In the City of Kyoto,That was barely affected by the ominous Mino-effect,is in full guard.City guards that composed of Powerful Humans and their Warrior wives are patrolling the city walls,Even aware for the next attacks.

Even though it is in high alert state and quite a panic ensued,The Water God shrine still stands quietly with a Shirohebi sweeping the courtyard.

“I am off”
a young Ryu opened the slide- door,wearing a set of Magical bracelet that are embedded with Mana stones.She casually slithers from the entrance through the courtyard.

“Miss Izuna,Would you go find Sir Tatsumi again ?”
The Shirohebi addressed her,but Izuna,The one that was addressed only glanced back with Sad eyes,Her beautiful face is clouded by gloominess

“Yes,I am.Reiko,I failed in guiding him as The Older sibling,although He was an Adopted child,He is still my little brother”

“You didn’t even call me “Big Sister” anymore since you came back.”
Disregarding the reply made by Reiko.Izuna took flight and dances through the skies to Omi,Where a Division of Mamono soldiers are waiting for her near the great lake in the region.

“We are going to get the King back,No matter what”
She said while looking down after she landed,That started the marching without delay to Mino

Unmatched Cruelty

I clenched the cloth tightly,While I splash from one wave to another.Riding my makeshift Boat made of Humans,I occasionally kick him in the bottom to add the force.Latchingforward on the water surface like a Peeble on a Skipping stone game.

“UARRRGGHH !!” The Bandit screamed with my cloths gagging him,but by opening his jaw enough,He is able to let out his internal fear into sound

“Shut it,Lowlife.”
I growled at him with contempt before I kick him further,causing him to screech again as I can hear a crack from his pelvis bone.

I continue to chuckle lightly as I comes closer to my destination,By the reflection of sea water,an Ominous aura covered my face while I steer My boat around to avoid tidal waves and Coral reefs,is this what an Executioner would feel when they executed a Sympathizer ? Because I’m feeling anger as for now.

I laughed loudly as I deliver a Final kick to The Bandit’s Pelvis bone,Causing a crunching sound to come off whilst a Shriek occurred.

“What an Atrocity” Rion giggled after witnessing that I pull the cloth to the point of shredding The Bandit’s cheeks to control and silence him at the same time.

With a wide grin on my face at the outside,I responded “Atrocity ? These guys are guilty,So these guys are disposable,right ?”

She only giggles a bit louder and said “Unmatched Cruelty,Unclouded by Remorse or Reason.I see you are suited nicely with your purpose.Those that is partnering with you are also Unmatched in terms of Creativity”

In the distance,a Makeshift raft made of Humans that are constantly swimming to stay afloat is moving at high speed,With a white-robed figure on them that is chanting a Spell that sounds like a Motivation.

“You were right…”  I said while sighing,He is really “creative” I admit.

I jerked the reins while the speed is slowing down to avoid a Sharp series of Coral.But a Dark hole just abruptly appeared in the air.

“What the hell ?” I was unnerved when a Sharp scent tickled my nose and almost blinds me silly to enter it.But I shook my head to restrain myself.

“Pandemonium Portal….Never thought I would see one” I muttered with a slight unease,Some wet noises and moans comes from the other side,that added more unease to the one that is already present.

Well,This is rare.For Some of The Fallen Angels to leave a Portal right here” Rion sniffled,Her voice also frantically becomes serious.

She sighed and said “You haven’t been prepared for this yet,I will weaken the portal because I am too no match against The Fallen God as I am now.

A Sudden Headache surged inside my head while also taking control of My gaze,Directing it to see straight into the portal that I don’t want to.Because it will cause a Misery for me !

My head was forced to stare into that spinning black whirlpool in the air,I was almost entering the state of distraught because My right eye is feeling piercing pain that makes my facial muscles to control the eyelid twitches but can’t close it.

I ground my teeth while the pain continues that almost made me let loose of the grip,This Bandit won’t last much longer also.So I bore with it as The Portal starts to distort and recede slightly.

I let go of the reins and steps  on The head,before delivering a Powerful kick to the head as a Platform to launch myself over The Dark Whirlpool and somersaulting over it.

I sighed a relief because of the pain is away for now,but my relief was short-lived.

