“Ken, Don’t you think it is quite out of place of you to come here ?”
“What about it !? I don’t have a reason to not visit a friend !”

The man before me laughed heartily, he is already quite old but his conduct still hasn’t shown any sign of maturity although the sword on his back has been there since I know him in the ancients.

I do not actually mind him laughing, but considering that my newly born daughter and her servant might find him, I have to do this, although the Baphomet lady has also taken a liking of him.

He is strong, rough and doesn’t mind small things.

“But…” I could feel my eye flashed for a moment for this trump card “Don’t you have a wife yourself ?”

Suddenly, his laugh came to an abrupt halt. Then, he continues to wrap his hands around his head while hunching his back and pulling his legs onto the couch.

“Don’t make me remember about it….”

I knew it

I unintentionally tapped my temple as I guessed “…You ran away, didn’t you…”

His body shuddered as his eyes turned out to be more depressed, in that state, He muttered “That’s right… I’m a wimp….It just has been 6 days and….”

Ugh….You must have it tough, my friend, that is what I was about to say. But I restrained myself to say it out loud and stay quiet as to hear his statement

“Tsugumi…I’m sorry, You could take our daughter and spoil her….but…”
“Wait, You had a daughter ?”
“Huh ? Yeah, She was only an egg though, I wonder when She will be fertilized and hatch”

He raised his head suddenly as I mentioned his daughter. It was another character he possesses, He doesn’t mind small things but yet He always cares about the weak and helpless creatures like a true samurai, a swordsman title that was bestowed in his lands.

He continued to brag about his family with shining eyes, it is only natural though.

“But you still ran, didn’t you ?” I continued to tease him but this time, He playfully answered in a play-anger tone
“Hey ! I’m not a gigolo who was the first to have a beautiful wife in the world !”

Suddenly, a lightning recoil filled the room as his voice disappears gradually, and when it all clears up, a log has taken his place in the couch.

“I still remember that day clearly” I closed the book, his face is still flying down in the depths of my mind, He was one of the old comrade I have ever had since I had fallen while the others were trying to kill me.

“And to think He would die first…”


The day has been turned to night but the blizzard still hasn’t let loose of his grip of cold, but fortune still favors us it seems.

I looked at my ring while my back is against the wall, I had a thought of having it produce firewood could be good but well…

I tried to do that, but after the usual forming sequence, the supposed wood explodes into a countless ball of light that surprised and made me sighed.

“To not have a weapon…” I lifted my left hand which has no accessories worn in the fingers

“I still have a long way to go”
“Still haven’t sleep huh…”

I looked upwards to where the voice came from where I saw Seethe physical body is sitting in mid-air like as if she sit on a swing, after Randy and Min fell asleep further in the cave, She has also become more bold.

“I haven’t, but actually, do I need sleep ?”
“You still need to sleep, duh. You are still human, a LOWLY human”

She puffed her chest as she flaunted her plausible undead status, She doesn’t need sleep or something a human need, but I am proud to be human

I shown no interest in her insult and continued “Whatever, I am still human. Anyways, how would I do this if I can’t even have a weapon ?”

She clicked her tongue after seeing my indifferent reaction but still replied “We need a map then, but you didn’t map the house, right ?”
“Yeah” I tapped my forehead lightly “I didn’t, but I memorized it as clear as day”

She hissed a little with a disappointed expression “….Crazy memory, as always”

I extend my hand forward and gently recite “The Outcome Justifies The Deed”

As I finished recited my family, The Hargreaves’s, catchphrase before executing a mission or a crusade, Dad was always doing this before, although I was at his side, I did not expected to say this because of unknown reason. A Field of Mirror appeared out of thin air, and what displayed within are The Old man house, perfectly memorized from my mind, from the basement up to the attic.

“Well then, I lied to Randy earlier because I knew he saw me as a newbie adventurer”
“Not just that, You ARE a newbie adventurer”
“That’s right”

I pointed my index finger to the house and begin the briefing

Shall I ?

Have you ever feel lonely ? I was used to it. I remember the first time I felt that, I couldn’t sleep and do things to drive away the loneliness, from counting sheep to stars and to money on hand, and the result was, I didn’t get a wink of sleep.

