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I don't know if my eyes are open, whether I'm blind, or if there is even anything in front of me. All that I know is that it's dark no matter how I orient myself. I can't even see my hand if I put it in front of my face. The only reason I know it's there is because of my motion with it. My feet don't feel any sort of ground below me and my hands can't seem to find anything within reach as I wave them around. This blind feeling doesn't feel scary to me though. It's almost comforting to be able to float here in this null darkness. There's nothing I really need to worry about aside from how I ended up here, but even that's being pushed far from the front of my thoughts.

Then I finally see something for the first time since I woke up here. A shiny dot crosses my vision as I spin around in the void. I look back and notice it expanding until I can see a golden blade poking through a bright rift in the dark. The blade cuts downward slowly and carefully, sending a sense of foreboding to me. This continues until the blade finally retreats back into the bright tear, leaving me with the only source of light I've seen here so far. I gracefully (or maybe not so gracefully) drift towards the rift with curiosity although common sense dictates otherwise. As I reach a hand out to touch it, someone else's hand comes through and grabs mine. I vigorously try pulling away, but the lack of ground in this void makes it impossible and I'm forced through the tear in the void.

On the other side, I fall into a dimly lit bedroom as my body hits the floor hard. I take a few quick breaths, surprised at how much lighter the air feels than it was in the darkness. After getting my bearings, I can see how barren the room is. It's pure white everywhere I look: white curtains, white wallpaper, white sheets, white closet door, even a white light fixture. The only thing in color against the bleakness is the scantily-clad woman on the bed...wait, what? I shut my eyes for a few moments and open them to confirm this reality unfolding in front of me. A breath of air catches in my throat as I just stare in disbelief. This woman before me is barely wearing anything save for a one-piece red dress that just overflows with temptation. The way it floats against her curves cause heat to course through my body, a blush becoming evident on my face. Her body is curved in just the right places, from her enticing face to her slender legs. She is making a lewd face while curling her finger at me, sending a shiver of anticipation down my spine. Her dark purple hair exudes a deep mystery that I am gradually wanting to dive into, and the pale silver of her eyes captures mine in a hypnotic stare of lust.

“Come, and indulge in the deepest pleasure as you forget about all your troubles...” She whispers to me in soft and husky voice.

“ I?” I defer to the last bit of my rational thought before I let my instincts take over.

“This is a fantasy created by you. I'm here to quell your deepest urges, whatever they may be.” She entreats me again, shifting to the edge of the bed to pull me in closer.

“Is your name as beautiful as you are...?” I ask with difficulty, already taken by her spell.

“Meridia, at your service. And I mean every service.” She emphasizes her words carefully, keeping me bound to her will.

“If there is someone like you in reality, then I think I'll be satisfied.” I wander closer and closer to her, stopping at the edge of the bed to shed my clothing while she does the same.

“Just shut up already.” Meridia hungrily pulls me into a passionate kiss as I feel her shapely breasts press against me.

I personally prefer to take the lead in the bedroom, but Meridia's charms are too much for someone like me. The way she tempts me with smooth lusty words and seemingly commands everything into her own pace makes the whole experience all the more sexy. Meridia pushes me down on the bed and puts me through a whole world of soft touches all from my head to my loins. I respond with an equally powerful assault of my own, but this only serves to edge her on. This continues for a while as I respond to her ever-forceful caresses, both of us pushing each other deeper and deeper into the depths of pleasure. When we can't take anymore, we escalate the feeling by getting right into the act without a wasted moment. I slide right into Meridia who is dripping with excitement as we continue our struggle for dominance.


I don't know how much time has passed, and frankly I don't really care. All that matters to me is that I got the chance to experience the most wonderful pleasure five times in a row. Now that we've had our fun, Meridia and I are just cuddling in the bed while sharing a few intimate stares. I'm saddened by the fact that this is all a dream, but somehow it feels like it could come true. I can already admit that I fell for Meridia at first sight, and if there is a real girl like her out there then-

“There is always someone out there for you. You just have to look in the right places.” Meridia finishes my thoughts for me as she smiles happily.

“Will there ever be someone like you? Is there a way you could real?” I know it's impossible, but it doesn't stop me from asking.

“Will you always love me, and only me no matter what?” I see the quivering hope in her silver eyes and hear it in her voice as well.

“...Yeah. I don't think there's anyone in the world that could compare to you.” I bring her into a warm hug, basking in the gentle love and affection that is radiating from her.

“Good. Now, it's time for you to wake up.” Meridia suddenly rises from the bed and reaches for a large scythe that I had not noticed before.

“Wake up? But then you'll-” I'm cut off as the scythe's golden blade slowly inches closer and closer to my neck.

“Don't worry, I'll be there for you. Let's make our love into a reality, okay?” Meridia smirks as she brings the scythe back and slashes it across my neck.

All of a sudden, I'm back in the dark void that I first woke up in. The pain that I would expect from the scythe isn't there. I turn around in disbelief, searching for Meridia. I see nothing at first, bu then I find the very same hole of light that brought me to her in the beginning. It's like Meridia turned back time to the moments leading up to our meeting. I know exactly what will happen next, so I take the initiative this time and rush towards the hole as it expands rapidly. Something's different about it this time: there's no sign of Meridia's scythe cutting through the darkness, only the rift that it left behind. I ignore this and hurl myself through the rift, putting the black abyss behind me once and for all.

I am blinded by the white light as soon as I fully enter the rift, and I try to hold my hands up to no avail. After my eyes get readjusted to the light, everything starts to become clearer. Instead of a white bedroom, I'm in a hospital room with the same pure-white theme throughout. I look down at myself. I seem to be lying down in a bed with various medical monitors plugged into me. As I take all of this in, my memories slowly start to trickle back to me. The accident, the prayer, the good-byes, all of the misfortune that struck me becomes clear in my mind. To my left I see all of the gifts that were probably left by my closest friends, and to my right is the evidence that my wish came true.

“...Meridia...” I call her name and she looks at me with tearful eyes.

“...Thank Gods, you''re...” She can't say anymore without crying over the flood of emotions that I'm sure she's feeling.

“Let me see...who you really are.” After my dream, I'm curious to see who Meridia really is.

“...Mhm.” She nods and steps away from the bed, making a clopping noise echo in the room.

She looks the exact same as she did in the dream, only instead of Human legs she has the lower body of a horse with purple fur. Meridia shuffles back and holds my hand as she looks at me with the same fragile hope that she did in my dream.

“A Nightmare, huh? I never thought I'd be visited by one in my entire life.”

“I'm sorry; I shouldn't have lied to you.” Meridia casts her eyes downward in deep shame.

I gently cup her face with my hand and look deeply into her eyes.

“I told you. I love you and only you, no matter what. You might be a Nightmare, but to me you'll always be a happy Dream.”


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