In The Depths of The Myriad Order Affiliated States, a Single figure is working earnestly at the front of her table, her clothes are black and her hair of the same color are only illuminated by a single candle.

“Lady Selena”

A Figure with the same black hair entered the room, in her hand are papers with all sort of names designated to her.

“Hm” Selena put down her quill “What is it this time ?”

“Yes, The incident mistaken as “It” has been taken successfully.“ The Servant’s word was put a hold for a few seconds “…by someone that claim himself as a member of Hargreave household”

“Hargreave ?” Selena’s voice was shaken as her finger twitch for a second, as She hears the word “Hargreave” but managed to compose herself

“Are you sure He isn’t a fake ?”

In that question, The Servant was nervous as She put the pile of paperwork on the table, but Selena waved her finger that orders the servant to whispers the details, and evidence.

The Servant’s voice was worried in the last report  but suddenly, a snicker came out of Selena’s mouth and fills the room that makes her interlocutor staggers slightly

“Oh, Liselotte, You sly girl. To think you had won a favor over the dreaded Hargreave family…”
“E-Excuse me, Milady ?”
“Hehe, “James” huh ? Ah, well. Hargreave family was having authority to execute anyone, So, let alone a Hereditary “Inquisitor”, Frederick was supposed to be executed for deviation of discipline.”

Selena put her quill back to work as She explains the situation to her servant “You see, That Black cross your friend had seen, along with a wailing skull, is the proof”

“a Proof of ?”

“It’s called The Executioner’s Proof .”

The High-referred lady chuckled as She worked over the paperwork that makes The Servant as anxious as she is perplexed, about how a mere black cross, as opposed of a Standard-issued Silver Rosario used as a proof of authority from “The Order of The Gods”, could actually be feared more than them.

“Anyways, If you are done, Get out. It looks like I will be pulling an all-nighter.” With a cold tone, Selena shooed the servant out of her room

The Servant soon took her leave in a hurried pace leaving the lone lady in her dark room, Her snickers are still filling the air as if She had found something that could keep her busy

“It has been a long time….Maybe I should send a letter to him… in place of my late Grandfather.”

She opened the drawer under her table and pulled out a necklace, a Cross with a skull at the center lay suspended in the air as She stared at it, The skull itself, has a third eye and an emblem engraved onto it which symbolizes The Defender of Humanity from the Aion Family, a Powerful family aligned to “The Inquisition of The Gods”.

Even worse than Dogs

Diary of 60th day

Dear Diary, If you were my friend, Could I ask you a favor ? Well, that is if you are my friend, but if you are not, I am going to ask anyway. If you could somehow turn into a bird, Could you please tell the guild that I am doing it right now ? to not confuse them by me running away, because I won’t be able to pay that 10 Asuryan Gold Coin compensation.

Well, This day starts by a scream of agony from the woods with the blizzard wind roaring fiercely. And inside those storm, a village stood by, enduring those snowstorm, monsoon and all those unrelenting tortures the elements have prepared, and within those building, a thing resembling a person drops weak on it’s knees and leans to a wall, it was a body.

I was naïve…, To think that I just ran deeper into my grave, no wonder that the guards that were supposed to chase me was not around the walls 2 months ago.

I stumbled to my bed at the right corner of the room and I fell asleep instantly, but, not even one minut later, my nerves are kicking back up

“THERE IS NO WAY I COULD SLEEP IN THIS SITUATION !” I yelled and jumped out of the bed and towards the door and landed flat on my back outside

“Oh, Laddie. Ya finally wake up”
“Old man…What time is it…?”
“Early December, Laddie. Just mornin’ “

I got myself back up although my legs are dwindling because of sleep deprivation but even with that, I headed down the stairs. As heard of the Blizzard, There are still no people in the mess hall.

