Synchronized minds

[Silver Point of View]

“And There He goes, Mucking all the way up to a hard head”

I sighed under my breath. Under this moonlight and small dark tent. For some reason, I had been gagged and tied for almost 4 hours and for other reasons, No Energy-Absorbing cuffs, yet.

“Rion, What were you saying about my Reign ?”

“ You had no reign, Devicer. If it is you, You should create yours and yours alone”

I lifted my head upwards, staring blankly at the new moon shadows that is faintly visible from the Tent’s fabric. Actually, I had no idea that someone would have wielded the power to change all these back into the days of Black Friday.

I squinted my eyes and turns around, looking for another vector to escape from here, Alas, This tent is left with nothing but grass that has been partially cleared out and chair I had been sitting on .

With a faint groan, I said : “Creating Concepts is hard huh… “ but it was muffled and turned into a mere sigh.

A Crackling noise of burnt firewood, along with some discussion over what Husbands They were leaving behind. True, I said. These were back into old days. Where Food Chain of Predator reign supreme, or at least just in this mountain .

I closed my eyes as I ceased my efforts to try to loose the ropes by fidgeting. Thinking about what concept I should use and create for these situations.

Gravity, Metallic nature, Even Decay. I had all these as a Foundation but considering about how Humans are quite civilized as for now, I can’t do much as to create a Siege Engine from mere blades of Grass, I have to think like a Madman though.

An Image starts to take a shape under my consciousness. A 88 tunes Musical Instrument that has an ability to give Commands from the rear back and also to soothe my own hobby.

I continued to express my desire to play my own imaginative instrument, Although complicated beyond measure, it will produce a Subtle chain of hymns once the player can master it.

As I was imagining it, a Tune hummed from the world beyond my eye lids, Opening my eyes, a Ghastly set of board with keys floats at the front of me.

“Well, This sure is Helpful.” I said, Staring at the faint blue glow that comes from my ring finger of my tied wrist behind the chair. With a Flick of my mind, an Invisible finger pushes the keys and makes a noise for me.

“Letter Bee Hive”

I closed my eyes after I decided on my first script. Turning my focus on my image playing the Instrument, When I imagine myself push the keys, it sounds with a light tune.

The tunes make up a harmony, so Subtle that I nod my head up and down even though I am the only one playing it. In The Darkness of my own self, These Tunes chime deep into my own head.

“ What a Nice sound”

A Small clapping noise intertwines with The Harmony, causing myself to slowly open my eyes and narrows it to a person who disturbed such sweet chain of sound.

Well well, What could make a High Ranking Person such as you visits a Prisoner at this late of a night

A Red eyed person with white hair, wearing a robe and also a white slim tail that stands out from her robe.

She lightly treads over the light green carpet while carrying a tray She had put down earlier, peering over my tied body, She said : “you should have reached your limit as for now, haven’t you ?”

She puts down the tray on the ground at the front of me, a Porridge with a bit of vegetables and a glass of water and releasing my gag.

“ Enough with the Pretext of delivering food, What do you want from me ?” I bluffed, staring intently into the hot bowl of porridge that is still letting out steam.

“As expected, You were catching up quickly” She said, She grins as She approaches me from the sides and tilts her head to the front of my face and gently touching the ghastly board.

“ And Why are you, a High person on the Hill, Go to this warzone ?”


[Echizen Emergency Camp, 2:00 AM]

