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“Tch, I knew I should've kept a closer eye on those two...”

No matter where I search, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. This hallway closet is the last place I could have stashed away the valuable item. It's only reasonable to assume that Sakuya took it without a word to anyone. Despite how she appears, Sakuya is the more devious of those two. She is always the the one to take things too far whenever she pulls pranks with Asuka.

“Kisuke, there no need to worry so much. I'm sure those twins will be just fine. It's not like you needed that necklace anyway, right?”

I stop my hands for a sparse moment to look incredulously at my Youko wife.

“You don't get it, Yuuko! That necklace attracts all sorts of misfortune to the holder! Just the thought of our little girls getting into trouble (more than usual) makes me frantic with worry. I've almost been killed while holding on to the damned thing! What do you think will happen to our little girls!?” I shout with hurried breaths.

“...I care about them too, you know...” Yuuko whispers.

Curious, I stop my frenzied searching to look back at her. Strong-willed as my Youko wife may be, she has the most fragile threshold when it involves our daughters. The tears flooding her golden eyes are being forced back with tremendous effort, but I can tell that it won't last much longer. With a visibly soft smile, I slowly approach her and close my arms around her shaking form. She does the same, wrapping us together with her furry tails and letting herself take comfort in my warmth. Her tears are in full-effect now, silently streaking her cheeks wet with deep sadness. I nuzzle closer to her, lightly resting my head against her slender shoulder while she grabs handfuls of my auburn hair for comfort.

“...I don't want our little girls to get hurt like you were. I'm sorry for yelling at you, Yuuko.” I softly whisper an apology so faint that it almost doesn't disturb our fragile silence.

“I know, and that's what scares me. If they were injured in their fox forms...I don't know if I could take it...” Yuuko sobs softly, but maintains a small shred of composure.

“I'll do everything I can to make sure that never happens. Besides, Drake's with them, isn't he?” I make a small joke to shift us away from anymore sorrow.

“Heehee, how does that make it any safer for them? He's not exactly reliable...” Yuuko manages to crack a warm smile amid her sobbing, trying to lighten her mood.

“No, but he cares about those close to him. He wouldn't let those two cry over anything; that is the one thing I trust about him.”

“Drake's grown on you, hasn't he? You used to be so hostile towards him when you two first started working together.” Yuuko teases, drying her tears while keeping a smile on her face.

“...Yeah. I guess I've gotten a bit of his optimistic attitude over the years. I think we should just sleep normally tonight. This whole argument's taken enough of a needless toll on the both of us.” I suggest, hoping that Yuuko will accept it instead of asking me to-

“You're right. It's better for us to turn in early tonight; I'm suddenly feeling exhausted. Will you still snuggle with me, though?” Yuuko pleads shyly.

“Of course, my love. I can never fall asleep without you in my arms; your fluffy tails are nice too. And before you ask: yes, I am going to call Drake before we go to sleep. You don't have to worry so much about Asuka and Sakuya.”

“...Will I ever stop falling in love with you, Kisuke?” Yuuko whispers with amorous eyes as she peeks out from behind our bedroom door.

“No, because I will never stop chasing after your heart.” I poetically reply, reaching in my yukata for my cellphone.


-Ring Ring Ring-

-Click- “Hello?” A distinctly casual voices asks from the other end.

“Drake? Is this a good time to call?” I politely inquire.

“Huh? Uh, yeah. I mean, it's a good time as any. I was kinda wondering how late you'd call me.” His sweet voice and insults put a sour taste in my mouth.

“Listen, did you happen to see anything out of place with my daughters today? Maybe some odd occurrences started up at some point?” I question with a calm voice.

If I asked him bluntly, he'd probably think of some crazy plan involving me. I really need to find a way to deal with his sociopathy one day...

“ that you mention it, Sakuya has been a bit strange since she got here.”, I hold my phone closer to my ear to hear the details, “...She's found her future husband, huh?”

“...What.” With all the time I've spent with Drake, sometimes not even I can tell what he's talking about.

“She always used to be so clingy towards me in her early years, even more than Asuka is. So, I figured out that she must have a certain boy in her eyes, which is why she gets so flustered whenever I hug her.” Drake sure loves to prove himself right in some way or another.

“...Drake, I appreciate the feigned ignorance you're putting on for Sakuya's sake. However, I need to know if you saw her wearing a particular accessory; one you made for me.” I ask directly, trying not to get too anxious.

