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Watching the waves crash against the shore is what ignites a surfer's spirit, they say; at least that's how I see it. There's nothing I want to do more than to find the perfect wave and ride it out, all the way across the shoreline. However, such a thing is impossible, even if I'm one of the best surfers in town. I just can't sit still though, and let dozens of chances pass me by. The sight of crashing waves is soothing, but the allure of surfing on them is inspiring. I grab my surfboard and stand up, taking off into a sprint towards the water. Today's the day that I fulfill my dream.

The weather channel predicted strong winds towards the shore, so there might be a chance for bigger waves this time. Hardly anyone is on the beach at 4:00 AM, so I can keep practicing without having to worry about crashing into swimmers or other surfers.

I hold my board tight to me as I paddle out to about 200 meters offshore where the waves are really fierce. Checking the area around me, there doesn't seem to be anyone out this far, so I can wipe-out without any worries. A few minutes pass by before I manage to catch a wave and ride it for five meters. I move back to my spot to look for my wave, and as soon as I get myself ready, I find it coming a few meters behind me. As lucky as I am, I won't be satisfied until I can ride this all the way back to the beach. Suddenly, just as I manage to get my board onto the wave, huge octopus tentacles wrapped around my waist and pulled me into the deep blue ocean.

Everything darkens as my world fills with nothing but water, the occasional sea creature passing me by as I am plunged deeper and deeper into this aquatic world. I struggle intensely to free myself from these powerful tentacles, but with each attempt my strength fades even faster and I can barely stay conscious. Eventually, my vision starts to blur and the light from the early sunrise begins to disappear. My life is coming to an end, and I have no control over it. I pass out as soon as I feel my back against something squishy and slimy, probably my captor.


Is this really how I die? Alone without ever finding that perfect wave? I don't even have my board with me, and I never got say good-bye to everyone. It's so dark in here, and...wet. Heaven's supposed to be a bright and warm place, isn't it? Then where am I? Who is that talking to me? What are you saying to me? It sounds like a conversation between two voices.

“ sorry...”


“ died...air...underwater...”

“It's okay, just...him somewhere...breathe.”


'Breathe'. That's the one thing no human can do in the deep ocean. So why is it that I don't feel any pain when I try to breathe? I'm skeptical at first, but after a few more tries I actually feel better. My strength seems to return to me with each rush of air I take and soon I open my eyes. My first sight in life again is a nondescript stone ceiling. I blink a few times and the salty smell of ocean water flows into my nostrils. I can't believe it, after I had given up all hope of surviving today, I did it: I am alive! I sit up in a whirl and take a look around. I'm in some sort of underwater grotto and it looks like I'm alone. Then, I see her there on the water's edge. Shimmering auburn hair, soft blue eyes, and a faint blush across her cheeks...why haven't I seen her before? My eyes travel all over her body from her bountiful chest to the purple tentacles that seem to act as her legs. The only clothes I can see on her are a bikini top and a pareo. I've seen her kind before and I'm often warned by the lifeguards about them, but I just can't remember what the name was. Either way, even with those odd tentacles, she still looks quite cute in my eyes. I slowly get up and walk closer to her and sit down on the edge of the stone floor.

Before I can open my mouth to speak, four of her 'legs' wrap themselves around my waist and pull me close to her. She gives a warm, tight embrace and softly speaks to me in an angry, but relieved tone.

“Thank the Demon Lord. I thought I had killed you...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for threatening your life like that.”

I can't help but return her embrace and rest my head on her shoulder. She may have kidnapped me, but it doesn't look like she did it out of bad intentions.

“I'm still alive, so there's nothing you should be sorry for. I don't know why you brought me here, but I don't plan on leaving you alone.”

“If I told you...would you think badly of me?” She asks as she nuzzles my neck.

“I can't think of any bad intentions if you were crying over me. I'll probably like you more if you told me why though.”

That gets her flustered, as she pushes away a few inches while keeping me close with her tentacles. She refuses to meet my eyes, but I can tell that she is more excited than irritated despite the act she tries to put on.

“W-Well, you'd better be falling in love with me by now. You're the one I chose to be my husband after all, s-so you can't ever leave me, okay?”

“Depends on how tight you can hold onto me, my dear.” I say no more and lean forward, bringing her into a tender kiss.


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