A/N: Hello, my loyal readers. Today, I present to you a story of love, loss, and miracles. No, it's not Romeo and Juliet, it's way more exciting than that. This is the second part of The Party miniseries that I started with the Mimic one-shot. The monster girl featured for this story is none other than Ghost! The Ghost species was a very interesting one to work with, mostly due to the very Human-like qualities that are expressed with it. No, I didn't make this a story that's all about sex and no, it doesn't use the stalker mentality that most Ghosts are suggested to have (although I find that quite attractive in a way). This story is told completely from the Ghost's perspective and it also uses some of the ideas that I have on death. I do not watch any surgery shows nor do I have any surgery knowledge. I'm only using the skills I learned in my high-school anatomy/physiology class, so don't be too hard on me if I mess up on the opening scene. Other than that, you all know what to do, so I'll just leave you to it!



A strong voice...screaming in pain. I can see all of the emotions behind his booming refusal. Everything is shaking...just what is happening? I can't see anything, but I can hear and feel everything. I'm on a table of sorts with...metal...knives?

Get me more anesthetics! Fresh pins and scalpels now! Three infusions, stat! Double the dosage, hurry!

...It's no use. I can't make out what he's trying to say. It sounds like more pain is creeping into his voice, but...why? Is it my fault? Am I hurting him by being here, on this table? I can't understand what is making him so fearful. I don't even remember why I'm here in the first place...

Yulia, listen to me. You'll pull through this alright? We promised that we would die together, didn't we? There's no way you can just die before I fucking way!!!

'Yulia' It's starting to sound familiar, but I still can't get a clear image in my head. The voice also feels close...but it's far from my thoughts; I still don't remember anything.

-Beep- -Beep -Beep-

Wait, that sound just now...I know it! It's...something close to me, like I can almost touch it. There's something touching me too. It's cold, but that's about it. I don't know what it is or where it's touching my body. Wait...where is my body?

-Beep- -Beep- -Beeeeep-



Daaaaamn iiiiitttt!!!

“Doctor, please calm down!”

She's gone! Don't you get it!? Yulia is dead, and it's all my fault! I couldn't save her!!!The voice goes into a sudden silence before speaking again.

“My fiancé counted on me to save her keep her away from loneliness. What kind of doctor am I if I can't even keep my own dearest alive...?”

His...fiancé? Is that who I am?

“Yulia...I love you.”


It's all coming back to me memories, my life, my love for Marius. Why now, of all times, do have to get my memories back? Why do I have to remember everything only for it to be snatched away in the next moment? The world is so unfair...

The next few moments after I realized that I was dead are heartbreaking. The man I loved with every inch of my being merely stands sullenly over the operating table with silent tears dripping away from his clouded gaze. As I watch the overwhelming torrent of emotions flowing through his mind, my memories of our life thus far flashes before my eyes.

Marius was someone my parents introduced me to; the son of a family friend. He acted like such a jerk at first, even pushing me into a lake at our first meeting. I really thought it was outrageous how my parents could trust someone like him to be my fiancé. Marius was so thorny in his personality that it felt unlikely for him to have any friends of his own. He is the heir to his parents' medical legacy, raised to be yet another step towards revolutionizing the concepts of modern medicine. It's ironic how his goal is to save people's lives, but he's reluctant to make any attachments to them.

Without that irony though, we would've never found happiness in each other's arms. I fell ill one morning with a pain that prevented me from getting out of bed. Marius was the first person that my parents thought to call, and so he came. I remember our conversation vibrantly, as if it happened yesterday...

“What's with you? Getting sick when you should be in perfect health...” Marius coldly comments.

“I'm...sorry. It's taking time out of your busy day...isn't it?” I weakly apologize.

“...Save your breath. It'll get worse if you keep talking.” He orders with an even voice.

“Mhm. Thanks for looking out for me, Marius.” I continue on, ignoring his words.

