(I decided to keep writing...)

[Violence Alert]

A Cloudy day,I thought of myself of the mood of this morning.As blood dripped from my Claymore to my sleeves and a deteriorated rhythm of breathing people around me.

“Well ?” I softly whispers to the one I anchored my foot on,He begs me to spare his life as I keep anchoring my feet further into his abdomen. When did this starts you say ? Very well,I will tell you

A few weeks ago

Origin of the Terror

[Unknown time and place]

“….Damn…” I gasped for breath,as I slashed through the last other person than me in this place,a land of sword and heads with strong stench of blood.

For whatever reason,I’m sure my last memory was the last view of my Homecity,Blasted by those Monsters.It has been for about 18 hours here,I was awoken with an adult body and also for other reason,all these people were attacking me.

I kneeled as I gasped for more breath that is strange,for all gasps I made,none of them seemed to catch any air to restore my respiration system.

“Urgh…Wh-What the hell happened actually ? Didn’t this madness finally end !?” I stabbed my Claymore,the only sword I have talent in,to the ground to support my body.Without much Oxygen,I can’t maintain stability over my body and head under this strange,Fluorescent blue colored sky.

I coughed as I start experiencing symptoms of lack of Oxygen,My vision is going blurry in the same time I can’t use my head to think anything anymore that I need to use one of my arm to support as my body getting closer to the ground.

As my vision is blackening,thinking that this might be the end of my life.I laid myself to the ground and leaving my Claymore stabbed to the ground,but then one this single shining chalice appears in my vision.

“You pass” It said,It’s shine is dimly gray and for some reason,so Mysterious.

“Pass ?”

“Yes,you passed the trial,Child of earth”

After It finishes talking,The dim sky shatters.Leaving a dark and closed space as I gained my ability to breath properly,But with a group of hooded figures watching me in exchange.

“…What do you think of him ?” One of them starts a conversation,His voice is deep and shaking as what a skilled orator would sound like.

“He is excellent,His past is one of the destroyed light and his mentality is the final element ” the other replied,this one is  a bit feminine sounding.

What is this ? They all sound as if they were children fighting for a toy,and I admit it,I’m their toy.

They is still arguing,arguing for the right to “own” me.I’m still powerless,I can barely pulled myself up the ground while using the Claymore as pedestal to stand up.

“Oh ?”

“He is still able to get back up…”

“…What are you people !?” I huffed before shout to them,asking what they are,but they only chuckled.

“That is a secret,child” The feminine sounding replies to me,followed by the other one.

“But we can tell you one thing,This place is what you Younger Races called “Deep Layers” or “Abyssal Zone” “

Deep layers !?...If I remember correctly,according to the book of Poseidon,That layer is also functioning as the prison for Chaos demons,….doesn’t that mean…

“Correct” The chalice voice comes from behind me,as I shed cold sweat and feel that my nerves are clouded by fear.

“We are the leaders of The Demons….or you can call us The Dark Gods or Dark High Divinities”

“Wh-Our Father in Heaven….”

My eyes widens as the voice from behind told me that I was in presence of The leaders of the demons or “Dark Gods” they told me to call,I reflexively pray because of my fear but their laugh replaced their chuckles.

“It’s useless,The Light shall not reach here….”

“Especially from the one who replaced the old…”

“….What do you want from me..?”

I dumbly asked their intention of having me here that is answered by their frightening laugh.

“What do you think a Man in loss wants ?”

The chalice asked me a riddle in response of my question,a riddle of a Man in loss,due to his greed,He did everything he can,no matter good or not to gain his once-glory back.


The chalice chuckled,and the same time,I can feel a cold hand touches my shoulder.

“We want you to plunge the World into Darkness”

Undeniable Contract by Blood

My Cold sweat is literally a waterfall by now,even when I can’t see it,I’m sure my face is also blue with my teeth gritting against each other.

“W-Why should I accept that !?” I shouted with my trembling voice,among these laughter-filled place,Of course strange,but that shout alone break the laughter.

