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Another hour slowly passes me by while I lie down in the boat. Fishing may not have been the best way to spend my afternoon, but I still enjoy it. Even so, despite the depth of this place only being about 10 feet, I feel uneasy whenever I try to stare into the water. As a child, I had far too many near-death experiences of drowning; so many that now I can barely stay calm, even when I'm submerged up to my waist. The irony of it is that I absolutely love fishing, as if it was a way for me to spite aquatic life without having to confront my fear. I still wish I was onshore for this session, but my father can be very forceful sometimes. He also loves to fish, but despises the fact that I prefer shore fishing. So, at his threat of 'introducing' me to one of the young mermaids he trades with, I agreed to use his boat whenever I come to fish in the lake. Somehow I've adjusted, but I still favor fishing from the shore. However, today seems different.

The last few months of fishing have been good, but now it seems like all of the fish are gone. I always make sure to adjust my quota before I start, so what's the problem today? Damn it, Dad, I told you that using a boat would scare away the fish. Sigh, at least I can catch up on some sleep like this. The water's rocking feels pretty good after all.

I shift myself into a comfortable position and continue to stare up at the clear afternoon sky. Nothing feels out of place on this quiet day. I have yet to encounter a monster girl today and there's really no one else to disturb me since people rarely visit this lake. Eventually, the gentle flowing of the water against the boat brings a feeling of sleepiness that I don't bother resisting. Slowly, I close my eyes and wait for sleep to come. That's how it stays for maybe ten minutes, before my fishing rod moves suddenly.


I don't bother to open my eyes, especially since I've done most of today's fishing like this. I give the fish a few moments of false security before jerking the rod out of the water when it bites again.

-Thwack- -Splash-

My eyes fly open at the sound of wood hitting something other than empty space. I sit upright in the boat and look around for what my rod just struck, hoping it wasn't a living being. Thankfully, I don't see anything other than the fish I caught hanging helplessly from my wooden fishing rod. With a threatening grin, I speak to the terrified creature.

“Now then, I'm feeling quite hungry at the moment, so how would you like to be turned into my lunch? What's that? You would be honored to be eaten by someone as skilled as me? You flatter me, but I'll grant your wish. So tell me, do you prefer filleted or dried? Maybe even salted? Oh, you'll be so delicious no matter how I prepare-”


Suddenly the fish disappears from my hand faster than I can blink. I stare dumbfounded at my now-empty hand trying to process what just happened as I was 'talking' to the fish. My hand opens and closes repeatedly as if I'm trying to convince myself I still have something there. Sighing to myself at the realization, I lift up my fishing pole and throw it back to cast again.


Somehow, my pole feels extremely heavy and pulling me backwards. In moments, I'm back to lying on my back against the bottom of the boat. Only this time, there's a monster girl staring at me. Those cold expressionless eyes, the fins adorning the sides of her head, and the dark blue color of her hair can only mean one thing: Sahuagin. Normally, I don't care much about them, but this time it becomes personal once I see my catch dangling from her mouth.

“Give me. Back. That. Fish!” I reach towards the fish and tug on it.

She doesn't let go no matter how hard I pull, and her eyes seem to be judging me more than anything. After a few minutes of effort, the Sahuagin disappears under the water's surface, but not without dragging me down with her. Panic enters me as soon as I plunge into the lake and my body moves in a frenzy to free itself from the wet prison it now finds itself in. I've long let go of the fish that brought me into this mess, but now I'm beyond terrified as I re-live all of the trauma I developed over the years due to my fear of drowning.

It's just like that time; no one's coming to save me now, though. There's no way this can be the end. I've barely become an adult, and I still don't know anything about marriage, so why now? Why does it have to be now when my life ends? Dad, I'm sorry for not being able to continue the family line and for not passing on the family secrets. Mom, thanks for always putting up with me and Dad. You really do have the patience of a saint...

I can't hold my breath any longer and so I open my mouth to take in a huge amount of water. The water quickly fills my throat and as I try to breath, more enters. It doesn't take long for me to lose consciousness, but I slowly make out the shape of a girl above me when I reach out with the last of my strength.


-Poke poke...crash!-

“Bwah! Puh! Buuuhhhh!”

I open my eyes to the feeling of something slamming against my torso. Not only does it crush me, it grinds my body like trying to squeeze something out of me. I realize what's really happening when the water spurts out of my mouth again. I didn't expect anyone to be able to save me, but I'm apparently wrong when I look up at my savior: the Sahuagin who put my life in danger originally. She still has that same expressionless mask, but I can somewhat recognize the feeling of concern when I look into her eyes. The dripping wetness of her form means that it was quite recently that she saved my life, so I thankfully didn't take in too much water. She puts her head against my chest to listen to my heartbeat, still unaware that I'm fully awake, so in an effort to tease her I pull her head back to me when she starts to lift herself up. There is no reaction in her face as usual, but her eyes display an intense mix of emotion ranging from surprise, anger, relief and even worry. I almost regret my small prank, but then she presses herself against me as her face reddens. I would enjoy this affection, but my stomach disagrees as it growls in hunger. The Sahuagin gets off right away and offers a hand, helping me to my feet. She then gestures to a plate of food to her side, offering it for me to eat. It looks like slices of fish, but it's delicious nonetheless. After I finish, I look at the Sahuagin girl who seems eager to hear my thoughts.

“The fish was really good. I'm a little annoyed that you used my fish for it, but I forgive you. With cooking like that, you'd make a great wife someday.”

I look back at my boat floating on the lake for a few minutes, then turn back to the Sahuagin only to be met with the sight of her (rather cute) naked body. It doesn't take long for me to figure out what I accidentally said as she tackles me back to the ground and starts tearing apart my clothes to get me ready for 'marriage' as it's known by monster girls.


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