“Idiot. I'm only here because your folks asked me. I couldn't care less about what happens to you...” He says while looking off to the side.

“So that means you do care...I'm happy that you feel that way.”

“D-Don't be stupid. It's just my pride as a doctor to save as many lives as I can. If someone's able to pull through, I'll make every effort to pave the way for their recovery. Those that don't make it simply don't have a tough enough will to fight...” He solemnly adds in.

“You're a really strong guy, Marius. I admire that about you.” I smile weakly as I try to sit up.

“Stop trying to get up so fast. You won't get better if you keep doing such drastic things with your body.” Marius grabs my shoulders and steadies me before I fall.

“...Marius, do you hate me?” I managed to squeak out against my growing fever.

“You annoy me sometimes, but I don't think I can ever hate you. It's kind of fun spending time with you, even if it is only during your sick days. By the way, you get sick way too much.”

“Hehe, I guess I'm just wanting to see you more often.” I tease as Marius checks my temperature.

“....Hey, if you're ever free sometime next week, you wanna have lunch somewhere?”

That day was the happiest day in my life, aside from the day he proposed to me.


That Evening...

I refuse to move on until I've had one last moment with Marius. At the very least, we haven't even...had sex. It was too embarrassing to talk about when I was alive, but it doesn't matter to me now. I'm determined to say goodbye to him before I leave this world. It's so cruel how I had to die and leave him all alone to pick up the pieces of his heart. He's the only man in my life who always looked out for me, and yet here I am watching him silently crying himself to sleep in a bed made for two.

Oh, how I wish I could hold him again and comfort him...


“...Huh? What is this place?”

Somehow, I've ended up in my room at my parent's house instead of Marius' apartment. I'm sitting in my bed, dressed in my favorite snowflake nightgown, and my auburn hair is hanging loosely. There's a chance that it was all just a bad dream, but it all felt so real. I let out a sigh and bring myself up to a standing position. Really, it's like nothing's changed at all since I moved out of here. The stuffed animals that I kept as mementos, the pictures that I took with Marius whenever we went on dates, even the locket he gave me for my birthday. It all looks so real, but I can't help but have doubts. Following my usual morning routine, I walk over to the wall mirror hanging from my bedroom door.

“Huh!?” I yelp in surprise at the sight that greets me in my reflection, or lack thereof.

There's nothing in the mirror at all. Even though I'm standing right in front of it, my reflection doesn't seem to appear! That's undeniable proof that I am dead, but it still doesn't explain why I don't feel so afraid of it anymore. I sit back on my bed to try and organize all of this new information.

If this isn't my dream, then whose is it? Also, why do I feel so calm about being dead now? Wasn't I just about to cry when I saw Marius?

The thought of him makes me pause in longing for the chance to see my beloved.


Hello? Anyone home?” I hear Marius voice call out as the door opens and he sticks his head in.

Marius!” I cry out, instantly bursting into tears.

It can't be...Yulia!? Y-You're...” He doesn't finish as his face adopts the brightest smile I've ever seen to accompany his equally joyful tears.

Marius rushes towards me, practically tackling me on my bed as we embrace each other warmly. In the next moment, he captures my lips in a lascivious passion with his tongue greedily overtaking mine in seconds. I openly welcome the feeling of being so close to him again, especially after his ordeal. He completely overwhelms me, stroking my neck and sides as I continuously grow hotter with each pleasurable touch from my man. Before I even realize it, my own hands start to explore his body as well. His wisps of navy-blue hair, the carefully balanced contour of his toned muscles, and everything else that made me fall in love with him over the years. It fills me with immeasurable pleasure knowing that this man, this perfect man, belongs only to me and I'm overjoyed to belong only to him.

Our tender moment (and with it, our rough tongue-lock) ends abruptly when Marius separates first. We both spend a few scarce moments catching our breath, all while getting hopelessly lost in each other's eyes; Marius in my deep amber, and myself in his jade-green. It's a comfortable silence that falls on us, one where neither of us needs words to communicate our deepest feelings to one another. this a dream?” Marius coos with a flushed face.