“Oh, you mean that. I saw her wearing it as I was telling my story; is there something wrong with that?” Drake's voice gets serious for once, though he was never lying to me in the first place.

“Doesn't it...cause bad luck to the wearer?” I ask out of worry.

“What? Hell no! It's works fine for Mamomo. Humans just bring out the worst effects; kind of like how I feel about them. It works the opposite way for Mamono, though: it attracts Humans and provides good luck.” His happy-go-lucky tone shows through once again.

“All I need to know is if Sakuya will be safe under your care.”

“Kisuke, you've known me for more than 10 years now. Am I really the sort of person to let my loved ones get hurt?”

I smirk at his words reminding me of how foolish I can be. His infectious optimism really is his one defining feature, and it has often saved me from a decade of unnecessary worry.

“Sigh...make sure they don't wander around the city, okay?”

“ I think I'll getting to sleep right about now, see ya!”


That guy...always dragging people along to his own pace; not like it's a bad thing.

I laugh to myself as I put m phone away and get ready for bed as well as the next day.


-Moo!- -Boing Boing!-

I blush hotly at the sight of those massive mounds that try to draw me in with their soft bounciness. In the past, I would be sexually assaulted/harassed if any of the Mamono working here caught sight of me. It got to the point where I often had Yuuko come here in my stead. Now I just wear a festival mask with an impassive fox design to keep her presence close. I stand around waiting in a field of grass, surrounded by vegetables of both the Human world and the Demon Realms. One patch is filled with cling vegetable, another with wrapping vegetable, and I can somewhat see a grove of couple's fruit in the distance. There's a small house hidden away in the shadow of several maple trees, but despite how out-of-place it may seem, it fits perfectly with the farm-like scenery as a whole. Every few months, I frequently place an order for milk from a particular group of Holstaur sisters whom I've known when I was growing up as a young child. I used to wander here whenever I was bored or feeling lonely before I met Yuuko that one fateful day. In fact, it was in one of these very pastures that I met the woman who was to become my wife.

“Kisuke~! Glad you could stop by~!” A spacey voice calls calls out to me from across the fields.

Running to me at a high speed is a Holstaur wearing a set of overalls that are just a bit too big for her.


“Aya!”, I cry out to her as I rush to meet her, “Are you okay?”

Aya is one of the Holstaur sisters living here and the one I'm most familiar with. My history with her stretches further back than even my days with Yuuko. She's been my oldest friend outside of my family, and my closest confidant at times.

“Ehehehe...that was a nasty fall, but I don't think it caused much damage. Ow, it's good to see you again, Kisuke.” Aya stands back up and smiles at me.

“Save it for later, you clumsy girl. I can already tell that your leg is bleeding. There's no need to try and tough it out.”

I lower myself to a knee and offer my shoulder for Aya to lean on. She still tries to act tough like her older sister, but I honestly prefer her being the genuine and honest ditz that she usually is. Aya accepts my aid and leans against my shoulder, her short black-and-white hair brushing against my cheek. Normally, getting this close to a Holstaur would be dangerous, but I trust my old friend to keep her Mamono instincts in check.

“ have things been for you three?” I ask, slowly walking along with Aya to support her injured leg.

“We're doing fine; enough to live comfortably each day. I really wish you would visit more often, though. It feels a bit lonely sometimes when I think about how far ahead you've gone compared to me. How are your daughters doing?”

“Just fine. They can be a bit...adventurous sometimes, but after cleaning up Drake's antics, it's only a small problem.”

Aya's furry ears move on cue at the mention of the Director's name. From what I can recall, the two of them have only met a few times after their first meeting when Asuka and Sakuya were born. What she thinks of him is none of my concern.

“I take it that Drake is also watching over them for you?” Aya curiously asks me.

“Yes. He is one of few people that I would trust with my daughters' safety. I'm almost jealous that he is so...natural at taking care of them.”

Almost jealous, Kisuke? What makes you think differently?”

As we near the farm house where Aya and her sisters reside, I set her down carefully on the low porch jutting out from the front entrance. I take a few quick moments to use the pitifully tiny extent of my healing magic to close the wound on Aya's leg. My hands glow warmly as I touch the wound and soon enough, the leg is healed. With a smirk, I pat her on the head as I sit beside her.