“Argh, what am I thinking ?” I tighten a screw while murmuring to myself. Last night, Chelsea came to me asking for a favor

“Teacher…no, Father. I need to get some maintenance” was what she was saying and what I am doing now. At my right are a set of small tools like cogs and some screw driver from various sizes and on my left some rougher spare parts like gears.

“Father” Chelsea, who is now armless, called to me as Father.

“How long will the maintenance last ?”
“Hold on, Just another hour will do.”

I tighten another screw into the billows, this is going to move the joint, but because of her activity for 2 months straight, it has become quite rusted and haven’t been oiled yet.

“Alright, finished.” I put my monocle aside as I hold the arm high, it is now in perfect condition, oiled, loose screw tightened, and mana circuit has been strengthened, this will do if She manages to use my Transfers.

“Hey, Chelsea.”
“Ssh, She is asleep”

I turned around as to announce I have finished her arm, but I found Anita has already laid blanket on her while She sleeps. The Outside has also become quite bright, I was so absorbed to my work that I already used no 1 hour but 6 hours…

“T-This is…” Anita covers her face a little, but it seems her face flushed with excitement “It is like having a daughter, isn’t it ?”
“Ha ?”

She is really….haaah, I guess that couldn’t be helped. After all, most Shoggoth has been influenced by The Demon Lord and now being able to rationally think, so I guess that’s normal.

“If you have time to do that, Could you bring her and her arm also with these spare parts upstairs ? You could use my room”
“As you wish”

My attempt to drive the conversation from that way succeeds brilliantly, as She heads upstairs, I cheered in my heart.

But, I still have problem at hand, how should I pay those 400 gold coins in span of one year, I couldn’t even manage to earn a single silver coin just days before yesterday.

“I might make gold just like a devil gem…”
“No, That is not my style”

And just when I got an idea, Kalei just dropped it because it was “Not his style”. He is supposed to be “Evil” but Greed is not his ?

“Alright. Then what should we do ?”
“I don’t know, wait for Lady fate to speak”

I can’t depend on fate or fortune because I’m always being an underdog. So, I just write the debt in the diary as some debt note, this is shameful but necessary.

But really, not only beans. meat stocks, tea, ale, and other goods. It all probably costs up to thousands. I clenched my hand that makes the pen I was holding to write produce a cracking sound.

“….I was almost carried away.” I managed to calm down and looked at my broken pen, the ink are oozing out to my hand that makes me sigh and resort to Kalei’s ability.

“Transfer: Displacement field” I ripped a small piece of paper and the ring shines brightly, then the paper sucks up the ink that has stained my sleeves and rolls up, forming a pen.

Well, actually. I formed displacement field when I was working in Starlight’s Pub. I broke a glass and used a similar material, an aluminium alloy, to create the new one. I was busted a week later.

You know Silver, You might just a creative person, but being able to create to deceive is bad” was what the owner said before scruffing my head and give me a full glass of ale, without cutting my salary.

And remembering that, I decided that I will forgive Anita this time. and work my ass hard to pay and not having this house demolished. A Good leader has to sometimes forgive his subordinates faults.

“Still, How do I get a quick buck ?”

Suddenly, a hole formed at the entrance door followed up by a burst of blue flame, the new makeshift pen I held was squished again on my hand because I accidentally clench my hand out of surprise

“What the hell…”
“Teacheeer ! Someone is looking for you”

This stuff sucks.

Hell Missionary on the move

“Well then” Seethe cupper her chin and shrugs “is that all ?”
“Out of all the things I told you, yeah”

I pointed my index finger to the center of the village and start to remember the plan from the start because no room for error is to spare around these parts.

Lacrimosa Village,  3 x 3 kilometers wide, no particular volcanic activity around the area but only has an extended snowstorm periods. It is quite an advantage and disadvantage around there which I should take into account.

“I think I should do this thing one more time”
“Well then, Good luck”

Seethe’s physical body instantly disintegrated and returned to the ring and with that, My Personal Ability “The Plunderer” I named it, The one that govern The Extinct, should give me some ideas and perhaps some insights on the possible traps.

I spin around the field of mirror as I was bored, everything is normal except this one room in The Old Man’s bar, according to Randy, He was suspected to be having a deal in slavery and some Human trafficking, it is hard to believe that a Good man such as him would be an insurgent, but to me, it doesn’t matter.

