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I wake up with a pounding headache. The alarm clock by my bed reads the worst time to be waking up: 3 AM. No one who values their sleep, especially on their free time would want to wake up at this time; except for me, of course. It always starts with that sound, that loud sucking sound. My whole body trembles under the immense pleasure I feel whenever I wake up this way, which is everyday. It's funny to think that my life has changed so much ever since my girlfriend moved in with me.

“Babe, it's a bit early to be doing this, isn't it?”

“Oh, I don't think so. I can't help it if you taste so delicious in the morning...” She continues to suck on my fingers with wet sounds echoing through the room.

“Ahh...please, just let me sleep a little longer.” Her movements don't slow down and soon I'm fully at her mercy.

“Nope. I'm just getting started, and from what I'm are you.” She whispers lustfully.

She releases my hand for only a moment to lick her lips in anticipation before moving back in, this time assaulting my ear. All I can do is moan as she nibbles and licks me, every touch from her electrifying my skin to this stimulation. Smiling, she lowers herself to my neck and intensifies the sensations. Her tongue explores every possible surface on my neckline and shoulder, roughly lapping at the skin as my whole body shivers in extreme pleasure. Normally, she isn't this forceful with her 'playing', but today's a very special day for both of us and I know that deep inside, she wants to solidify our bond with each other.


An involuntary jolt brings me out of my thoughts as I feel her softly bite down on my shoulder. I turn my head to assess the damage, but it doesn't look like she drew much blood even though there are very clear bite marks.

“Ouch, I think you drew blood on that, babe.” I tease her a little to excite her some more.

“ know what that means don't you?” She responds with a lustful smile before disappearing under the covers.

“You just can't get enough of me, can you?” I whisper, desire filling my voice as I start to shudder under the pleasure coming to me.

Everywhere she kisses and licks sends chills throughout my body and all of it only makes me more vulnerable. My resistance to her touch has long since melted away from the moment she nibbled on my shoulder. As she explores lower and lower, my pleasure only rises further and further with thoughts of her filling my mind. After only a few minutes of this torturous pleasure, I can't take it anymore and my hips buck wildly for release. My girlfriend comes back into view after taking in all of my desire and gives my bitten shoulder one last lick before we both finally get out of bed.

By the time breakfast is over with, we both leave the house and start walking down the barren path to that very place we met for the first time. Two years ago, my previous girlfriend died and I had been visiting her grave to think about things. It was a short-lived romance we had, but I could tell that it was just as meaningful to her as it was for me. Despite spending only one year together, I almost felt like proposing to her if not for the one thing that killed her in the end: her sickness. All her life, she has had a weak heart and a tendency to have an irregular heartbeat. So in the moment where both of us knew what I was going to ask her, she had a fatal heart attack. I thought everything was over after that, until one night when a ghoul wandered near her grave and gave her some Demonic energy, effectively reviving her as another ghoul.


“Hey Alexa, it's me again. I'm never sure what to say to you that I haven't said already, but I still miss you, babe. It wasn't fair of you to hide your condition from me, but I guess you really did make it less painful in the end; at least for one of us. You always shouldered everything on your own, even after you met me and we started dating. I never knew how much was on your mind, but I wanted to help you even if there was barely anything I could have done. I wanted to marry you, Alexa, and be your husband so that you wouldn't have to be burdened. It's okay to be strong, but at some point you would have needed someone there to help you when you needed to rest. You-”

“Can you stop talking to that thing? It's really creeping me out.” My girlfriend expresses her disgust while wrapping her arms around my neck.

“It's never easy to remember who you used to be, is it Alexa?” I call her by name to enforce my point.

“Why do you bother talking to the gravestone when the real thing is standing right here with you?”

“I just like thinking about how things were between us, before you came back as a ghoul.” I stare into her eyes with some pity, but mostly relief.

“A-Are you saying that I was better off dead?” She tries to avoid my eyes, but eventually responds to my gaze with one of her own.

“No, I'm just happy that I can tell you that I love you. I loved you then, and I still love you now, as long as you're with me.” I smile warmly at her, waiting for the inevitable bite of love that Alexa will give as a ghoul. Instead, she kisses me deeply while pressing her body against mine, effectively pinning me to the ground.

“Thanks. You always know how to cheer me up, and I love you too. How about we go home now? I'm kind of in the mood right now...”


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