“Don’t you have a thing unsolved above ?”

“Yes,You did have a Grudge at your death.For that is the reason you were dragged here”


I was dumbfounded,a grudge they said ? If only I had a grudge my target would obviously monsters….

“Yes,In exchange of Your Service,We will give you a second chance”

“…And become even more powerful to slay even the most grotesque creatures.”

They quietly laughs,but I clenched my fist and also smirk

“No way,In God’s name,I would never bow myself to the ones such as you!”

In response of my pious decline of their offer,I also points the Claymore to my neck.But they only laugh quietly.

“Humans are so fragile,aren’t they ?”

“What of it ?”

“You thought of ending your life could lead you to Heaven,you call it ?”

What,Trying to shake off my faith ?

“You surely thought of us trying to shake your little faith away ?” The chalice spoke,with cold words unlike before,It seems these people are truly determined to it….

Suddenly my arm moves on it’s own,and pushes my neck to the Claymore,penentrating  my neck skin a little and causing a blood to gush out.

“….Shall we see if You would kill yourself for your so- called faith,Or your grudge so strong that you will deny it ?” The feminine-sounded one waves her hand,and as her finger moves slowly,my arm pushes the blade deeper into my neck.

“Quit it!”

My other arm jerks off and pushes the blade out the way of my neck,as other voice are heard.

“Stop,I will do it,Just….Let him live!”

A Young man voice is heard from this place,in fact,from my mouth.That voice itself flabbergasts the Dark gods that caused my arm to stop moving.

“Oh….There’s another one ? a Succubus ?”

“Not just that,He has a bit of Royal blood,although only a tinge of The Current Devicer.”

What now !? Dark Gods and a “Royal blooded” in this place !? I’m totally screwed!

“…Very Interesting…”

The chalice chuckled loudly,as It removes it’s hands from my shoulder.

“We Will grant you both the Second chance” It said,and suddenly I feel a heavy bleeding on my right eye that I cover it with my hands.The bleeding is so intense as if my eye was about to get plucked out!

As I rolls in pain,The Dark Gods voices said:

”You will come through the brightest and most tedious Journey”

“But,Do not forget the cruelness you have been made experience,Fuel your anger and gush forth!”

The moment they finish talking,I can feel my eye bursts from it’s socket as my consciousness went dark.

Apostle of the Dark Gods

I slowly opens my eye,My eye is still sore from that moment….From what I felt,The eye was practically exploded and I now have a new eye.

“Curses…” I stands up,My feet is wobbly as I moves around in search of the place I’m being in.

I aimlessly move around,more like an undead shambling instead of walking.From what I can see with my bloody eye,I can tell that I’m in some sort of Castle,but from this piercing smell of salt,could it be I’m in a castle at the coastline ?

I continues stumbling with my ran-out breath,as if I was being submerged until my awakening.and I accidentally passed a mirror.

The mirror reflects my own image,My blue eyes had changed into  Rubellite-red colored eyes of Dried blood,and I’m wearing a long Black coat with white trimmings and I also wear black fingerless gloves and a ring at my right ring finger.

“What is this…?” I speaks quietly,My appearance has changed over night.I could swear I was wearing a normal clothes until the moment before I went dark

“So,You awakened too ?”

A voice attracted my attention,As I see another figure standing behind me from the mirror .a Young man that is almost the same age as the current me,Wearing hooded White robe with Gold drawings on the sleeves and Bright Gold colored threads rounding the neck and also Velvet purple,almost like  Amethyst pair of eyes.

“Took you long enough man.”

“Excuse me ?”

His arms are covered in bandages,as He approaches and grabs my shoulder.

“Alright,I will tell you a name.Silver Rasch”

“Silver Rasch,is it ? My name is James Hargreave”

“Is that so ? Well,I suppose you will know who  I am soon enough”

Suddenly the castle shakes,as if It was a boat crashing at a Coral bed.

“Outside….” I immediately darted towards the exit,or Perhaps the opposite direction from which I came from.