It was a terrible racket, caused for a mere pointing mistakes. As I expected, These Commander remnants are all incompetent. For getting all fit over a single enlightenment of survival.
“This is Hopeless” I grumbled, Holding an Axe and Great Skinning Knife in my hands, I was skinning a segment of a Dead Centipede.
These carapaces are considerably hard, along with an unbelievably bad stench. I had to stick my nose with a Cinnamon Tree bark to reduce the stench before I could be knocked out, Good thing I found a Spice before working on a Slaughterhouse.
I sneezed when a sudden gust passed by, These Spring gusts sure were cold. Combined by The Pale New moon’s light. I would definitely take a Plate of Bitter cookies with a Porridge.
My ear wiggles a bit as I caught a rustling sound nearby. Putting down my axe near a skinned corpse and 2 jugs full of Practically People-Repellant liquid. I moved from the log I had sat on.
Hefting The Great knife, I cut a portion of soggy Insect’s meat and drags it to the source of the sound, to the dark groves of trees.
“ Is someone there ?” called a little but familiar voice, in this dead of a night, someone had actually dared to get out of the camp.
But actually, Centipedes and Spiders are mostly Nocturnal creatures, So it is dangerous to move around at night, But I finished quite an amount of Safety measures safely. My suggestion is: Their Leaders are no joke, Having an ability to think and all, By not attacking at night after an assault of the day, The other forces morale will drop from the distress of night raid, along with sleep deprivation. Then it will commence an assault at dawn again.
I bit my lips and thought: “ 2500 people, Mostly are usable as Sacrificial pawns at the most. So, I will be practically going on a Gale”
Dragging a large, soggy and stinky piece of meat, I heard a fidgeting sounds at the nearby bushes. Heaving a sigh comes from my mouth as I decided to hang the meat here by piercing it with the knife to a tree.
“There Goes” I gulped a bit of saliva before I hugged the meat to conceal my scent by having smeared the liquid all over my body.
I frowned and elbowed the meat sideways, causing it to flail while I went prone and crept soundlessly into the dark not far from the meat.
Suddenly, My mouth produces a Buzzing sound as I opened my mouth to breath that also makes a way for a tiny yellow-black creature to fly out of my opened jaws.
It was a tiny bee, about a size of a fly, with large red eyes and 3 sharp mandibles that I felt I had seen in a book I once snuck out to read.
“…A Letter bee…What could one be doing here…”  I whispered in quiet surprise, it lands on my nose as I do so. For a Magically bred creature to spawn from my mouth, someone had done what they shouldn’t have…
It buzzes and digs itself through my nose, causing a spurt of blood to fly off as it burrows it’s way into my sinus.
I wiped the blood away while ignoring the bee as I only feel a tingle. The Evil Gods were true to their words, I could slay even the giant creatures although I only started sword training at an age of two.
After a while of laying low, a Slim silhouette  comes from the bushes and a second later, a silver-eyed figure wearing green fabric clothes with red shoulder guard and scarf comes into view, it was The Intelligence Agency Elf.
She approached the carcass I hung with a stupefied look, while I silently sneak to her blind spot.
While She is still in her mind, I stood without making a sound. I read about this once, Dwarves and Elves are having a higher sense of detection than humans although their feud is still not ending to this day.
I whispered in quiet tone while putting my hand that is not soaked in the green blood to cover her mouth “Sssh…, I don’t want any commotion…”
She was startled and squirms when I grappled and muffled her, not before long, She started to elbow my stomach. Her strength is surprisingly strong !
“Ugh ! Hey , Calm down !” I groaned, but She is too panicked to even listen. So I reviewed my knowledge about elves, and I decided one neat point….
I lightly nibbled her ear that made her gasp. Ignoring her plea to stop my action. But my action is responded by a reaction, She elbowed my stomach with enough force to send me flying !
Dear god….There is no Siege Engine, Pikesman, Lancers or even half of a division of knights. And I got slammed to the tree by an Intelligence agency personnel….
“That is not all, The Terrain also changes every passing day, Getting higher for every single day, it has risen for at least 3.000 meters from it’s original height.”
a cute voice resounds in my head, explaining about the terrain of the mountain. So, They kind of used Biomass of corpses to increase their vantage point ? Oh, These creatures surely are smart.
“ Sire ? …Did I just hear your thoughts ?”
Oh, you could hear me ? Good thing, my little elf.
Sera,Sir. My name is Sera, not a little elf… and I’m an adult already.”
“Alright then,Sera.” I spoke abruptly, despite just attaining a two way telepathy method. She is still in her previous place, frozen with a worried face about how She elbowed me to a tree that also worries about me, good thing I’m a hardhead.
“Well…I assume you know about The letter bee, and I guess I should give something to clarify my statement from before.”

