A Heavy sigh take flight from my mouth when the door gets shut by itself because of the magnetic field I have implemented before in case of robbery.

“He is too impulsive” I picked one of the black letter after letting go of the glass that I have been constantly polishing, if it’s not because of my worn out bandage, I should have finished long time ago.
Without delay, I opened the letter which easily be opened because of no use of adhesive, the letter itself is has my name written as the receiver rather than my address, with “From Irinesha, 9th Princess of Demon Realm” at the end with a heart mark.

Honestly, She still doesn’t know how to let go of me, but still manage to let me go and live by myself after I used The Replica to grant my wish. I am not such a good guy to give Tatsumi a second chance, so anybody can conclude that I wishes for a safe life from Arles or something  and The Demon Realm army by having them almost forget of my existence, still, Irene managed to remember me.

“Yes, Could anyone there hear me ? This is “The Doctor” “ I placed the letter at the front of my ear. At first, All I could hear is static and not nothing, that means this letters are magic tools in shape of paper.
“….Right…What…want ?”
“What I want is, How is Tatsumi doing ?”
“He’s doing fine. Well, His Brother took shot for him, So, fine”
Once the static clears up, a childish voice took up the phone and told me about “The Patient” condition. It seems that Kanzaki is unexpectedly hard headed and Quick-flexed, To think He could maintain “Heartless Blood Pumping” for 3 hours straight with Demonic energy and Willpower alone, it’s amazing although he was half-assed.
“I see, Thanks”
“No. Thanks, Mister Rasch. If it’s not because of you, Alice would be very sad most likely.”
“D-Don’t make remember some low-salary worker of a debt. Because He will keep calling it”
I scratched my head at those words, well, I had made a wish that practically erased memories of Anything that relates to me. Of course, when they got what they wanted, they leave. It was the cause why Arles corps went back so quickly and why the heavily wounded ones could be saved, that includes The Temporary Militia that was in caved tunnel networks.

“And, What about your brother ?”
“My brother ? eh…He is learning society.”
“Well, Fine.”
What a curd response, She cut the connection afterwards that caused the letter to rip by half. I put the other half in a drawer afterwards because I still have to go working.

“I really do hope he could cool his head a little. Afterall, Kalei and Seethe is similar but very different”

Lacrimosa Village, Second: Arriving

“For the love of god, What is this trial you are giving me, God ?!”

I am currently running with all my might on my legs, it goes without saying that my mind is completely blank also, after all, I have met with a Ghost which also an Old woman. And by “with all my might”, it comes around like a bull rushing towards red when I dashed through a grooves of trees which I broke them all.
I headed towards the nearest light source in the same mach speed, without thinking, I bursted through a wooden door without even looking what I was going to come into and closed the door with both hands that made the door closed with a BAM.

“Lad, ‘Re ya alright ?” I turns back with my head covered within cold sweat, it was a normal middle aged man in a hip pads, thank god !
I turned my back towards the door and lifelessly collapse to the floor on my knees. I had come into such close contact with a friggin’ ghost ! I don’t even dare to think what could happen if I stay there for the rest of the night.
He walked towards me after getting a glass full of water “ ‘ere ya go, Wha’ Happened to ya, laddie ? yer face looks as white as a Gho-“
“Wait, Stop right there, I ain’t wanna talk ‘bout that”
my tongue slipped into accent in it’s own accord again, even with all the trouble I went through to conceal it with a dignified speech, Sheesh.

I took the glass and slowly drinks it as He crouches down next to me: “C’mon, Lad. Tell me, Didja met somethin’ ? or Didja do somethin’ ?”
“Nah, ol’ man. I just kinda…met some old gram. Yeah”
His eyes widens at my word as his chin shivers: “Y-Ya met the Baba Yaga, Lad ?”
“Baba Yaga ?”
I took another sip of water while He calms down and say “Ya see, Lad. Tha’ about an ol’ lady that lives in the woods next to dis village. It’s about-“
I cut his sentence when I am about to hear the word I hate “G-Ghost ?”
He nods “Yep, Ain’t cha real lucky that ya were able to run with yer life”

He helps me stand up once I finished the water then He gets back to the counter which I had taken a seat at the front of him
“Tha’s real weird, Lad. And Whaddya want to drink ?”
“Lemme see…Bourbon”
“A’ight, So, Baba Yaga ain’t ever chase ova adult boys like ya.”
He served me a brown-golden liquid with some ice blocks while keep talking “There, Ice just comin’ yesterday”
“Thanks, Ol’ man” I looked at the glass a little bit before taking a sip, because I haven’t drunk alcohol before, it tastes like juice but slightly bitter “So, Where ‘m I exactly, Ol’ man ?”
He sniffles a little “Ya sure like ta Joke, ain’t cha ? This is Lacrimosa village, Next ta Infamous Weeping forest where Baba Yaga lives.”
Shit…It looks like I ran farther from the town.