The Castle’s corridors are shaking violently while I run to the exit that I reached out to the light I saw.

I finally ran over to the light and find myself that I was standing on top of a Sea,a Castle floating on the ocean to be precise and I am standing on the Terrace of a room.

“….a Monster…” I growled,My stomach suddenly gets hot as well as my head gets fueled by anger.For some reason,My ability to think is still here and my hand already grasped a Black Claymore adorned with skull motif.

“Wait right there”

A Bandaged arm grasped my head,His grip is quite strong too.

He casually drags my head and body back to the room,Obviously I had lashed out while at it.But I can’t do anything to make him budge since my anger is not directed at him.

“Simmer down,If you go and kill our horse we are definitely in deep trouble.”

“Horse ?”


The quake is still continuing as well as dusts come falling down from the celling.

“So,let’s discuss up.What kind of artifact did you get ?”

His emotions are not clouded by fear or nervousness,although we are now on a thin rope-walk here

“I don’t know,But if There’s something unnatural,It’s probably this ring here”

I lift my hand and show him my ring,It’s a Ring that it seems to be made of white metal perhaps a Platinum,with an Eerie gem that lets out an orange light,encased by a part that has carvings of 2 humans in agony.

“Hmm,Was it the one that summoned the Claymore back then ?”

I curled my left fist that was grasping a claymore but it was already gone

“Well then,Mine is this”

He shows me his ring in return,a Gold ring that has a Blue gem cut into a cube and placed at the center,It’s craving is one of the ancient paintings of Heavens.

“And ? What does it do ?”

“Same as you,But I still can’t comprehend it’s maximum capabilities”

“Is that it ?”

We continued to discuss and I can feel no hostility from this my new acquaintance,moreover I get a feeling that I had known him for a long time,but he doesn’t feel so overly familiar.

“So,I will ask again. What kind of creature we are riding on actually ?”

“Ah well,It’s a Hippocampi but with the Dark Gods Influ-augh!”

He screeched in Pain and fell to his knees as well as me,Because suddenly a Harsh headache surged into my head,I guess he is the same.

Have you awakened yet ?”

A Familiar and Cold voice echoes in my head,I was able to recognize this detestable voice,The Chalice.

“We should arrive at your landing point soon,Be ready.And I’m pleased to be working with you two”

“Wait,”Two” ?”

“Yes,I’m Rion.Third Daughter of Nyx and Erebus.I was Gifted the position of leading a downfall”

Downfall,So You mean “Plunging the world into Chaos” was literally your job,Unlike Ares or Eros who were a Sub-religion of Holy Chief Goddess.This “Rion” is practically the opposite.

“So,Well. You had been given the right to govern The Extinct,Use it wisely”

The Headache gradually becomes lighter,but the sharp pain seems won’t fade for quite some time

“Ow…That was literally a Mind pound”

Silver is holding his head and getting back to his feet,He also grinds his teeth in protest.But it all was in vain when a strong force shakes the room.

“Whoa ! Shit !”

The room is shaking and turning upside down,Luckily I was able to jump and uses the now horizontal wall as landing,But Silver hit his head,I guess He was strong,but not athletic.

“Dammit…I don’t have a concept for this !”

He grumbled,His forehead was bruised from the fall,By not having concept,Have he been blessed by worst power than I’ve ?

“Stand up,I guess We got a Wild Horse for our ride”

I offer my hand to help him up that He accepts while snickering

“You know what to do to Wild Horse,Right ?”

“Yeah,Instead of Eliminating this Huge horse…”

A Stone headed horse with long neck and fins on it’s neck turns to our direction while roaring


"Can't complain about it at all...."

With a Clanking Chains

I stretched my fingers,and as if this were as breathing,a Claymore spawned in my left hand.My right ring finger also shines eerily.

“Listen up,Don’t get bounded by normal means”

Silver is scratching his back of head,His left hand also glows of Purplish-blue color and His ring shines brilliantly.

“You don’t need to tell me that”

I jumped out of the window and lands at the garden below,This Hippocampi head is also spraying waterbursts at me,but this is no ordinary water.