“Years of looking after you and Rei-chan have gotten me used to raising children.”

Aya jabs me playfully in the arm and presses her breasts up against me with a clear pout on her face.

“That's mean, Kisuke! We weren't that bad as kids! Besides, we're all adults now, so there's no point in bringing that up now.”


Well then...I'm certainly not disagreeing with that fact. She's grown far larger than I've ever imagined. I wonder if there's an equal softness with their size...NO! This is getting a bit too dangerous! I can't dare turn my back on Yuuko!

I try to get some distance between us by pushing Aya away, but my hands stop when they feel a surprisingly fluffy sensation. For a few long minutes, both of us are frozen in place trying to think of a way to make the situation less awkward than it currently is. A blush creeps across both of our faces, not from the placement of my hands, but from how close our faces are. I can literally feel the growing heartbeat in Aya's chest, and I'm sure that her sensitive ears can sense my own as well.

“Kisuke...this is...really embarrassing...” She whispers in an uncharacteristic voice.

“Er...Aya...I'm sorry.” I apologize with a whisper of my own.

“N-No, it's...fine. I don't really mind it at all. You came here for that, right?”

“Um...oh, yes! That! I almost forgot. Asuka and Sakuya have been asking me about getting some more recently; that is, if you don't mind providing some more.” I request with a hint of want mixed into my voice.

“Of course, it's all right. If it's for you, I'd give you as much as you want.”


Aya and I are inside her house, but instead of being greeted by her sisters like I usually am, there's a still silence in the normally-lively household. Before I have a chance to ask any questions, Aya takes my hand and guides me her somewhat small dining room.

“So...did Haru-nee and Rei-chan go on an errand? They don't usually travel if they know that I'm coming to visit.” I inquire as I take a seat.

“Ehehehe...I forgot to tell them that you were coming over, so they decided to take a trip to the city for supplies. They're usually gone for the whole day whenever they make these trips.” My old friend flushes hotly as she shyly explains.

“I guess it's okay if only the two of us are here; I trust you, Aya.”

“...Mhmm...” Aya cutely blushes and nods.

I may seem aloof of Aya's obvious hints of affection, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It would only be natural for me to have fallen in love with her since we've known each other practically since birth; but there lies the problem. Just as we know each other's charms, we also know of our faults. Aya may be clumsy, overly-sensitive, slightly dim, and even a bit of a crybaby...but she accepts those faults for what they are and works them into an advantage. As she is now, she is far above the beauty of any Holstaur I've ever met in my lifetime.

But someone like me would only make her recoil in disgust...especially someone like me. I'm no longer the compassionate and kindhearted idealist that can just lay with any woman that interests me. As a Hero, I've done things that I regret to this day. I killed Mamono and Humans alike in order to satisfy the desires of others, simply because I thought it was the right thing to do. Often, I'd been tempted to have spend late nights with several associates of mine just to get information. Fortunately, it came to was a deep kiss and a sensual caress at most. Even my relationship with Yuuko could have ended up like those others, if she didn't drag me out of my hole of self-pity. I don't want Aya to-



My jaw drops instantly when I figure out what just happened. While I was stuck in my thoughts, Aya must have walked behind my seat and hugged me, wrapping her slender arms lovingly around my neck. Due to our positions, my head is effectively buried between the softness mounds that are her breasts. The blood is rushing through my body in a rushed panic, and I'm sure that my face is set in a scarlet glow. I refuse to look up at her with all my might, worried that I could trigger her instincts and cheat on Yuuko.

“You don't need to try so hard to hide your feelings, Kisuke. I could never be upset at you. I already know that you're trying your hardest to change, and I can see that you can never turn back to the innocent and bright boy that I once loved as a child. So please, let me at least be close to this Kisuke...the one who is trying so hard to come back into my life and rekindle the friendship we once had.” She coos with a sweetness in her voice.

“I never could measure up to you, Aya. You were always one step ahead of me when it came to honesty.” I admit with a smile.

-Drip- -Drip-

“...Oh no...” Aya's embarrassment quickly makes a notable presence in her voice.

“I guess now is as good a time as any, old friend.”

“Yes, Kisuke...”

I rise from my seat, my head still stuck between Aya's now-dripping breasts, the faint scent of milk rapidly swelling in the air around us. Without any hesitation, I pry myself free and grab Aya's hand in mine with a forceful tug. She doesn't resist at all but rather moves with me as we go outside of the house to our next destination: the barn. Each of my routine visits always ends at that barn, since it's the most appropriate place for what I came here to do.


