DemonHitman45’s Notes: Hello again people of the MGE Fandom. I am glad to release the second part of the Wastelander and His Armor for people to enjoy. This consumed more time than the previous one and I say it has come out pretty well. However, I will be updating this story from time to time to fix grammar, tense, and structure errors in order to make it a better read for everyone (those who speak english anyway). In this part we reveal a little more about the character and how he changed the town upon his arrival and eventual settlement to the town. HeadstrongOne has been a gracious co-author and will continue to help me finish of this 3-parter in order to make this a great fanfiction. Have a nice read!

HeadstrongOne’s Notes: Greetings people of the MGE community. I am ecstatic to give you the second part of the The Wastelander and His Armor to gaze upon in awe. Well maybe not awe, but I digress. Again I give thanks to DemonHitman45 for his willingness to co-author with me to make this fan fiction better than I could have by myself. His constant help with editing accompanied with mine has made the time creating this much easier. I hope whoever reads this enjoys the last part and I hope whoever you are  enjoys this one too. I will continue to work on the the 3rd and final part of this Fallout monster girl tale and hope you anticipates its arrival. As always, give me some advice if anything was found to be sub-par or lacking in detail. I appreciate every little comment and await for any feedback.

Week #: 14 Update: 2

The Wastelander and His Armor: Part II

By: DemonHitman45 and HeadstrongOne

Note: Ah, I see you’ve bothered to read up to this point. Well, I congratulate you on your persistence to continue reading about me, Gregori Laz, Armor of Vania! Anyway, in this part I’ll show you a bit more about myself and tell ya how I basically made Vania a great place! Also there’s some imminent danger coming, but we don’t want to spoil that now do we?

I’m jarred from my sleep, Kristo shoving me uncomfortably back and forth with a great sense of panic. He unapologetically shouted in my face, “Wake up young man! The village is being assaulted by a large monster! She’s rampaging around the village, tearing into houses, and making the others flee in terror of her bestial fury!” Realizing the situation that is occurring, I quickly sit upright and swiftly reach for the N99 pistol I had left at my bedside, checking that the gun was no longer on safety, eventually leaping off the bed, and then running full bore to where I stashed my weapons and armor in the chief’s workhouse. I take no time trying to unlock the door and simply shoot the simple lock off the door, the noise deafened by the sound of destruction slowly heading my way. I rush inside and begin the preparations to place myself in my Mk IV X-01 Advanced Power Armor, checking the power and systems for any faults. I notice that my power levels are at 71% capacity, more than enough for a optimal performance from the armor. However, a sense of worry fell heavily over me. I had never bothered to think about the eventual certainty that I would use up all of my fusion cores, leaving me without my precious armor in a strange world I hadn’t even come close to understanding. I push the thought from my mind, noting the fact that I still possessed a dozen unutilized cores in my bag of supplies. I wouldn’t run out anytime soon, allowing me some measure of comfort. I go to grab my R-91 rifle but stop my hands upon spotting an object at the corner of my eye. I walk over to it and see that it’s a giant sledgehammer with a metal handle, its weight and size well beyond the abilities of any normal man to wield. It appears to be in fine condition, lacking any signs of use. I look at my hands and smile, knowing full well that I could wield such a large instrument. I hope Kristo doesn’t mind me taking it to substitute my weaponry. I immediately turn around and jump into the open back hatch of my armor. As soon as I’m in it closes with the sound of air escaping from the pneumatics. I then hoist the sledgehammer from its hooks, palming the weapon in order to get a feel for it’s weight. It feels similar to a super sledge I once owned while hunting for parts of my suit, but it's a bit heavier. Don’t matter. Just means it will swing harder. I hurriedly exit the shed to face the unknown.


    My head begins to ache as I near the end of polishing my treasure, the alcohol stabbing sharp spears into my brain. Fortunately, I’m able to finish my task and stand up in order to admire my work. Despite the only light in the room being a dim lantern beside my bed, the suit manages to catch every bit of illumination, the outside of it colored a dull orange. The sight of it calms my nerves. I yawn, sleep had slowly claimed my mind, winning the battle I had been fighting throughout the process of polishing. I slowly trudge to my bed and fall heavily into the sheets, the blankets wrapping me in their warmth and comfort. I put out the lantern, enveloping the room in darkness, moonlight shimmering in through the window. I manage to sneak one last peek at my armor. Now no longer is it colored in the dim flame of a lantern, its exterior now shimmering with the calm moonlight. I smile at that. My eyes begin to fall slowly, slumber having finally claimed my person as I drift off into the world of dreams and memories.