I dodge one of them,That it was actually splitting stones and piercing woods.But while it was distracted to me,a Blue explosion of water is formed behind it’s head.

“Only this amount as starters ? Disappointing…”

Silver sighed on the balcony's window,His bandaged palm also emits smoke that seems to be a recoil of firing that bolt of water.

The Hippocampi reacted to that and roars,directing it’s practically water blade at Silver’s direction that crushes the Balcony, but Silver already landed on my side in the garden.

I darted forth to the exit of the garden,and also closing my distance with the base of the Hippocampi’s neck,trying to rip open the stone-skin,But I only see something more horrible.


I cannot contain my surprise,for I have seen something that is not supposed to be provoked.There is about hundreds,if not thousands,other heads submerged under the water,still not noticing my presence but it is already terrifying enough.

But it has not stopped me from burrowing my Claymore to the marbled skin,It roared again and try to crush me by using it jaws,eating a portion of the garden in the process.Luckily,I had already back-flipped back to Silver’s location that has taken cover not far behind me
“Man,This is bad…”
I skidded back behind a bush,Silver is also beside me,observing the head’s movement behind the dust cloud that it caused,after a while He finally turns to me.

“There’s a giant nest beneath us”

“And,Would they awake soon ?”

“Pretty much likely.”

“Oh man…”
He swears while pinning his glabella with 2 fingers,He gritted his teeth also.But that expression dissipated a second afterwards.

“I have an idea”


The Beast,The Hippocampi,Slightly snarling.It is still peering it’s surrounding like a Guard dog even it was supposedly created as a Horse of a Carriage.

It’s sharp array of teeth is still soaked in water that is definitely poisonous and eager to eliminate the ones that have been riding it without permission.And moreover,Stabbed a Great sword at the base of it’s neck.

It remembered,That it has been captured back in the day of Chaos.Being created as a Guardian and Vanguard of the seas to hold the Chaos back.It took the chance to remembering the past while in the dust cloud.

But it snorted almost instantenously,after detecting presence on both of it’s flank


“We will follow the Plan,Do you get it ?”

Silver instructed me through a telepathy that I complied,I move through the right-side of the supposed Hippocampi’s head,while scanning my surroundings and also careful not to wake up the others that are still submerged.

I crept around the right flank and occasionally hides behind whatever cover I could find.If I had to conceive a plan myself while also combating this kind of Gigantic creature,I would already be too self-absorbed to even response.

Ready ?”

Silver is still pondering to adjust the telepathy level back in the bushes,but I am sure because if he is not,There is no way to conduct a telepathy in this mess.So I have no other choice than to nod.

I dashes to the base of the neck from the right flank,flashing my brand-new claymore,I readied the adjustment of angle to do a maximum slashing damage.

A Cracking stone jaw came from above,The Gigantic horse knew !

I barely dodged that water stream that penetrated the ground up to 10 meters below,followed up by a few short bursts,I dodged all of them,but one of them pierced one of my sides,making a hole at them.

I coughed up a bit blood,but still manages to stand while holding my now hollow right side.The Hippocampi roared as a series of Dark blue spheres hit it’s head.

“Don’t just stand there ! Help me up !”

Silver shouted while having his right arm to produces the sphere to distract the horse that I had not wasted even one.I jumped over the make-shift stairs made of Claymores to thrust the neck and also produces the new ones when I land on the Claymore I stabbed before.

I leaped and leaped until I reached the base of it’s head where I delivered one final thrust with another Claymore.The Horse tries to violently shake me down,even in the midst of Sphere barrage from Silver,But a Stream of water takes him out from the sides,It was another head !

Silver hunched and coughed up blood,barely able to block the water with his seemingly protective magic,But the other head is already ready to send another stream that will surely take him out.

Actually,I do not mind sacrificing him to get further.But,he is not an ordinary grunt on the bulk of an army I would usually use.This thing frustrates me,Because I am not usually meeting with obstructions that will make me stressful.