“Still, I couldn’t grasp the room Stella was confined in” I softly touched the mirror and it zooms itself, but I still couldn’t get inside the room, only the shadows I could grasp was visible.

It has already been 2 exact months and 20 hours passed since I first arrived and terrorized by The Baba Yaga, Since then, I have no definite destination as other than gather some Sesame because I have no money, I was thinking if I should work for the guild to earn some money, but I prioritize myself to return to my house, so I have to meet up with Silver first because I don’t want things to get messy once I’m gone.

“I think this is enough…but I guess that will never be enough” The Mirror disappeared just as when I think all is done, but I was furious in fact, to think I will be cornered and helpless, This is making me angry but when I glanced to the depths of the cave, my anger dissipated.

The Reason was, I owed Randy a favor, and the other is, I made his familiar cry. Soo-Min was a Nekomata he said, a spirit of a cat that has lived more than a decade, I heard that this spirit is malicious but a powerful familiar if someone had managed to tame them.

“That’s right”
“Pfft !”

Randy is already sitting next to me while I was leaning and trying to get to sleep, there was no need to consider whether I was surprised or not, the former is the answer.

“The Suspect name is Nigan, 43 years old, weigh 54 kilograms, and so on, do I need to recite it all ?”
“No need”

I coughed to clear my shame and throat up, if I was against normal folks, then it is alright. But against some officers, I need to act dignified although I am under cover as a Guild member.

His officer emblem flashes brightly under the moonlight, surprisingly, The Icicle has stopped when I was briefing and because of the wind, all the clouds have basically turned sunny-side. The Silver emblem bore The Yin-Yang pattern was also the first thing that caught my attention when I met him the first time.

“Anyways, Was a Hell dog in your calculation ?”
“Yeah, of course.”

He calmly accept my question, it looks like being a Guild member could do me a merit, or two.

“a Hellhound has been reported to be ported to the village 2 months ago, the same time the suspect has been called out”
“Oh, Does that mean you used me as a Transmitter ?”

He shyly scratched his head with his top hat that he claim to be made out of straw in the cave while admitting that he used me to get close to Nigan.

“Okay, How about we make a deal ?”
“a Deal ?”
“Yeah, I will provide you with information and if we succeed, could you give me some sesame seed ?”

I took a bold move. but engaging in siege battle without having provisions is foolish either, so my best move is attacking

“Ugh…Okay…” The instant He blurted okay, I dashed out of the cave like a wind and leap upwards.

“Alright, It looks like I was not too far from the village.” My head processed the image I saw in the air as I dived through the air resistance straight to the center, It looks like after I passed out due to the cold, and 2 months later, Randy and his group has made this cave their forward base.

A smart move, although it’s an impromptu method, this is already a proper one to do a front lines recon.

“Right, I am here” I silently land on the snow and hugged the wall, with the time being a dawn break and my starting black outfit, I was able to slip in through the night sky and with the snow being a sound-absorbing material, there are no sounds either.

With a whistle, I jumped and grabbed the frame I had broken earlier in the day and get in. It’s still the same room without any noticeable change, a single room with a large cage and the interior painted with a strange blue color.

“Strange” I pinched the paint a little with my index finger, the dust has considerably gathered like this building hasn’t been used for years but some strange blue powder has themselves mixed in

It looks familiar but I pulled myself to save myself time although I have memorized it’s detail, roughness and how it looks and opens the room door.

I now have literally committed a crime of trespassing, I have broken in and trespass someone’s home, but once I ever read a file about this, an agent employed by The Bishop’s Personal Guards has broken into someone’s home.

And The result was, The Person was a Satanic Religion Worshipper

It gave me my resolve right now, if Nigan-The old man was indeed a criminal, My actions could be considered right, but actually I have deducted something that day.

The Agent was drunk and broke into someone’s home, raped someone, and presumable killed The Man and further, The Bishop has corrected the agent to save face, but since Dad said I was just imagining things, I flushed the thoughts for unknown years ago.

But, something was strange, In this silent corridor, I am pretty sure used “Lightning God’s Swift Approach”, a recently extinct martial arts to conceal my footsteps as lightning only gives shadows and no sound, but a wet breathing was let out from the next door.

