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“Hello sir, are you here to stay the night?” I ask for probably the 15th time today, not that I mind.

“Yes, Magnus and Kasumi, please.” The rugged young man tells me, a Ryu clinging gently to his arm while looking around with apparent unease.

I take a moment to produce a clipboard from my coat and scan through the list of guest that are attending the party. The list is organized by species and alphabetized, so while I easily find 'Kasumi' in the Ryu section, it takes a few more seconds to find 'Magnus' in the Human section.

“Okay, both of your names are checked-off, but isn't there-”


“Tsukiko...present.” A new voice cuts in as a bell rings with a distinct tone.

I look up from the list to see a mysterious Kunoichi stoically wrapping her arms around Magnus' neck, as if the action was an everyday fact. Kasumi's eyes glow with a magical rage as Magnus somehow manages in keeping an even demeanor.

“Erm...right. I'll look for your name, but please go on ahead in the meantime.”, I gesture to the front door of the mansion, “In the foyer, you will find one of my colleagues in waiting along with the other guests that have arrived. Try not to start too much of a commotion please, and enjoy yourselves.”

With that minor warning, I step aside and allow the group to enter the mansion. After getting a gesture from my coworker, I bring up my clipboard once again to check off 'Tsukiko' in the Kunoichi section of attending guests. A slight frown makes itself know on my face as I think about my purpose for being here, at this mansion as a mere servant. My past is done, but sometimes one can't help but think, 'What if...?' I certainly do, especially since I gave up my previous job as a Hero to be working at this mansion. It's partly due to a debt that I owe, but a large part of it was just my own foolishness.

If only I took up that offer from that one princess I rescued...then I wouldn't be standing around wondering how much more boring my life's going to become.”

I muse about my current situation as the memories of that fateful day fondly come to the forefront of my thoughts.



“Hmph.” I wordlessly comment as I keep my sword raised, ready to block any more traps I may have triggered.

This last trap caught me mildly off-guard, but I managed to deflect all of the incoming knives on reflex. Finally, after about 70 flights of stairs, I make it to the top of the tower. For a typical high-risk contract, there's little challenge that I've encountered thus far. Ordinary hallway spikes, collapsing walkways, fires spewing from the nowhere, even a few mazes and I'm still bored of this place. Right now, I'm standing before the door of the final room; the 'Boss Room' as I call it. On an average day, Heroes like myself are expected to charge in with bravery, but I'm seriously having doubts about it. I mean, what's the point of me being a Hero? Womanizer, slacker, moody, thorny...I've been called a lot of negative names over my lifetime so far and none of them are anything worthy of being called 'Hero'. I sigh in despair and grip the handle of the door, putting in just enough force for the door to gently ease open.


I raise an eyebrow at my first sight of the room's interior. Unlike the elegant decorations on the rest of the tower's walls, I hardly make out any more than three banners hanging here. There isn't anything that even looks remotely valuable except for a brightly-colored bed in the end of the room. Everything else is barren and plain, as if the occupants just packed up and left the tower. I keep a relaxed sense of alertness around me while walking to the bed in the room. It's large enough to fit two people comfortably and layered with blankets that I've only ever seen on my trips to Zipangu. The texture is plush and almost ticklish against my skin. Materials of this quality with such exotic designs could easily fetch a small fortune on an honest market.

But why are they here, of all places? What purpose would it serve for there to be bed all the way in this tow-


“Dammit...” I mumble under my breath.

“It's been a long time since the last foolish adventurer made it this far. I will personally ensure that your efforts will not go...unrewarded.” A deep voice echoes behind me.

I turn around and face the final obstacle this tower has set against me: the boss. Oddly enough, I expected someone more...burly, judging from the voice. Instead, standing before me is a fully-armored knight with a very slim build. Aside from my fully-plated helmet concealing my opponent's face, there's a dark-red cloak covering most of his body. I can hardly make out the form of his arms, making it difficult to plan my strikes. Despite how much my foe's body shape contrasts with the voice, I draw my sword and set myself into a balanced fighting stance. The tower boss draws his own weapon, a rapier, from its sheath and points it at me.

“You, Hero, have a destiny you must now fulfill. I aim to carry out my orders, whether you willingly submit or otherwise. Prepare yourself for a hellish ordeal.” He challenges with a heavy tone.

“Bring it on; I'll make it quick.” I accept with a slight yawn.


