A/N: "Tell me, is a person not defined by his/her fetishes? Can we not learn anything by what they prefer to have in a lover?" *Clears throat* My sagely wisdom aside, here is chapter 2 of the second one-shot collection! Today's guests are the lovable group-sex-in-one monster Chimaera, and...some normal guy we 'recruited' (read 'kidnapped') off the street outside the studio. Don't worry, he'll be well compensated after today's performance. I honestly never gave much thought to Chimaeras before, so once I started doing research on them, let's just say I gained enough momentum to push the Mt. Everest back into the ground. Seriously though, when are you ever going to work with a species that is literally a combination of all your preferences!? Speaking of which, I should tell you what my version is made up- *Intern walks up to me and whispers something* "Huh? Yeah, I know that; I did make this chapter after all. Are you saying I'm an idiot? There's a reason why interns are expendable, as you'll now find out...Werewolves!" *Pack of unmarried werewolves burst into the room and drag the intern away* Ahem, where was I? Oh yeah, the Chimaera's personalities will be revealed in the chapter so we'll have to do a bit of reading before we get into my preferences. Everyone all set? Let's do this!


“Ugh...where am I?” I groan as my head aches with a searing pain.

I remember drinking while on a late-night hunting trip, but after that, I must have passed out. But that doesn't explain why I'm in a cave right now.

“Nya, you're finally awake!” A girl's voice comes into my ears as I slowly start to regain my focus.

“Wh-what? Who are you?”

My vision clears and I realize that I'm face-to-face with a girl. Cat ears rest on her head above a black winged-crown as I stare fearfully at my captor. She stares back with her odd eyes; one is a bright gold while the other is a deep green. I flinch when I see her break into a toothy grin that only spells out the trouble she has in store for me.

“Ohh...what fun we're going to have. I'll be playing with you all night, nyan!”

She stands up from me, allowing me to take in every detail of her body. It looks human for the most part, but there is a set of black wings coming from her back and a fluffy wolf's tail below. A piece of armor looking like a snake's head is attached to her shoulder, revealing a scaly arm in contrast to the other, more human one.

“She's really cute despite the extra parts, but I don't mind those at all. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all...oh no!” I shut my mouth before I say anything else as I realize that I was speaking my thoughts aloud in front of the girl.

“Oh? So you think we're cute, do you?” Her voice is the same, but the way she projects it has changed.

“Wh-who is...'we'?”

We are your harem, Master. You may do anything to us.” Once again, her speech changes.

“Allow me to explain, darling.” She reaches her hand out to me and lifts me up by the collar as I'm pulled into a deep kiss. There's no way for me to resist since my hands are bound by a tight rope, so I just relax and let the kiss go on. I can describe it as nothing but random as she alternates between sucking on my tongue to wrestling with it, even twirling against it. There's no set style for her kiss, but she uses each technique evenly, never satisfied with using one for long. I'm so lost in pleasure that I don't even realize it when she ends the kiss.

“Okay...what are you and do you happen to be available?”

“Nyan~, you really know how to please a girl. Our name is Alyss and we are a Chimaera.” The first personality to greet me is now in control.

“A Chimaera? Isn't your species...unstable?”


“How dare you call us 'unstable', when you know nothing about us. We get along rather well with each other when necessary.”

“Ehehe, sorry for saying something like that.”, I rub my injured face as I continue, “So, what species are you made up of?”

The first one I met speaks up, “Werecat, nyan~!”

Then the next is “Anubis.”

Followed by “Dark Valkyrie, noble Master.”

Finally came, “Lamia, darling.”


After a few minutes of staring at each other, Alyss turns me around and cuts my ropes, allowing me to stretch out my hands. Once I'm comfortable with using them again, she gently takes my hands and wraps them carefully in medicine-soaked bandages. I sit down with her against the wall of the cave

“So which one of you is the leader?”


“Ow, that hurts!”

There is no 'leader' among the four of us. We are not so petty as to argue among ourselves. However, we will take action against you if you speak so rudely again.” This voice is obviously Anubis, who likely hates me by now.

“We apologize for our violent manners. Please, have some water.” The refined Dark Valkyrie shows on Alyss' face as she hands me a cup full of water.

“So...why did you bring me here?” I ask before taking a long sip.

“Why? For sex of course.”

“Buuuuhhhh!” I spit out all of the water in my mouth at the bluntness of the Lamia in Alyss.

“Oh, now you're all wet. We can't have that...” Alyss' Werecat side causes her to lean over me and press herself against my body while licking my cheek.

“Um...we're not about have sex right now, are we?”

“Of course we are.” Alyss' four sides speak to me plainly as she reaches for my shirt.

I slide back against the wall as Alyss approaches me with a lewd smile on her face as she takes a handful of my shirt in her grasp. Then the most unexpected thing happens just as she starts to make a tear in my clothes: she stops halfway and pushes me away. Her face takes on a catatonic look, as if she's in conflict with herself, despite claiming that each of her personalities are in harmony with each other. Her hands hold her head as she recoils her body in apparent pain. I put a hand on her shoulder and she somewhat relaxes as I bring her face to mine.

“Alyss, please tell me what you're fighting over. I don't mind having sex with you, so just leave it to me.” Honestly, I really have been taken in by her charms and her personalities only made a bigger impact on me.

“I have to know: do you like when girls are...submissive or dominant?”

“A-Aren't you both though?”

“Well, which one do want first? You're going to be satisfying each of us, after all...”


A/N: Oh, how I do prefer submissive girls; only by a small margin of course. *Intern from before rushes into the room with barely any intact clothing* "Did you even bother to put clothes on today?" *Before he can retort, all of the monster girls in the cast eye him greedily and he runs back out to the werewolves* "Can we get some couple's fruit for the cast to take home? Excellent work as always, girls!" Don't you all agree that this was a good chapter? I mean yes, there could definitely have been more, but I think it was sufficient in passing my high standards. For the next time, Werebat is making her first appearance in this series, so I hope you don't 'tease' her too much. *Everyone gives me a suspicious look* What? I enjoy tormenting interns, but I would never bully a werebat, especially when she's exposed to light. Really, I'm satisfied with just the simple things like placing bets when I force interns to fight each other, or betting interns in games of poker with the cast; not that you guys need to know what happens around here. Thanks for reading and commenting! See you all in the next chapter!

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