“So, Tell me Lad.” He made some serious face while looking at me “How old are ya ?”
Let’s see, It would be appropriate to tell him what I and Silver submitted when We work at the previous place “28”
He nods, but his face still scream suspicion and confusion. Well, I wrote on my form that I was 28 years old, while Silver being 26 years old. I don’t friggin’ know how old I was since I die.
He stopped talking at once after He heard my age, it was a painful silence, but a chatter outside of the door made a sudden break to the silence with a sound of a door being opened.

“Ah, So tired !”
“Well, I agree.”
“Old man, The usual”
4 people wearing black clothes with Silver accessory that bores a pattern of yin-yang. One of them wears a top hat while the other is putting their hats behind their back or at their waist.
I wait silently and occasionally taking sip of my bourbon when the old man serves them their order that is only 4 big glass of whisky with foam at top.
It looks like they being in one group, a Guy with top hat, a quiet woman with dark green hair that tied to be mimicking cat’s ear, a woman that gives a wild impression, and a big large guy, perhaps around 190 cm or more. It looks like the owner of this crib is being an acquaintance to them because he was able to chat freely.

“Hey, You” The top hat guy called to me while holding his glass from his table. Bloody hell, Was I too conspicuous already ? Wait, This place has no other person that me though.
“Yeah ?” I replied normally after turn my eyes back to my glass.
“Old man said you were being chased by…well, Old woman. Is that right, buddy ?”
“Damn right”
“Well, That’s strange, Pretty sure That Baba Yaga would only chase on Kids, 13 years old tops”
He leisurely puts his glass on the counter and took the stool next to me
“…Did you skip 15 years old of your life ?” He whispers to my ear that makes me feel disgusted and took a few steps back, what are you, gay ?
“How could I skip years, Do you think skipping years is like skipping grades ?” I coughed and said those words after calming up, allegedly, I was not supposed to enter School at all, but I was being taught by Tutors instead, I remember this old guy with really long bread .

“Well, it’s not like that” He propped his legs onto my stool with his hat now covering his face, What is this weirdo ?
“Anyways, She must have a reason why She went after you.” He pushed the hat back to it’s proper place and took out a note from it that is hidden under that top, complete with a quill and ink bottle, and placed it on the counter. after that, He gives me gesture to come closer.
I was reluctant to come, but I was being haunted by a ghost which is even more severe punishment to me if any would be worse than being with a gay. So, I slowly moved towards him.

“Here, Look at this, and Give it to me tomorrow after signing it.” He stands up from his stool after I just sit and yawns. His companions has also emerged from their seats
“Old man, Let this fellow stay here for the night, will you ? I’m paying”
“W’kay, Randy.”
He opened the door and went out as Those words flew to the bar owner, implying me that I could stay the night. I gripped the paper, I don’t know what it is, but I felt a debt in my chest.

“Well, then. Lad. ‘ere is yer Room key.”
“Thanks, Old man”
I took the keys and stand up from my stool to heads up through the stairs next to the exit. I think I might have been haunted after all.

Dimensional Magic Curriculum First Step

“Now then, Children. Do you have any questions ?”
“Teacher ! Could you explain this thing more ?”
“No, Brenda, I can’t, because you all will have a test tomorrow”

A Booing sound fills the room in response to my word.

I raised the glasses that have been attached to my face since a while ago and erased the board, which has been a structure of magic and their effects along with the meaning of runic alphabet used to summon them in a lesson.
That is right, I am secretly working as a teacher, even when yesterday morning I had to thrown James out so I could teach in the morning.
This all start a week ago, When I landed on this village next to a prospering town, I have been going through all the trouble. From a stubborn mayor to construction of magically constructed house with a bar at the bottom. Of course it attracts complaints from the nearby residents as well, so they said this:

“Do you even have any income ?”, “What sense of aesthetic is this !?”, “How could this benefit us, Let alone that, it could be giving negative influence to children” are all the problem, So I was stepping at the front of them and say proudly on the platform at the town square: “Do you even have a decent job for me ? I could do education despite my young age.”
I was being given applause of contempt once I said that, but with my natural confidence, I was granted the job of teaching boys and girls here the art of magic because no adult here is a decent magician but there are few mercenary and soldiers.

“Heeey, Teach. Could we postpone the test ?”
“Alfred is right, The “Construction of Magic circles” is already too hard ! even forging blades is easier !”
I sighed at their complaints, after all, this is only the basics.
I crouched down to adjust my height to the first in line “Okay, What is your name ?”
It was a timid little girl that doesn’t stand out, but it seems doing well in the class.
“C..Chelsea” She answered in a small voice, I smiled a little
“Alright, Chelsea. Shall your teacher teach you how to match a genius like The so called Miltie ?”

