to get messy”

I tapped her shoulder once again before I passed her and went further into the tunnels where less people go, I had activated “Concept: Night-vision” beforehand so I could clearly.

I asked people on my way as I go, most of them gave similar response about things went smoothly, but if I know how James think, then He should probably not attacking “Human-Shaped” thing alright.

Finally, I reached the deepest part where no people go with many carcass of various creature on the scene.

“Oh, this sucks” I cringed before I stepped into the pool of blood that gathered on the ground while continuing, but a single glint caught my attention as I walk over to investigate.

It looks like a gem that set on the tunnel’s wall, it looks bright purple with a slight hint of dark as the epicenter, this must be what they called “Devil Gem” or something, but I don’t know what kind of devil gem.

“Better than nothing, I guess…” I plucked one of them and put it in my pocket and continues my journey, the further path is practically obsolete without anything worth mentioning. Just same ol’ same ol’.

“This is some eerie place…”
“Ssh, The Officer said that this place could be full of that monsters. We have no time for quivering around”
“Right, but that one black guy is amazing I admit it. If I hadn’t woken up early, I might’ve been end up dead.”

I stopped when I heard a chatter at the far side, when I look at it, it’s only 2 male soldiers wearing armor that consists of a simple chainmail and leggings with leather boots.

It looks like they sent a few soldiers to check up, so I open up telepathy channel to other leaders.

“Hello ? This is Silver, Do anyone hear me ?”
“I heard you, Here is Aquila, what happened ?”
“Agni here, Clear”

I suppose they are still working, so I will keep this short “Be careful, I have Human contact at my end. Well, it’s not like there are virgins in your units ey ?”

They spaced out a little before answering “Nay, There are few, Even there are small, Incubis are also included.”
“My Units only consist of the ones that want to seek out our captain”

As I thought, These “virgin” Incubis probably are brutes or barbarians that caught up in demonic energy just recently, because of this mission high-risk, no average people would want to go.

I stayed in my position as the duo soldier pass by and investigate what I did earlier, one of them was mesmerized by the gem while the other one is holding a lantern that I luckily able to avoid.

I slowly moves sideways at the wall while these asses are at my face, but accidentally, I mean it. I kicked a rock which makes some noise.

“Who is there ?” the one that hold the lantern turns around but doesn’t find anything, that was too damn close.

I scaled the wall super fast in order to avoid that guy, good thing I kept my fingernails unkept, wait, wasn’t that an Oxymoron ?

He scratched his head and shivers lightly with his friend mocks him for being scared that continues to a banter. I have no time for this thing.

I dropped down and kicked both of them at their back when they turn to investigate deeper, when I rolled to regain my senses, they already taken captive by some people that followed me

“Lookie here, What do we got”
“Hey, You guys were saying you were fuckin’ busy”
“Eh ? What are you talking about ?”

Shit, I guess they smell Men’s scent just about miles away, because they took them back before I could even finish my argument.

I shook my head and picks up what the soldiers drop, a small gem-like thing and a few miscellaneous stuff. Suddenly, the gem starts to ring as a voice come to my head

“Jonathan, Checking, are you okay there ?” a soft woman voice resounds from the gem directly into my mind, damn alarm thing.
“Um-Uh, I-I might have seen a ghost, But I’m getting tired, don’t listen to me”
“Well…okay ? Don’t force yourself too hard, ‘kay ?”

The ringing stopped, lucky, it seems my acting was good or the one in charge was too naïve. Either way, I’m saved.

“…Maybe I will try something” I looked at Kalei’s gold body and cube shape, it knows what I want to do by the reaction of absorbing the gem and creating what I had thought in my mind.

“Concept: Zero Friction, by using The natural “Telepathic Glass” I was able to see through a small landscape thoroughly. Consumes Spirit Energy” After Zero friction is successfully created, the shine starts to fade and dies off. It consumes spirit energy, my first one to use.

Memory, Illusionist, Bird of Prey and the others are all using Demonic energy as their fuel, so I must think of something that could produce Spirit energy for me.