“God of Sleep, Morpheus, Grant me your blessing” I sighed and put myself onto the counter after sitting on the stool. When Sleep deprivation hits, Pray.
“Hey, Lad. ‘Ere some coffee.” A Smell of caffeine enters my nostril as it makes me pull my head from the counter and gulp it down.
“One coffee down, Ten to go” I dropped my face back onto the counter hard, that was enough to send the cup flying and lands back on the small plate. I am so damned exhausted.

Damn it, Two months has passed and I am still remaining in a almost Ghost-haunted village. It also has turned winter outside so I have no way to leave, Seethe has also behaved strangely. What is this situation called again, Taconite ?

“Lad, ‘Re ya okay ?” The Owner asked me of my condition, Despite his big and rough figure, he is actually quite caring.
“I’m fine, Old man. I’m just in some Taconite”
“Taconite ?”
“I mean, Like nothing went the way you want…”
“Tha’s a turmoil, Lad”

And he is pretty knowledgeable too.

“Lad…” He started a conversation “Didja fill da form Randy gave ya ?”
“Yeah” I pulled a paper from my pocket, I already filled the form and waited, but because I couldn’t sleep, I was stuck for two months in that room.

He took the paper from my hand quickly as I go back to my sleep, after snoring for a while, I have realized something. Sleep is a beautiful thing, Absolutely, Definitely, and Overwhelmingly. But It could have been better if you don’t have a firearm pointed at you while you snored.

“Uuh, Old man ?”
“Get outta my shop, asshole”
“What ?”
For some reason, The Old man has become hostile and pointed a pitchfork at me. He kicked me out afterwards after forking me to the door.

“Aw man, Really, now !?” I shivered as Cold wind whipped my face. I was only wearing a Shirt and a jacket, that is no some winter equipment !

This is crazy…. Now I was kicked out to this damned Ghostland, This Turmoil is really getting worse, even worse than a Middle-class torture like candle torture, because this is a Psychological torture to me.

I settled down after circling down the bar because I couldn’t find anybody to ask for help, even the people with top hat is still not coming back.
“Dang….It is damn cold, No, It was so hot I felt cold.” I hold my knees with my arms as my teeth chatters. I can’t believe it, really. What could have caused The old man to kick me out ? So, I checked my pocket.

“Now I got it” I looked at what I got and threw it away, it was the form. That means what I gave The Old man is The letter from Selena.

Well, Selena’s letter said I should go investigating an incident at the eastern part of the continent, but why was The Old man got mad about it, I know that this is EAST enough. But well, I think it’s a misunderstanding.

I stood up from the snow and went to the door again with high difficulty, I knocked on the door “Old man, This is a Misunderstanding. I meant no harm !”
“Get lost !”
Damn it, Although He is caring and knowledgeable, He is really scary when he is mad. This is bad for my image and indirectly to all of the adherents. So, I make up my mind. I am gonna explain what has been misunderstood.

I ran through the blizzard, uncaring about the sharp wind that scratched my face. Because of the malfunction of Seethe, I have been able to feel pain again. But the crunching sound of the snow subsided my agony.

“There it is” I slowly stopped and looks forward at a glint not far above. It must be the window of my room, The Front door was locked, So I have no other options. I shivered the last time and leap upward.

A Crashing noise resounds from the window, I had been putting too much power in that one that makes me lunge through the window instead of grabbing the frame.

“Ouch, That Friggin’ Hurts…” I groaned a little before I get up. That hurts really, It was like a Prisoner being struck by a piece of glass literally.

I hold my hand because of the throbbing pain until it ease down, I look at my surroundings while at it. This room has a different set of furniture than what was in my room, and the paint used at the wall is a strange blue.

“Now, then. Seems I entered the wrong number” I could hear a gulping when I stand up in my head
“Don’t look back” said Seethe in a frightened voice, it was amusing of course after all the cruel things he done to me, So, instinctively, I turned behind.

“Hey ! What are you thinking on doing !” He keeps yelling at me because of me turning around, for I have found a beauty over here that mesmerizes me.

Long flowing black hair, mouth with fine lips, and white eye lines.

