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There's a knock at my door and a pause before it opens, revealing the form of my brother Tomas.

“Hey, Mathis, just so you know, dinner's re-”, he stops in place from the absolute shock of walking in on my 'nightly activities' with my girlfriend, “Nevermind, I'll leave you two alone.”

He quickly shuts the door and leaves with a smirk on his face. I look at my girlfriend who is lying next to me and give her a kiss. She smiles and rests her head against my chest as I softly stroke her silver hair.

“Well, that just happened. How many times has someone walked in on us?” I ask her, wrapping an arm around her.

“Don't care. Not important. Mmm...warm.” She snuggles up against me without any hesitation.

“You're so simple sometimes, but that's what I love about you, Katherine.” As soon as I say her name, she looks up at me with renewed life in her eyes.

“Love you, Mathis.”

“You feeling hungry again?” Even though I just gave her something to eat, there's really nothing that can fully satisfy her; except me, of course.

“Yes. Want energy...yours. Only yours. Happier this way.”

“You said it. I wouldn't want to change this at all...”

We don't say anything else and instead let our bodies communicate with each other. She takes control of everything at times like this, but I don't mind it one bit when I think about what she's been through.

Watching me from afar for 3 years even when I was doing the same thing to a girl who barely even acknowledged me as a man. Then my crush started dating my best friend until she died a year later, only to come back as a Ghoul and act like nothing happened between them. Life really is a complex mystery, isn't it?

After our bed session ends, we both get dressed and walk out into the common room where Tomas hands me an envelope sealed with an intricate skull stamp. I turn it over in my hand, but there doesn't seem to be any other distinct markings other than the stamp on the back.

“Tomas, have you seen this kind of stamp before?”

“Hmm...I'm not entirely sure, but I've seen Ivana get letters with that before. Speaking of which, I've got to head to our room right away. That Lich is much more intense than you guys will ever know. Pay no mind to the horrifying screams of pleasure that you'll hear; it just means I broke her phylactery.” Tomas leaves us both as he goes into the hallway.


“Now that we've addressed that, do you want to read the letter?”

“Yes. Read it to me...please.”

As I remove the seal on the back of the envelope, I feel a chill in the air almost similar to the one I felt when I first met Katherine. Dismissing it as a passing feeling, I slide the letter out of the envelope. It's written in an extremely intricate handwriting and on a very finely smooth paper. If it wasn't addressed to us, I would have assumed that this was the kind of letter exchanged between nobility.

To Miss Katherine,

Although you are a recent addition to the proud Zombie race, you have been shown to have retained much of your previous intelligence as a human. You still understand concepts such as speech, desire, love, dedication, and indifference which is an incredible feat when compared to the other members of your race who can only act through instinct. Over your 2 years of copulation with your husband, you have also accumulated a vast amount of spirit energy. As such, it would be my great honor to invite you to be elevated to the status of Wight, where you will then be regarded as one of the highest classes of undead and given the ability to rule over your own undead kingdom if you so choose to. The ceremony will be in the form of a formal gathering at 6:00 PM tomorrow evening in the cemetery. Please enjoy yourself as much as you'd like with your husband, and remember to dress accordingly.

P.S. Please inform Lady Ivana that she is required to attend every meeting held within the Moon-Bathed Kingdom.

Signed, Lady Viola

“Oh man, this looks serious. What do you think about all this?” I look to Katherine sitting next to me, but somewhat regret it when I see the conflict in her eyes.

“Sounds good, but...don't want to leave you. Still be lovers? Still have fun?” She stares back at me with hope in her eyes, waiting for my opinion before she responds to the letter.

“Yeah, things will still be the same between us, no matter what.”

“Not lying? Promise? Wights known to be arrogant, prideful. Don't want to change. Don't want to lose you too much.”


The next day, we both attend the gathering that was mentioned in the letter. Wights fill the whole cemetery with an overwhelming air of elegance and nobility. Katherine and I quickly feel out of place, but we soon come to realize that we are actually being welcomed here. The first Wight to greet us is the authoress of our invitation letter, Lady Viola. It turns out that she is the ruler of the Moon-Bathed Kingdom which happens to be set right in this very cemetery. She doesn't initially show the haughtiness that is typical of many Wights, but as soon as she leaves us, several human men follow behind her like pets to their master. We are greeted by several more prominent undead figures after Lady Viola disappears from sight, including more Wights, some Ghouls, a few Zombies, and in a rare occasion, a Pharaoh.

For the rest of the party, Katherine and I enjoy ourselves and get accustomed to the high-class life of the undead kingdoms. Soon enough, midnight approaches and everyone grows silent as we prepare for the Zombies' rite into their new titles as Wights. Walking up to the stage they have set up for the event, I quickly stifle my surprise when I see Ivana among the group of Liches that will oversee the ceremony. Once all of the Wight candidates are gathered on the stage, Ivana speaks.

“Friends, fellow undead, and husbands abound, welcome. We are here tonight to induct these individuals into the sacred heritage of the Wights and recognize them not as ordinary citizens, but as well-respected nobles who have risen above others in intelligence, beauty, and spirit energy! This tradition has been long passed down from each generation, and it will continue to do so as long as there emerges gifted individuals such as these who stand before you. With the authority and power given to me, I now name these people not Zombies, but Wights! Now, my newly transformed friends, show us all how much you love your husbands...”


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