Within seconds, the boss closes the twenty-meter gap between us and thrusts at me with high speeds. I hop back in response and parry the blow with my sword, but the rapier still manages to lightly scrape my side. I wince lightly, but press on and counterattack with a wide slash. The boss ducks and thrusts at me again, only to be knocked back as I bash my knee against his chest. His back collides with a wall along with his head, the impact seeming to daze him. The boss struggles to stand back up but fails, staggering under the weight of his crumpling form. I rush at him again, but it seems that his weakness was all a feint as he meets my charge head-on and sweeps my legs out from below. I hit the ground hard, but roll to the side as the boss' rapier bears down on me, missing my head by mere inches. I scramble to my feet and tackle the boss to the wall, disarming both of us. At this point, the boss must be feeling groggy and slow since he doesn't seem too responsive. I back away a few feet and reach a hand to my belt and unfasten a throwing dagger.


A few more moments pass, and the dagger lands squarely into my target's helmet.


“Now then, onto the best part: treasure.” I gleefully whisper to myself as I put my sword back into its sheath.

I trace the walls of the room with my eyes, looking for anything that I might have missed before my short scuffle with my opponent. Hidden just off to the side of the elegant bed is a heavy iron door left slightly ajar. Normally one would think to lock the door before leaving the treasure room, but I think nothing of it since it saves me time from having to pick the lock. I make a mental note of the door as I continue my inspection. The bed lays undisturbed, but something about it feels...different now that I've defeated the boss. I start to wonder about how it would feel to sleep in such luxury or maybe even spend a 'private evening' with a beautiful woman.

Not right now, though. If I don't find any good stuff in the next room, I'm taking that bed.

I finish looking around and approach the iron door leading to the treasure room. Even though the rest of the tower was filled with several absurdly lethal traps, I feel a stronger danger coming from just behind the door. I clear my throat and take a deep breath to calm my nerves before grasping a hand on the door. I slowly start to pull it open the door with a smirk, the thoughts of a midnight rendezvous with the Princess I'm about to rescue happily occupying my mind. Just when the door is fully opened, my vision blurs and I feel a deep pain from the cut that the boss' rapier inflicted on me earlier.

-Tear- -Rip- -Slash-


I'm barely conscious enough to hear the soft breathing just in front of my face. My body feels somewhat lighter and...breezy, but stable.

“...Hey. Wake up already.” A voice whispers.

“...Ungh...” I can only manage a groan of pain.

“C'mon, get up. It's really not that bad of wound...” The voice beckons.

Severe or not, my body is still sluggish from the short loss of focus I experienced. I struggle to open my eyes and to sit up, but I quickly realize that something (or rather someone) is sitting on top of me. The first thing I see once my vision returns is a pair of bright red eyes. They almost look like rubies in the afternoon light, but there's something...dangerous about them. Just below them, a fanged smile forms and my eyes widen in surprise. I hasten my breathing and feel a surge of strength to get up, but I can't very far with this 'person' mounted on top of me.

“See? Looks like there's still a lot of life left in you. Now, we can get to the real fun...” I hear in a lusting, feminine voice.

As soon as I feel weight being lifted off my chest, I sit up promptly to get a closer look at this new 'acquaintance'. I see now that she is not at all a Human like I first thought, but a Gargoyle. Aside from the trademark wings, horns, tail, and stony skin of her species, I notice the odd color of her short, cropped hair: a deep navy-blue that somehow compliments her fierce eyes. Although most Gargoyles I've seen are naked, this one is actually wearing armor which makes me wonder where she came from.


“Are for me?” I cautiously inquire.

“What do you mean? I thought it was the other way around. I mean, you did climb this tower to get here, right?” She answers plainly.

“W-What? So you're not a soldier for that dead guy over there?”

I point at the spot where I finished off the tower boss. Oddly, his body seems to be gone from the area.

“Dead guy, huh? I'd worry about other things if I were you...”, the Gargoyle slowly waves down a claw, showing off her (very) shapely body, “What do you think? Don't you just want to wrestle a bit and get to it?”

“That's enough teasing, Mistress.” Somehow, I hear the tower boss' low voice again.

I jump in front of the Gargoyle, acting on my protective instinct and drawing my sword for another fight. The tower boss steps towards us, my throwing knife still embedded in his helmet. I raise my sword to strike at him, but stop once I see him calmly grab the stuck knife and hands it to me.

“I believe this belongs to you, Hero.”

“Um...uh...erm...”, I stutter at this impossible situation as I retrieve my knife, “T-Thanks...I guess.”

“Now that it's finally out of my helmet...”


The tower boss removes the helmet, revealing a female face underneath! Instantly, I recognize her as a Dhampir, the rare Vampires that have 'Human' hearts. Her silvery-blonde hair falls below her shoulders and her dull green eyes have a stark contrast compared to her Gargoyle-

“Wait, did you call her 'Mistress'?” I blurt out.