“By Chief God name…” I knelt down when I noticed a cage behind me “What a Gorgeous beauty…”
I was fixated by the beautiful canine inside the cage, I could feel my eyes sparkling with anticipation because I know I do, Every man’s best friend is a Dog, of course !

It looks like she is sleeping, because She closed her eyes. Do not worry, I shall refrain myself from snuggling you, even when you are not noticing me.

“ Hey, Stella. It’s feeding time” a voice came from outside along with a lock being undone while I am still admiring her, come on, learn to read the mood man !

I shook my head to the door and to her, I was confused. I want to admire her more but I could be busted if I stay here and do that.

“Argh, at least then…” I moved my hands past the cage’s grating and reaches out to “Stella”. I was so close, but a sigh cut off of my control of my body and my surroundings change.

“Look, Do you want to die ? Again ? I couldn’t pay for your mistakes this time buddy !” Suddenly, I was being kicked to the ground and in a quick motion, Seethe grabbed the scruff of my shirt and pulls me back up.

“No, I-I’m sorry”
“Your hobby of some dogs, What are you, 60 year old grandpa ?”

A Vein popped on my head while I was laughing and with a swift move, I was able to move my hand and target his head intending to knock him out as to make him say sorry about insulting dad’s and my  hobby.

“THIS is your problem” My attacking arm was easily stopped by him…or her, Because of the force my arm could pack in, when She stopped it, it blew off the hood down and let me see at “his” face. It was feminine, not a trace of masculinity at all.

But all that aside, it seems I have earned myself some trouble.

“Look” She locked my hands and twists it to my back “How about let me tell you what YOUR problem is ?”
“Ha ?”
She sighed and closed her eyes as to draw breath and with low voice to my ear, She said “You wanted to date a Hell dog ?”

Looking for a job ?

I sighed heavily and drooped my shoulders “Alright, come in”
I opened the door which let out some cold wind to enter with a woman in a overcoat with a hood to come through, after She enters, the door closed itself.

“Well then” I retreated back to behind the counter “You are in the right address. Mind naming yourself ?” I applied some cold manner in my speech pattern and gesture, but She took it lightly as She pats the kid’s heads and putting her lantern at the stand next to the door.
“O-Okay ? What do you want by-”
“Hey, hey ! Are you Teacher’s ex ?!”

….Alfred, I am giving you an extra homework later. Your screaming has caused a heavy misunderstanding you know ? I mean look at her.
“I-I am not his ex.” Anita tried to cover her face partially.
“Then, what are you to him !?” Killian continued the ranting, come on, Kids, do you want me to give you an overwhelming amount of punishment later ?

“I am…” Anita’s face reddened “I was his slave.

I placed my hand on my forehead and turn away from the others, don’t you think that they might mistake you as something else ? I end up covering Killian’s and Alfred’s ears but I couldn’t cover Chelsea’s because She is quite far off.

The situation is getting awkward, nobody was playing it safe. It kind of reminds me of a book called “Deck of Spades” I read months ago.

“A-Ahahah ! The clock, kids ! It’s time to go !”  I laughed as the clock I bought has saved the situation with it’s cuckoo bird. In a second, I push the Kids to the door, Pass them their winter clothing and sent them off.

“Now, you” I closed the door and turn to the visitor “Why the hell are you here ? Kalei, Talk to her”

I took off my glasses and put it on the counter. I could feel something materializing behind me that blurs my vision, when my vision returns, an exact copy of me wearing a hood is already sitting next to Anita.

“Well then, I am “Kalei”.” The young man address himself as Kalei, I scratched my head as to reduce the stress, letting him materialize took huge strain on me

“Well” I shook my head quickly and puts on the glasses “Have yourself some nice chat, I’m gonna be back real soon”

I headed upstairs once Kalei has been fully materialized to take my robe. It might have been a good time for me to stay alone once in a while, “Common Sense” I read for people really put my brain in a bind, against my instinct, that is.

