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“Where is it? Where did you hide it?” She asks forcefully.

“I'll...never...tell...” I breathe heavily as sit here, tied against the chair without a shred of clothing.

“It sounds like you want another 'treatment'. You must be enjoying these by now, hmm?” She lewdly smiles as I see her torturous tool inching closer to my unprotected manhood.

“I won't something like that.” I hold fast as I see then needle-like spines raise and lower in anticipation.

You've lasted far longer than most men would, but everyone has their breaking point; it's only a matter of time...” The monster girl licks her lips in excitement as my member is swallowed instantly.

“Guh, haah, ooh...” I grit my teeth as the creases and bumps inside caress me, alternating between gentle and rough.

At this point my will to fight is slowly being chipped away, but I absolutely refuse to submit under this torture. I vowed to retrieve the treasure at any cost, and I plan to follow through on it. The biggest problem for me is the duration we've been going through this 'little dance'. It's been at least three hours since we started this whole process, without any breaks at all. I honestly don't know what warranted this kind of punishment. Whether it was spiritual or even sentimental in value, I doubt the item in question was worth much in any sense.

“Well? Where did you hide the tablet?” She repeats her question, confident in her persuasion.

“Not...telling...aah~!” I stifle a moan as the intensity of her attack gradually rises and the ridges start to rub even faster.

“Hmm, I guess I'll take your energy now then. And just as you were starting to enjoy it...”

My captor giggles as she makes the ridges and folds press together, sandwiching my stick in a vice-grip of pure pleasure. I grimace as the inevitable release draws near and I'm left hanging at the edge of climax. My breath comes up short and blood starts to rush to my hips as I unconsciously start to thrust forward into the sensations. Then it comes, the release that she's using to slowly whittle down my resistance. I buck my hips and arch my back as I let go, sending more and more energy to her when she starts to pump my trunk with a squeezing motion.


“Mmm, it still tastes delicious after all this time. If I'm not careful, I might get addicted to it. Not that you aren't already...” She teases me whimsically as she continues to extract more.

“Heh, your tail is...disgusting! Agh!” I climax again, straining my face to ignore the pleasure.

“There's no point in lying. You became a prisoner to my tail the second it swallowed your manhood. Come on, make this easy on yourself and just tell me where you hid the tablet...” Her tail starts to jerk me again and she flaps her wings sadistically.

“...” I fall silent as my mind slowly starts to shut down and my resistance retreats knowing that I'll be free from this hell one day.


“Ready to talk today?” The Manticore lifts my head up as my consciousness slowly starts to recover from the previous day's session.


“Trying the silent treatment now? You can't escape from the pleasure, so why not be a good boy and submit already?” She lifts her tail menacingly towards me for another milking, but something feels different now.

“...” I try to say something coherent, but in my mind it sounds like garbled sounds instead of words.

“Oh my, have we finally reached an agreement?” Her tails swishes around, lightly touching me as the spines gently inject me with their venom.


“What was that?” The Manticore leans in close to my face I hear something snapping deep in the foundations of my mind.

Sex!!!” The remaining portion of my rational thought watches in terror as my instincts completely take over, anger taking the helm of my jumbled emotions.

“What are you-aah!” In an instant, I use my renewed strength to break through the ropes binding me and hungrily shove the Manticore on the ground.

Sex, sex, sex... sex!! ” I chant that one word over and over as I start descending into the deepest pockets of madness.

“! Get a hold of yourself! It's not meant to be this way!” The Manticore screams in protest, surprised that the roles are being reversed.

“Sex...” I growl in a low voice as I lightly pass a hand over her breasts, feeling her shiver under my touch.

I continue to tease her with gentle touches and caresses, feeling her body grow warmer. Her eyes are in tears as she looks on and all that comes from her mouth are moans of the growing pleasure that's coming to her. At the same time, I am having an internal conflict to try and stop the insanity that is currently expressing itself through my actions. My hands start to travel to her wings and gently start to stroke them in firm, deliberate motions.

