You has been selected to participe on a survival tv contest with another 4 single gentlemen, the rules are simple, you will be released in the entrance of a dugneon, your objetive is reach the exit at the other side where you'll find a welcome party, it doesn't sound difficult right? well how about this? 30 minutes after you enter the dugneon, a group of 5 unmarried wurms will be released in, and they will chase after you to claim you as her husbands, if you get caught, you will loose and get raped in tv, the first of you who manages to reach the exit without being captured will return home with his manhood intact and $500,000 as prize, working together or on your own is your choice but only 1 of you can win

The next day, you and the others are already in the dugneon, with the cameras pointing at you, wondering how time you got left until the wurms were released