“Ah, So that’s it ?”

She explained it all to me, about what has happened, and about this army that consists of 5000 personnel divided into many Races. But The Royal Demon Realm army that She has expected to survive….is merely 50 people…

“ And so, After witnessing your ability. I wish you to try to minimize the casualty, Because I know that composing Rhythm by heart requires a Great concentration and ability, no ?” said She, The 9th Princess of Demon realm by the name of Irinesha, She is quite shrewd, unlike The others, including that Ryu.

Heaving a sigh, I said: “….Fine, After all, this “ Event once a century” happened after less than 20 years”
“Indeed, The occurrence that said that Monsters will go wild by an unknown trigger. Even in The Great Mother reign. It still hasn’t stopped. Accelerating even”
I ponders after a minute, thinking about what should I do. I finally decided and said “ I am powerless in my current state, So, I will be back when you start the assault with “a reliable person”.”
“a Reliable person ?” She said while undoing the rope that tied me.
“Yes, The Owari Region has been completely annihilated, although I detected presence there earlier. The lair must have been not far in the east border.”
I flexes my limbs once The rope is undone, cracking my knuckles, I continue my explanation: “ This is, around The Iga, The Human ninjas must have done some recon. Along with a Correct reaction of Humans in Echizen, either by their dumbness. The Opposing forces must be smart, almost like a human. So tell the troops to watch out for traps that do not exist in the wild”
She listened to my advice in a serious look, while I took a breath and continue “Thus, There is bound to someone from Zipanguese people to take action, So there might be a Monster Hunter clan at the north. So I should get to The Forest under The highest mountain in this continent….and call…uh, are you listening ?”
She seems quite stumped, looking at me with an amazed look at her face, but with me reprimand her. She comes back to her senses and nods rapidly.
“Well,then. I should get going….And I think that book should be sealed…” I blinked from the tent the second I gave a suggestion to her. But my blinking concept is not perfect. Because I can hear : “….Meticulous, Not rugged but still older than me, just my type …” before I arrived in a forest with sinister atmosphere, although my grimace is not caused by the atmosphere.
“Let’s get this thing going”
Rolling my sleeve, I summon the instrument I had imagined, and also the face of the one I intend to call. One Goddess that doesn’t like being bested in one particular thing~

[Echizen Emergency Camp, 4:30 AM]
“For All Life I am about to take, I shall show you my courtesy”
I clasped my hand as I opens my eyes slowly. I was praying piously on a rough carpet of unkept grass. Firstly, I prayed that this operation would go smoothly, because I am, although my abilities is only a little above-average, I had been struck with responsibility to lead these 2500 men into a war of survival and salvation with almost no odds. By Chief God name, May we all be blessed to live tomorrow onwards. Secondly, For all victims This war has taken, The thousands of poor souls, including The Chief God most loyal servants that had passed us.
“May your glorious name let our poor souls be absolved, Amen”
I let out a single sentence to finish the pray, This has become a routine of mine. Although I am being apprehended by The Evil Gods, My faith shines. It would be perfect if all officials were to be like this though. Like Lescatie for example, They appeared as good, But I’m sure there was some abnormalities inside.
“Well, I am in no position to talk” I let out a sigh for my immaturity, I just let myself, a Human, to act perfect and judged The Second Strongest. Ah, I’m so feeble, aren’t I ?
Judging from the position of brightness of the sky and position of Celestial objects. This is already around Five in the morning.
with a smirk, I opened my jaws widely and a swarm of Little yellow-black monstrosities came and now swarming the camp, along with the voice of mind of Soldiers they are starting to lodge in.
“ !?, What the heck !?”
“ a ‘rank at dis time of da day !?”
“Seriously, For a letter bee swarm to come out, Is this already planned ?!”
I grinned the moment I heard the last response, for it has given me some hope, some hope that is not all of this camp are idiots.
Holding my happy laugh, I drew a long breath and shouted in my mind: “You lazy asses ! Get ready and arm yourself in 5 minutes ! We are striking a Suicide squad in 0500 sharp !”
My head is filled with a sudden surprise and insult a second later, These people probably has some clock inside their tents. Well, it’s not like I had bothered to take them though