I could feel my pupil expands as “Night-vision” becomes cancelled and replaced by “Zero Friction” when the landscape opens up from my position, upper surface and underground.

There are many movements upwards while underground is mostly decomposing bones from ages ago, well, it’s not that rare.

“Oh hell no, This is it…” I start to dig down when my eyes caught something shiny, even though my bandage will become undone, this is nothing.

I finally able to dig up the thing, with the thing being found is a half-cracked circular mirror with a dirty frame of moon phases.

“…I hit a jackpot…”

Suddenly, an intense headache comes pounding on my head which causing me to drop the mirror, I hold my head tightly while biting my lip to reduce the pain.

“That mirror….What do you wish to…”
“Damn you !”
“Destroy…it ?”

The one in charge of me spoke in the same stuttering manner, this guy was the cause of my trauma of undeads by the way, because the first time in my dream, He appear as a naked skeleton.

Boring ? I think so too.
I smirked as I slam my head to the wall that causes blood to lands on the mirror surface “Transfer: Singularity”
“That’s…it…Don’t be…. Bound”
“By some shit !”

The mirror shook and brought itself together again, it’s bright shine illuminate the dark tunnel as a gentle light came out of it.

“Thank you… for taking care of Sakuya in place of Inigi”
“Aah, You are welcome, Goddess Tsukuyomi”

The Headache stopped when Tsukuyomi appeared out of the mirror wearing a dark-themed kimono of clear night sky. Well, I really hit the jackpot.

Black and White could never be one

“What is the situation ?”
“Okay, Multiple Hostiles are detected within the perimeter you said, Lord Hargreave”
“As I thought”

The Map spread out at the front of me has blue pieces moving in the underground network. I shook my head because of the disappearance of some scout group.

It’s not a pattern of something, it’s like an impromptu rescue mission of someone’s, because all of the scout teams were out of contact directly in the middle of the network.

“Have Some Angels do a clearance sweep around the southern part”
“But, If there are some human, Rescue them immediately. Do you understand ?”
“Yes, sir”

I open my eyes after I finished instructing the personnel using the “Telepathic Glass” because of “Letter Bee” not responding anymore. I wonder if Silver is so pissed that he cuts off connection ?

“Are you okay ? You look haggard, Young lord”
“I’m fine, I just blasted a hole through this but I haven’t done a proper clean up, yet”

I took a sip of tea that was just served at the front of me by some servant that survived and asked about my condition. It’s impressive for you to hold up in this battlefield and still alive. I don’t know if she is lucky, but all that matters is still alive

“Hey, Servant” I put down the cup back and called at her
“Y-Yes ?”
“Do you have friends before you was sent here ?”

I started a conversation after she replied with a stutter, They are all too tense that is not good, but I am glad that she starts to open towards me when she start to speak on her own

“I-I do”
“Really ? How nice, Was your friend a good one to you ?”
“She was…”

She is being tense no more when she told me about how good her friend was, a loyal and mischievous one. Time also flies when I heard her story that makes me forget that I am currently acting as the main coordinator now.

“…And then, When we fight we usually reconcile just fine the next day”
“I see…Wait, how did that happen again ?”

My eyes twitched when I unconsciously accepting the words, being able to reconcile after a fight in natural way is some of unknown knowledge, so I grabbed her shoulders

“How did that happen ?”
“Um-uh…That was…Naturally. And You are hurting me…”
“Ah, Sorry”

I released my grip from her shoulders and settle back into my chair. It is really hard to control my monstrous strength unexpectedly, because if I’m not careful around humans, I will most likely hurt someone.

“Well, You see, My Friend just sent me a message through telepathy when I ripped apart the Enemy leader. He said He hates me…”
“Well, Did He adds “I hate you” to you, My lord ?”

She pat my head when I said what Silver’s message include. The feeling of someone patting your head if you do a good deed is something very satisfying, but it could be more if the one don’t get anxious.

“What’s wrong ? Why did you pull your hand so suddenly ? Go on”
“I-It’s because, I am a commoner, and you are…”
“a Noble ? a High-ranking Aristocrat ? No matter, could you console me on my matter while I finish the other one ?”