It gave me an uneasy feeling, but I strengthen myself and approached the door. I still trusted The Old man, but the ideal person I need to be is without hesitation.

My Body and Mind compromised to only peek, not further, It was between trust and idealism. I peeked over the door after opening the door a little and carefully as for it not to creak, the bed should be right next of the door…

“What the hell are you doing in there !?” Without even waiting a second, My body has broken the compromise and kick open the door

Wood pieces were flying everywhere as The Old man turns to me from the bed while wearing only his pants, inside the same bed, a naked little girl is laid out, no matter how you look at it, The Old man tried to do that with a little kid.

“This is the last time” I put my palm on my face and blurted after my feet staggered for a second my mind took to process, it looks like idealism was right, trust are relevant.

“In payment of your kindness, I will not get serious on you”

As The Judgment passed my mouth, Seethe glow with an orange hue, It was the same orange I saw when someone betrayed me, Fury.

Speak up

“So, Who are you again ?”

I propped my foot on my other leg where a man in light armored attire sit at the opposite side of me

“My name is Andre, I am looking for someone named James Hargreave…”
“James eh ? He is in The Kingdom of Asuryan. Taking care of something”

Apparently, This man is named Andre. After Alfred, or Ai Feng the others villagers called him, blown off and burned my door, This man has apparently reached his house at the outskirts of the woods, and by coincidence, brought to me.

This guy is a bad news, I mean it. Because He spew out James’s name, Nobody but The human defenders know him, even when I materialized myself using Illusionist in human city to ask for jobs, most of them speak of him in hushed tone.

I don’t know what his other business here in my humble “The Shattered Hearts” so I was keeping quiet until He made his first statements

“And you are ?”
“Ah ? My name is Silver Rasch”
“For how long has you known The Remaining member of The Hargreave household ?”
“Well, Since forever. I met him while he is still a teenager”

His shoulders twitched when I stated that I had known James for long, that’s obviously a lie if you had known me, I had only known him for two years

Ignoring his shuddering shoulders, He continued his inquiry “Had he done anything violent to you ?”
“Ha ?” I think for a while, by violent, does a light tapping count ?

“Well…” I scratched my head and bats my eyes while answering randomly “He did pointed a blade at my neck”

Suddenly, a feeling of unease being unsheathed was appearing and by reflex, Kalei glowed with hostility

“Whoa, now. I haven’t finished yet” I pointed what it looks like a firearm a bit larger than the size of a fist. An emblem of a Serpent is engraved coiling onto the barrel with the grip has a Great Serpent hissing face

My device made him stop just when he is about to pull his weapon, a dagger hidden within his garment. Sensing the danger, He dropped his hands off the handle and settle back down.

“Yeah, He is a weird man. But after knowing it was a misunderstanding, He begged me to forgive him for 7 days and night”
“W-Well, What kind of misdeed that you did to cause that ?”
“Well, I almost killed a cat”

I then continued to tell him a tale, a made up tale of course, that I kicked a cat by accident, and also by coincidence, He shown up and mistook my actions as finishing a helpless life, that was why He raised his sword against me.

“I see” He nodded his head as he finally understood “He is righteous to the core”
“Right, That is why I was worried about that it all ends up with me hooked with him”

My long researched device broke into a light once I relax up. Now with that done, He might consider me as only a companion of James, it still looks like James was from some high-ranked family as I have heard.

“….Was that a magical device ?”
“Huh ?”

I was surprised inside when He looked to the ring at my left ring finger. I know that the large gem would take attention because of it’s sapphire like appearance, but not only that, it is big and carefully cut into a cube and moreover, it is not sapphire.

“What do you mean ?”
“That….Flintlock you pulled out earlier”

I let out a sigh, He was interested in the device, not my ring. My preparation to feign ignorance has been wasted, but okay.

“Yes” I went on with the flow, and once again summoned the device “This is what I researched myself”
“Researched ?”

His tone is now is the one of a interested person. He was interested deeply into magic arts it seems. And moreover into my device at that.

My Device “Device: Ragnar’s Breath” is one of my few successful experiments, the other being Musician of Bremen. I made this in the model of Flintlock pistol, although with my mechanism, unlike The Flintlock’s muzzle-loading, Ragnar’s breath doesn’t need reloading since I could always create a new one loaded.