I pulled her little hand with her anxiously steps forward and looks down once we get there. I feel bad for teaching this, but all this kid won’t get a thing if they just keep protesting like they are doing right now
“Okay, Chelsea. Do you remember how to make a simple wind magic ?”
I picked up a green chalk nearby and gives it to her “There you go. Do some simple thing like “Blissful Stork” “
She took the chalk and continued to draw a small magic circle on the wooden floor. It was only a simple “Blissful stork” that using wind to materialize your movement. But if I do this…
“Stop” I stopped her hand from completing the magic circle which makes her look at me with confused face.
“Look, I shall make a “small” adjustment.” I took the chalk from her and knelt down to finish the magic circle. It then shines brightly, and a great tornado materializes in the classroom that almost tore the roof off.
All of the pupils were in awe including Chelsea, to awoke them, I clapped my hands. “Okay, is our Chelsea here amazing ?”
“B-But Teacher, You were the one that completed it”
I pat her little head lightly with a smiling face “No, You were the one that drew almost all of it…”
She seems to recall that drawing magic circles requires magic power, the chalk itself won’t make anything if you don’t infuse any mana into it. So, that makes her the one that cast it the most

“As you can see, Magic is about imagination. Little girl, Do you wish to try it again ?”
I picked a blue chalk this time and gives it to Chelsea, She took it cheerfully and seems eager to try again.
This time, She is about to cast “Waterfall”, an Elementary class magic but if She implement what I had done right, She might flood the classroom, so I had to make preparations.
“Remember Chelsea, Imagination” I stepped outside the classroom and took some tools that I used to make some holes out with it. The classroom itself is only a one-room shed so it couldn’t go any wrong.

Not long after, water starts pouring from the holes when it’s about time the circle is completed. I sit next to the last hole while having the diary that was “entrusted” to me and to check if there is any updates, but suddenly, the wall broke.
“Owaa ! What the- !?” I shield myself from the “Waterfall” actually, It’s not a waterfall, Calling it a Noah’s flood is no exaggeration either. It was a Medium-sized Flood spell instead of “Waterfall” that breaks the wooden wall.
“Teacher, I-I did it.” Chelsea stood upon the rest of the class, all of them are sodden wet of course. But her growth itself is already remarkable, but it still doesn’t mean breaking the building is okay.
I sighed and activated Kalei to summon a fire spell around the room that makes a medium-sized blue fire that won’t burn the building, but will dry the wet people thoroughly.
“You did a good job, You could probably be the next genius !” After The flames dies out, I approached and praised her as well to pat her again, also with a bright smile that if I try to look at the mirror I might get blind.
“Yes ?”
“I still need to draw while teacher can instantly cast it…”
She shyly connects her finger while glancing at Kalei, I noticed, So the right reaction should be-
“This is a Magic Item, I will distribute some if all of you should graduate brilliantly.”
She finally smiled at me at last, in fact, She is the first one and also the one showing most talent. She has been doing too well with only 6 days worth of lesson.
Adults start gathering around me a little after, most of them are brimming with complaints but luckily, their children that I taught was telling them that their friend Chelsea is amazing and now their new-found excitement, so There are no violations on my part.

In fact…They are motivated now, that is good.
“I…I’m weak against children…”
“Oh, shut up, “Kalei” “
Two months passed like nothing in their excitement…I also feel happy, because I am a Hypocrite.

Traumatic Attraction Disorder

Silver’s Teaching Material Progress Day 67

Today is the 67th day of myself, Silver Rasch, has devoted myself on teaching these young children. They were all good children with The Honor Students were the ones who didn’t stand out. It makes me happy as Kalei do too.


A Breeze of cold wind woke me up in the morning which also alerted me. If I remember correctly, It had been 2 months since Chelsea first grasped knowledge of “Concept: Memory”, That Girl is splendid, although there are few that also stand out.

For example, Alfred, He was a son of a Martial artist master mercenary whose style is combining immense speed with fire as the firepower and Killian, a Girl born from Hinezumi mother that naturally, has affinity for fire magic greater than normal, but She took the lessons of Wind and Earth instead.

I get off my bed and opened my wardrobe, the content is nothing special anyways, a white shirt, black pants, waistcoat and black shoes. A few red ties are hung on the outer pole. The line continued all the way until it formed a single, noticeable line while the mirror behind the wardrobe door reflected a handsome person that even with bedhair, still look handsome.