I lay my head on the table which She continued to pat gently “Well, He doesn’t say “I hate you”, but when I tried to speak back, He just keep ignoring me.”
“…That means He cares a lot about you, My lord.”
“What does that mean ?”

What is this woman saying ? Silver cared about me, really ? Like letting me sleep on his lap, taking care of my mess ? And in the end, He is still a guy.

“I mean, He was getting angry when you crushed your enemies, that means He was worried that you entered alone through enemy lines.”
“So, He thought I might kill myself ?”

Well, that’s not the case because he was also at the site, but I took the “Silver thought I might kill myself” into account and it seems plausible. I continued to ask my problems to her that I personally doesn’t see as strange, She is an adult, I am just a Skipped adult.

“Well then, Please excuse me”

I pulled her hand when She excuse herself as well as moving from the chair and sit her in the chair and fell on my knees at the chair’s side.

“Please let me be like this for a while”

I lay my head on her lap and fell asleep because I’ve just got a business to discuss with my evil friend, Rion. As usual, If I slept, I was thrown back into this dark realm of the nemesis of God, I feel like crying every time I have to go here that indirectly when I have to go to sleep.

“Heeey, Rion ?” I called her name as I start walking on the field of nothingness but Sword and skewered heads that symbolizes the ancient war of creation.

I have walked for quite a while now, but I haven’t found any sign of lives, not even sign of Rion played with the bodies. I started to doubt myself If my decision of go sleeping on the conference table was wrong, but because of the servant, I won’t feel pain in my neck if She doesn’t ditch me.

“Damn it…Where are you ?” I shook my head to scan the surroundings, the landscape is practically an infinitely wide plains full of trails of battles. I realized that, So, I pluck out one sword from the ground and remove the head it skewered.

I remove my boots and reach into it to pull out a cleansing paper used for swords. After polishing the sword I picked up, I landed it’s blade into the ground while monotonely say: “The Graverobber is here ~ Nobody’s going to catch him ~ ?”

It seems to work for I could feel a presence behind me. When I turned back it turns out not to be Rion, but an individual her age wearing a robe with a hood.

A pair of dark eyes shone through her hood that gives out eerie feeling, I reached to her albeit reluctantly and also unexpectedly, She accepted my hand

“Now, Choose”

Seethe rang as Her words flew from her small mouth, amongst the blinding rays that emanated from Seethe, a small decorated knife emerged from it to my other hand.

“Would you take a knife to your heart ?”

My wrist twitches just as she speaks and brings the knife close to my chest with it’s point on me

“Or, Would you break the fall and take defeat ? Choose wisely…James”

My hand starts moving by itself after She finished talking. I desperately tried to stop the knife but for some reason, the strength in the arm that holding the knife is far beyond mine.

“Gah, Fuck !!”

The knife slowly moved past what I could handle them, it’s shining gleam flashes at my eyes before it breaks free and fly towards my eyeball.

“Gaaaahhh !!”
“-W-What the hell !? You surprised me !”

A Familiar voice sounds as I open my eyes in panicked frenzy and what comes out is a Blue sky scenery with ocean under them.

“Got a clear view yet ?! Look at what time it is !”

It turns out that Silver is carrying me by his shoulders and seemingly using his power because his ring is shining, to fly in the sky. There are no sign of the camp in my sight anymore that means we have already gone far enough.

“Look, I’ve finished tailoring your jacket, cleaned and ironed. So, wear that and get to work !”

He angrily picked up a random sentence to clearly avoid the topic I want to speak out, but I could tolerate that because I am also the one in fault, in these sunset light, I stare at Seethe and I can only think of one thing to describe myself.


Civilian life

One usual morning after the incident, I start up by waking up from my slumber without anything, without clothes, without tea to start the day, that’s practically nothing.

It has been around 7 days since We’ve flown out of Zipangu and I’ve locked myself in this room. Because I have drunk tea 7 days ago, I could hold myself from thirst but not from anything else.

After putting my pants on, I walked to the mirror hung at the side of the room, my image, an image of a murderer, are reflected in place of mine. My hand that ripped a Woman’s head is still feeling hot as well the hand that crushed that heart and pierces the Mirror Regalia with it.