I replaced the hammer used to ignite the gunpowder loaded as a firepower with a specialized hammer to poke into the bullet, of course I use no normal bullet. The ones loaded into Ragnar’s breath has a powdered demon realm Silver coated around and filled a portion of the bullet, the silver had also absorbed an Ignis essence, thus, able to launch itself as a flaming projectile like a flaming arrow.

“It’s called Blitz Cry Zeta” I handed over Ragnar’s breath over to him while stating the official name to call it. He then advanced from admiring to admiring it more, He peeked into the barrel’s muzzle, and do anything that a Guard recruit would do the first time he saw firearms.

“Then ? Do this device operate just like an Blunderbuss ?”
“Ah ! Don’t touch-“

He touched the trigger and just when I was about to scream to him to stop, a deafening explosion roared the same time as a flaming breath traveled the distance between the pointed barrel to the door that was just repaired, leaving a burning hole in the wood.

“Oh…” His arm that holds the firearm shook “…What a masterpiece…I mean, What a frightful device…”

His tone is one of amazement instead of fear. You could do that all you want, but could all of you refrain yourselves from burning my house door !? This is a middle of a winter, you know !?

I unintentionally growled as I brought a bucket of water from the back to put the fire out, calm yourself, calm your-fucking-self down, there is no merit to be enraged just by a human.

“Mister Rasch, Do you wish to educate yourself further?”
“Huh ?”

The Damned Executioner


What Seethe just activated was within plans, although my weapon forming is no longer working. The light has made Nigan took a step back, in that opening, I launched my fist with a medium strength.

“You brat…”

He was sent a half of a meter off from my punch, although I couldn’t create weapons anymore, it seems my punch power hasn’t dwindled too much, He was also still standing despite taking my punch.

“Now, then. What you just about to do is quite heavy, child abuse” I flexed my wrist as I look over the unconscious kid, She has the same characteristics as Soo-min, so She could probably be a beast kin. but if the subject has shown no hostility, it is only natural to help someone who is helpless.

He didn’t answer or retort to me, but instead He look at me with belittling eyes.

“You brat doesn’t know what he is getting into, do you ?”

Suddenly, He thrown some kind of object to me and out of reflex, I moved my hand to cover but instead, I was covered by some kind of green gas.

“Wh-What the” I coughed up when my nose breathed in the gas, my eyes are tearing by itself and my muscles throbbed, I also could feel my feet are giving out.

I continued to cough and sneeze as I fell on the floor and before I knew it, I could feel my eyes are blacking out due to tears.

Crap…Now I’m here again, I must have been losing consciousness. it is troublesome, if the body is running out of moisture, it couldn’t hold out for long before passing out because of dehydration.

It was all too fast, I didn’t even have a chance to cover my nose and mouth, that must be a Quick-working nerve agent, well, it was forbidden to use in normal warfare because of the environmental damage it could cause, but some record in the past has it’s use.

It was normally used against massive breeding monsters, an Arachne Brood for example. They were usually holed up in their nest giving birth to spider hatchlings, sending soldiers in would be only give them a way to reproduce faster, so this was used.

But actually, Why were criminals having this ? This kind is quite a dangerous kind if memory serves, a mixture of some Matango gas, a dangerous viral mushroom, and Grey Lamentation Mushroom, an even dangerous species that is rare and attracts undead, now that they used it, Undeads could surround this place any moment, they must be quite desperate.

“Oi, Wake up” Suddenly, I was brought back to consciousness with a wet feeling. I sneezed a little because of the cold sensation from the water and wind, damned Syndicate, Do you even know what you are doing ?

“You bastards…” I spitted out to the front of me, my eyes are still sore for tearing so much “Do you even know what you are doing this to ?”

Without saying anything, one of them kicked me in the face repeatedly while reciting

“Of course we know ! You are one of the self-proclaimed holy bastards, aren’t you !? Huh !? Huh !?”

He kept stomping on me as He spew insults one after another, You bastards are dead once I regain my strength…so, I kept my calm and let the anger build up.

“Tie him up, Bring him outside” a sound of panting came out of his mouth once he has inflicted quite an amount of damage to my body, lucky for him, I still couldn’t open my eyes, can’t have a blind beast rampaging around.

