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Another tree falls in the forest. That makes three so far; halfway to my daily quota. Working in this forest is hard, but I don't mind being here in the slightest. All of my other crew members complain about the different monster girls living in here and how the demon-influenced trees turn a poor profit. I tell them the same thing every time I hear it: "You guys are only afraid because you are weak. Do your jobs and we can all be out of here sooner." Lazy cowards, all of them. We all know the risks of taking jobs like these and yet the other guys still feel like complaining. I suppose it's not entirely their fault, though. Most of them have never even seen a monster, let alone be attacked by one. Only a handful of us, myself included, have encountered a monster girl and escaped with barely any lasting effects. There isn't a time where a monster girl won't attack us, and today is especially dangerous since it's mating season for most of them in this forest.

Rustling comes from the undergrowth behind me and on instinct, I dive to the side barely dodging a pair of sweeping green scythes. I was waiting for the next time a monster would show up. I turn back to face my attacker and she doesn't look at all fazed by my reflexes. I've never seen her kind before, either; I would remember seeing a mantis girl. Compared to the other insect monsters in this forest, this girl is rather cute. She has an slim athletic frame, and her two antennae coming over her short brown hair compliment her small face quite well. The only thing I find off-putting is the permanent blank stare that she seems to be giving me.

"..." She doesn't even have the courtesy to speak to me before lunging at me.

"Whoa, easy there", I say to her as I continue to sidestep, "I know it's mating season and even you can't resist your instincts, but there has to be someone else you could choose as your mating partner..."

I look to where I last saw my other crew members, only to find them naked, pinned, and getting busy with various monster girls. The disappointment in me is...substantial, to say the least. Somehow in my small moment of concern for my friends, I find myself falling steadily to the ground; she got me and I can't escape from this.


"Dammit! Get off!"

I struggle as much as I can to get her off of me before she forces me to enter her. This is the point of no return: her clothes are scattered around us (mine were shredded by her scythes), she has me steadily approaching her entrance, and I'm starting to become attracted to this girl. The most I can do is shift her slightly, but she is still stronger than me. With a strained grunt at her urging, I thrust inside her for the first time. She must have been a virgin, for as soon as I am brought into her, I see the tell-tale trail of blood flowing from her gate. Along with her bursting walls, I have a clear view of an ever greater transformation on her face. The expressionless mask that she always wore before this is recklessly breaking apart and I can see the lust clouding her eyes with small hints of euphoria making themselves present to me. Without warning, she lets out a soft moan and not long after I do the same. I can see from the look on her face that she is highly pleased with this and I'd be lying to myself if I wasn't enjoying it as much as her. In a slow purposeful motion, she starts to move and thrust me deeper and deeper into her while she holds an expression of absolute pleasure on her face. Gradually, she speeds up and soon we are well into our lovemaking. Even with the rapid movements she seems to enjoy making, she is being very careful with me, taking my waning stamina into consideration as she switches between fast thrusts to deep passionate love.

"'re really good for a first-timer." I make no effort to hide my satisfaction with her.

All she does is smile; not just any smile, but a genuine one. It fills me with a heavenly pleasure that outclasses anything she could physically do to me while we're connected. In that moment, I no longer can see her as the mantis girl who savagely attacked me, but as someone who might not be as bad as I initially thought. I've been told that monster girls consider themselves married once they are able to mate with a human male and now, despite all of my previous reluctance, that idea doesn't seem so bad if it means I get to spend my days with this mantis girl.


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