I grind my teeth,thinking about what I can do.From this range,I can only seal that other head movement so….

Ah,yes.This one thing I know,Sandworm Hunter Tribe’s Raiders group that occasionally used chains to immobilize their prey,But That tribe were long lost and I don’t have a chain.

“Screw that ! Chain ! Whatever,Give me a Chain !” I yelled angrily in frustration while holding The Claymore so I won’t fall over.I can hear a clinging noise at my left arm,a three line of loose chains has already grasped my arm as their spool.

I threw the chain over the other head,It moved like a liquid and as the ring seemingly can generate a limitless amount of chains,I could bind the other head,but my arm that is holding the group of the chains is clenching and pulls the chains back by itself.

The chains is holding the other head by one at the eyelines,one other gagging the mouth and the other is acting like a rein.

“Good ! Make it burst water quickly !”

Silver panted,While readying his magic that is said to be able to send us off this place !

My left arm jerked the second chain that digs it’s way to the jaw while having the third one make it face the head I’m riding,and with a single pull by the eyelines,It bursts a spray of sharp water at the other head.

“Here it comes !”

“Yeah !”

I roar with the sudden anger from before that is triggered again by the frustration while ripping my claymore through The Horse’s face,making it roars in pain as Silver also levitates quickly to the mouth and casted a barrier at the front of it.

Not long after I finished ripping all the way into the mouth,a Sudden and Fierce Water stream comes from behind me and hits the barrier,The barrier is pushing us off !


Both of us shrieked as we are sent flying over the other side that is sea in high speed,But I can feel the burden on my left arm is gradually disappearing.When I glanced back however,The head that is binded by the chains is already getting cutted in half,and also by the chains,there’s engraved The Sandworm Hunting tribe,Saman Tribe’s crest at the end of each chain links before being retracted into the ring.

“The Power of Governing The Extinct,huh ?”

I thought to myself,As me and My supposedly albino new friend is starting our second chance,Thrown over the seas by a sea horse.

The Raise of a Servant

a Hot room,Raising flames,and Pitiful screams of the creatures here.I raise my Iron tool on a unfortunate prey before putting a boiling oil on him with a wicked smile.His screams haunted the room as I sadistically snickers....
“James ! 2 Roast Pork ! along with some extra onions !”

Yes,of course.I was working in a kitchen.After the rough landing of crashing on a few coral beds.I still managed to place my limbs together,My sides has been treated when I land on a beach by Silver.

I served 2 dishes of a Finely roasted Pork to the Tavern owner,Which He served them to the customers,While Silver is conversing with a group of customer in his counter,In fact as The Bartender.

“Well,Well. Owner,Is James going to stay here for a longer time ?”

The Owner laughs condescendingly about me,While also jokingly said : “He has beaten the Bandit that had been terrorizing us and taking our money and children.And He asked for a job,So I won’t kick him out unless he wants it himself !”

The Regular gulped his Roasted pork with a delighted face,Saying it delicious.I don't know I had such a cooking skill,maybe I could become a decent cook someday ?

“Silver is also quite popular with the ladies and the young girls with his good looks and personality.I wonder if They will even let him leave”
a Middle aged lady stole a glance at Silver’s counter,He mixes the cocktail skillfully for the waiting damsels sitting on the stools at the front of him,occasionally trying to flirt with him.All of this playful discrimination is making my tears flow from my heart.

And such,The day continues.I managed to piece together some piece of information.About a Prosperous Demon Realm has raised and is said to be fighting with a nearby Human city.And The Order has sent a crusade camp to Echizen region of Zipangu because of a rising Monster Infestation in Mino.

I sat on the grass outside of the Tavern,groaning because of the fatigue at my joints and eventually lie down on the grass while yawning heavily.

“Good job,again”
Silver comes into view while loosing his tie and sits next to me.His Shining purple eyes along with his Blue gem ring are taking attention of course,but He seemed to have dismissed them.

“Say again,Silver.What did you do to me after I stabbed you that time ?”

