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That had to be the best helping hand I've ever given! Delan Marx, you are one handsomely brilliant bundle of pheromones. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if Kaelor gets married to that Red Oni I pushed him into; lucky break indeed. If he got into some drinking like I know he did, then my work here is done. Now, where can I get some high-grade women tonight?

Honestly, I always have Kaelor's best interests in mind even if he says otherwise. I'm not planning on leaving him behind for the rest of our vacation, but he needs at least one fun night in this week. I had enough of his contempt for monster girls by the time we got into town, so when the chance came, I took it. Now, I'm alone for the rest of the evening looking for a place where I can drink and flirt as I please.

While walking down the main road of the small village, a local bar catches my eye. 'Secret Zipangu' is what the sign reads, but I only pick this place because of the cute Youko girls luring customers inside. I've already had meetings with Youko, but my throat is getting dry, so I head in anyway. Then I see her, sitting silently at the counter with an untouched saucer of saké and a carefully composed look on her face. A Blue Oni, the near-opposite of the impulsive Red Oni, these girls are known for being strict, punctual, and very well-organized...most of the time. The fact that she's here in a bar can only mean that danger's close; I like danger. Casually, I take a seat next to her and order my own bottle of plum saké all while sending the occasional glance in her direction. After a few awkward minutes, I take the initiative.

“This place has good saké, don't you think?”

“...It's okay.” She stays quiet, but acknowledges me.

“How many sips have you had already?” I know the answer, but I want to hear her version.

“Two or three.” A lie if I've ever heard one.

“Really? Then how bout sharing this bottle with me?” I tempt her knowing exactly what will happen if her kind drinks.

“Um...I don't know, it's kind of been a long day for me.”

“Come on, one little sip won't hurt you. I'll even keep watch over you in case you want to do something stupid!” By something stupid, I mean a potentially long and unforgettable night for the two of us.

“Hmm...okay. I've never had the plum saké here, so I guess I'll accept your offer.” She gives a small smile and nods at me.

“Ladies first. What's your name by the way?” Drinks first, introductions second.

“Larenia, but please call me Lea.” She brings the saucer of saké to her mouth.

“Cute name, like the one it belongs to. I'm Delan, but you might have...are you okay?” She is swaying back and forth in her seat with a reddened face.

“ are the only person to ever compliment me like that...I like it. You wouldn't happen to staying here over night, are you? I need you to get me another bottle of this good stuff!” She slurs her words and tips the bottle upside-down to show me its emptiness.

“Eh, right, let's get on that then. Bartender, another bottle over here!” We get a new bottle, but soon that one is gone in an instant.

“More saké for me and my man here!” She calls for another just as I start to take my first sip of the strong liquid.

“You can be forward when you want to be, huh? I like that about you.” I smile at her, which causes her blushing face to deepen.

“You know what? I think I'm starting to really fall for you. How about we take this to another level? There's a party nearby with all the other monsters in the village, wanna go with me?” A toothy grin and forceful tug is all she needs to convince.


“Oh crap. Can we not be here right now?” I quickly regret accepting Lea's offer as soon as I see the one person I did not want to see.

“Why's that? We just got here and I'm feeling really good right now...” Lea leans against me and looks up at me with lusting eyes.

“I'm kind of on bad terms with that guy over there, the one dancing with the Red Oni.” I point towards a heavily-drunk Kaelor who is rousing everyone into another round of cheers.

“Red Oni...oh, that's my sister Rhea! Let's go over there and join the fun!” I can't begin to protest as Lea drags me into the middle of this alcoholic storm.

Kaelor sees me as soon as I join in the festivities, but the drinking seems to have placated him to the point of him forgetting what happened just this afternoon. He treats me like the best friend he's always known and hands me two cups of saké as Lea gets up to five of them.

The whole night continues like this, with Lea drinking whole bottles at a time and myself taking the occasional sip as I try to keep Lea out of trouble. At one point, Kaelor made up a game where he would grope every one of the monster girls in an attempt to taunt them into assaulting him. Surprisingly, he dodges and sidesteps all of their best moves to claim him as a husband. Once the early morning hours come by, everyone is more or less asleep including Kaelor, but Lea and I have managed to barely stay awake to chat.

“Hey, Lea, you feeling alright? That was a great party and I'm glad I got to be here with you.” I place a hand on her shoulder just as her she starts to doze off against my chest.

“Wh-What happened last night?” She asks me in a tired, but alert voice.

“We went drinking, and you kind of...changed.”

“How many bottles?” Her voice is like cold steel now.

“About 10-12, I think.”

“You must hate me by now. Whenever I drink, I just lose all inhibitions like you saw and I'm the worst kind of person when I'm like that...” Her eyes are dulling along with her voice.

“I think it's very charming. You can be a bit forceful sometimes, but that's what I love most about you, Lea. Let's go drinking again next time.” I bring her into a passionate kiss before we fall asleep together.


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