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'Never go to Zipangu without at least one friend' Correction: at least one best friend. That's the warning I hear from everyone who greets us as soon as we enter the region and stop by one of the smaller villages. Another thing they tell us is that this particular village is known for the extensive overnight drinking parties held by the local Oni in which everyone is invited. I normally don't drink heavily, but this week is my only break from work for the rest of the year. I plan to have as much alcohol-free fun here as possible with my good friend Delan. We know each other from work and we even trained in the same class at the magic academy, so it's safe to say that we are pretty close. He suggested that we go on this vacation to 'enjoy the finer things in life' as he eloquently said, but I just think he's here to show off his magic and possibly flirt with the monster girls. I disagree with his method of enjoyment, but he truly is my closest friend, so I doubt anything drastic will happen.

Our activities start in the early afternoon, just after we stop at a small restaurant for lunch. As we walk, Delan asks me if we should look for an Oni and ask if we could have an invitation to tonight's party. I remind him about my aversion to monster girls, but he presses on.

“Come on, man, there's going to be dozen of cute village girls over there! You might as well follow everyone else and get yourself a monster wife, you know?” He nudges me playfully, but I can only look on with a stern face.

“I've told you before that I'm only interested in a normal, human romance. All of these monster girls are just too lustful for me and they are just much too forceful for my tastes. I think we should move on to another village now.”

“Ever since that one time you got tackled by that dragon, you've been acting like you've got a staff up your butt. It really wasn't that bad, and you even enjoyed being 'her most valuable treasure'. Are you really against sex that much?”

Your vulgarity aside, yes, I'm very much against the act. That dragon nearly killed me, and then she had the nerve to ask for marriage through sex? I don't even know how you can stand tempting monster girls without actually being in danger.”

“Easy, I just use the instant flash spell. Like this!” Those are the last words he says to me before he pushes me forward as he disappears from sight.


The moments he does this annoy me the most, but now is the worst possible moment. I collide with not only a monster girl, but an Oni. One quick look at her and I immediately know that she is one of the infamous Red Oni, heavy drinkers and lustful deviants who only abide by their favorite liquid: saké. Delan just loves pushing me into the worst possible situations, but this an all-time high. I quickly try to sidestep the Oni, but she blocks my escape with one arm and pulls me into her muscular body.

“Hey, weren't there two of you guys just now or were my eyes playing tricks on me?” I can smell the heavy alcohol in her breath as she speaks.

“Yes, my friend was just here, but it seems like he left me alone.”

“Really? That's too bad, but I guess it's fine. You're much cuter anyway.” She flashes me a toothy grin, which might seem charming if not for the lust swirling in her golden eyes.

“Thank you, but I really must go look for my friend now...”

“Nonsense! Ya just came into town, right? Lemme show you some genuine Oni hospitality tonight. What do ya think?” She pulls me in close enough for my face to be half-buried in her chest.

“I-I don't want to impose, but I guess one drink wouldn't hurt. I'm here on vacation after all...”

“Right, right! Vacation! You're here to take a break, and what better way is there than with a regional drinking party?”

“I've got a bad feeling about this...” I mutter to myself as I am dragged off by the Red Oni.


“Double the drinks for everyone!” I shout loudly into the night sky as everyone cheers me on.

“See? I told ya you'd be having a good time!” The Red Oni, whom I learned was called Rhea, raises a jug of saké in the air.

Come here and let me show a great time!” I call her over to me, and once she gets close enough, I pull her in close enough to grab a handful of her body before moving on to grope every other woman nearby.

“Ooh, lemme in on this!” A random Ogre calls out as she lunges for me, only to miss when I dodge.

“Gonna have to try harder than that! I like the softness, by the way.” I slur and giggle as playfully touch her passing body.

“Watch this, I'll catch him!” An Ushi-Oni steps forward and rushes at me at high speed.

“Hey, what's that between your legs?” I slide underneath her and rub her crotch as I pass through.

It continues this way for the rest of night and most of the early morning until I eventually fall asleep in Rhea's arms. The last thing I remember her saying is “You're definitely gonna be my husband. We'll make every night a great one just like this...”


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