“Yes, for that is what she is. I am Ariel, adviser to Princess Madea Ix Gaya II, as you see here.” The Dhampir gestures to the Gargoyle, who looks more annoyed than anything.

“Jeez, Ariel, I told you not to be so formal all the time; it's suffocating.”

“My apologies, Mistress.”

“...Whatever.”, the Gargoyle looks at me, “I know what you're gonna say: 'Aren't princesses a little more...refined?' I don't really that kind of life, so that's why-”

“Actually, now that I've got a better look, how are you still moving and talking?” I interrupt her.

“Huh? What are you-”, Madea looks behind her at the window exposing her to the afternoon sunlight, “...!”

-Whoosh- -Slam-

Madea vanishes into the next room as soon as I blink and Ariel sighs tiredly, leaving me confused more than ever. I move to chase after Madea on reflex, but Ariel places herself in my path to stop me. My duty as a Hero dictates that I should take Madea by force but something feels different about Ariel compared to when we fought. This time I'm feeling crushed by a deathly serious energy that is spreading out from her. For the first time since my arrival, I'm actually fearing for my life.

“Relax, Ariel. I don't plan on forcing my way to your princess.” I innocently plea.

“You do not make a strong point as you are now.” She coldly replies.

“What do you mean by-”

I shut up as soon as I look down. How it managed to escape me is amazing, but I didn't notice my bare torso until now. The minor cut on my side is starting to close up, but it's left one side of my body covered in blood. Thinking fast, I grab several rolls of bandages from my pocket and start wrapping up my chest both to treat my wounds and for makeshift clothing.


“Since you are preoccupied with that, allow me to explain my Mistress' odd actions: as you saw, she is not like others of her race.”, Ariel begins, “It's a sad tale that involves the entire Gaya bloodline, actually. Centuries ago, Mystia Val Gaya, my Mistress' ancestor, angered the Demon Lord for resisting the magic that compels Gargoyles to become stone. She had gathered enough magic to actually carry on in the day, which caused the Demon Lord to curse her bloodline. The curse allows the Gaya females to move about in daylight, but this amount of activity...drives them to insanity. They seek out and assault any Human males that they can find with a ferocious energy...”

Ariel pauses and takes a few slow breaths, clenching and relaxing her fists all the while. I just finish up my chest bandages before she continues.

“If you know anything at all about Mamono, then you must know that we desire true love above all else. However, this is not the case with the Gaya bloodline. They find mates easily with the curse,'s not love at all. It's like they regressed back the old times, when we were just monsters bred to hunt Humans; the fact that we are now Mamono changes nothing against this curse...”

Tears start to stream freely from the Dhampir's eyes as she talks. I half-expect her to completely break down into a crying mess, but she holds fast to her composure. I never knew how devoted Mamono could be before now, especially to other races.

“Just as love curses the Gaya, it can also cure them. Through marriage to rare Human men that don't trigger their ferocity, the Gaya have slowly recovered over time. That's not to say the curse can be fully dispelled, however...”, the loyal Ariel kneels in front of me and lowers her head with deep respect as she pleads, “Noble Hero, please rescue my Mistress from this curse. I beg of you to let her feel the freedom to love that all Mamono are born with. She was placed here for her own protection and I put out that contract to help her. I know that this is a great deal to take in, so if you wish to refuse-”

“...No, it's fine. I'll agree to help your princess.” I automatically answer.

Now it's Ariel's turn to act surprised. She blinks rapidly and rubs her eyes in disbelief at my simple acceptance to help.

“But...why? I do not understand your reason for assisting us. If it's for a selfish reason, then...”

Ariel reaches for her rapier, but I stop her hand.

“I'm serious about this. I really want to help Madea with her curse. It's not fair for her to be living this way just because of something her ancestors did a long time ago. But most of all...I've kind of developed an interest in Madea, regardless of all this.” I shyly admit.

“...Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I must leave now to live on with my husband, but perhaps we may see each other again in the future. May I ask your name, Honored Hero?”

“It's Leon; Leon Venaticci.”

“Then I leave my Mistress in your hands, Hero Venaticci.”


The Dhampir servant known as Ariel leaps out of the window and escapes into the setting afternoon light. With Ariel gone, I take a long moment to pause and review everything that she just told me to reassure myself of my decision to help Madea through this curse.


-Click- -Click- -Creak-

I gently turn the handle and open the door, closing it after walking inside. It's like a dungeon cell in here: no windows, barren walls, and little else except for a brightly glowing torch hanging from a sconce next to the doorway. Needless to say, the lighting in this room is less-than-adequate for me to find Madea. With some strain on my eyes, I see a winged form hunched over at the far end of the room. Honestly, I don't know how to react to this. Even after trying to understand her story, I can't find the right words to say to her. Awkwardly, I stand there for a few long minutes trying to work up the courage that was so easily shattered by the sight of the cursed Gargoyle princess.