And furthermore, After I fell asleep in the tent, Who was that girl wearing robe ? there is no way something as flamboyant as Rion would hide herself in all that confining attire, even Seethe response is quite slow after that and….it won’t end.

I placed my hand on the mirror and sigh, my other hand is already grasping my sleeveless shirt on the chair next to me.

“I guess it’s time to go out”
“Do what you want”

My reflection talks back as I turn my back on him to wear my shirt, after fastening my belt, I headed to and opened the door and heads down the stairs.

It seems our current settlement is quite secluded with the grand hall under the rooms upside is completely empty without anyone other than a person behind the counter.

He is looking like he cleaning the glass used to drink liquor, liquors are different from ales afterall. Because ale usually drunk with a wooden glass and kept in a cask.

“Oi” He called to me without even glancing “There is a message for you, it came yesterday by some kind of messenger”

I nodded my head and walks to the end of the counter where a box sit on, When I opened it, a single white letter is standing out of the rest of black letters.

“Hey, Someone is-“
“Don’t butt in”

He swept off my statement before I could even start brightening the mood, I took the white letter with a sigh and looked on it, The stamp used on the wax has The Order’s Emblem on it.

“Well then…” I ripped the letter top and takes out the content. The contents itself is one of beautiful handwriting congratulating me on the Incident I took care of and asked me to initiate another investigation in the eastern side of the continent.

“And We believe you could do it under your own power, Duke Hargreave. Best Regards, Selena Aion. How egotistical”

I crumpled the letter and put it in my pants pocket

“My jacket ?”
Silver responded by gesturing with his fingers pointing to a stand with my jacket hanging on it. I snatched it without thinking anything and slapped my cheek as to get myself back on the line and run through the hall, it’s like I will be on long journey.

“…or not..” I kicked open the door because of the discomforting atmosphere inside but what awaits me is an incredibly dense populated area, full of people.

James in Nowhere-land

“…Where the hell am I…?”

It was still time counted as morning, but there are people already bustling in the street. And here I am, staring around like a country bumpkin or Sheltered noble son if I may choose.

“Now…now, What to do, what to do…” I paced around while thinking aimlessly. When I looked back earlier, the door already disappeared. Damn Trickster building and it’s builder.

As I sputter around with my legs still going, I bumped into someone.

“Ouch, That hurts !” It was a man looking like late 20’s, the same as how I look right now. After I bumped into him, He rolled on the ground while groaning.

“Sorry about that”
“Sorry won’t fix anything !”

He extend his hand instead of receiving my apology. Well, This is some kind of swindling, right ? Now with this crow is restricting my movements too.

“You should pay for my treatment free, it will fix things up !”
He held the shoulder I bumped earlier while demanding money, if I was enraged, I would undoubtedly sever his head off, but I am right now is calm, so I reached into my pocket.

A Chill ran down my spine when I found out nothing in my pocket. Well, I understood concept of money, but I wasn’t allowed to carry money around, even on this age.

“Crap…I could make a bad name of My God and Myself, no, maybe an entire religion…” My mind screamed ordering me to run away, maybe some zealotry, This man could spread bad name about me if I stay any longer and he figure out who I am.

“Bro.” I tap his wounded shoulders while smiling “Take care, Make sure you won’t get Tetanus”
“What ?”

After saying my last word, I pushed my hand against his shoulders and jumped out the circle accompanied with a painful scream from that man.

“Alright, better scamper out before I got scampered out of my clothes !” I took running away over fighting back because in this way, it’s the smartest move, especially when you are about to get apprehended forcefully, or worse, lynched.

After 10 minutes of desperate running, I finally have my time to revitalize myself “Looks like I lost them” I put my back against a wall of an alley and slide off down. My breathing was erratic because all that running.

“You look like being chased by authorities, boy”

I looked to the direction the voice came from and answered “…You could say that, but more accurately, I was framed”

“You must be a country-bumpkin, then” a light giggle accompanied that provoking statement, as continued with a  hooded figure wearing a haggard cloak coming out of the alley “This one have also experienced that one at least once”

Hmm, Third person perspective speaking ?

