A/N: Hello there and welcome to my first fanfic on this site! Normally, fanfic isn't my sort of thing, but for this I just couldn't help myself! After spending some time on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia wiki, and beating Monster Girl Quest, so much admiration and creativity filled me that I had to write at least a few fanfics for monster girls. And this is what I came up with: the Monster Girls One-Shot Collection. Each chapter will involve a scenario with a monster girl and their daily needs as a monster, mostly how they interact with human males. Since these are all one-shots, they obviously have no relation to each other at all and can be read in any order you choose. The general rule for these is 750-1000 words each chapter, so expect fluff and little, if any sexual content. All set? Let's get started!


I step out of the shower feeling refreshed and invigorated after a rough night of sleep. It is early in the morning, the rare time in which I am free to pursue my own ambitions and also my time to thank the world for the small blessing that has come into me life recently. A quick few minutes to myself are all I need before I walk into the kitchen to cook breakfast. Cracking a few eggs into a sizzling pan and setting some plates out on the table, my ears prick up to the sound of a soft 'nyaaan' floating down the hallway to my left. I smile since this could only mean one thing: she's awake. Although I didn't expect her to wake up until the afternoon, this is a welcome change of pace. It's been almost a year since my girlfriend started living with me and surprisingly, we get along just fine despite her natural urges. Whenever I look upon her figure, I still blush heavily at her cuteness and she loves that about me. Seeing her this morning is no different from usual: the first thing I look at is her ears, light-brown and drooping in response to such an early wake-up call followed by those hypnotic golden eyes that I have fallen in love with. The first thing she does once she sees me is grab hold of my arm and press her breasts against it.

"G-Good morning" I nervously say to her when she starts rubbing up and down my arm.

"Nyan~, it's always a 'good morning' with you~. When will 'breakfast' be done? I'm feeling so warm right now..." She asks me, letting a furry paw slide down my shirt and end at my crotch.

Ungh...this is way too much to handle so early in the morning! Didn't I just 'cool her off' all day yesterday? Don't tell me she's still not satisfied!? I don't mind shaking the house, but this can't be a daily affair! Sigh, calm down, we still need to have breakfast first. A real breakfast, not 'that' breakfast.

My mind has long since grown used to these kinds of thoughts, but now it is all starting to take a toll on me.

I finish cooking the eggs as best as I could with her clinging to my arm and rubbing my pants lustfully before adding some fish into the pan. Instantly, she straightens up at the scent of cooking fish and gives me a lick on the cheek.

"Cooked fish first thing in the morning? Darling, you're so sweet! Well, just this once, I suppose I can hold myself back until lunch. But really, all of this love you're showing me makes it so hard to control myself." She sits down at the table after warning me and I make a mental note to be careful not to arouse her any further.


"Can I have you now? Please?"

"Sorry, honey, you're gonna have to wait until tonight for your treat."

Having finished our breakfast, my girlfriend and I are relaxing on the living room floor sharing a warm embrace with each other. She thought it would be funny to stroke my spine with her tail while I was carrying the empty plates; that was when I told her that I would stop petting her. It turned out to be a mistake, for as soon as the dishes were put in the sink and I walked into the living room, she pounced on me. Her monster strength is something amazing, or rather terrifying, but thankfully I have yet to push her over the edge until she forces me to satisfy her.

The most she is doing to me now is rubbing her body against me, a perfectly harmless act if it was just that. The thing is, coming in direct contact with monsters arouses desire in human men as well as slowly corrupt them; I am no exception to this. The longer I look at her, the more I see myself plunging deep into her gorgeous body. I love this girl on top of me, this werecat whom I have known for 2 years when she was disguised as a cat. She makes it no secret how much she loves me back; she goes into heat every 2-3 days, so it's obvious enough. The immense lust already present in my body continues to push me over the edge, warping my thoughts until I can no longer think about anything else but her.

"You know what? I think waiting until tonight is too long, don't you think?"

"Nyan~, I agree with you completely. Let's not waste any time, shall we? I've been holding this back for four days now, so we're going at it for the rest of the day again..."


A/N: Oh, how I love werecats! They are just so playful and get so passionate when it's time to mate. Not a bad story in my opinion, but it could be better don't you think? Each of these one-shots has the potential to become a full-blown chaptered story, but for now I'm going to keep making these. The next one-shot will feature a monster I had recently learned of called the Black Harpy. Please, leave a review if you feel like it and don't hesitate to talk to me about this or anything else you'd like to know.