“Well, nice to see you again, Mr. Lady killer” I launched a mockery in the same time as I took off my robe, my body is seemingly slightly toned because of being hit, running, and et cetera et cetera.

I took the white shirt and connects the button. My mind is full on the task at hand: Teaching, taking care of my baby brother, and taking care of responsibility.

While I remove my white pants and exchange to the black one, I could hear a giggle in my head but I paid it no heed as I quickly change and start wearing the waistcoat.

A vein popped at my forehead because of the constant giggling, I was irritated
“What are you laughing for ?”
Oh, Nothing. Nothing at all”

His words are not convincing at all, not convincing enough that it couldn’t prevent me from clicking my tongue while fastening my tie. After it all in place, I looked at the mirror again.

“Well, then….Perfect.”
“The Glasses, Dumbass”
“Ah yeah, Right. Thanks, Lady Killer”

Lady Killer shouted at me when I was going to admire myself in a reminder of the glasses. I know, He was telling me to stop my narcisstic behavior hidden within it.

After putting on the glasses which has no effect to my sight, I headed down the stairs and continue to clean the hall. It was the memory of The Owner of “Starlight Pub” ‘s mess hall that I worked part time as a Bartender. Well, it wasn’t all bad actually.

Now then, I am supposed to manage this place too, but instead I am off wiping the floor with a mop. While I am busy mopping the black-white floor, a knock is heard from the door.

“Yes, Coming.” I ditched my mop after I finished the last bit and headed off the door. Despite how fragile this door look, it can’t be opened from outside, without my consent actually.

“Yes, Who is this ?”
“Eeeh ? How can you tell that to your own students ?” multiple childish voice answered from the other side of the door, I was speechless, The lazy kids from two months ago has actually come to my house this time.

It took a few seconds for my brain to process that but I finally open the door “Hello, Kids. I don’t think it’s time for class yet, is it ?”
“No, Teacher ! I think it is time, Dad said I should learn more from you”
“Yeah, Mom said that to me also”
“T-Teacher ! I have some questions…”
“Fine, Get in”

I put my palm on my face and sighed and then let them in. The once empty hall turned cramped in a few seconds, unbelievable.

“So” I get behind the counter “Now, What do you guys want ?”
Chelsea replied “W-Well, This” She stretches her hands and gives me 50-paper thick Thesis.
I was speechless “And this is ?”
“I-It was what I could manage to um…Summarize from the lessons…” She nervously said that while fidgeting, the thesis itself contains what could be said Magic concepts in place of my original even though in their weakened version.

This is awesome, definitely awesome. Kid, You have some real potential ! I couldn’t stop admiring her and her thesis by keep reading while keeping a poker face.

While I continue reading the thesis, a tug pulled my waistcoat. When I glanced back, Killian and Alfred is already tugging me from each side
“Hey, Alfred ! Let him be my teacher today !”
“No, You give up, Killy !”
“Hey, hey. I am not a tug of war object !”

They seem don’t listen to me as they continue their tug-of-war. But as kids, situation goes bad fast, Alfred’s fist is starting to be covered in fire, while Killian’s are covered in wind and water. Oh, man. My waistcoat is gonna be ruined !

“Both of you, Stop it !” a shout suddenly resounds and stopped both of their magic to be cast, when looked at, the shout originated from the shy Chelsea.
“He is not a thing ! Stop it, I know Teacher haven’t gotten mad at us even once but still !” Chelsea jumped between them and forcefully releases their grips on me, Thanks kid.

I was touched, really, I’m not lying. I was so touched that my hands pat her on reflex, Her face went red because of it, I know you are being too forceful on yourself kid, but don’t let your green hair turn red for no reason.

And such, After things calmed down. I personally taught them about their flaws, from Killian, Her wind is still not freely active and her water is not dense and easy to move with enough, Alfred, Your Fire is too fierce, that’s why it continues of being red and not turning into blue and Chelsea….

“I-I don’t think You have a problem at all, Girl.”
“Is it true ?” She looked up at me in an adorable fashion “How about my thesis, Teacher ?”
I gulped and smiled “It was at the level of a Genius”
Really, I couldn’t lie, So I told her just what her actual grade is that makes her blush again “Hehe, It was because of Teacher’s lessons. You were right, Geniuses really have some tricks common people didn’t know. “

She laughed, and I am also giggled. While Killian and Alfred are also laughing, the door is knocked once again. What is it now ? Outside is friggin’ freezing !
I reluctantly goes to the door again, but this time without saying anything, I opened the door “Yes, Who is…”
a Bright shine cut my sentence mid-way as a bright figure is standing at my doorstep.

“Excuse me, is this where Silver Rasch, Teacher of Chelsea Meadowripe, lives ?”

Why are these kind of people always stick to me ?