“Ah,It’s because you did something unnecessary,Using Umbra Assassin Technique on The people back then just after I got the book.”

“Yeah,I was pissed when you told me about how big of a monster this Tatsumi was.So I just abruptly filled with anger.”
“Well,After you stabbed me.I just used a concept “I have no Physical body” to enter your head to avoid my own demise”

I chuckled “You are a tricky one,aren’t you ?”

He smirks while saying “Well,We need to find another method to get to Mino.We can’t use The Water Sky drive again,It’s traumatic.”

“That’s true”

And then,We decided to get back to sleep at the upper floors,As today is in 1528,I’m already 28 years old before I knew it.

After a handful of sleep,That I had nothing to dream about.Since now I am focused to exterminate Tatsumi and the infestation in Mino and then gets back to My hometown ruins The Prosperous country of Mercuria.

I yawned a bit as I reach for my new clothes,a Set of black jacket over a black shirt and complete with the fitting black pants and boots.I wore my gloves in my sleep because of caution of thief taking interest for my ring.

“Alright,Time to work”

I swiped my hair back once I passed the mirror and heads downstairs,yawning slightly,The owner is still sleeping it seems.So I decided to do a menial task while thinking on what I should do for the future.

“As I said,If He doesn’t want to,I won’t let you take him !”
The Owner deep voice came from the other side of the door followed by a whine of a horse and creaking wooden wheels.

“Well then,How about I hire him from you ?”

I slithered to the wooden door of the tavern and eavesdropping on the owner,a sound of jingling coins comes into my ear,but followed by another series of clanking metal.

“I said no.”

“Very well,I will talk to him myself”

I deliberately opened the door while holding the mop,staring sharply at the bargainer that is an old man with a huge number of caravan at his disposal.

“Who is so noisy so early in the morning !? “

The sunrays penetrated my eyelids that I shadows them once I confirm the bargainer,but he holds my  hand that is shadowing my eyes,causing me to squint my eyes to minimize the sunrays.

“So,You are James Hargreave ?”

He greeted me with a business smile,But The Owner just takes his hand off mine

“Well,What is going on here owner ?”

“Well,James.Do you want a better job ?”

The Bargainer starts discussing about the main problem,hiring me into his caravan as what ? bodyguards ?

I nodded while the owner is crossing his arms,The bargainer said : “I need a few “Washing boy” in my Caravan,I will pay you 200 gold coins once I arrive at my destination”

My eyes widens in response but The Owner contradicts that with “You mean you are going into That Warzone only to pay him 200 gold ?”

They continue bargaining for the right of me as I am dumbstruck,Why am I getting bargained on ?

“Owner,What is it in the morning ?” Silver came out of his room in the first floor wearing a set of White shirt under a black vest and a red tie,complete with a dark black pants and shoes.While yawning occasionally He rubs his still-sleepy eyes.

After The owner explained what it is,Silver nodded and coughes a bit
“James,We are following the old guy as Washing-boys”

“Ha ?”

I dropped my jaw,for a long bargaining to end within a split second.

Too Heavy of a Punishment

I grimaced while occasionally swayed around by the carriage movement,While Silver is cheerfully smiling beside me.After that graceless departure with The Owner and The Village,I and My Counterpart are already riding in this Caravan for around 4 days.

"I dare you to say what you said that day again,Silver"

I stared at him wtih a cycnical gaze,While My mouth crooked in the menacing way.

Silver,seems not intimidated in the slightest,turns around to me and cheerfully said "I said "Let's follow that old guy as Washing boys,Do you have anything against that ?"

"Well,yes.I do"

I almost pulled his collar and growled at his face,I'm not interested as being a Fodder.And because of Him I've to work myself day and night to pay up the expenses !

The Carriage stopped abruptly,Good thing I didn't have my Claymore on hand yet.and in the same abrupt manner,a Muscular man with scars and egg-shaped head comes through the cloth entrance to the carriage.

"Oi,Ya two pretty boys ! It's da time fo' ya two's shift,So get ta work !"