“…Princess Konohanasakuya….I, a Lowly Mortal. Call for your name, Please heed these poor peasant call !” I pitifully squeal while playing my instrument. Sighing heavily, I put my head on the set of boards.
This is seriously impossible, I wonder if That Goddess is still angry when her husband that is The Sun Goddess Amaterasu’s Grandson accused her of cheating that made her hate Men ?
But, in all my desperation, I forced my exhausted arms to stand on The Instrument’s sides. If I give up now, I would be damned, again.
My fingers are at their limit, full of splinters, breaking bad, even. Although my ring is sustaining them by The concept of Pain is an Illusion. They still have their bodily limits !
“…Damn….DAMN IT ALLLLL !!” I slammed my fingers to the keyboard with an angry cry. Cursing my own incompetence. Then, While playing a tune of sad song. I angrily muttered “ If I give in, If I give up. I will not be able to see flower bloom again….No, I will not let it happen ! Goddess Sengen Taisha !! Answer my call !”
The Moment I finish my sad song of plea, I could hear a synchronic creaking sound, as like flakes. My fingers are broken. I had played them for 17 hours straight without stopping in high speed….No wonder, But it was all only responded with flowers that is swirling around with the wind.
My physical endurance is lower than a Human anyways….My only good is that my creativity.
Setting my head on the bloodied keys and my arms with broken fingers at the side, I let out a weak sigh.
I closed my eyes, thinking I had failed and I really have to ask for forgiveness to my counterpart. But a petal of a flower with a unique scent of Sakura tree landed on my face and tickled my nose.
“For what reason do you call me, Mortal ?”
Opening my eyes slowly, a Beautiful figure wearing a traditional Zipanguese clothing that is called Kimono with a skirt and light purple-colored knee socks, emblazoned with Sakura petals pattern with White hair almost like mine, is standing  beside me.
“You come at last, Princess Konohanasakuya….”
I addressed her politely, I don’t know if She was pitying me. But She came out of her cave in that high mountain.
Using a fan that also has the same sakura motif to cover her face, She inquired “Again, What is the need of you to call me ?”
“a Monstrous attack…In Mino. I seek your aid to-“
Before I could finish stating my business, She sniffled a little while saying: “If you are in need of monster slayers, Why don’t you ask Susano’o ? I think He is way more capable than I am.”
She turns her face away and a gust of sakura starts to swirl around her, but I still have my trump card.
“ I dare to not, I do not want something sullying your honor. The Mountain, which The Monsters had their nest in. Had surpassed The Greatness of The mountain you live in, My Princess !”
She suddenly stops her steps,  The gust also dissipating while she glances at me.
“Do you mean The Inazuma Hill ?”
“Yes...For some reason that is too far for such as lowly as myself to comprehend. I-“
She stared sharply as a gust of hot wind and a smell of slight smell of brimstone comes from the mountain. Dear god….
“Very well, I shall do the same as what I had done to the Yatsugatake that time”
She turns back to me, her skirt and ribbon that is used to tie her hair flutters in the air as she closes her fan.
“You shall have the prestige of receiving my aid, Mortal.”
“It is my biggest pleasure.”
Suddenly, a storm of Sakura enveloped us, and we are already back in The camp back in Iga,Oumi.  But I’m too tired for this but managed to shake it off briefly. And yet I’m still trailing my steps sloppily back to the tent while my vision is blurring.
“My Dear Princess, I hope…You could lead these people and let them live to see the next day…” was my last word to The Goddess, before I lose consciousness  and my head lands on something soft, I don’t know what it is, but this is really soft…

