A/N: Welcome back for another helping of...the Monster Girl One-Shot Collection or the MGC as I call it. This time around, we've got the Black Harpy taking the spotlight! Black harpies are a subspecies of harpy that are much more loving than their roving cousins, and well you'll see soon enough. I had a lot of fun writing this piece and frankly, I've never heard of black harpies until reading about them on MGE, so I hope this chapter will accurately display their good points in addition to the obvious lust they have as monsters. And...action!


"Haaaah, what a wonderful day...definitely worth getting up early to enjoy this warm sunrise before everyone else." I joyfully announce to the sleepy world around me.

I stretch myself some more, not wasting any time to climb up the mountain path leading away from my village. Sure, living in a remote village somewhere in the mountains was tough, but the daily hikes I take every morning are more than enough for me. The route I take changes with each walk, but they all end up at a large cliff that gives me a perfect view of the sun just before it rises over the mountaintops. We call it 'Harpy's Roost' in our village, but I never quite understood the name or the legend behind it. It's said that once every year, dozens of winged creatures descend upon our village to abduct young men and be forced to mate. Harpy's Roost is the home of a special group of harpies that are supposedly the most forceful and hated even more than the ordinary harpies.

"What a stupid story, hahaha. 'People with wings' they said, 'aggressive, sex-obsessed monsters', they told me. What a load of lies they tell to the kids..." I joked to myself as I sit here on Harpy's Roost. Nothing odd has ever happened on my trips here, and I doubt anything ever will. As a precaution, I always keep my hunting knife on my belt in case I run into any dangerous animals. I'm skeptical of Harpies, but I'm not completely ignorant of monsters in general. The sunrise always calms me down and today I feel a particular sense of peace wash over me. Rarely do I ever take naps out here on this cliff, but now feels like one of those moments...


There's a strange sensation touching my body. It's soft and warm, but also forceful with a certain confidence to it. I don't know what it is, but I don't hate it either. I guess dreams really do feel like real if one thinks about something hard enough. Now if only, these sensations weren't so focused around my groin...wait a minute, here.

"Aaahh!" I scream loudly as I find a girl with black feathers huddled closely to my pants.

I scramble to my feet in an instant, shuffling away from the strange girl who was only seconds away from removing my pants. My breathing is out of rhythm and my heart is ramming against my chest, but my eyes won't turn away from the girl sitting a few feet away from me. Short black hair that barely touched her shoulders, a slim body that's filled out in all the right places, and looking at them from afar, her black feathers give off a serene and protective feeling. She doesn't look at all surprised, more like encouraged as she leisurely crawls over to where I am trembling and smiles as she stares into my eyes.

"You're finally awake; good. I wanted you to be awake for our marriage, so I wouldn't have to force you into it." Her voice echoes softly across the mountain air as I frantically try to regain my own voice.

"M-Marriage? But I don't even know you're name..." I try to keep confidence in my voice, but I know she can pierce through it.

"We'll get to know each other very well soon enough. You should consider yourself lucky to be my mate. I can't wait until I lay my first egg with you. Let's get started!"

With that said, she climbs on top of me as I lay on my back, powerless against her. Using her clawed wings, she swiftly removes my pants, exposing me to the elements. However, this is only a minor problem for me as she undresses in the next instant. I can only stare, not in fear but in she really this forward with everyone she meets? My question is answered when she presses her lips against mine as I am swept into her pace of ravaging passion. My last thoughts were slowly shifting as I began to lose my inhibitions to these new sensations.

Why do I feel so relaxed right now, even when I am clearly being violated by this girl. She is so beautiful, I almost want to take her just like she is doing now. What is this I'm feeling? It's not bad at all, more like I feel that being this harpy's husband might actually be enjoyable...


A/N: Careful there, buddy, you know monsters mate for life, don't you? Well, it's not like he didn't completely fall under her spell so I guess that's alright. I've always liked harpies, but once I read up on the black harpies, I've taken a liking to them. The next story will have a mantis girl as the heroine and a warning to you all: Lemon incoming! The only way for me to correctly portray the finer points of a mantis' personality is to include a lemon, so those of you who do not want to read about such things may skip over this one. The 4th in the series will be done with scylla, so that will most likely be fun to read!