    “Where is he!? I can smell his scent in the air! You can’t hide from my love Armor-kun!” These are just a few of the words I hear from a familiar voice that is now attacking the town. There isn’t much damage by the looks of it. The chief and people must have blown it out of proportions, but she is still destroying stuff. It’s that brahmin lady again, the one who tried to rape me in the forest. I shudder to think of what would happen to me if caught in her clutches. I chose to shrug off  these thoughts and step out into the open. Her reaction is instant as she sees my figure come into view. She is panting hard right now, her grunts of breath threaded with seductive words, “There you are Armor-kun! You delicious fighter you.” She looks at me like I’m some delicacy, drooling from her mouth at the sight of me. “Come with me darling and we’ll have the finest time! We’ll mate for hours in pure, blissful pleasure. Just come to me or I’ll get more rowdy than I have to.” I stand there unmoving. “Guess you like playing hard, sweetums!” She grinds her hooves on the ground, grunting with anticipation of my capture. I readied myself. She charged straight at me, intent on taking me down. Whoever’s up there, forgive me. I step to the side and swing my hammer straight into her abdomen, the impact sending her sliding seven feet. She doesn’t appear to be even slightly hurt, save for a red marking from the sledge’s impact. She smiles at me, “I knew you were a strong man, but who would think a human could ever do this much damage….” She is not moving. I wait ready for another attack, but it never came. She collapsed onto the ground, the hit having taken an immediate toll. I run over to her to check if she’s okay. I drop the hammer and lift her up by the shoulders checking her vitals with my scanner. She’s alright. Her body has just gone into shock at having received such a traumatic blow to her stomach. Suddenly a hand is on my shoulder, patting it. “Thanks there sir, I don’t know what she would have done if she persisted.” I turn my head to see that it is Kristo who has his hand on my shoulder. “What should I do with her?”, I ask. Kristo looks at me with a smile on his face and says to me, “You should probably get her out of town and give her some aid. Nobody’s going to want to help the minotaur who destroyed the town.” I nod and attempt to pick her up. The calibrated shocks in the armor’s leg groaning under her added weight, but they can take it. I jog at a leisurely pace as to not hurt the unconscious figure in my arms. I take my time, slowly making my way to the town’s entrance. It was night time by the time I got there. Before crossing the space to the entrance I look around for guards or people. I see none about. Now knowing that no one is around. I sprint for the entrance and successfully pass through as I see some people walking by.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I carry her into the woods for about two miles and lay her down on some soft grass. I’m surprised she has stayed asleep this long, but her body is alright. I pull out a one of my precious stimpaks knowing full well that she didn’t need it, but I just felt too guilty to care. I stuck it in her arm and injected the fluid in. Her eyes immediately shot open, but her body didn’t move. She mouthed a few words, but I couldn’t quite make them out. I leaned in close and listened. “I never had a chance, did I?” Her feelings struck me like a  sledge hammer to the face. Even though the only experience I had with women were brothels where I met my clients. I knew this woman had fallen for me. I didn’t love her though, but I couldn’t just say that. I had to take some inspiration from a pre-war book, but I thought it would suit this type of thing. Preparing for the worst, I breathed deeply and mustered the words of comfort, “You will always have a chance, but now is not the time.”  She is surprised at the remark but quickly changes her expression. Looking at me with pleading eyes she asks, “Can I at least see your face?” I can’t refuse. My heart was never that strong, that’s why I always lived alone and fended for myself. Against my better judgement, I take off my helmet, revealing my features. The words that came out of her mouth contained no lie. “You truly are a handsome man, but I can tell you’ve been through a lot with those scars on your face.” I blush at having been called handsome, the idea pleasing to hear from such a woman. While I was distracted by her words, I felt a warmth against my cheek. “A girl has to have something to keep herself going.” As soon as those words part her lips, her eyes start to droop. I can’t help but smile as she gently falls back to sleep. Knowing that she'll be fine, I get up and put my helmet back on while turning around. I walk back towards the town, trying my hardest not to look back. I knew if I did, I wouldn’t leave her. I continued to like this until I was back at Kristo’s in a bed.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Wait, you want me to do what?” I respond to Kristo. I had only just woken up from the previous day’s ordeal to be asked a serious request concerning me. “We want you to stay here and help protect the village from future monster attacks, since you seem able to handle yourself. Of course we are willing to pay if need be.” Employment?  To be honest, it hadn’t been of  immediate concern when I arrived here, but upon consideration, I realized that it was a good opportunity for me to sustain myself in this world without taking from my emergency supplies. However, I wasn’t sure I wanted to settle down here, since I still wanted to find a way back to my world. Unfortunately, even I knew I could never build a device powerful enough to transport me back. These people barely even had working plumbing for fuck’s sake and I doubted that this world had advanced technology at its disposal. So with a surrendering sigh, I agreed to help the town, but only in exchange for a place to live and money to pay for my living. Kristo and the townsfolk were so ecstatic at my decision to stay that they threw a village wide celebration in honor of their new protector, Gregori Laz, the Armor of Vania! The named seemed cheesy, but I didn't care. Drinks were had and strange foods were consumed during the celebration. I didn’t need my Pork’n Beans anymore, but I decided to store them anyway as keepsakes. With myself now settled in town, I could get some things done. Time would pass, with many small occurrences constantly keeping me busy. Bandit attacks, overconfident monsters, drunkards, and other general riff raff would dot my career as the Chief Defender of Vania. I even assisted in the expansion of the town, increasing its trade security, allowing for the economy to grow. I know this sounds boring, but I basically put this town on the map. People would come from surrounding villages to live in this prosperous town for the safety and wealth it provided to its citizens. People became rich, but nobody was quite that poor either. People were generally friendly and chose to welcome each other with open arms.


