This is a Sherlock Holmes and MGE crossover.  Please, do not worry, no character died in this chapter.  There is a bit of femdom and maledom. I figured the both like to dominate sometimes and thus it is an equal marriage.  I hope you enjoy the first part of a hopefully successful crossover.

A tanned woman with large C-cup breasts that were almost as big as D-cup.  She had long wavy hair with five hair loopies on each said of her hair that went to the back her head meet a bun of green hair.  The hair loopies were green while the rest of hair was genetically orange.  A curly bang over her left eye was orange with green highlights.  Her eyes were brown with pink eye shadow with a pair of hot pink dots at the upper corners of her eyes near the thin eye brows.  Her waist had a small muffin top of fat that still made her attractive.  Her thighs were a bit thicker than normal, but still rather attractive.  Her pink lips were in a frown as she pulled up her right leg.  Her tail whipped around with a with a clear heart shape membrane that went over her right eye. 


Taking her hand to the tail as she look at a single hair on her leg.  She moved a pair of tweezers in her left hand to remove the hair.  After the hair was removed she whipped her tail behind her.  She then began to pull on a pink skirt that was leather and ruffled.  A pair of butterfly print lace stockings were pulled on.  She strapped a red strap with ribbon bow on her right thigh.  Strapping on a pair of medium heel pink open feet shoes with a strap around the ankle and a strap over the knuckles.  She pulled on a hot pink corset as she tightened up the left side laces and tied them into a double knot bow.  She clipped the choker neck strap leading from the corset to around her neck.  Placing a pink rose head with a little bit of stem was put into her bun.  Reaching for her jewelry box she pulled out a ring with a pink gem in the shape of a heart.  Smiling she walked out of her bathroom grabbing the leash attached to the bed post.


She unclipped it as she moved to a masked man with a ball gag in his mouth.  She pulled out the ball as she heard the man cough for a bit.  He began to swallow as he was kissed by the woman.  Her wings fluttered with happiness as she pulled away, “Johnny, you were so good last night.  Do you want a bit of milk or love in your tea?”


John replied to her with a smile as the hand cuffs were removed, “I’d actually like to fill you, Sherloki.”


Smiling with a giggle and closed eyes, “Why Johnny, I’ve already eaten more than a few days worth.  Why do you want to give more food?”


John’s face was revealed as he pulled off his mask.  He had a charming smile with neon blue eyes and red hair.  His red goatee had a few brown hairs and black in it.  He squinted at her as he instructed her almost harshly, “Flip up the skirt, bitch.”


Smiling widely and turning around Sherloki bent forward in front of her naked mate.  She looked back with a finger on her bottom lip, “Have I been bad?”


Smiling he stood up from the bed as the comforter fell off showing his lithe body.  He flipped up her skirt as his right hand reached for her right wing.  He saw her wet pussy begin to drip as his hard cock approached her.  Stabbing himself inside her and grabbing her wing he listened to her scream.


The door opened as Sherloki walked out of the house.  She had a hop in her step as John walked out in a black scarf with kaki suit with slacks.  He locked the door and carried a black felt fedora.  Putting on the hat and pulling on his gloves he began walking behind his wife.  He then spanked her butt behind the skirt as a single white drop of cum hit the side walk while she let out a playful yelp.


The pair were walking until Sherloki tried to flag down a rickshaw.  None would stop for Sherloki as John said to her with a smile, “Let me try.”


John then shouted out onto the street, “Whoever wants a fingering give us a ride!”


Almost immediately a rickshaw came to them.  A centaur smiled at them as her rickshaw was empty.  She then said to John, “Where to?”


Sherloki gave a look to her husband of disapproval.  She got in as did her husband as she said to the rickshaw operator, “5th street Messor Colony Complex.  And please make it a hurry.”


Nodding the centaur began to run to the designation.  Upon arriving there was a tape around a large hill.  On the giant ant hill were four tall rectangular buildings.  Several Giant Ants were moving around the area.  Helping collect money from clients, working on the pair of fields with food being grown for the city. 


Sherloki got out of the rickshaw as she said to John, “Finish her quick. I will need you inside.”


John replied to her as he went to the Centaur’s front, “Right love.”


Walking up the set of stairs leading to the giant ant hill was Sherloki.  She finally arrived at the hole that led to the series of tunnels inside.  Several police were there both human and monster, male and female.  John joined Sherloki as she went up to the victim of the crime.


Sitting on her couch was an Ant Arachne.  She was crying as a pile of cinders in a spot.  John was told by Sherloki, “Console her for now, put that therapist license to use.”


John said to her with a minor role of his eyes, “We needed to get here fast.  I’m sorry that I had to please the rickshaw driver.”


Sighing she kissed his cheek saying to him, “I’m sorry, I just thought that this wouldn’t be how we’d spend your birthday.”


John replied to her as he hugged her, “My birthday will be in another few days.  It’s not today.  And even if it was.  This is important.  To take a husband away from his wife?  That is one of the worst crime possible.  And to do so with murder would be insane.  What kind of monster could be responsible?”


Sherloki looked at the cinders with her tail.  She had the small mouth at the bridge of her tail under the heart shaped transparent membrane to spray a chemical agent.  The yellow mist hit the charred area as a single partial finger print appeared.


John went to the crying ant Arachne, “I don’t know what happened.  But, I know what I saw.  I have already told one of the police what happened.”


John explained to her, “I’m a therapist and a behavior scientist.  I know when someone is lying.  And you are not lying.  So, why don’t you tell me what happened.  Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is John Watson.  I’m a consultant for the Luden police.  And you are?”


Clearing her throat and trying to hold back her tears, “My name is Ms. Lenim.  We just got married last month.  I can’t believe my husband is dead.”


John said to her with a hand on her lower torso, “Just tell me what you remember.”


Ms. Lenim then said to John, “I was sleeping peacefully.  When an Ignis arrived in my tunel.  Jacob and I didn’t have much.  We could afford the apartments.  We decided to live here in the colony where employees live as part of their pay.  But, we loved each other.  And last night an Ignis arrived in our tunnel.  She roared at me for taking her mate.  I didn’t know what to do.”


She sobbed another time as Ms. Lenim, “She let out a burst of fire hitting Jacob.  I couldn’t do anything for my husband.  I was frozen in fear, I don’t know what I was supposed to do.”


Sherloki was looking at the evidence as she used a glove to pick up a bone.  She examined the bone fragment.  She then said asking Ms. Lenim, “I’m assuming this was the work of an Ignis.  But, we are monsters and are incapable of killing a human.  It goes against our instincts and also a human male at that.  I’m thinking that some older soldier poisoned the Ignis with psychodalics.  And put her under a trance to let go of her instinctual restraints thus attacking Ms. Lenim’s husband.”


Ms. Lenim cried as she said to Sherloki, “Please, Detective , find my husband’s killer.”


Sherloki nodded to her with a small comforting grin, “I will do everything as monsterly possible.”