I also laughed to follow the flow “You are right, I was also but a simple farmer, Sent by my mommy to come here to a city”

It was bad to lie, but a little truthful-lie won’t hurt. Afterall, My mom was also saying to go out and training swordsmanship every morning.

“Karen agrees to your mother, Someone as inexperienced as yourself must be sent to the world to mature your little mind”

So this mature woman with voluptuous body hidden under that cloak name is Karen. Her approaching me and her conduct just explains everything because I can see everything although that hood is still covering her face.

“Myself think you should follow this one, The Enforcers soon will find you in this place” She noticed the approaching commotion, She is indeed right, maybe the guards will find me soon.

“I definitely agree.”
“Then, We should go”

She pulled my hand through the dark alley and She starts a conversation while we walk through the small passage “So, boy. Do you have some money on you ?”
I look into my pocket and responded with a pitiful look on my face “I-I do not have any.”
“This one already figured that out”

She laughs again when we already gets out of the alley. A large wooden building is present at the front of me.

“Then, You should attain yourself some funds. Karen bid you adieu.”

She left me at the front of the building with a board signing something like an Adventurer guild. I wish I could sigh and say “No” but She is right, I am broke and homeless.

I opened the wooden door that makes creaking sound as I enter. The inside is not too extravagant, a normal large room with many tables and also a signature counter and board for the guilds.

I walked up to the counter where a woman with attractive figure stands behind it “Excuse me…I would like to join this guild…”
She gave me an application form to sign off, What a quiet Guild employee. I admire her.
I submitted my application form once I finished filling it then She went to the back to process it as it look like so. A few moments later, She came out bringing my Guild card, it has Rank Newbie written on it.

I took it without even asking to because of the quietness and went to the board. Papers with various rank jobs are placed on it, and also with various payment

“Hmm…I think I will take this…” I reached towards a job with payout of 70 Minesta Gold Coins, Minesta itself is a Prosperous country that means it is so much money.
“You should not, Newbie” She finally spoke, and the first word spoken is a warning, a good omen ?
“You mean I can’t ?”
“You won’t survive. It’s a subjugation quest of a Pack of Wyverns in the West.” She put her face in her hands while lazily look at me “You are broke, Homeless, You don’t even have any weapons. So, let alone finishing it, I doubt you could even reach it.”

Such piercing chains of words…it is true though. I am broke, My equipment is subpar, but at least I can have a weapon.

“So, Do you have any job I could work on ?” Despite my self-pity, I managed to hold and asked her what job to do.
“Let’s see, That” I looked at what her fingers are pointing, and it turns out to-

-Daily job of gathering plant commodities, The reward is 1 Asuryan Scrap rock coin.

My heart trembles, in fact, My body trembles, The level of such pitiful thing in my life has already exceeded of my tolerance.

“Alright” I take the paper despite my own statement, money is money.
“Oh, And Make sure you don’t fail, Compensation of giving up is 10 Gold coin” ….You should say that beforehand, damn it….

It turns out what I have to collect is the wild sesame that grows at the forest at the west of the city, just right in the outskirts. So, I immediately heads there and look for a sesame plant and perhaps some food, but my streak of bad luck seems still haunting me, Did I break a mirror in 13th Friday ?

“Alright, Phrasing time: I am Running out of Options” I sit flat on my bottom just barely in a woods in the outskirts of the town. With no food and no tools and ingredients in hand, let alone money.

This is useless…Definitely useless, I mean, I could tell of edible fruits and some weed but within current late fall season, There is no fruit hanging from the trees which mean I’m screwed.

“Rabbits ? Nope, Rabbits are currently hibernating because of the oncoming winter, Bears ? I don’t know if I can take them on in this condition, Wolves ? Un-absolutely-edible.”

My stomach rumbles again when I forced my legs to keep walking. Although I described it as “Forced”, it is more accurate to say I can’t feel my legs, it has been hours of Information-gathering, walking, and probably driving away thieves and swindlers could also be taken account ?