“Well then, People” I carry my robe on my back while still wearing my working uniform “Kimzakle”
“Onique” Anita answered instead of Kalei which make him smirk
“Very well done”
“Thank you for your kind words”

Anita knelt before him while I clutch my grip, it was supposed to be sarcasm for Kalei, “Kimzakle” was a term in my dictionary that means “Have a Good S*x day” that Kalei would find irritating, but the bitch just answered with “Onique” that means “Have a safe trip” that means in multiple ways.

“Damn you, Nyx” The door closed back after I passed it “How the hell she was able to learn my language and history, Not to mention that you possibly created her “Shoggoth” with my bodily fluids…” I put on the robe and pull the hood on before I walk to the shed where the lesson is starting.

Hell Gate

“So, Finally got that ?”
“Yes, Ma’am”

“Good” Seethe pulled her hood back up again, I have been in for a ping pong if I interpret it right. Assumedly, Seethe said that Stella is a Hell dog.

I remember about Hell dogs, It was supposed to be a Flaming and Ferocious dog that has demonic visage. But what I met in reality was completely different.

“Hey, Could you get off me, just like…now ?” I knitted my eyebrows as I push my body off the earth with both hands, This “Girl” is unexpectedly heavy.

“…You idiot.” Instead of getting off me, She kicked my back for the second time “How dense are you to tell a girl “Heavy” ?”

He-eh ? You could read my mind ? Since when ?

“Since you emerged on the top of The Hippocampi”

Well, That was unexpected. I thought that the one that pounded my head was Rion. Well, both of them are troublesome.

“I agree, I am “troublesome”. Although that alone is not going to cut it” She snorted in amusement as she jumps down my back.

I lie on the ground with my stamina exhausted, seriously, do some diet. You are heavy, HEAVY, I said.

After My consciousness and self-awareness came back like a bird, I finally realized just what I said. It was like a judgment that come by the bell, well, it’s not my fault though, I have zero respect to these guys.

“Really…” Seethe’s foot made a tip-toe noise that I don’t dare to look at “Why are you always being a little more “cute” just when the time is up ?”

“I’m so done…” I was kicked by Seethe in the stomach that rolls me up so my eye could see the sky. It looks like by that kick, I was kicked back to the real world. But I don’t know who dragged me, It looks like I am being in a cave, safe from the snowstorm outside.

“Am I going to become a Wight’s slave ? Wait, That is good actually, I heard they were nobles.”  I laughed lightly in a mocking way, as in the same manner as a crazy lunatic in a death-row.

“You won’t like that” It took me a while to notice the flaming bonfire behind me as to notice my “second” benefactor. I soon darted a stare but She calmly sit on the opposite side while sculpting some wood.

“You must have some kind of guts to say that, Nya.” It was the dark green haired girl from back-then. Although Her black uniform has been covered in ice splinters that the fire would take a while to melt, She is still so daring as to wear that, well, I’m a dude though, so…that is…wait, What am I thinking ?

“Well, I’m only bad with Ghosts you see…”

“What a strange guy, Nya.” I could feel my head burns up while She continues her scholar work. “Weird”, “Strange”, or some word that have similar meaning, I know I am being “Strange” by being scared shitless by ghosts but stop oppress me okay ?

“Anyway, You are quite a tough guy, aren’t you, nya, James ?” She pulled off my crumpled form and threw it to me without even glancing that I caught nervously. She seems to be in bad mood, though, with her “Nya” thing that could possibly be an Eight grader syndrome and possibly obsessed with cats.

“Hey, Could you stop with the “Nya” ? It’s pissing me off” I took a rather aggressive move by telling her boldly to stop, I anticipated some rough reactions, but this is for her own good, being in a bad mood could affect your work.

Her hands that is holding the tool to sculpt twitched and She looked at me “What is the problem with nyat ?”

That’s it, a slightly hostile response, if this is a board game, She would probably move a Knight piece onto a KGA out of annoyance. Just as planned, So I took a stance of a “Rough Consultant” by having my legs crossed.