Despite the fact I was known as the Armor of Vania, I slowly appeared in my power armor less and less over time, with myself trying to prolong the use of the suit. Eventually, I would be forced to permanently retire it in my house after about a year and a half. I had to supplement that by creating a strong police force within the city, arming them with simple firearms I could craft within my workplace. Soon, I taught them the methods to create their own weapons and ammunition, even showing them proper military tactics out of a handbook I had on my person when I arrived here. Unfortunately, my role in the city began to diminish until I was left only as the Chief of the Police. However, I chose to retire at the age of 28, standing as acting Chief for little less than a year. After that, people didn’t ask much of me, all of them feeling I had done enough for them that they no longer needed my help. Don’t misunderstand me, they didn’t outright forget me, they just didn’t bother to ask for my opinions, company, advice, or even how I was. After all, the influx of merchants, artists, politicians, and the creation of the police force made my role obsolete. It was lonely after that. Too lonely. No one wanted to visit. Sometimes girls would ask for my company, but they didn’t do it because they cared for me. Most only cared about my title and the riches everyone thought I had. I wasn’t rich. I had invested most of it into the police force, leaving myself with enough to live on and a little extra for personal pleasures. All in all, people respected me but didn’t care enough about me to give me their time. It was torture to me. I had known the love of the people, but I was fading into obscurity. It wouldn’t happen soon, but it was an eventuality. The thought of it led me to drinking and telling tales of my exploits. I hoped in vain that people would notice a man wasting away just like the ruins of my previous world. I just wanted to be noticed again.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           I awoke to the sound of ceasless banging, the noise only making my hangover worse. Who would be bothering me this much in the morning? I get up in the same clothes I had been wearing yesterday, not bothering to make myself presentable. I walk over to the still banging door, unlock it and open the door to be greeted with a crowd of people. The person who had been banging on my door shouted into my face. “Sir Gaz, we need your help immediately! A monster has come and brought a small army with her! She’s planning on taking the men here and turning the women into monsters against their will!” I try to process what is being asked of me. People are asking for MY HELP! My thoughts are filled with clarity at those words. I spring into action. “Who is attacking this place? What are their numbers? And why haven’t you people gone to the police?” The last question hurts me to say, but it’s necessary for me to have all the information possible. The answer comes immediately from an old man with grey hair and long beard leaning on a cane. “Their leader is a Baphomet, a nasty little buggers, strong too. Her followers are of the Sabbath cult. She has a following of 200 strong and they look ready to raise hell and are coming this way fast. Lastly the police sent us here to get you. They don’t have nearly enough men to hold off this amount of monsters.” I frown, disappointed at the notion that something I personally created failing to do its job without me. “Okay, thanks for the information. Just let me get my stuff ready.” I run back into the house to get the shed key, but I stop when I catch a glimpse of my armor. I feel like it’s calling to me, begging to be used once more. I walk over to it, placing my hand on the exact spot where it had been last night. “It’s time for one more fight, are you ready for the task?” I chuckle to myself, why do I even bother to ask? I walk over to my bed and stick my hand underneath, grabbing a small box with a latch on it. I move the latch to open the box and am greeted by my final fusion core. I walk over to the suit, going behind to insert the core into the power slot at the center of a valve. As soon as the core is in place, I turn the wheel on the back, opening it with resounding “hiss”. I step inside to a familiar compartment I hadn’t felt completely in almost four years enclose around my body. The nostalgia in my heart snuffed out by the urgency of the situation. I step out of the house and open my shed with a worn key. I open the doors and look inside. My old sledgehammer hanging on some hooks nailed into the back of the shed is the first thing I see. To my left a workbench covered with an odd chemistry set that had taken me painstaking days to make with a red container nearby. Looking at the contents, I try to form a plan of action. First, they have 200, so numbers are on their side. Secondly, the average monster is at least three if not four times stronger than the average man, so their fighters are superior. What do you do when your quantity and quality of soldier are far worse than your enemy? You need a strategy, but what strategy. An ambush, a pincer, a full frontal assault, a trick …… Wait…. I look back at the red container and read the warning I had inscribed in yellow paint, “ Caution: Flammable!” Bingo! I’m a bit young to be saying this, but it’s time to come out of retirement.


End of Part 2