Hello true believers! New on the wikia, but not new to monster girls. I've visited this wiki a few times over the years, but never really got into reading it all that much. Spent the last few days reading around the wiki and so now I am trying my hand at a fanfic. Be warned; I've only ever done one fanfic before and that's it, so the story might not be to everyone's liking. I will say this though, I am rather fond of the energy of the MGE universe, it's a very interesting concept and I'm going to have one of the main focuses of the fanfic on the energies. But this will be the Prologue, chapter one will be coming soon though. Until then, enjoy!

Prologue: The Incedent

The man walked down the long hallway, wondering just how things could have went the way they'd gone. It was clear the man was old, middle aged likely from the pieces of gray hair that were present in his slicked back short black hair. A middle aged man walking down a hallway wouldn't be anything special, however the man in question was in a suit of armor commonly woren by many knights and the hallway in question was inside of a large castle. With the man lost in thought, in no time he was entering a large room where a group of people were gathered around a large round table. "Sir Garuda, where have you been? We have been waiting for your arrival for the last half hour." Spoke one of the people gathered around the table, a man dressed in holy robes who clearly was a priest.

"Forgive me, Father Cornelo, I was away from the castle and just now got back by horse back." Sir Garuda told the priest. From there a loud slam was heard inside the room, everyone turning to look at the angry man. "Enough! I could care less about where you were Garuda. We all came here about Lagarge and the guy in the dungeon." Spoke the angered man aloud. With those words, a silent cloud of darkness came over the room, the kind of darkness that people felt when they were at a funeral. The gathered people came to the table and took their respective seats at it, knights, mages, priests, and everything else inbetween could be said were gathered at the table that day.

After a moment more of silence, Father Cornelo spoke up to break the silent room. "As Amato said, we did come here about those two subjects, so let's get this meeting started. We have all gathered here because the city of Lagarge was systematically wiped off the very face of the planet..... and the only survivor is locked up in the castle dungeons at this time." Cornelo told those who had yet to know the full details of why the meeting was held. Before the discussion went any further on the two subjects, Garuda spoke up. "To everyone who may be wondering this, the survivor is locked up in the dungeons at this time for his own safety. We don't know who, or what, destroyed Lagarge and because of that, we can't have the only survivor be just anywhere. For that reason only, we've had him held in the dungeon of this castle to keep him safe." Garuda told them all before ending his talk. With Garuda having finished his small speech, a small discussion started to take place at the table between the people at it for a short while.

After the short discussion between everyone, the first person to speak up was Amato, with the same angry tone in his voice still. "I say it was those monsters, it had to be. With all the demonic power those creatures keep storing up, wiping out a single city couldn't be that big of a problem for them!" Amato spoke aloud to all at the table, many of the people nodding in agreement to his claim. The next to speak up was an elderly mage, someone clearly old enough to be someone's grandfather. "I have to disagree with you Amato. While I have my own dislike for those monsters, since that succubus became the demon lord none of the monsters have killed anyone unless they tried to harm the person they consider their 'husband' or another monster tries to get him. While they should have more than enough demonic power to destroy a city, possibly a continent even, why would they suddenly destroy a whole city? It doesn't add up." He told them all. Because of all the reports they had gotten over the years, it was clear the mage held a very firm point since not a single report ever talked about the monsters showing signs of violence towards anyone, aside from raping people that was.

Another knight, one who served the ruler of the castle they were in, raised up his voice to speak. "It could be that humans destroyed the city. In recent years, many of our heroes have been either turned into incubus by the monsters or broken by them from encounters. Heroes rebelling against the church isn't unheard of now a days and Lagarge was one of the cities with the largest church and population of priests left. None of us want to think it, but the possibility is still there" Spoke the young blonde haired knight. While it was something many at the meeting didn't wish to bring up, such a thing was still there and a few at the table did agree it could have been rebel's who were against the church. It was clear to everyone there that finding out who or even what destroyed Lagarge over night would be hard, since not only rebel's and possibly monsters, but even others who could have done it just to make the war even worse was there along with other ideas. Instead of focusing on Lagare for the time, Father Cornelo raised his hand to silence the room. "It is clear we will have to spend many a time investigating this matter, but let us change the subject at hand to the second reason for this meeting; the survivor." The priest finished speaking.

It was at that moment the room went silent for a long moment, none wanting to discuss just what they would all have to. To break the silence yet again, Sir Garuda spoke up yet again. "The survivor, a lone man, a man that has in fact been asleep since we found him a week ago. For the last week my scouts have been searching the lands for anyone who may know who the man is. I myself have even went into both anti-monster and monster friendly communities trying to find even a single clue as to who the man is. I'm afraid to say I have yet to find anyone who know's who the man is." Garuda told them, before finishing. The news that no one had been found who could actually tell them who the man was was disappointing, but such a search to find the identity of one single person could take months and everyone at that table new that. Next to speak was the priest, Father Cornelo. "I, along with several other priests, have run tests on the man in the dungeon after he was treated by a doctor to make sure he wasn't a monster. From what we gathered, the man is a normal human and doesn't show any signs of having demonic energy on him or inside of him, but he doesn't seem to have high levels of spirit energy either. In fact, the man actually show's signs of having a below average production of spirit energy, something rare among any man, be they human or monster. Yet for some strange reason all the priests and myself have felt a strong demonic like feeling coming from his body, yet at the same time it doesn't feel the same as demonic energy should. It's rather odd." He told them.

A single man who had survived an entire city being destroyed over night, the man in question appearing to be an average human with below average spirit energy production. He didn't have a single trace of demonic energy at all on him or inside of him, yet he had a strong demonic like feeling coming from him that felt different from demonic energy itself. It was something that did puzzle everyone at the meeting, a city wiped off the planet over night and a man who shouldn't have survived did, even giving off a demonic like energy yet didn't have any demonic energy at all. "The demonic feeling put me and the priests with unease, so we did do something hours ago that should prove if he truly has demonic energy or not..." Cornelo said, though in a rather low voice compared from the other times. "And just what was that?" Asked Amato, curious as to what a priest could have done after having tested the man with god only knew how many things.

"We've had a pair of rings made with gems from the demon realm capital for months, we planned to use them as a last resort to measure the level of demonic energy or spirit energy someone has. To be on the safe side, we placed both rings on the man, though a ring per hand. We'll be able to tell just how much spirit or demonic energy he has by the glow of the rings, the brighter they glow the more he has. It's been enough time for the rings to have an accurate grasp of either energy by now." Father Cornelo told everyone. With that, the gathered people left the room and went down to the dungeons, heading for the survivors room to see what the rings would say. To make certain nothing could get to him, they had placed him in one of the dungeon rooms with brick walls all around it and an iron door. Once they reached the iron door, Sir Garuda put his hand on the handle of the door and pulled it open slowly, though as he did a beam of light came out of the room until it was blinding them when the door was fully open. Father Cornelo was in shock, seeing the bright beam of light from inside the room coming out. "Dear god..... What is he?" He asked in awe.

I hope you all enjoyed the prologue, next will come chapter one. Till then, farewell true believers!