“'s too good~!” She moans loudly, giving off waves of heat as she uncontrollably shakes and turns under my hands.

“Mine.” I whisper into her ear.

This sets her off somewhat, since she quickly wraps her arms around my torso and pulls me close.

“Please do it now~...”

I pull back a bit to look her over again while still slowly feeling up her wings. She looks so defenseless now, unlike the domineering seductress that I had grown used to since my capture. Now that I am really focusing on her, I can see that she is actually a very beautiful person. The lush red hair that I used to look at in disgust now seems more vibrant and inviting. Her soft fur feels warm and calms me slightly as I looks at it. Those brilliant golden eyes of hers no longer regard me with fear, but desire and an empty lust. I press a hand against her modest breasts again as I lean in towards her, my body finally submitting to her wishes. Our lips meet in an explosively passionate kiss while we try to push our bodies closer and closer together.

Suddenly, as we break the gesture, my mind turns an immense white. I don't feel myself losing consciousness, more like my body is being returned to me. All of the previous madness that inhabited my body is slowly receding and I can start to think clearly now. It's emotionally scarring to do something like this while your mind is disagreeing, but I'm glad that I am regaining control before this escalates. Without wanting to burden my mind any more than it is, I abruptly get off the poor Manticore and walk back to my chair where I sit down in my original position. The Manticore, obviously angry and surprised at my actions, just looks at me in disbelief as I resume my usual stoic expression.

“Um, what the hell are you doing?” She asks, a hint of rage filling her voice.

“Everything I've been doing till now has been due to instinct. You see, after the torture you performed yesterday, my mind was left in a fragile state. Combined with the threat of another session today, you could say that I...snapped. I'll tell you where the tablet is so that you won't have to experience my actions again.” I calmly explain to her as I recover.

“Forget it.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said forget it!

In a swift motion, she takes my hand and guides it to her secret garden.

“You feel that? This wetness? That's all from you, and no matter how much you try to pass it off, I really enjoyed it! Didn't you know that you should never tease a girl if you aren't going all the way? You have to finish what you started!” Now, it seems that the Manticore has gone primal, as I timidly see her eyes clouded with intense desire.

“Are you sure you don't want to know-”

“Fuck. Me. Now.” She demands, pulling close to her.

I merely shrug and comply with her request, feeling relieved that I'm free from the torture for now.


“Mmm, I never knew you had that side to you...” The Manticore hugs my arm as we sit in her living room.

“Yeah, I wasn't even aware of it either.” I try to look elsewhere due to this awkward turn of events.

“What's your name by the way?”

“Erm, Sebastian. Why do you-”

“I'm Ava. It's a pleasure to meet you.” She drives the conversation forward without pause.

“What was that stone tablet for anyway? I could get it-”

“It wasn't anything too important; trust me.” Ava coos, leaning in for a quick kiss.

“Well, what was it for?” I accept the kiss, but remain undeterred in my questions.

“It was supposed to be a compass that would point out my perfect husband. However, I don't care anymore. You're the man for me, I'm sure of it.”

“Oh right, since we just had sex, then-”

“Yep, you're my husband, and I wouldn't want it any other way.”

“Aren't you worried that I might just leave with the tablet?” I hesitantly ask, even though I don't really have an intention to escape.

“It won't happen, because you've fallen in love with me.” Ava whispers.

“It doesn't feel any better when you say it aloud.”

“Don't worry, I fell for you too; even before you snapped.”

I stiffen when I hear those words. It's true that I'd always been careful around her before, but to hear that she felt that way about me is...shocking at the very least. Without any confirmation needed, I feel the heat rush to my cheeks and set into a deep blush. I try to look away from Ava, but she just giggles and hugs me tighter.

“You're so cute when you do that.”

“D-Do what exactly?”

“You always look away when you're starting to enjoy something. So does that mean you've fallen even harder for me?”

“D-Don't be ridiculous!” I protest, secretly admitting my growing love for Ava as we spend more time together.


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