The moment I sank my tip toe to the surface,intending to swim the rest of the ways,I can feel something  draining my energy dry instantly as My body is further sinking into the depths.

In the depths of the water,I can see a Group of a sea creatures.a Giant squid and various other sea monstrosities covered by a dark mist in the murky water while I can’t breath and too exhausted.

“Seriously,Man. Do you even care about yourself ?” My body is pulled upwards out of the water,floating in the air as Silver mumbles while crossing his arms on his raft.

“Thanks,My Good Buddy”

I am slowly being levitated onto the raft,wiggling my head a bit to dry my head.It caused Silver to cover himself with his arms from the sprayed water.

“….Man,You really ….Nevermind” Silver grumbled and set his sight to the Sea-body ahead,There is a silhouette there !

“Well,We gotta be quick” I said while summoning a wooden paddle,This pile of swimming fishes seems already exhausted that indicated by the slow speed of their swimming.

“Ah ! Wait,Don’t ! “

I didn’t heed Silver’s prevention before I slam the paddle to the water and gets us to the island in high speed and ferocious waves of splashing water.

Hell-o,Y-look F-miliar,


Izuna is sitting on a rock with a Succubus with burning red hair and wearing a set of leather armor and a pouch attached to the belt area of the armor.Checking reports and also conceiving plans.

“Ma’am,It has been 12 years since Captain’s disappearance.Are you sure He will be there ?”

Izuna glanced in reaction to Agni’s questioning statement but She sighed.

“If He isn’t there,I will commit Seppuku”

Agni cringed in response,before excusing herself to continue the march.They were sure this will be a Tedious part to play,But must be done

“Damn you and Your brute strength….”

Silver pulled himself out of the water,His robe and head are soaked with all the water,His gem-like eyes are staring at James scornfully while having his hand cover the book in his robe to minimize the soaking water into the pages.

“At least we are here”

James smiled reluctantly to his Partner’s complain.Laughing dryly,He pointed to the dubious fact that they are on a Coast in Echizen.

With wet clothes and mouths full of salty after-taste,They treaded the sandy coast they were going to.

“Ugh…It is already afternoon,and as The Morning bath,I had to splash myself into water full of salt ? Preposterous”

Silver nagged while walking on the desolated area,tumbling upon a rock occasionally.While James is standing tall and walking effortlessly.

They strode over the terrain,The Quite unforgiving sun has already dried their clothes that leaves them with an itchy feeling on their bodies.

They reached a forest,James is leading the way trying to ignore his urge to scratch the back of his neck,While Silver is already doing it.

“Going turn,and Going left.The Order’s camp is on the turf,But I doubt They haven’t left yet”

Silver,being a bit of a trickster himself,Tried to bright the choking mood away while trying to shake the disturbing salt remains on his robe’s hood.

But,James doesn’t affected.His quite friendly face is now totally Solemn and determined.

His eyes’s pupils twitched as quickly as his well coordinated arm caught something,a Tendril with a bit of a poison on it

“What the actual….”

My safeguard made of fingers stopped something, After peered on it after a while,It looks like a Tendril with a Green liquid oozing from it.

“…Oomukade’s Poison,You got lucky…”
Silver quickly glided his palm through my hand surface and take the tendril away and dispose of it.

I darted my sight to the direction it came from,Summoning a Claymore while doing so into my grasp,I could hear a heavy hacking and slashing sound,also a streaming noise comes from the far-side of the forest

“Oh,I will be damned.James,I just mapped the area ahead with a Surveillance Onslaught is happening,50 meters”

“Alright,The enemy ?”

“Giant Centipedes.”

My face turns blue when I heard that,glancing back to Silver,I couldn’t see an expression of lying on his face.So I gulped my saliva and runs through the grooves of trees.

Flashing through a series of bushes,The Black Figure armed with a Large Black Claymore moves side to side in a Zig-zag pattern.Noticing the thick smell of blood and unique insect carapace’s scent.He dodged a series of well placed shots of poison.

“Oh,My Goodness.Not a Giant thing again,even worse,a bug…”

He groaned after stating his complain,Jumping to a tree branch.He took hold of the branch with his other palm and swing forward,landing on a glade with many melted corpses littered around.


He landed in a midst of Giant Centipedes,almost like He landed on a Death trap,His face turned green seeing about how many of the legs that has been cut and oozing a sickly green liquid.