“Well, What are you ? 20’s right ? so stop being like a 15-year old girl already”
“Min is 17 years old, Nya”

Suddenly, She leaped and crashed on me. We end up in a position where She on me with her sculpting tool being hold and she stares at me with a really cat-like eyes with slit pupils.

“Take that back, Nya”
“Take what back ? You even use a glass to change your iris !? Shame on you !”
“Don’t make fun of my eyes, Nyaaaaa !!”

A Claw’s mark suddenly scratched my face while She threw a fit and swing her sculpting tool around the supposed claw, it really looks like a patient suffering from 8th grader syndrome.

“Ouch, hey !” I stopped her hands that swung the sculpting tool and acted like I was in pain but still, it only itches because of the cold on my face that practically numbs my nerves, only Seethe and Chief God and The World Sentinels knew how long I had been covered in Frost bite.

“I’m not a sentimental guy, okay ? This is for your own good !”
“Nyah ! You are a mean guy, Nya ! Why Randy helped guy of this kind, Nya !?”

She kept swinging her arms around that I managed to dodge. I looked at her while she at it, I don’t know if I’m being tired or what, but her “cat ears” moved when She threw a tantrum just like being agitated. Animals are showing their emotions through gestures as well.

“I’M NOT A KID, NYA !” Her shout echoes through the cave as She finally shown a sign of something different, Her other hand downright scratched at my face, it was quite hurting that makes me speechless, not to mention the rest that She only threw light punch with that hand.

Her hand is seemingly growing claws and a bit furry. Although I don’t know if my mind is still playing tricks on me, but I guess I’m good with animals ? or Beastkin, maybe ?

Duodecim of Four

“So.” I rubbed my face a little, it’s still stinging out badly “I’m sorry about that”

This is bad, situation is bad, abandon battle, retreat, withdraw. I couldn’t find the right word in my mind in this case because I haven’t made this mistake in my life.

For the first time in my life, I made a girl cry. I’m sorry, Mom. You know that I only took your “Girls are fragile, So You must protect them, James. If you made them cry, a Ghost will come haunting you” halfheartedly, right ? You are not angry right now right ?

“Uuu… Mean guy, What a mean guy, Nya…” Min ended up holding her feet in a squatting pose with her back turned at me and moaned. This is bad, I’m starting to feel guilty…

“Not only you are dense, You made a girl cry too, What an ass you are”
“….What the hell…”

A Girl in black robes and giving a dark vibe that sits beside me starts ridiculing me, with Min in that state, this leaves me with no option as to crack the silence.

“Se-Sieglinde, Where did you hide just now ? You managed to stop her to scratch my face further yeah ?” I almost slipped calling her by her real name, She hates being called by her real name, that’s why I keep calling her “You”

“Sieglinde ? Why are you calling me by my first name, twat ?”

Why, you little- Why are you regarding me as an obnoxious person ?

“I-I’m sorry then”
“That’s right, Make sure you reflect on it”

Our side-forced conversation seems to hit a bitter hand, I scratched my head but in reality, I really want to teach this girl a few lessons about her foul mouth. I mean, Nobody could swear like that, even swearing like that in public will direct you to a questioning in a guard post.

“Do I hear…someone called a sensitive part, Nya ?” Min’s cat ear hair twitched, yeah, That is not an illusion, That hair really twitched.

“Yeah, I called it. I thought this guy would try to rape you, So, I just came in the right time” And this girl, I would definitely bite my lip to bleed rivers if it’s not to the fact that it will hurt like hell if I do it here.

“And you are ?”
“Sieglinde Matriarch, Nice to meet you…uh”
“Min, Soo-min.”

They became friends so quickly, in the midst of an amazing scene, Seethe winked at me that totally means She said “This is how you make friends” that really could put a burden on someone’s mind.

“Heeeey, Min. Have you lit the bon fire yet ?”
“Oh, Rang-Jie. You are back”

I looked at the direction of the cave’s entrance where a figure in black clothing that is covered within snow is bringing a lot bunch of firewood. It seems like he was just back.