I was letting my body being treated the way they want and for now, They dragged me to somewhere outdoors, and then, a bind was strapped on my wrist, it was set to be a height of standing, so I have no choice but to follow suit.

“Hey, Open your eyes, asshole”

My eyelids were pulled open and what comes into view are 3 burly men, all of them are having quite a strong built, but still wearing winter clothes.

I tried to pull my arms, but as expected earlier, two binds are already clamped down my arms with the other end connected to one of the houses, even when I was raising power, they won’t budge, so it must have been connected to the foundation.

“How was the taste ? The gas you guys produced for mass murder ?”

I knew it, He acquired that gas from within The Order of The Gods Alchemical weaponry, whoever did this, I will be sure to show up at his door later.

“That tasted horrible, You scoundrels will burn in hell for what you have done”

They laughed at my threat, it looks like Heretics were not afraid of hell and some sort, this is why I, and my father, and my grandfather were doing this without boredom.

We are sadists, We took pleasure in making Heretics beg, that is what we are.

“Uhuh, Well” Nigan finally stopped his laugh and swiped his nose before saying “Let’s see about you handle the cold”

The Man at his right pulled a knife from the sheath at his waist and using it to roughly tear my jacket’s right sleeve and fastening belt. The Sleeve then was ripped in half and in the end, it was carried by the cold wind.

“Damn you…”
“Oh ? Still speaking ? Hey ! Get it on”

At his command, The Man at his left do the same, my coat fell to the ground after the fastening belt were completely cut.

“Pitiful…” I snickered at their attempt to break me “Do you think I will break only with this low pressure ?”

I laughed loudly after saying that, although the cold was unbearable, only wearing a sleeveless shirt and jeans in the middle of winter proves too much for many, but my faith sustains me.

“Hmm, then” Nigan raised his hand and commanded “Tear off his shirt, and after that, let’s leave him to freeze to death here”

Again, by his command, The burly Man walks to my back and starts to rip my shirt. The sound of my shirt ripping open as well as the continuous whipping of the wind proves to be quite a pain.

I was staying strong and closed my eyes. My teeth are rattling on their own accord and I was thinking about how I should re-aspect my plan in my consciousness, but an unexpected event always thrills.

Suddenly, a loud shriek came from my back as a hurried footsteps ran away from me. If I to imagine it, He covered his eyes like he saw something undesireable by any living people,  but before He could run away from the village, the footsteps stopped with the other two’s voice

“Oi, What’s wrong ? Kule, talk to me”
“H-His back…”
“What is with his back ?”
“Don’t look at his back !”

The Man named Kule seems to be opening his eyes, and that from the smell to be bleeding. It looks like something familiar, a curse placed upon my family.

I laughed softly and speak with a voice full of contempt “Now, Are you people ready ?”

Their gazes are all turned to me as I keep speaking, I don’t know why, but I could feel Seethe, who has lost her function shook as I smiled eerily

“I am the one who has put a step in The Devil’s mire…”
“K-Kill him !”

As Nigan shouted his command with a voice full of terror, a spurt of blood could be heard from my topless body, my shirt was also already cut and fly for all I care.

Cursed Family

In the middle of newly risen sun, two people in black attire are enduring the cold snow while the warm sun rays could heal them. But, even without sun, their black attire are already absorbing enough light for themselves

“Ready ?” uttered the one with the traditional straw hat, He appears to have quite a solid build proved by the way he held a giant piece of wood in one hand and the entrance in the other

The other one nods, and without delay, the wooden entrance was rammed by the piece of wood that destroyed it

“Seokgulam Enforcement Unit ! Nobody move !”

Surprisingly, No people are there to answer his threat. After realizing that He shouted for nothing, He felt ashamed and turned down his hat to cover his face

“It’s okay, Nya. Everybody must have ever made a mistake”
“Ugh…alright, But what happened to James ? He was supposed to enter 2 hours ago”

He accepted the consolation while contemplating. The one he was talking about was James, an Adventurer guild member He met just a few months ago. He was offering himself, Na Rang Jie, one of The Officer of Seokgulam a favor that He will provide intel.