“Ma-” I begin.

“Don't say it! Don't call my name. I don't want to hurt you, Hero.” She pleads.

My resolve remains strong as I press on.

“My name is Leon. I'm here to help you, Madea.”

“No, you can't help me. I'll just attack you and then I'll go on a rampage for more males! I've seen it happen to my mother and I don't want to be like that too!” She shouts.

In her confusion, she stands and runs at me, pinning to the wall in the process.

Listen to me! Can't you figure it out by now!? I'm not triggering the curse on you! How else are we able to have this conversation!?” I argue with her, despite the impact knocking some breath out of me.

“Because..because...the curse...I'll...” Madea's opposition seems to falter as she tries to argue with me.

“If you really think the curse is making you attack me, then go ahead. I won't stop you if the curse is pinning me against the wall.” I taunt, trying to help the confused Gargoyle princess.

“I...I...I can't do it. No matter how much I'm able to rape you now, I can't bring myself to go through with it!” Madea cries as she loosens her tight grip around me waist.

“There,'s okay now. I'll help you through this, Madea.” I whisper soothing words into her ear as I gently stroke her back and wings.

“Thank you, Leon. I'm...kind of excited to be married to you. You're the first Human I've ever met since I exiled myself to this tower. It must be the Demon Lord's grace that you're here to free me. It to talk to a man normally after so many years alone.” Madea cooed, happily embracing me with her whole body.

“I'm here for you, Madea. I won't let this curse ruin your life anymore.” I reply, all too willing to kiss her after she tilts her head up and looks at me.

“Mmm...hehe, so should we move this to the bed?” Madea giggles.

“I'm already half-naked and you still ask me for permission? Of course, silly princess.” I tease.

“Oh? That sharp tongue just set you up for a rough time, Hero. Madea counters, pressing her advantage (and her breasts) against me as we playfully wrestle our way the the lavish bed outside of the room.


Thinking back on all of that has brought a wide grin to my face, earning me a few curious stares from arriving guests. Luckily, it just looks like I'm enjoying my job to anyone else. It's a massive trick of fate for me to go from 'Hero' to 'servant' in just a few months, but my mood hasn't dimmed in the slightest. In fact, thanks to that one night with Madea, I've learned to look at life with a new sense of purpose and understanding. I chuckle silently to myself as the last group of guests walks past me to stay the night at the mansion. I start to follow them inside to report to the Lord, but something in the night sky catches my eye. It's flying at a fairly fast pace towards the mansion, yet it doesn't seem interested in the Lord's house itself. More like the flyer is on a direct course for something in the front-

“...Oh shi-”


“Ow...I never could get used to flying at night. Oh, hey Leon! Didn't expect to crash into you...hahaha!” A certain Gargoyle's laughter echoes loudly.

“Mmmph! Mmmmppphhh!” My voice is muffled thanks to Madea's 'unique' landing.

“What? I can't hear you clearly. You'll have to repeat that, with feeling.” She teases.

“Hmph.” I quietly resign myself to suffocation by vagina, hoping that Madea will let me go.

“Tch, fine. You're no fun...”, Madea laments as she gets off me and helps me up, “So, are done with work yet? I've been kind of bored at home waiting around for you.”

“You don't have to live with me, Madea. You're better off living with your family in the palace, aren't you?”

I've lost count of the times we've had this conversation, but Madea is always adamant about living with me. I could easily agree to move in to the Gargoyle palace, but I prefer my simple house in the countryside.

“I don't mind where I am, as long as I'm close to you. You know, I'm actually suffering from two curses now...” Madea whispers as she stares into my eyes.

“What!? This is the first time I've ever heard of it! That's terrible! Your life's hard enough with the first one and now-”


“...!?” I am rendered speechless once Madea leans forward and brings me into a lust-filled kiss.

It takes a few minutes for me to process it in my mind, but luckily my body takes over and brings my princess lover closer until our bodies touch. Lust and temptation overpower my rationale in a wave of emotion, leaving me at the sweet mercy of this entrancing Gargoyle. Her tongue playfully wraps and intertwines with mine, fueled with as much passion as she had in our first meeting. She parts from me after what seems like hours of kissing, leaving me wanting more. Madea has the same glazed look in her ruby eyes, but manages to whisper one last confession before we let our instincts as man and Mamono take over.

“As long as I'm with you, I don't mind suffering from the curse of love.”


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