“Wait a minute” He immediately sits between me and Seethe “Do I know you ?”
“Yeah, Thanks for taking care of this stupid teammate of mine.” 

It turns out to be Randy. He must have went out to gather the firewood while ignoring the blizzard. He is a good companion, if not only he isn’t gay…

“Well, where are you from ?”
“Fortress city of Irrilith, From The Adventurer guild”

Seethe pulled a shining blue card out of her robe, it was an exact copy of mine, with the exact newbie wording at the side.

“Hmm…” Randy hold his chin for a bit “Well, this is a genuine one”

He now turned to me and asked if I had the same card which I also take out from my jacket. I had kept this as my lifeline, because if I lost this, I would definitely be chased by The Guild Organization.

Randy holds his chin again after cleaning his tophat off the snow that has piled up “It’s strange to let newbies to take on a task like this…”
“Eh, what ?”
“What ? We are The Law Enforcers around this area, you know ?”

Shattered Hearts

After I taught the children today’s material and walked back through snow-filled road, I finally have returned to my abode, well then, I think I guess I will

“What the flying carp…”

As I opened the door, a heavy and hearty laugh resounds through the mess hall as a smell of a roast pig assaulted my nose. My remaining senses were also assaulted by multiple things, like for example, this stout guy next to me, knocked out drunk.

“Oh ? Master ! Welcome back”

A Woman with lavender hair greeted me with a warm face. I was speechless, especially, what’s with that maid outfit, and moreover, why the hell are all these people doing in my house ?

“Excuse me, Master ?” She tilted her head a little as she keeps her smiling face locked to mine while ignoring my exact reaction, I’m confused.

“Wait up, I must be seeing things. I need to sleep…”
“Ah, I will take your robe to the laundry then”

As I held my head with my hands while blinking, She is already taking off my robe and bow down before going off. This is practically a killing blow to my mind, I already had a High-ranking walking pheromone on my tail and now this ?

“Si-vur” One of the patrons called to me that I slowly glance my head to as he continues to speak

“Why didn’t you say you had a wife before ?”

What the hell….Aside from calling my name in his tongue, what does he mean my WIFE, exactly ? Do you want me dead so much ?

“Yeah, but that explains why you went on the argument of building a house this large, so this is for three people ?”
“And, What happened to your brother ? was that your little brother ?”
I’ve had enough, I’m fed up. So I put on a fake smile again and curtly reply “He is learning society in Kingdom of Asuryan”

I ran upwards in light speed after I spew that last sentence, from then, I just hid in my blanket. Not even daring to get up, it all continuing for around 3 hours that I muttered some random things.

“Excuse me ?”

What is it right now….

“Excuse me ?”

What the hell, leave me alone, I’m so tired, I might eat a cow right now.

“Excuse me ?”

Alright, that’s the last straw. Annoying, really annoying. Just get me down to this so I could just go to sleep even without dreams

I opened my room’s door and shouted “WHO IS THERE !?”

“Um…” It was the same woman who caused my misery. damn it, what do you want ?

“There was….The beverage station, your station, is empty now.” She said something right, about my job “managing” this place, well, all that I could do to help is mixing beverages.

“….Can’t be helped” I tighten my tie as I let slip a sigh “I’ll do it”
“Thank you for your concern”

We headed down the stairs once I finished my practice, it has been quite a while since my last mixing, so I might mess up if I cranking some old crank. So, I just mixed some water from the water basin.

“Well then” I head to behind the counter, where my working station to be, and people who wants my drinks are.

“To The Shattered Hearts !”

Eh ? What ?

Shattered Hearts ? Who the hell gave that name ? ah crap, Anita. You just head off and naming my house with your own found name ?

“Well played” I whispered to myself as I took one of the bottle from the counter and put it in a mixer, well, “Shattered Hearts” doesn’t sound bad.