He then swipes his sickly face down by throwing up a moderate amount of barf that rallied the attention of The Insects,That immediately tried to crush him using a stream of poison from their mouths.

Before the poison waterfall could have melted him,James planted his Claymore on the ground and jump while summoning a series of throwing knives.

Squinting his eyes,He threw a handful of knives to a Centipede while rolling in the air to dodge the one that tried to bite him using it’s mandible,He then summoned a Broadsword to stab and slice it’s trunk downwards.

It was a horrible experience for him however,because of his insufficient knives,He was forced to bite and smack his way through several legs while heading down and under poisonous clouds that melted his current surface to step his feet.

“Murphy’s law….Pfft”

He spits to the ground,while still dodging gracefully.But a sudden burst of green blood enveloped him.


I shrieked as the liquid covered my body.Painted my garments green.God,This is going to take a FAIRLY long time to wash !

Dumbstruck,I almost forgot that I am currently in a battle,hearing a heavy skittering sound,I was dodging a mandible that is targeted at me by jumping,grabbed 4 knives that has attached themselves to the head and retracts them in the process,then throw them again as the other mandible comes.

Stepping into a State of Extinct Dark Tree technique,I connected my finger to the knives and pull it forcefully across the mandible,slicing it be honest,This kind of technique bothers me,because I still can feel my fingers stretches though it is only the shadow,well,my fingers literally disappeared to grab the knives actually.

The Centipede screech of pain were followed by a swift wind,and a second after, it’s head comes falling down.

Looking back,I saw around 5 carcass of slain Centipedes,all having either their antennae cut off or their head decapitated.

I whistle in amazement ,to handle these group in almost in no time. Pretty good,although I’m also still lacking, I can tell this is not the farthest this can go.

“Are you okay ?”

I turn my head back in response,and there a pink haired figure stood before me.She wears a set Light armor with chain leggings and boots with The Order sigil on them while having a pair of a moderately decorated large Scimitar glowing with Bluish-green color and a short sword decorated with rising feather guard sheathed at her waist,both swords houses The Order’s mark at their handle,but the scimitar houses one other crest.

Wiping my green liquid enveloped face with my sleeves, I was obviously adding salt to the sea. Causing my face to become more green.

“Hey ? Hello ?”

She waves her hand at the front of my face while looking curiously with her orange eyes that matches her short hair that has two bangs at the sides of her face while a strand hangs at the center


I raised my hand abruptly in response,the liquid on my face drips a little to the ground…well,in fact,most of it was into my mouth that makes my interlocutor cringe in disgust.

“Here,you can use this”

She reaches into her armor and pulled out a Black handkerchief,She then gives it to me.


I took her offer and wiped my face with the handkerchief, While I am in the middle of cleaning my face,I saw a crest of a grave and a cross framed with cloaks in the handkerchief.

Keeping my mouth silent, I gave the handkerchief back to her and She stared at me a second afterwards.

“Okay…Are you a local ?”

She stared at my red eyes with a Inquiring gaze,but I can’t be fazed with this kind of things.

“No,I am not.I will be explicit, I came here to end the terror of Mino”

Her eyes widens as she sniffles, with a condescendingly tone, She said : “You made it sound easy…”

“If it has a possibility of success,Then it could be a success”
I shrugged at her in response, She then sighs after looking at me for a while

“Fine then,Could always use a Helping hand”

She turns to the other direction and gives a gesture with her fingers for me to follow.

“He doesn’t reek of Demonic Energy,Yet…Why did I feel I have met him before ?”

Striding over the field of corpses,The Young woman steps forward, followed by a Figure wearing a Black jacket stained by a Green liquid, They entered another grooves of trees at the opposite direction.

“So,Where are you from ?”

Slashing over a bunch of large leaves and branches with her scimitar, She starts to converse with the other person while leading the way.

Treading over the grassy terrain,The other person also looks forward while occasionally spitting, wiping the saliva that clung to the side of his mouth he said : “From Mercuria , in The Border of a Demon Realm and also near the coastline”

“Mercuria ? I haven’t heard the news of that place in the longest of time”

She chuckled over his statement of his birthplace, while climbing over a large boulder that blocks the way.

“Oh ? Do you come from there as well ?”

