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I visibly cringe at the yellow liquid being poured into the glass before me. Of all the places to be sent, this is the one I least expected: a bar. I was told to 'investigate this business', but I'm getting the feeling that my boss just wanted an excuse to tease me due to my hatred of alcohol. Drinking has never made a good impression on me, but for the sake of this job I have to try and persevere. I slowly reach out to grab the handle of the filled glass in front of me, knowing the possible consequences of my actions tonight. Nonetheless, I have an obligation to fulfill as well as my own circumstances which brought me here. My fingers close around the handle and the glass is lifted to my mouth close enough for me to smell the strong scent of the beer. Without any more hesitation, I throw back the glass and take a large sip of the intoxicating liquid.

By the time I put my glass down, half of the beer has already disappeared down my throat and my cheeks are reddened by a deep blush. Everywhere on my body feels hot and my vision is starting to shake and blur, but I push on and lift the glass one more time. I finish off the last of the beer, almost falling out of my seat as imbalance takes its hold on me. The bartender pulls me back up to the counter and says a few words, but I don't hear them. He makes a gesture and suddenly I'm helped up by a Red and Blue Oni on either side of me. They both drag me over to the door and steady me to my feet before leaving me outside. I start walking home, but I don't get very far before I fall over and my memory of the rest of the night is lost.


Yo, Sigs. Wake up, man.” A voice calls out to me in the darkness, “Breakfast is almost ready. You're the last one up, so you're on dish duty!”

...Mngh....zzz....” I try to answer, but I can't seem to find the words.

Right, we'll give you five more minutes. After that, we're eating without you.” The voice tells me with mild irritation.

I slowly start to open my eyes and shake my head free of sleep. The harsh sunlight peeks in through the curtains, assaulting my weakened form. I push myself to get up, but somehow it takes considerably much more effort and even then I can't seem to move. I pull off my blanket and bite my tongue at the sight that greets me. Naked and quite forceful, a beautiful woman is clung to my waist in her sleeping state. I almost scream again when she tightens her hold, but I opt to call for one of my housemates instead.

Uh, hey guys? Can one of you help me out here?”

Silence falls on the room as I feel the woman's chest pressing more firmly against me.

Well a fine morning to you too, Sigfred.” A slender man enters the room with a smirk.

Yeah, good morning Vince. I'll assume you didn't come in just to exchange greetings, so could you help me out of bed?” I ask, annoyed at my friend's sarcastic ways.

Fine, fine. You're the big man after all. Wait, aren't you gonna bring her along too?” Vince points to the woman so closely that he almost pokes her face.

I don't even know who she is...”

Vince gently massages the woman's arms, causing her to relax them and giving me a chance to slip free from my bed. I carefully walk over to my dresser and pick out some casual clothes and walk out with Vince to the dining room where everyone was waiting.

Mornin' Sigs, have fun last night?” Another housemate, Keith, taunts as I sit down.

Don't know what you're talking about. Anyway, what's for breakfast?” I dismissively ask to the cook for the morning.

Special eggs made however you want, and some sausage we bought from some merchants in town. I think we've got some bread up for grabs too.” My last housemate, Garrett, announces.

Are you serious about last night though, Sigs? You don't remember any of it?” Keith raises an eyebrow in genuine curiosity.

All I remember is having a...drink, and walking home. It still doesn't explain the woman in my bed.”

I can inform you about that.” A new, feminine voice cuts into our discussion.

...!!” I am the only one to freeze up, the other guys simply preparing for breakfast as usual.

I look to my immediate right to see the formerly-sleeping woman standing over me. I don't even need another moment to notice the horse ears and lower body that identifies her as a Centaur. She looks down at me with a murky expression, one of both disappointment and annoyance.

My name is Serena, in case you forgot.” She declares, eyeing me sternly.

I'm sorry, I don't remember anything.”


So, Garrett, is breakfast ready?” Vince tries to ease the growing tension between myself and Serena.


After an interesting breakfast (rowdy for the guys, but awkward for me), Serena suggests that I walk with her through the town. I take her up on the offer, trying my hardest not to stare at her. She is wearing a one-piece dress that covers her up well, but it looks great on her even still. I don't mind walking with Serena since I live in a monster-friendly area, but it still unnerves me. I catch glimpses of Serena looking at me, but she always hides it so that I can't be too sure. I don't know what she's thinking, but it seems that whatever happened between us last night is the source of it. Serena is attractive, but I can't help but feel uneasy. Her shoulder-length chestnut hair is lustrous and she is quite fit, especially her-


H-Huh? Did I miss something?” We stop walking in front of a park.

I was telling you about last night.” Serena glares at me with two icy-blue eyes.

Sorry, I was thinking about it too. Could you summarize it again?” were the cause of it all.”, Serena turns her rear end towards me and points to a specific spot, “Apparently you were drinking last night and left for home. Then you...shot an arrow, which hit me here. I yelled at you, but it obviously didn't get through so I helped you home. Then you offered to treat me, and well...we did it.” She shuffles around nervously, but it seems cute above all.

Um...right. So that's why you were in my bed. You're gonna ask me to-”

Please take responsibility and marry me.”

I feared it being that.” I respond, dejected.

You may have been drunk then, but I now know for sure that you truly care for me.”

It clicks right away in my head. Ever since she woke up this morning, she's been testing me the whole way. At breakfast, she watched me to see if I remembered last night; I didn't. Now, on this walk, she's seen me staring at her to test my affections; a clever plan. However, I have no idea what she feels for me, and it feels a little unfair that she can read me like an open book.

Fine. I'll take responsibility.” I let out a deep sigh.

Ah, good. Then-” Serena's face lights up with excitement.


...What do you mean 'eventually'?” The Centaur's face returns to its firm manner.

I don't want to rush anything, even if we had sex. You know so much about me, but I don't know anything about you and it frustrates me. So if you're fine with it, I want to just see you as my girlfriend. I promise I'll marry you someday.”

...” Serena says nothing as I am hoisted up and placed on her back with swift movements.


Hold on tight, we're going to my house. I'll be moving in with you today.”


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