The Night continued to be like that, for around 4 hours, finally “The Shattered Hearts” has it’s first day of service closed.

“Good grief” I sit down on a counter and put my arms on to put my head “I’m so tired”

“Good work” a small tap sound comes to my ear “Lord Kalei sure has The Devicer working hard”

“Uh huh” I raised my head, I could feel and tell that there are huge bags under my eyes “They told me that non-stop”

She giggled lightly just when I put it that way “That must be harsh…”

“Yeah” I took a huge sip out of the cup, it was coffee, probably made with some high-quality beans.

“Hey” I lift the cup just when I swallowed my sip “is this…real coffee ?”

“it is, Why do you ask, Master ?” She answered my question with a smiling face while she do the dishes. My hands shook but I managed to calm myself down.

“You… Do you know how much this will cost ?”

“Oh well” She tilted her head a little and cheerfully said “Around 400 Gold coins for the supply of one year”

My world shatters that exact moment, if I can, I would like to take my fluid and extract the coffee, turn them back into beans and return them.

“My Lord ? What’s wrong ? Your face is pale”

She reached her hand to me when I still stoned in place after hearing the place, even when I try to avoid that, I can’t. This is must be called by “True Despair”. How the flying devil bug could I pay 400 gold coins !?

When I was in the middle of tracing, suddenly the bell that was placed by Anita rang and also because of my removal of the magnetic field, it has also become an ordinary door.

“Yeeesss” I turned my undeadified face to the door. A Small girl with two light green twintails is already standing right there.

“Ah” Noticing it was Chelsea, I snapped back to my senses and coughed.

“Alright…The usual right ? Come here”

I readied Kalei’s ring to perform a concept, She has been growing greedy lately. In some different ways.

No way ? Way

“Ma’am, I have landed.”
“Okay, Andre. You will be on your own here, Good luck”

In The Wilderness of The Mist continent, a single ball of light just extinguished and within it, a lone man in heavy winter clothing on a saddle. His white coat fluttered by the wind as harsh as his horse’s armor decoration is turning white due to the cold

“Now, then. Meet The Hargreave family remaining member and his friend too.” He pulled his horse reins and lead the beast onwards, Even though being alone in the wilderness in an developing continent is dangerous, It still doesn’t stop him from doing his task.

The Man keep his focus as well to keep his life on, He was a messenger and Path finder, if He let out a moment, He could become Native’s prisoner or even worse. So, He gripped his horse rein tightly as to never let go.

“Sapphire,  Are you cold ?” He asked his horse, Sapphire, about it’s condition, but it snorted and shook it’s head

“Good girl, Let’s go. And Perhaps We could reach the destination without having to sleep here” He patted the beast neck, before warmly lead themselves through the dark wilderness

Meanwhile, in the place darker than the forest, even harder to breath but still in this world, two figure is appearing to be idling on a large table, both of them has their hood obscured by darkness, revealing only the body that is also dark.

“And…That is your move ?”

The one with a deeper voice gave out a low chuckle at the one who gave the answer, and as if he was amused, he said “Do you believe that giving “The White one” a Servant is enough ?”

“Oh ? And What do you plan on doing to “The Black One” ?” The one with higher tone’s emotion appears to be agitated in small margin

“Heheheh, He decided to tame a Hell dog. Is it not something that you could not see everyday ?”

A small evil grin appears behind the darkness of the deep-toned one, stating that his piece has decided to do a dangerous feat but still, He feels amused.

“You are a cruel one, aren’t you ?”
“Aren’t we all cruel, Nyx ?”
“Well, at least only the two of us, Erebus.”

Suddenly, The Dark room filled with both of their laughter. Both are filled with Painful joys, demands only amusement, because other than them, most of the other evil gods has fallen victim to the mundane pleasure.

“Oh, well. My Piece has already recovered something from 600 years ago. How about you ?”
“Well, He could already create something that could surpass human logic by 20 years.”
“Must be hard huh ?”
“it is”

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