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“Please buy while they're still here! Expertly-tailored clothes made from freshly-spun Arachne silk! Requests for personalized clothing is accepted as well! Gentlemen, give these as gifts to your wives and they'll be the happiest in the world, guaranteed!” I shout to everyone walking in the district and get right to work in selling my popular clothing to the couples that flock to my shop.

“Do you have anything for men?” I stop as soon as those words reach my ears.

“Could you please repeat that? I don't think I heard what you said.”

“Does this store sell any clothing for men?”

“I think I might have something for you, so could you please wait until it gets less busy?” I talk to him over the crowd of people gathering in my store.

“Okay, I'm just going to step out for a moment.” He waves to me before exiting.

This man might just be the one I'm looking for and I can't afford to lose someone this bold. Unfortunately for him, a man simply can't ask an Arachne for clothing and expect to get away. However, if he does try to escape, it'll be all the more pleasurable for me...

I keep these thoughts in my head as I continue on with my work in running the store. Now that the trend in having formal weddings has grown, my sales have increased significantly with all of the orders coming in for custom-made wedding dresses. I've even made one for myself when I opened the store in the hopes of finding my own husband. Today, it seems that I will finally be able to put that dress to good use. I quickly find one of my married assistants to take over my post while I sneak away to my private room in the back of the store. Eagerly, I begin spinning hundreds of feet in webs and tie them into various traps, snares and nets that I can use to capture my target.

He might have told me that he'd be back, but it's always just a ruse they use when they want to escape their fate. I won't let this one get away; he's far too promising. I'll set up a wire just outside the store, then maybe a net or I could bring him in personally with my own approach. Oh, there's so many options to choose from! I have to work quickly though, while he's still-

“Elsa! That man is back, and he wants to see you!” An assistant calls for me from the front counter. This man is truly something I've never encountered before...


The store is really busy at this time, but it's not as crowded as it was in the early hours. Elsa, the Arachne owner, appears from the back rooms and skitters to me right away. This shop has many interesting pieces of clothing for all species, but it's really the male clothing that catches my eye. My cousin Alan recommended this place to me in a letter he sent while on vacation. He ordered a suit from Elsa, but left earlier than he had expected, so I am here to pick it up along with anything else that I might want. So far, my sights have been set on Elsa.

“Hello again, miss. I hope I'm not taking too much time out of your day.” I smile warmly at her, which she returns in kind.

“It's not a problem at all. My name is Elsa, and I'm the owner of this store. You're the man that wanted to know about my male clothing, right?”

“I need it for a special occasion and I'm told that you have some of the finest-quality pieces available.” I take hold of one of the elegant clothes on the shelves.

“Thanks for the compliment, but I'm sure there are better places out there...” She casts her eyes downward.

“I don't think many places have such a beautiful woman in charge.” I give Elsa a comforting look, earning a faint blush from her.

“I suppose they don't. What kind of clothing are you looking for by the way?” Elsa asks me after a few unspoken minutes.

“An overcoat if possible; something thick that will keep me warm. Do you need to take my measurements?” Elsa is taken aback by my question, but quickly maintains her composure.

“If you have the time, please come with me into the back room so that I may do so.”

I follow Elsa into the back of the store where she leads me into a spacious room with various lengths of Arachne silk lying around. Each roll is neatly spread out or rolled up and stacked neatly in one corner of the room. Among the Arachne silk, several glistening dresses are on display including a wonderfully designed wedding dress. It's pattern is simple and repetitive, but it expresses a constant yearning for love that could easily make any man, myself included, stare in awe-struck silence.

“Okay, I just need you to hold your arms out straight and it'll be over soon.” Elsa's voice barely registers in my ears as I continue admiring the enchanting dresses she has in this room.

“About that wedding dress...” Suddenly my waist feels constricted as Elsa pulls the measuring tape with all of her strength.

“W-What w-would you l-like to k-know about it?”

“Is it reserved for someone?”

“Y-Yes, it is meant for a very special occasion.”

“I see. Is there a man's suit made to match-ack!” Elsa tightens the tape again, this time around my neck.

“I don't think there is. No one has really seen that dress before, so there hasn't been a order placed to match it...” Elsa is blushing visibly now, but I can understand the meaning behind her words.

“...I'd like to place one, if that's okay with you.” Maybe this is a hasty decision, but somehow it doesn't seem wrong at all. Elsa is a beautiful woman who I would like to see everyday, even if it's only in her shop.


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