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“Ahem! Everyone, I'd like you all to quiet down for a moment. This morning, we have a new student joining our class so please join me in welcoming her in a new year here at our school.”

Our homeroom teacher turns to his left and with a loud “Come in!”, he shuffles to the side as the new student comes in. Now, I normally ignore most of the 'announcements' that the teachers have to make, but the whole wave of cheering and wooing from my classmates makes me second-guess that notion. Lazily and with all of the motivation of a rock, I turn my head away from the window and face the front of the room. In less than a second, I realize the mistake I made as I find a pair of burning scarlet eyes staring back at me. I can feel the annoyance drilling into my head even as I roll my own blue eyes back to the window. Whoever this new student is, I want nothing to do with it.

“Psst! Hey, Matt, what do you think you're doing flirting with the new girl so suddenly?” My best friend Damon whispers next to me.

“I wasn't flirting with her. I can already tell that I'm gonna hate her anyway.” I answer offhandedly.

“Miss Winters, you may sit behind Mr. Kennedy over there. Try to impose some of your diligence onto him, okay?” That jerk of a teacher is always out to get me, I swear.

“We'll see.”

I hear the soft stepping of the new girl's shoes as she walks past me and sits in her seat. I take a deep breath and let out an exaggerated sigh to prove my point to this girl. It doesn't matter how hardworking she might be or how much respect she demands, I'm not going to just ease myself into her pace. Still, something feels off about her aside from the obvious death-glares that she is sending me from behind. I didn't hear much of her introduction, but something's telling me that she isn't who we think she is. I don't want to bother with pursuing it, so I glumly turn my head to the teacher where it will at least look like I'm being serious about school. The teacher's words at least sound somewhat entertaining, especially the part about me being volunteered to show the new girl around on her first day.

“Wait, what!?”

“I'll say it again for your sake, Mr. Kennedy. Your 'enthusiasm' is the perfect match for that of Ms. Winters, so it only makes sense that you guide her through her first day.” The teacher sneers at me with all the pride he can muster, which must not be much if he's torturing me like this.

“No, you must be joking. Did we even vote on that?” I ask incredulously.

“Class is starting, Matt. You can discuss it with everyone afterwards.” He cuts off my protests.

“...Hmph, freaking asshole.” I mutter under my breath, turning my head back to the window.


“Matthew Kennedy.”

“Zzz...meh...” I barely answer the voice, still happily adrift in dream world.


“Five more minutes, Mom. I had a...long night.” I sleepily ignore, grinning in the dream.


“Who dares call me that!?” I snap loud enough for the whole classroom to hear it.

My eye pop open instantly as I scan my surroundings for the person who said my hated middle name. Well, it's only hated by me since everyone one else I tell about it seems to think it's 'exotic'. Seriously, who names their kid after a Greek scholar and thinks it's a good idea? I've held a certain level of loathing for my parents to this day, among other things. As I search for whoever said my middle name, a certain (figurative, thankfully) burning sensation hits the back of my head and I soon figure it out.

“What's with you, new girl?” I resume my lazy face as I slink low in my seat.

“Firstly, it's not 'new girl'. My name is Vella, so please use it. Second, 4th period just ended and it's time for lunch.” She glares at me like usual.

“Uh-huh. Thanks for reminding me though, Vella.” I turn back to my desk to pack up my unused materials.

“Matt, you really shouldn't be so mean to her. She's just looking for some help in finding the cafeteria, right?” A familiar and deep voice scolds me.


“Why didn't anyone volunteer you, Damon? You're certainly popular with girls.” I make a strong point, hoping he'll leave me alone.

“Yeah, but I actually take school seriously unlike you, Mister Moody.” He counters my attack with the hard truth.

“I guess there's no way around it. Keep up, new girl.” I call for her in a bored tone.

With fluent movements, I stand up with my schoolbag in hand and walk out of the room to blend in with the gathering crowd of students going to lunch. I hear somewhat of a funny sequence about three seconds after I leave the room, which I will definitely mention later. Just as I ease my way into the sea of oncoming hallway traffic, Vella's hurried footsteps reach my ears followed by something like a yelp. I whip my head around just in time to see Vella being batted around in the mass traffic. I move off to the side of the hallway, both to wait for the poor girl and to give myself some time to laugh at her misfortune. I'm not usually this mean to anyone, but Vella needs to learn how to loosen up and have fun, especially if she's going to be around me on her first day. I mean, I don't hold the title of 'Class Clown' for nothing. Still snickering to myself, I hold an arm out and Vella instinctively grabs hold of it so that I can pull her away from the flooded of students.

“Wha-What is that?” She asks between gasps of air.

“That, my friend, is student body. They're very herd-like when moving through the halls. Didn't you have something like this at your old school?” I raise an eyebrow, adding to the permanent smirk plastered on my face.

“...No. We only had about 400 students. It was still big for a small town, but this is unreal compared to that.”

“Well, no time like the present. Hold on tight, new girl!”

