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Moving forward isn't always a bad thing, but usually it's because one has something to run from. For me, it's a dragon; a Wurm to be specific. Today was supposed to be a calm day for relaxation, but instead my years of good luck decided to back-stab me by leading me into a meeting with this Wurm who is now chasing me. When I came across her on the mountain paths today, I had no time to say anything before she slithered towards me with only one concept in her eyes: mating. This mountain range is vast, but I'm certain that I've crossed at least one-quarter of it by now just by running from her. I really don't mind the running since I came up here to exercise after all, but the thing that unnerves me about this is the way nothing can stop her stride. Any obstacle I try to put in her path, she either breaks through it or (quite horrifically) flings it into the air behind her. Surprisingly, no living things are harmed when she does that; at least, none that I can hear. The worst part is that she doesn't discriminate on what she shoves out of the way. So far, I've seen boulders, trees, stone walls and even other monster girls be violently knocked aside by this pursuing Wurm; this is not my day.

I look for a way out, anything that can at least slow her down while I stop and rest, but it looks like there's nothing around for miles. Then I see a small village after a few minutes and I get an idea: Wurms don't care about who they mate with, as long as they have someone. With that in mind, there's probably some poor fellow that will just happen to be in her way once we get to the village. It's a terrible thing to do, but when one's (romantic) life is on the line, anything seems like a likely possibility.


“Hey, you!” I shout to a random boy about my age.

“Hm? Woah!” He has no time to react as I hastily run past and kick him towards my pursuer.

“Good luck!”

I don't even bother to look back as I keep up my speed to create as much distance as possible. Eventually, I make it into the forest at the base of the mountain, find a quiet spot, and finally rest my weary legs. A quick glance tells me that no other monster girls are present nearby, so I let out a deep breath for the first time since that Wurm started chasing me. For the next hour, I'm constantly watching my surroundings, waiting for the moment when the Wurm will burst from the trees and attack me. It doesn't come and soon enough, I find enough comfort in my peaceful settings to close my eyes to let sleep come.

Thirty minutes of rest are all I can get before I hear it: the sound of falling trees. I thought that shoving that random guy into her would stop her completely, but it seems I was wrong. Judging from the sound, I can estimate that she's within 100 yards from me; far too close to be able to run away again. All I can do is stand up and lean my back against a nearby tree and wait for her to find me...except, it isn't her.

“Oh? What are you doing this deep in the forest?” A slim, well-built man comes out from behind one of the trees along with a mantis girl following behind.

“...” The strength to even speak escapes me, as my only response is to stare at them.

“I don't appreciate the weird stare you're giving my wife. Now, what's the problem?” He speaks in a calm and understanding voice, as if this was an everyday thing he deals with.

“U-Um...have you seen a...Wurm around here?” I try to speak as softly as I can while looking around.

“No, why? Is she after you?” The man stays absolutely calm, probably because he already has a wife.

“Y-Yes. I don't know why, though.”

“Did you happen to rub her bare belly?” The man gives his wife a small smile before pressing his forehead to hers, partially ignoring me.

“Sort of...maybe, I don't really know.”

“Well, you can find out when you ask her. Please excuse us.” The man walks off with his arms around his wife, just as I start to hear a low rumbling from nearby.

“Oh great, just great...” I silently curse at both my momentary weakness and the cleverness of that married man.


I end up being dragged across the mountains again back to her cave. She keeps her tail coiled around me, so there's no point in resisting. Once she releases me inside her cave, I fully expect to be thoroughly assaulted, but instead she just looks at me with curiosity. The lust in her eyes is still there, yet it feels like she's straining herself to hold it back. I don't know what else to do here, so I take a chance and reach my hand out. As if by instinct, the scales covering her body recede to expose the skin and she moves closer to meet my hand. She feels smooth and soft, almost like fallen snow. I know I'm not the only one enjoying this as I watch her shudder pleasurably at my touch.

“So...why didn't you take that guy I shoved at you?”

“...Haauuu...” is all she says.

“I'll stop rubbing if you can't tell me...” I tease her.

“He didn't have your scent. I wanted only you as a mate.”

“Fine, I'll be your mate. Just let me rub you like this often, okay?” I resign myself to my fate with this forceful, but rather cute girl.


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