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“Wow...we're so high up!”

“If it's you, I can fly us anywhere!”

“Really? Then, can you take us to the castle's rooftop?”


Those were some fond memories of when we were kids, long before we both signed up for the Dragoons. We both had dreams of fighting alongside each other, keeping each other safe, maybe even get married. Who would have known that we'd be separated, simply because some rich knight crippled me during training? Three years later, I still miss her, that wyvern who has been my best friend since we were born. I've recovered steadily since that jerk broke the bones in my right forearm, but I'll never be able to hold even a sword again, forget lances. The most I can use with my arm this way is a dagger, and even then I can't rejoin the Dragoons. To make things worse, that asshole didn't even stop with my right arm. Thanks to a 'stray' arrow that flew from his bow, my left eye is no longer an asset to me. I was asked to leave the Dragoons while he replaced me as the partner to my wyvern; it isn't fair at all. While I'm posted here as castle lookout, that arrogant jerk is fighting alongside her on the front lines.

“Hey, Rook, break time's over! Cap needs you on the east turret right away!” One of my colleagues calls out to me.

“Be there in a minute!” I stand up and start to trudge over to my post. The days are so long when you're alone...

Stop that wyvern!” “Someone grab her!” “Look out! Get down!

All of the guards are shouting and pointing at the sky. My pace quickens and I sprint to get inside tower ahead of me. 10 meters...6...4...almost there...except, I never make it. At the moment I reach out to grab my fellow knight's hand, I am hoisted up into the air. Everyone just gawks skyward as I flail randomly in a panic, trembling at the thought of being dropped from this height. From my position, I can make out the sight of a scaly tail, and two grand forest-green wings but nothing more since my left eye is useless. I twist myself towards to the front to predict where this wyvern was headed, but all I can see is the castle itself which is rapidly approaching me at terrifying speed!

Aaaahhhh!” I cry out, waiting for the inevitable to come.

It didn't, and instead the wyvern makes a sharp ascent to lift me above the castle wall. She drops me on my back once we are over the rooftop and then circles the sky a few more times. My heart nearly implodes with fear as I see her suddenly dive down towards me, only to swerve upwards again. Finally, after a few more close encounters, she lands gracefully a few meters in front of me.


We just watch each other, waiting for someone to make the first move, anything to break the tension between us. In an instant I know who she is, there's only one person I know with this light brown hair and firm face to match those green wings. There is no mistake: it's my best friend whom I've know since childhood. The question is, why is she here and why did she grab me? Glancing at her, I can't seem to find any ill intent coming from her. It would only make sense to ask her the most obvious question at this point.

“Why are you here instead of the battlefield? What happened to your partner?”

“Is that all you have to say to me after we're finally back together again?” She sounds angry, but there's a hint of sadness also.

“No, I'm just...surprised, and relieved that you still remember me after what that guy did to us. I thought I had lost you to him forever...I'm happy that you're back.” For once in these three years we've been apart, I don't feel so alone anymore.

“To answer your questions, that asshole died in the field a few weeks ago and no one wanted to deal with a wild girl like me, so they just let me go.” That sounds like a lie if I've ever heard one.

“You're in the Dragoons, though. They can't 'just let you go'. You can still fly and fight, so why are you here?”

“W-Well, I need a new partner and there isn't anyone else I know who can do it besides you. Plus, I've missed you a lot, and I want us to live those dreams we had when we agreed to sign up together.” She's struggling to say something else, but what it is remains a mystery.

“You know as well as I do that it won't happen. I can't hold a sword anymore, and with only one eye, I'll probably get you killed. Then what would I do? How could I live with myself knowing I killed my best friend? I'm glad you came here to see me, but we both know this can only end badly.” The words are bitter coming out of my mouth.

“It's fine. Most of the Dragoons are used for scouting so there isn't any danger to us, and you can still get in as long as your eyes are good.” The way she says it reminds me that she doesn't take 'no' for an answer.

She walks towards me until our chests touch. Then, she looks at me with a certain longing lust before pressing her lips against mine. We've kissed before, but this one is on an entirely different level.

“Maybe I'll take you up on that offer after all.” It's hard to argue with the girl you love.

“Good, because I want our first time to be something special. Hope you can satisfy me after three long years of self-restraint.”


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