Once I fling open the heavy doors, everything we need is already set-up in the center of the earthen floor. I give a nod back at Aya and sit her down on a stool that is placed behind a large metal bucket. With relaxed hands, I slowly slide Aya's overalls down and expose her milky white skin to the cool air of the barn. The fact that she doesn't wear a bra at all makes me all the more aware of massive udders that I was buried in not less than five minutes ago. Her breathing is slowly being reduced to ragged panting as I gently guide my hands along the outline of her form, allowing myself a light touch here and there. This is quickly proving to be too much even for such a well-controlled Holstaur like Aya. Her skin is practically shivering from the electric touch that my hands seem to pass on to her, and the milk leaking from her breasts is growing even thicker than before. Her tail is slowly constricting my waist in an effort to find a sturdy lifeline in case she faints. I feel some discomfort, but nothing remotely close to pain yet. I continue to delicately tease Aya before stopping my hands at her curvy waist. Wrapping my arms lovingly around her, I lean in closely to her.

“Are you ready or would you like more...stimulation?” I whisper seductively amid her sharp breaths of ecstasy before letting loose a hot breath of air into her furry ear.

“Hyaa~! Hah...haa...aahhnn...m-moooorrreee~...” Aya manages to breath out.

I pause for a short moment to let her calm down and regain some of her senses. Then, I move my mouth close to her ear so that I may take away her sanity even further.


“Aaahhnnn~!! Kisuke-sama~!” She cries out in pleasure.

The milk is flowing freely from her mounds now and filling the bucket. However, it still doesn't look like this is the most I can take out of her. I stop licking and use on a more aggressive approach on her. Without letting even a free second pass by, I lightly nip Aya's now-sensitive ear and gradually put on more pressure as her lascivious desires grow. The controlled whimpers and pants that I heard when we started elevate to loud, raucous moans that serve only to encourage me in the milking process. The thick white liquid is readily rushing out of her swollen breasts in a torrent and filling the bucket in mere minutes.

“Haah...aahn...haauuu~! K-Kisuke-sama~! B...hah...bu-...mmnn...bucket!”

As I let go of my Holstaur friend to replace the overflowing bucket, I hear the faint cracking of my bones as her tail squeezes me painfully to relieve some of the pleasure that she is feeling. I endure to torment just enough to set three more buckets in a line, cupping Aya's bountiful mammaries in my hands. With the same light forcefulness that I started with, I finally start massaging her breasts.

“Kisuke-sama~! Kisuke-sama~!” Aya screams wildly along with her moans of pleasure.

She twitches and writhes against my experienced hands, growing loud enough for her moans to echo throughout her entire farmlands. After her erupting mountains start to lose some of their volume, I move my hands inward towards her perky nipples. The puffy wonders are stained with a light coat of whiteness that hides their usual pinkish sheen. I rub them firmly between two fingers on each hand, making sure not to favor one over the other. Aya's moans devolve into animalistic wails and maddening moos that showcase all but her complete surrender to her Mamono instincts. I pinch the nipples firmly with my fingers and start pumping the milk directly from her. Each motion feels like several flood gates releasing in rhythm, as the milk spurts out of her to fill the bucket with a distinct 'ting'. The buckets fill rapidly with a seemingly endless supply of milk coming from Aya's heavenly milkers. I fill a fifth bucket to the edge of overflowing and start moving to gather another set, but then her breasts seem to lose the will to lactate. I grabbed the sixth bucket and placed it in front of Aya, but when I start to milk her, the flowing liquid suddenly seems to stop. Upon closer inspection, her breasts are back to their normal size too; although, her 'normal size' is still above Holstaur standards.

“Five buckets...are you alright, Aya? Was it too much for you?” I ask with concern, since I typically get two bucketfuls from her alone.

“Haah...haah...y-yes. I'll be...fine...I'm just so...happy~. you...Kisuke-sama.” Aya pants while leaning back against me.

“I see. Well, let's get you cleaned up first, okay? You did great today, even better than usual. Are you up for a bath or would you like to rest first?”

“I...wanna take a bath with you. that alright?” Aya shyly asks me, her tail still gripping me tightly as she looks up with longing eyes clouded with a deeply-held love.


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