“Well,to be honest.I was sold as a slave there once”

James’s eyes widen in surprise, in a low tone , He apologized to her but She only laughed

“Doesn’t matter anyways, a Past is a past. And Moreover I didn’t live a miserable life you might be thinking”

“Well,May I ask for your name then ?”

With a light giggle,James asked for her name. The young woman glances to him after She drops down to the other side of the boulder

“Myra H. Randall .”

“Oh ? What does that H means ? I am James Hargreave by the way.”

Myra stopped her steps, glaring sharply at James, She angrily said : “Please,If you want to joke around , Do that to someone else other than me”

“I am not joking around”
jumping down the boulder,James was unfazed by the glare , but his confidence was met by a swirling wind around his body

Suddenly,a Crack appeared at the boulder behind him , perfectly cut into the outlines of his , Myra is holding her scimitar, sheathing it back.

“Don’t ever do that again,I still haven’t recognized you as a Normal human yet,at least until We meet The Inquisitor.”

She cut a large tree behind her as She gives the last warning, and a group of tent comes in sight.

“….What a hot blooded woman…”

I gulped a bit while having my muscles stiffen for a second. Seriously,those strike was so fast I didn’t even see it coming.

My feet was shaking, but after I bellowing a sigh, I could move again. But a familiar voice resonates in my head

“Hey,Did everything goes fine ?”

“Did you chicken out ?”

I sniffled in my mind while my legs are following Myra , Silver replied with a simple “Meh” but He continues to finish his sentence.

“Well,I suppose I can’t get caught. So,please excuse me.”

“Caught ? You mean by Myra ?”

“Yep, I suppose She could detect Demonic Energy and seems to be quite impulsive,So I decided to hide”

Staring in disbelief , I couldn’t even react to comment on that, This guy is being too stereotypical.

“Well,What are you doing right now ?”

With an embarrassed tone, He said “Well…I’m sorta blinking around your area,Then I got caught by a group of Women-only army…”

“What the actual hell is going on around you ?”

“….I will meet you at the other side,Take care,See ya,and try to not die”

He cut off the connection after saying that , My shoulders shake while I gnashed my teeth and moves forward to the tent.


The Black Heart

“Well,what could you have been doing in this Red area ?”

A Dullahan, bearing the crest of The Royal Demon Realm Army, stood before a tied man on chair. The man is squirming in effort to loose the ropes, but in vain.

Sighing in fatigue,The man finally breaks down, ironically quite easily.He said : “Okay,okay. I’m Silver Rasch, and I’m just a Companion of my comrade.”

“a Companion ?”

A Ryu enters the tent that is used for interrogation , Holding a bloodied book that seemed to age more than a decade.

Silver gasped in response , while his eyes are staring left and right , searching for a factor to escape. The Ryu is approaching him while The Dullahan step aside.

“You wouldn’t be knowing of my little brother,Would you ?”

Staring at him with a pair of Golden eyes ,  She speaks with a low but intimidating tone while Silver is sweating cold sweat.

“…Um,eh. Well,I know him. And He seemed to have raised quite an amount of Disciplined warriors in this…division.”

Silver’s tone is frantic as he tries to set the topic sideways , but The Ryu is not convinced enough to let the topic slide.

“I will choke you to death if you lay hands on him.”

She lets out a bloodlust, so intense that caused a group of Salamander guards outside the tent to draw their weapons.

“Lady Izuna,Calm down,it will be a waste to do something that has no merit”

The Dullahan,barely could maintain her composure, calmed Izuna down by a mean that was almost subduing her.

Izuna herself, burning with a Killing intent that could bring an Epidemic, huffed heavily as She gained control over her breathing that suppresses her bloodlust.

“Well,We could settle this tomorrow, The night is falling soon”

Slithering through the exit, Izuna is breathing heavily. Almost lost control over herself that caused Thunderclouds to gather at her location. Should She lost control, it will definitely be a thunderstorm in the vicinity for the rest of the day until morning.

“Damn it, So Troublesome ,  I don’t even have control over this level of Soldiers !”

Silver mumbled in his breath as his mouth and eyes gagged for the night.Meanwhile,James is….

It has been around 3 hours since I arrived in this camp. Being told to wait outside of a big tent that I instantly complied until now.