He pulled and throw both of us out of the carriage and then went to The Merchant's place.This damned Slave driver.He even placed the camping spot in a Outskirts of a deeply dense forest !

I gnashed and get to the washing point at once,Carrying a big wodden bucket full of clothes of the whole Caravan's passenger,I get to a small stream nearby.Rolled my sleeves and brushing one set of clothes after another,While Silver is "entertaining" or something,Probably Liquor or do the cooking.

"Ugh...Menial Labor,Menial labor.Although Cooking and also washing dirty dishes also counts but this is....Achoo !"

I sneezed while in the middle of sputtering,a Cheerful laugh comes from The Caravan.Those guys have it nice,Good bed,Good food and maybe liquor while around bonfire while I have to sleep on a wooden plank as a temporary passenger.

After a while of washing and braced by Cold Night wind,I shivered and holds myself.Seems The party also ended just recently,As many of the passengers passed out while holding a bottle of liquor each....ugh,If only This was a City,They will probably had been all arrested for commiting an act of Debauchery.

Huffing a sigh,I took a piece of cloth and heads to a Dark corner of the Caravan.Placing a wooden plank as a pedestal to lie down upon,and the cloth to cover myself and lean my head to the hard wooden wheel.I forced myself to sleep.

After a minute of closing my eyes,a Fragrant smell tickled my nose,Perhaps a Lily scent.But I ignored it and rolls sideways while snorting.

"Mm ? What is this soft feeling ?"

I thought in my sleep as my head squirms for a bit,and again,The scent tickled my nose but stronger.I squirmed again,But in the end it was literally poking my nostrils.

I slowly opens my eyes,and a motherly figure comes into my view as well as a Meadow full of Lily in the background.a White haired and a pretty lady with big red eyes are gently looking at my face....and moreover She is quite big at some areas....

"My,Are you waking up already ?"

She gently address me,I was too mesmerized to react,But in stuttering voice,I opened my mouth and said :"U-Um,Eh....It is quite a good weather today ?"

"Yes,it is."

I sighed in my head,I am always going nervous,especially this lady is making me remember of my mother.

"Well,Miss.What is this place ?"

"This is your dream, were sleeping cutely just now"

After she said that,I noticed that I was sleeping on her lap,couldn't hold my embarassment,I surged awake and headbutted Someone's chin with my forehead.

"....What the fuck,Man !?"

Silver rubbed his reddish chin,So The one who let me sleep on a lap was you !?

Before I could almost beat him senseless,a Quiet scream came from The Group.I spawned a Claymore to my hand and ran to the source


So that was how it ended like this,After eliminating bandits for all the night.It became morning without my noticing.

"Listen up,You sorry shits."

I closed the distance between my face and one of The surviving bandits,Silver is tying the rest in the background.While I interrogate this one I had my foot anchored,He shrieks while having mucus flowing from his nose

"You have commited 27 Murder,1 Traumatic victim,and Quite an amount of Plundering....Your Punishment is..."

I inhaled a deep breath and shriek "DEATH SENTENCE !!" to his ears

"Well,isn't that a bit too cruel ?"

Silver is dragging quite an amount,5 with no injuries or traumas but unconscious,While mine is this squirming one guy.

Silver scratched his head in response of me shaking my head,but his brilliant head must have conceived another plan,As The Caravan is as good as dead.

"Let's use these guys as our boat !"

I smirked after a while after hearing that,then I proceed to drag my down to the stream,That is to be expected,it lead to a sea with our fast walking pace.As we reached that tavern in the same day as We were thrown over.

I tied The Bandit down with a rope and cloth as a makeshift rein,while Silver is making a raft out of his survivors.Landing my feet on The Bandit's back and with a Devil-kind smile,I whispered

"Ready ?"

Among the muffled plea,My intention can't be revoked anymore.So I kicked The bandit with just barely a force to break his spinal column but enough to all the way to Mino,and surfed all the way to the ocean....Straight to the enemy lines....

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