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I'm terrified of bats. Not in a 'they creep me out' sort of way, but more like I could possibly have a heart attack if I am around one for too long. My fear isn't just limited to normal bats, but anything bat-like that may happen to cross my path. Imagine my inner horror when my friends invited me to explore a cave on the edge of town. Something about their smiles should have told me that this trip was meant to torment me, but I foolishly dismissed those claims when Mathis and Alexa said they would be coming along with their respective partners. Soon enough, I feel a little calmer as we enter the cave with a group of five and plenty of illumination.

“Come on, Gavin, try and keep up! Reece and I are gonna leave you to the bats soon!” Alexa teases me as she moves ahead with her boyfriend.

“You shouldn't joke around with him so much. He almost got snatched by that Werebat, remember? We were kids, so you probably don't...” Mathis tries to aid my fading confidence, but it's useless once he mentions the cause of my fear.

“I recall quite clearly, because that was the first time we met a monster. You also wet your pants, didn't you Mathis?” Alexa breaks into a wide grin as Mathis' girlfriend Katherine looks to be in deep thought.

“That would explain why he is so fast-

Anyways, we're here to have fun and to deepen our friendship with each other, so let's move on!” Mathis is quick to cover his flaws as usual.

I say nothing as we continue walking. I'm normally a quiet guy, so there's nothing really different about this exchange between us. It's always Alexa and Mathis arguing with each other while I observe and pick sides once they make their cases. Since our early days, the role of 'judge' has always been reserved for me. For now, I feel safe enough with our lights shining on much of the cave walls and we have yet to encounter any aggressive monsters yet.


“Hey what's that?” Reece points ahead to a small form on the ceiling.

I shine a light at the figure only for it to compress itself and fall to the ground. We all gawk at it, unsure of what to do about it. From the bat wings on her arms and the female body, there's no doubt that we accidentally disturbed a sleeping Werebat. She slowly gets up with shaking movements and rubs her eyes with her wings before glancing around at us. Monster girls have an innate instinct to know which males are taken, so it makes perfect sense when she pushes through Alexa and Mathis and rushes towards me. Panic seizes my body and I recoil on reflex with my light shining away from me. I can only shiver as my doom approaches and my heartbeat is reaching painful speeds while the Werebat's footsteps echo closer to me. Then I feel her collide with me, knocking me to the ground with ease...if she pushed instead of lightly tapping me like she is now.

Confused, I carefully relax my body and look at my attacker who seems more like she's leaning against me. She has tears in her eyes and stares at me with an expression of helplessness. I can only express surprise and mild contempt as my friends look at us with mischief painted on their faces. Before they bring their lights away from me, I grab the Werebat's hand and we run back to rejoin the group. We continue walking like this for a few silent minutes before Alexa speaks up.

“Well done, Gavin. I commend your sense of irony.”

“That's not funny, Alexa. He would've died if he didn't shine his light at her. Speaking of which, what's your name?” Mathis point his light at the Werebat clinging to my arm, causing her to hide behind me to avoid it.


“Well, Noir, consider yourself lucky. That man you've got is afraid of bats, but now I think he's making an exception for cute girls like you.” Reece's comment only confirms my suspicions of my shifting feelings.

“O-Oh, I'm sorry...” Noir looks at me, but I only raise an eyebrow in response, “I-I was the one who c-caused your fear. I-I'm very sorry for attacking you when we were children. I'll leave now...”

Noir starts to walk back, but I stick my foot out and trip her. Then I reach down to help her up, bringing her into a hug as well. My thoughts are scattered as quickly think about her carelessness.

How dare she make decisions without considering how I might feel! Whoa, that doesn't sound like me at all. What is she doing to me?

She looks up at me with pleading eyes before leaning in for a kiss, but I just turn my head to side for her to kiss my cheek. Then, I lightly press my forehead against hers before giving her a whisper of a kiss.

“Gavin, what are you doing?”, Mathis walks up to us just as we part from each other, “Wait a aren't teasing her, are you?”

I nod, since that's all I've been doing since she joined our group.

“Are you really okay with that?” He asks Noir, who is still stuck to my arm.

“I-I don't mind. H-He got his fear when I attacked him as a kid, s-so it's okay...”

“No aura of 'wanting to be teased'? Please, just stay away from other men.”

“O-Oh okay. I don't mind doing that since you asked.” Noir's deadly skill causes me to shine my light at her feet and make her jump in fear.

Thus begins my relationship with Noir, who will most likely cause me to do mean things to her as long as she stays in this timid state.


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