The short story "A Treasure in the Forest" by user ImperialFish.

A Treasure in the Forest

David yawned and leaned back in his chair. He glanced over at the two people at the bar, one man who was obviously broke, and a pretty woman buying him the bar's famous “Party Drinks.” David may have quit his Order templar training halfway through, but he had a natural talent for detecting demonic energy, and there was quite the cloud of it around her. As she dragged him off to some other room, not really hiding her intentions, David yawned again and decided to head back home.

He passed the church on the way home and debated popping in to say a quick prayer, safety during work, food on the table, yadda yadda, the usual. He decided against it though, since he knew he would not be welcome in the church after the recent incident. It truly is hard to tell a Dark Priest from a simple nun who forgot to fix her clothes correctly after she went to the bathroom, but nobody really understood that. He said a silent prayer in his head and continued home.

Reaching the edge of town brought David to his small little shack. Boasting only a single bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, this home was the pride and joy of David, a home he built with his own hands. Even right down to the materials, he collected them himself from the forest only a few meters from the town walls. Which, conveniently, were only a few meters from his house. He pushed open his door and fell into his bed as soon as he could find it in the darkness. Money has been tight recently, so he had to sell those magically enchanted candles he picked up off of a merchant. If only the Order would allow those cheap Demonic Lamp Flowers to enter the city, he could actually see in his house when the sun was down. He fell into a slumber soon after he thought about this.

---The Next Day---

David rolled out of bed and stumbled over to his tiny kitchen. Biting into some sort of fruit with some very stale bread was a satisfying breakfast by his standards. He just hoped he didn't bite into a demon realm fruit one of these days. There are far better things to be addicted to than fruit. And far worse things, but all the same. David, now fully awake, strolled out of his house, out the gates of the city, and into the forest. The templars keeping watch would normally warn a citizen that tried to do so, warning them of the monsters and demonic influences in the forest, but they had seen David do it so often that it was merely a usual part of the day for them.

David walked deep enough into the forest so that he could no longer see the town, and began his work for the day. David was a collector, you see, his job was to go into the forest to find things to sell and trade with in the market. It was rather lucrative for David, as people left all types of things laying on the ground when they were abducted by mamono. And if they aren't going to use them anymore, David didn't see any reason why he shouldn't profit from it. David tied the handkerchief that smells a lot like a Minotaurus' lady parts around his arm, to ward off any lonely mamono (Few mamono would want to be anywhere near a horney Minotaurus), and set off.

---A Few Hours Later---

David had collected a good haul in his bag. Along with a number of tasty looking fruits to use for his own meals, he was carrying a bag of coin purses, trinkets, discarded weapons, and a curious golden necklace. Easy enough to sell to some merchant, boasting of whatever magical abilities David can think up at the time. He often dealt with a bit of guilt for spreading potentially demonic trinkets through human markets, but he dismissed it. He needs to keep a roof over his head, after all.

The sound of a twig snapping in an otherwise silent forest made him turn around, to confront whatever made the noise. Peeking out from behind a tree...was a tiny Holstraus. No older than 8 or 9 years old, this Holstraus looked scared and very shy. Of course, like all Holstraus, the size of her bust would bring most women to shame, regardless of her age. She looked like she was about to run away, but David decided to make conversation with her.

“Wait!” He said, which made her jump. Obviously, she wasn't expecting him to say anything. “Why were you sneaking up on me?”

“Be-Because....I thought you were mommy...” She said, on the verge of tears. David glanced to the handkerchief around his arm, remembering that the Minotaurus species was very similar to the Holstraus species. She must have smelled him, and ran towards the first thing that smelled even a little bit like her mother.

David glanced up at the sky, and saw that he had worked quickly. He had a good sized haul in his bag, and it was only midday. David decided that he had plenty of time left in the day, and approached her.

She stood in place, but not willingly. She was obviously so scared of him that her legs were paralyzed. He stopped as far as he thought his arms could reach, opened his pack, and handed her a fruit. The young Holstraus' eyes lit up and she immediately bit into the fruit in front of her. David stood in front of her awkwardly as she devoured the rest of the fruit, stem, seeds, and all. After realizing that she may have embarrassed herself, her eyes darted to the ground and her face blushed.

David, never having seen something so incredibly cute before, did what any self respecting man would do, and gave her a quick hug. She tensed up when David did so, and made a few little embarrassed noises. David realised what he was doing, released her, and backed away apologizing.

The girl began sobbing. “ I'm going to be pregnant, and I can't find mommy!” She cried. David felt blood rush to his face, and tried to explain that she can't get pregnant from a hug. After a few minutes of futile explanations on David's part, he offered her another fruit. She ate this one much slower, still crying a little. A few minutes later, David wound up explaining the act of sex to some 9 year old girl in the forest while she was lost. The only thing that would be creepier is if he had done a live demonstration. She introduced herself as Anora, and had taken to calling him onii-chan for some reason.

“Now then, Anora, why don't we go find your mommy?” David said with excitement, holding out his hand to Anora. She grabbed it, and they strolled off into the woods.

Many hours later, David was carrying all of his loot, plus a sleeping Holstraus girl. With his legs crying out for relief, and no sign of Anora's mother, David took a rest where he was. Shedding all of his gear made a bit of noise, however, and Anora woke up from her nap.

She yawned, and looked at David. “Thanks for carrying me, onii-chan. Wow, it's getting dark.” She was right, it was. David knew that the search couldn't continue with his visibility dropping so quickly.

He frowned, and began to speak. “Anora, I-”

“You have to go back to the human town, onii-chan?” She asked. He was surprised she knew, and he nodded his head. The sad expression she had back when they met returned, and tears began building once more.