“I told you to call me Vellaaaaaaa!!!” She screams as I pull her back into the wave of students.

It takes some effort, but we finally make it to the school cafeteria which (thankfully) isn't too crowded yet. A quick trip to the lunch line later, and we both quietly sit down with our food at an empty table near the edge of the spacious room.


“So, you hiding anything?” I casually ask in-between bites of my sandwich.

Vella nearly chokes on her salad as soon I finish my question.

“W-What!? Wh-Why would you ask me something like that?”

“Hmm...?” A smile slowly appears on my face as a thought comes to my head.

“Stop staring at me, creep.”

“You all know what I'm thinking, right?”

Unfortunately, the random students that I point to just give me weird looks and move on. For some reason, I feel like doing that whenever I want to prove a point. Even so, this time was a bit off.

“Did you ever act normal at one point?” Vella hisses at me, focusing on her food to avoid the odd stares that our empty table is getting.

“...I knew it.” I narrow my eyes as I lean in closer to Vella.

“Knew what, exactly?” She starts to look away from my gaze as I study her ever so closely.

“You're not really Human, are you?”

“Wh-Wh-What? O-Of course I'm Human!” Vella's weak protests get her nowhere.

“No, I can tell that you are...”

Vella grits her teeth.

“An...” I continue with my conclusion.

The scared girl shuts her eyes as she prepares for the impact of my investigation.

“...Evil bitch!” I shout matter-of-factly as I point at Vella.


“Ha! I'm right, as always!” I boast.

“...You're wrong...” I just barely catch Vella's response.

“What?” I pause for a moment in confusion.

“I'm not a bitch, I'm an Anubis!!! A-N-U-B-I-S!! I have furry ears and a tail to match!! I hate when things are out of order, especially when people are the same way! And most importantly, I hate you!!!”

As if to prove her point, I see two black dog ears fly upwards from Vella's hair and a bushy tail start wagging energetically from behind her. Her eyes are as dangerous as ever right now, so much that even I am starting to feel the gravity of her furious outburst. I slide back in my seat, hoping to become even more invisible than usual since I suddenly get the feeling of being watched. Actually, it's more like the whole cafeteria stopped its liveliness just so it could find out what the commotion is. I grimace at this awkward feeling, with Vella rearing to kill me on one side and the rest of the student body on the other.

“Heh...heheheheh!!! That's some nice cosplay you've got going on, Vella! I never knew you were so into that kind of stuff!” I say aloud for everyone to hear, praying for a miracle to disperse this awkward air.

“Cosplay? What do mean by-”

“Yo, Matt! I've been looking for you everywhere!”, Damon sits himself between us as he gives a stupefied look to Vella, “Nice costume! You really look like a genuine wolf-girl, Vella! I guess you must've been doing it for many years, huh?” Damon seems to have caught on to my plan and helps me out like a friend should.

“Yes...I've had these since I was born-”

“Cool! Let's get back our lunch then so you can tell us more about it!” I shout loud enough for everyone to finally dismiss Vella's outburst and get the cafeteria back to its normally noisy self.


After that stressful lunch, we all head back to class and keep a low profile for the rest of the day. Damon gives me a few concerned glances, but ultimately lets me keep my focus. Vella on the other hand, seems to stare even more harshly than this morning even while I do my absolute best to actually apply myself in learning. The teachers, despite my 'famous' (or 'infamous' in their eyes) reputation, surprisingly leave me alone seeing as how I already have enough trouble with helping Vella.

Finally, classes end and that means I can be free of this hellish ordeal that I was put through. I breathe a sigh of relief and smirk at Vella, who just glares back at me as she starts to put her books back into her bag. Just as I finish packing up my stuff, Damon pulls me aside to one part of the classroom to talk to me in private.

“Dude, tell me the truth: she's the real deal, isn't she?” He whispers with hard eyes.

“Who? The new girl? Yeah, I guess she is. I was so caught up in the awkwardness that I didn't really notice her ears and tail pop up.” I am telling the truth too.

“Okay, well she's kinda freaky in that way. You know what, you can have her all to yourself. I've got date in a couple hours, so I'll be going on ahead.”

And with that, Damon leaves me alone in the room with Vella.

“...Damn it.” I bluntly comment on this cliché event.

“What did you two talk about?”

“How I'm pretty much stuck with you from now on...” I cringe at those words.

“I'll be at your house in the mornings to wake you up. Your tardiness will be nonexistent once I'm with you.” Vella proudly boasts, adding to my stress.

“Wait, how will you know where my house is?”

“Easy, you're going to walk home with me since we both live close to each other.” Vella smiles for the first time today, and oddly I can't seem to bring myself to refuse her.

As long as she's honest with her emotions, I think I can enjoy myself with Vella, despite the extra parts that simply seem to add more of a charm to her appearance. With a nod, I walk side by side with the black-haired 'Anubis' whose scarlet eyes seems to be shining with a different light apart from the fire I met this morning.


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