It all went smoothly, He thought. If He could gain an Adventurer Help, then why not ? And moreover, He thought that a newbie are replaceable in a pretext of obstruction.

“Okay, I will check the lower levels. Min, You check upstairs”
“Right, Nya”

After giving instruction and his colleague headed without delay, He entered the preparation room behind the counter. A Rancid smell rushes out once He opened the wooden door

“Ugh…” The hinges creak when He pulled the door open to make a small gap, thoughts are conflicting in his head, should He enter regardless of consequences or should he not and wait for reinforcements ?

After much contemplating, He finally decided

But, as if fate has spoken other way, a scream came from upstairs when He had grabbed the handle and ready to pull open the door in one go

“Min !” He unconsciously activated his ability and run upwards in high speed leaving the door just as it is. But strangely, a muffled stuttering voice has replaced the place as the scream couldn’t been heard again

The scene before him made him speechless, a young man in a black undershirt is already on top of his companion with bruises at his face, stuttering “H-H-He-“

“What the…” he blurted, Soo-min is already trying to push James off but he surprisingly doesn’t let go despite his desperate state while one of his fingers points into a room.

“L-Let go of me !”
“B-B-Baba yaga !”
“What the hell-, Whoa !”

Rang Jie jumped back in surprise just when his gaze entered the room, a fluorescent humanoid figure could be seen floating in the room, it’s face has shown it’s age with it’s wrinkles that made it look gentle

“Son…” It smiled, it’s gentle smile on the wrinkled face depicts a gentle old lady, contradictory to it’s state “I am grateful”

“Huh ?”

Unknown to them, a fire has been set in the basement of the house due to the use of “Pandemonium Gas” but In the mean time, a dangerous event has also taken place.

“Well” Silver muttered lightly and put the bucket he used on the counter “That is an interesting offer”

“Then, will you ? I think you are only in early 20’s, yes ?”
“Well, that is true”

He twirled the makeshift pen he made earlier, because it was made of paper, it was only crumpled but given enough time, it returned to it’s previous state

As for why They could still held conversation in leisure, it was because Silver’s room had been made with Sound-proof material, and because of his status, nobody would dare approach his house

“But” He stopped the twirling and crushed the pen once again “I would like to ask a few question”

Without even considering the consent of the other person, He continued “What kind of person do you think James was ?”

“Eh ? a Benevolent, Just, and-“

Andre’s shoulder twitched, twice. It was because of the sudden question of James’s disposition. Something that could get him executed if should He incite his displeasure, but Silver’s denial made him twitch all the same

“Well…” Andre drooped his head and said with gloomy tone “He is relentless, cruel, and I said, revel in a twisted kindness”
“Now that is correct”

A small smile could be seen breaking onto Silver’s face for a second before fading as He turns around to Andre, but once He shown his face again, a broad grin covered his face

“You know, He could tolerate kind lies, not flattery” Silver uttered those words without any trace of fear, despite The Hargreave family status as The Executioner and stated by Andre, Relentless, cruel and unyielding faith twisted beyond measure.

But still, Silver words hold true, Hargreave family loved kind lies. Because it was their nature.

House of Hargreave has always been the conservator and whose responsibility is to preserve The Order of The Gods and The Rulers will since antiquity, there was always at least one genius in the children of the family but they were cursed by The Chief God himself. They end up growing with the cursed words engraved on their bodies that are secretly used as safety measures as to not produce another “Fallen Hero”.

It was engraved within their backs, no matter what course of actions they take, no matter where they go, It shall always appear on the scions of The Hargreaves and they shall always preserve the dignity and prosperity of The Glorious name of The Chief God. that is why, The Order, The Lower-rank Spheres, and even The Church held them in high regards for generations.

It was not only because of respect, it was also because of fear.

The other reason is they always cleanse the filth that could sully The Glorious name, no matter how dirty they need to play their card to do so… But, naturally, In change for the loss of their freedom, They demand sacrifice of The Offenders that made The Title “Lord Executioners” etched to them for as long as Mankind stand.

“And, Because you have guts to say that. I accept”

With a loud voice, Silver declared that he accepted the offer and indirectly, accepts to endure the wrath if it ever comes to him, because he knows these dark secrets of the dark side of The Humanity Defenders, in risk of getting some financial source.

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