“….The fighting force is around 2500 men, but judging from the amount of weapons and spare tents , there should have been around 10000.”

Analyzing the force I had sided on, I concluded that this camp is suffering severe losses. Either because most were conscripted or something unexpected took the ¾ amount of the fighting force.

There is a commotion from the tent, according to the words, There have been a loss again at the north part of this region.

I pieced information a little by little. There had been in a loss of a Hero named Gordon already. Along with some platoons in the central of this pandemic. The Inazuma mountain.

Couldn’t bear with staying idle any longer, I wandered over the camp. Searching for any piece of information I could find, To be honest,I couldn’t put myself together with these guys.

The Soldiers are all depressed and seemingly terrified for the ones in the lower ranks. Their Morale is almost breaking, No wonder there was a massive casualties.

Striding over the green field. I checked over the tents. Armory, Mess hall, beds, et cetera. I still can’t find something useful more than a bottle of booze. At least booze can lift fighting spirit a little.

“The casualties is Stormy. I wonder how they would continue without having their hearts eaten…”

I sighed when I think about how these bulk would survive. While I was in my thought, I stumbled upon a tent that I should have checked last.

Swiping through the curtains at the entrance, I stumbled upon a girl with light blond hair and pointy ears wearing beret and light fabric armor sitting on a chair with a Crystal at the front of her. Seemingly gathering information using some sort of spell.

“Can’t have to disturb right now , I guess I will wait until She is done”

I quietly hold my voice and watched. She has been closing her eyes in order to focus this entire time, Must be hard…I have seen the magician court performing a research and all their efforts took a mind-blowingly long time.

After a choking minute of silent wait, She finally opens her eyes. A Silver eyes with Green attire. Good Combination.

“Ah,Hello ?”

I address her quite abruptly, But She just swiped the sweat she has shed. She then continues to look into the Crystal.

“Hey ?”

Putting my stained gloves onto her shoulder, With a startled response, She said : “Waah, I’m sorry, I messed up ! Please have mercy on me !”

She jumped off her chair and suddenly kneels to me, I was of course stupefied, so “Just for fun” I lands my boot’s sole on her head with only the beret to cover her head from my soles.

“Well,well. You just messed up and we had lost quite amount of soldiers.”

I crossed my arms while lightly grinds my boots on her head with an intimidating voice.

With a whimpering voice, caused by fear, She replied: “Y-yes. That was mostly my fault, I had not predicted the movement of The Centipedes at the border and haven’t thought that they would have an intelligence to break through our flanks!”

….So those Centipedes have brains too, But according to the reports I heard as a kid. Most Insect type monsters are simple-minded. In case of 99 out of 100, They will always break through our defense up front using brute force.

I sighed as I lift my boots from her head.

“Well,You can get up now. Don’t worry,I just changed my boots earlier”

She lifted her head that shows her pretty face with tears.

“Anyways,That is quite unusual. Oomukades attacking from the sides while a Higher-ranking monsters attacking from the front.That’s crazy”

I prop my chin with two fingers. Thinking about what kind of tactics would be effective on these smart monsters. But my concentration broke by a loud yell from the entrance

“Oi, New guy ! Are you here !?”

A Familiar sound comes from the entrance as Her pink hair flutters, Myra is searching for me while angrily checking the tents one by one.

“Goodness, Do you need me so much that you  need to yell at everyone here ?”

Not affected by my joking answer, She pulled my collar out of the tent after glancing to the ones with tears.

“I should have knocked you out and put you strapped on a interrogation chair from the start”

She angrily threat me with that, While I’m still cupping my chin and think. Then,I get dragged to the big tent and thrown inside.

“Gah…How rude…”
I stood and wipes my hair off the dirt after getting thrown on the sides, What appears at the front of my eyes are tables full of maps with many circles and crosses. And a guy with medium beard and sideburns is thinking seriously.

“Sir ?” I rebuked, Interrupting his concentration while surveying the maps as well.

“Yes ?”

“I think I want to give you an opinion or two about this plans of yours…”

Disregarding the virtue of Prudence, I brazenly asked The Inquisitor to listen to my demands. Although he is an Inquisitor, He is quite foolish in his plans. In Chief Goddess name, Whatever I would do, I would always straighten an incompetent old guy…. 

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