“Wait, I'll come back tomorrow! We can look for your mommy then!” He said, trying to keep the tears at bay. It seemed to help, as she looked up at him and gave him a soft hug.

“Okay onii-chan, we can look tomorrow.” She said, slightly less sad.

“I know of an old hut that you can stay in for the night, it is close to the city. Nobody will find you there, so you should be safe.” He said, getting a little excited to share the secrets he had discovered to the forest with someone.

“Can..can you stay too, onii-chan?” She asked, hopefully. But he couldn't. The guards at the gate on his return trip wold be expecting him. If he didn't come by them, they would be worried and might go out looking for him. He was already risking it by staying out this late. They are templars, and would have no mercy for Anora or David if the guards saw them. David escorted Anora to the hut, tucked her in the bed, left her some fruit, and left after she had fallen asleep again.

In his own bed, David was getting excited. He had worked hard that day, and was falling asleep quickly. He hadn't even sold his loot yet. But all he could look forward to tomorrow was seeing Anora again, and helping her search the forest. Maybe they would find her mother the next day.

---8 Years Later---

But they didn't. They never did. Searching nearly every day for the better part of a year, Anora and David searched nearly every tree in the forest. David found places he never had before, including a Jinko colony, an Arachnea nest, and a small little cabin where a Kikimora lived, caring for her husband. But no Holstraus in the entire forest. After a year of looking, Anora realized that she will probably not see her mother again. She cried on David a lot the night that she decided to abandon the search.

In her mother's place, David raised Anora. Every day, he would go and collect her from the hut, and everyday they would search the forest for new trinkets that the market would be passing around later. Occasionally, Anora would have a Jinko or the Kikimora over to her hut for some tea, or she would go visit them. She still spent most nights alone in the hut, but She anticipated spending he next day with her onii-chan.

8 years this went on, and Anora grew into a fine young lady. David was worried. Worried that one day, Anora would find a boy she liked, and say goodbye to him. Worried that one day, when he walked into the hut, there would be two lumps under the sheets, rather than just one.

But most of all, he was worried about himself. When he looked at this girl, the one who called him her older brother, the one he nearly raised, he loved her. But he lusted for her. The way she had grown from that 9 year old girl was....most impressive. He loved her. Every part about her, he was attracted to. The curves of her...horns, the softness of her fur. And, though he didn't think it possible, her bust had grown even larger. She had begun milking herself a few years back, but refused to let David drink any, because it was 'Icky and embarrassing,' as she put it. He wanted to try some...directly from the source, if possible.

But those were merely his fantasies. He refused to let his male instincts get in the way of the relationship he and Anora had. One day, as she lay in bed and he sat in a chair nearby, she expressed a wish that he too had wished many times. “I wonder if I can ever visit onii-chan's house.” She said out loud. He too wished to show her his home, show her the city. But, as foolish as the city's templars were, even they could notice a Holstraus approaching.

A few days later, news came in to the city. The great city Lescatie had fallen to demons. The new addition to the demon realm was only a few days away on a good horse, so David's usual business partners expressed their concern about the matter. Anora reported that there were far more mamono in the forest recently. Though she appreciated the company, she was afraid that some of the mamono knew that he was visiting her, and that they could tell he was single.

David and Anora were in the hut one day and heard a knock on the door. A man with a bit of a powerful aura was standing outside. After inviting him in, he introduced himself as Gavin, a former resident of the town, turned incubi by his wife. She was a Gyoubu Danuki, selling her wares in town. Though she could sneak past the guards with her human disguise, they would have been able to detect his energies right away. He told them some shocking news: The mamono were about to begin an assault on the town. A very sexy assault. After he finished his meal, Gavin bid them farewell to go meet with his wife.

David had heard the stories of the fall of Lescatie. He was a man, therefore he would most certainly be snatched up by one of the invading mamono. If that did happen, there is no way his new wife would allow him to spend time with Anora, out of jealousy. The invading mamono might even pressure Anora into finding a husband during the invasion. David was afraid. He glanced over at Anora, and was surprise to she her with the same expression. She looked afraid as well. She looked at him, and seemed to replace her fear with confidence.

“, David, would you come to my room for a second?” She asked him. He felt daggers pierce his heart when she didn't refer to him as her big brother. He feared that she had come to the same conclusion, and that she decided to say goodbye. Why she decided to do this in her bedroom though, was a mystery to him.

As soon as they entered her room, he grabbed her in a big hug. He held on for a while longer, knowing it might be the last one they share. What happened next, he couldn't have expected. She fell on top of him, right onto her bed. With them laying there on the bed, his arms around her, her breasts pressed up against his body, his little friend about halfway down couldn't help but get a little excited.

She sat up and straddled him. She looked him dead in the eyes and told him words he had only dreamed of. “If the mamono invade, and we are both single, we will be separated....and I can't let that happen, onii-chan. Because I love you. Not as my onii-chan, but as a man.” She reached in for a long kiss with him which he was happy to accept. He looked back at her and smiled.

“I feel the same way.” He said. Anora smiled bigger than he had ever seen, and promptly decided that his clothes were in the way of their next activity.

---A Few Months Later---

“Look at that, onii-chan. I knew you got me pregnant.” She said, cradling her ever growing midsection. David, remembering the first time she had thought that, began to explain that it doesn't take this long for a baby to grow. Anora, however, stopped him with a kiss, and began walking down the streets of the fallen city. David followed her, still unsure whether she understood or not.


So, yeah. I got bored and decided to write another one. This one is a bit longer, so please tell me if you notice any mistakes, I am sure I missed a few. Let me know what you think in the comments!