“Oh…Young boy, What could be wrong ?” a voice called to me as I trip over bushes because of a root due to my hunger. Looking up, it was a person in a robe with hood and a walking cane.

“I am totally fine, Old lady. I am just merely trip-“

My stomach rumbles again just when I am about to finish which makes my face went deep red of shame.

She giggles in hoarse voice which only old people have and reaches inside her robe, after that, She took out a red round fruit from it “Do you want a simple apple ?”

I didn’t even answer and gobble the apple in one go

“Oh, Oh my. Young people sure are full of vigor.” She took out another apple, and another after that. The cycles repeated for around 13 times until she stopped and say “Boy, If you are still hungry, Do you mind to come to my humble cottage ? The sun looks like it will be setting soon.”

She pointed upwards which the orange sun is nearly reaching the horizon. I don’t actually need her treat, So I move forward to politely reject her offer.

“…And it is not safe to wander alone in this forest after the sun set….Some Apparitions may come” She chuckles eerily after saying that and turns away to head off, Your old chuckle is even more terrifying, grams !

And because of that, I was “forced” to follow her . it’s not like I was afraid of ghost, it is because of pure terror…okay, enough phrasing, I am practically scared shitless because of them. Why ? Ask any kids.

I know it’s stupid to follow a person I don’t know, but I do know by logic it’s way more stupid to try follow my tracks back, even if I get to safety, how am I supposed to do to sleep ? Because I know of the teaching of “Help others” but money is also necessary.

I saw a light at the distance after walking into a glade, “There it is, That is my home” said The old lady, She doesn’t sound like being tired in the slightest, elderly people are to be respected yeah, but I don’t really want to stay out here when that sun is going down any minute.

We finally arrived at that cottage while I fidget anxiously. the hinges creak as the door opened by the old lady, the interior is pretty simple, a bed at the right with a set of cooking utensils hung above a clay stove next to the bed and a small dining table with four chairs

“Make yourself at home, I shall make you a hot meal in a second”
“Uh, okay…”

I sit on one of the chairs while still fidgeting, minding my manners, it is unsightly if I got scolded by someone’s mom’s mom.

She seems to make some kind of soup. from my experience of cooking, She is supposedly boiling some bones to make the broth while preparing another pot to put it in after putting some more veggies inside.

“It smells good….”
“Hehe, This is my special Recepe”

I think it called “Recipe” but whatever, because a tasty looking creamy soup is being served at the front of me.
I took my war tools against this enemy once it has touched the ground, and with savage greed. I stroke a light infantry with a fork, and scoop out the exposed joint with a spoon.

“Well, boy. It looks like you are-“
“Seconds !”
“Yes, you are starving.”

She scooped out another bowl for me which with the same savage behavior I slurped the soup clean. I was too ashamed after I realized that so I pull the cloth used as a blanket and cover my face.

Grams took a seat and cackled with a slight hint of happiness “You remind me of my son, boy”
I poked my head out of the cloth, my face is still deep red “R-Really ?”
“Yes, Except if He is still here, He will definitely do what you did”

She smiled gently at me, it looks like she is not lying. Being old and all, and your son are working. That must be bad.

“Well, Grams. I will definitely pay you back someday” I let go of the cloth and reach for her crumpled hand, it feels cold, This grams must be working very hard gathering the fruits I had eaten.
“Oh, you do not need to”

Suddenly, The room feels very chilly and Grams’s hand feels so much colder but with my jacket, I shrugged that off

“Because…instead of paying it back, Could I ask you a favor ?”
“Yes ? What is it, Grams ?”
“Look after my adopted daughter for me, Someone as brave as you should be fine meeting her”

The Temperature continues to drop until I finally noticed it, my teeth chatters when I ask “Grams, This is The forest at the west of the town, right ?”
She smiled, again “This is east, Son. Weeping Forest is this forest name”

The rooms start to decay when she said the forest name, oh shit.

“…And If you dare to enter this forest alone just a seconds before sunset, You must have a very big courage, no ?”

I took a glance at her hand I was holding, Her skin is blue with some sign of decaying, but also transparent.

“So, Do you accept my last will, Son ?”