“So…This is all of you ?” I stood at the border of these death traps. Along with 4 more people under the brightening black sky full of stars.
Sera, Myra and two other person. One is a Young man with a short messy brown hair and the other is a middle aged man with bald head and neatly trimmed blonde beard.
“Head count.”
“Sera Nightchild, Sir.”
“Myra Randall. Reporting for duty.”
“Henry Northwind, Sir.”
“Kendra Hammond, Sir.”
I started the head count and paced at the front of them while they named themselves one by one, except Myra who hasn’t add the honorifics at the end, but well.
“Listen up, Lads. I’m James Hargreave, Your coordinator on this mission. The other troops are at their limits and couldn’t think straight. I understand that since this war has stretched for 8 years.”
“Shut up and let’s get going already.”
“Yes,yes. Projecting my plans, now.”
I closed my eyes and muster my focus. Remembering my analytical situation on the maps and the probability of hazards in the way, which also projected into the other’s mind through the letter bee.
“…You come with all this intel by yourself, Commander ?” Kendra said in gruff voice while holding his chin that I replied with a nod.
“I only used a Metagame and General traits of Insects and other Monsters. If you divide it into sections, this is not hard at all.”
“You might say, But without proper preparation, it’s still impossible to break through this, don’t you think ?”
I chuckled to Myra’s contradictory comment, I then strides a little to the bushes nearby, pulling two jar of Green wretched liquid back with me.
“ Bathe in this”
“Excuse me ?”
“Bathe in this, I say. This will at least conceal our scent when we tried to break through The Centipede and Spider’s line”
All of them cringes except Sera that only gulped, disgusted by the stench. But I took a Handful and pour them on my head. They then reluctantly also do the same. After 3 minutes or so, all of us are already bathed in this unbelievable stink sections of air around us.
“Well, You could vomit as much as you want later, But we need to get past this first.”
“ …Let’s get this over with”
Sera puked while Henry and Kendra cringed and tried to prevent the liquid drips to their faces. Myra is just ignoring them.
In the same time of dawn break, 5 figures entered the “Red zone”. even aware that their death rate might be high. But their commander that is me, have a decree that will not let anyone die if they still have their uses.

Keep Running,You Pillock !