If it is, I pray that you never forget it.”, I whisper with a husky voice, “Marius, can I ask you something?”

Anything, my love.”

He leans in close until his lips are just barely brushing against mine.

I...want to have my first time with you...before I go.”

Yulia...if you keep teasing me like this, I won't be able to hold myself back...” He lightly kisses me again before staring at me with half-lidded eyes.

Please Marius...I want to have your baby.”

As you wish, my dear. Dream or not, I don't want to let you go ever again.”

Marius...I love you.”


Morning comes...

I slowly open my eyes to the sight of harsh sunlight peeking through the curtains. I pull the covers over my head, but the thin material is useless to repel the solar rays. Sighing in resignation, I slide out of bed and walk over to the mirror hanging on the wall. My appearance couldn't look any more slovenly than now. My hair looks like it went through a wind tunnel, my nightgown is one misstep from sliding right off me, and my face has the look of someone who just rose from the dead. I take a quick look around the apartment, easily deciding that it needs a bit of a cleaning despite the neat habits of Marius and myself. There's a few scattered files on Marius' desk along with a half-drunken cup of coffee and the TV cabinet is-

Wait...what did I just see?

I step back to the mirror and do a double-take, making sure my eyes weren't fooling me. I just perfectly described how I look just now, which is only possible with a mirror and-

Yes!!!” I scream with all the joy my tired body can raise.

“Jeez, you're so loud this morning. Keep it down, will you?” A very, very familiar voice groans from behind me.

Marius!!!” I shout with glee as I throw myself at him and wrap my around his form.

“...Is this what you'd call a miracle?” Those words are the only response he gives, for in the next moment, Marius takes me into yet another deep kiss.

I wholeheartedly let myself get lost in his embrace, reveling in the joy of being able to feel his body against mine.

-Ding Dong- -Ding Dong-

Unfortunately, our romance is interrupted by a visitor at the door. Marius grumbles with annoyance, but goes to answer the door anyway. I put my hands against my cheeks, feeling an intense heat rising from them.

“Excuse me, I have a delivery for Marius Thorne.” The visitor, a mailman of sorts, announces.

“That's me. What is it?”

“Here. It's an invitation to a party; couples only. I recommend that you and your spouse attend, since it'll give you both more...insight to what your spouse is going through right now.”

“Eh, okay. I'll see if I can make time in my schedule for it.” Marius sounds confused.

“Please try to attend. You'll be more aware that seeing ghosts is more normal than you'd think.”

I don't hear the mailman say anymore after this, so it's safe to assume that he is leaving. This is confirmed when Marius closes the door and sits down with me at the kitchen table, an elegant envelope in his hand.

“ feel like going?” He asks me with a playful smirk.

“Do you even have to ask?” I respond with a teasing smile of my own.


A/N: "Well, what do you think? A real tug on your heartstrings, right?" *Drake's phone vibrates* "Excuse me for a second." *Camera redirects to Sigfred and Pon playing Chess* "Hmm...for a casual guy, you take Chess quite seriously." *Pon moves Knight forward* "I can't help it. I did win the regional tournament in my hometown." *Sigfred takes Pon's bishop and puts the king into check* "Darn, I thought I had you there. All this work must be getting to me..." *Pon moves his bishop to cover his king* "I feel you. This big party that Drake's having for the end of the season is gonna be huge. If I wasn't used to working here, I'd feel...terrified, to say the least, of inviting all of the actors we've had so far." *Sigfred moves a rook to take Pon's bishop* "Look on the bright side, at least there's only two more episodes left and the Gargoyle is the next in line. Frankly, I'm kind of sad that we'll be closing down the studio after all this is done." *Pon moves his queen to take Sigfred's rook* "I just hope it'll be an great big bang at the end! Checkmate!" *Sigfred wins*

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