“ All Troops, Follow my command and March forward. I do not want to be pessimistic but we might as well dig our graves if we do not do our best !”
a War cry of troops echoes after the faint voice encourages them.  Man…It feels like I’m being buried alive. With a warm sensation and the voice I heard are all muffled to almost like being in slow motion.  Opening my eyes, I could feel a sharp pain on my palms that made my eyebrows twitch.
“Curses to the deepest part of hell…I can’t do all this kind of shit while there is war waging nearby”
I think maliciously, I really hate incompetence, and moreover only my incompetence. As I almost burst into a tantrum-like state because of anger. I managed to calm down and gets up.
“…Oh,Lordy. I know that Aokigahara has a Time-space Spatial distortion so that 17 hours would be like 3 hours….but…”
Looking down with a sigh, I could barely hold my resentment. My fingers are broken except the thumbs and one little finger. The ring also could barely hang in it’s current place. The Spatial continuum of The power of Gods were said to be another world. So why am I being left with all the injuries ?
After wiggling my head a little to shake off any doziness. I surveyed the place I’m being in. a Wardrobe, a set of wooden table and 2 chairs with a Tea set on the table.
Lifting my hands at the front of my eyes, The bandages I wrapped on the arms area all to the way to my palms  are all replaced with the new one. My bloodied fingers are also bandaged although clumsily but this will do for a First aid treatment. And also my lower half is covered in coverlet, with my robe nowhere to be seen on my body. 
Couldn’t even advance my mind to comment, I get off the bed and looks around, and praise the Evil Gods that my pants is still intact.
Immediately gets away from the bed and in search for a covering. I am literally in a Lion’s den now. For the first place to check, of course the wardrobe.
Opening the wardrobe, What that comes into view is something that should be expected….Skimpy outfits with panties as the covering for the lower half…Out of all things, I’m in a Succubus lair ?
Scraping my way through the set of the clothes that is made with minimum fabric, I finally stumbled upon something I could use. But a creaking sound resounds abruptly as I reached it.
“He ?”
With a sudden opening of a compartment, I stumbled upon a room within the wardrobe, probably magically created. When I stands up with shaky feet because of my low tolerance of surprise. I saw something that made me speechless.
Irene, without her robe and literally clothing that is almost stark naked. is woefully kneeling on the floor nearby in the secret room. In her hand are my clothes, a White shirt and a hooded robe that She is constantly sniffing.
I blinked to process my poker face and walks to her slowly. She is too engrossed with sniffing my clothes that reeks of sweat and sea water to notice me.
“Mmhm…This smell…I want him….” She moaned, when I’m practically able to hear her moaning that she wants me for whatever reason. I still need my clothes though.
Sighing while having a “Are you kidding me” face, I go and snatch my clothes from her, it is painful, yes. But better than to play at the front of the crowd half-naked.
With a surprised tone, She gasped and ask what am I doing but I just answered: “No Sniffing my clothes when I’m still at work…”
I urgently wear my shirt and robe while walking with a quick pace, But She is so fast that She already hugged me, Her posture that is a little smaller than me made her still developing parts rub against my back.
I couldn’t let her be without any response, so I reluctantly said: “ Well, Irene. If you want to be my wife no matter what, I need to report to Great Mother first. And I need an achievement to do so unless I want to be a Husband that doesn’t have anything to boast.”
Stating my prideful beliefs, I know that She won’t swallow that,so I ward off her hug and walks out of the secret room while gesturing “I love you too” that will at least give me some time.
“500 casualties…I see that coming.”

Keep Running and quiet… They are blind.”
I crouched behind a rock while a Centipede skitters nearby, hissing while trying to detect any presence.
“Sir…Movement ahead. What do we do ?”
“Keep Running.”
I stand up and run forward after The centipede moves out of the way, hiding behind a solid object occasionally. After confirming that there is a gap or is going to be a gap,I waved my hand as a signal or give a direct instruction through the letter bee.
“Hey, “Commander”. Are you sure this is going to be fine ?”
“Yeah, because if it’s don’t, we are dead.”
I replied briefly while peeked a little above my current cover, a medium-sized tree, before withdraw back when I see a Giant Spider looked at me. Judging from the size, color and also the terrain that is rugged but still have a little of organic remains. This should be a Jumper-Spider…
With Sera on top of the tree I’m currently hiding, concealed by the leaves along with her green attire that further greened by the Centipede’s blood. She is clear. Henry and Kendra also clear as they said in reports 3 seconds ago. But Myra is here and quite worrying….
“Hey, The coast is clear, We should move, now !”
She stated her urge to move quickly with an impulsive tone while I assess the situation and scale my judgment.
“Wait up…wait up…”
“I can’t wait !”
Myra bursts from her cover even before I gave the signal. The Spider already left yes. But what’s worrying me is…
Myra suddenly stepped on a trap door with a Antlion dragging her in. Even before she can react, but with my own perception that is high. I followed her into the hole.
“Lord Hargreave !?”
I tumbled upon the hole, rolling on the trapdoor that is seemingly 20 meters deep. Deep down at annals of the hole. A Carcass of a Mutilated Antlion is already present.
“Holy crap…That was surprising”
I only shake my head while she huffs, noticing that this Antlion have their own network when I look further. Heaving a sigh and also hold a wind in my stomach, I shout both to Myra’s ear and mind
…before a sudden heavy chitter and growl gathers to my location.