Being a traveler in a new place isn’t easy, especially when you travel to Zipangu and you’re from an Order city like myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against monsters, on the contrary, I’m fairly neutral to them as I am with anything else, but it is a little jarring going from growing up in a town where you can go your entire life and never see a monster, to a place where they’re everywhere. In fact this story is about my meeting of and the subsequent encounters I had with one of this land’s inhabitants. It may not be the most action packed or exciting story, but it is about one of the more important events of my life.

            It all begins after I’d found a nice, cheap inn that I could stay for an indefinite period of time. The place was called The Fox’s Tale, it was a pleasant inn that was run by a very kind Inari, named Izuki, and her husband, named Riki. It was located in a relatively humble town in Zipangu that had a fairly decent number of monster inhabitants, most were married so I felt a little more comfortable staying there. The town itself had the inn, one of those monster run hot springs, a general store, a shrine that’s run by a Ryu and her Shirohebi followers, and everything else you’d expect from a small town. I had first arrived there after travelling through Zipangu for a while, trying to avoid as many big cities as possible.

 The reason I had decided to move here in the first place, I used to do random work for a living in my home town and one time I accidentally helped smuggle in some very illegal Demon Realm contraband, making me an enemy of the state, and forcing me to flee for my life. So I fled to the more mountainous regions of Zipangu, where I knew they would never find me, and besides, I’d always wanted to go there any ways so things weren’t all bad.

            Anyway, I arrived in town and being too tired to travel any further without stopping, I decided I would stay there for as long as I’d like. I stopped by the inn and asked if they had any rooms available, they said yes but when it came to payment is where the trouble laid, I didn’t bring any money with me, but me and the owners worked out a deal. If I were to be staying there I would do any job they had need of me for, and not seeing any other option I agreed. Most of the time they either had me doing grunt work, like cleaning the place or help moving things, etc., or working the bar, which was the most fun of the two.

            It was one of those times I was working as the bartender when I met the woman this story is about. She had a very “punk-ish” look about her, she had long hair, starting a very dark blue and becoming almost a neon blue nearing the tips, where it also sometimes ended in a lightning bolt shape; she wasn’t very tall, a little shorter than myself, fairly slender as well. She looked like a “normal” human girl except for a few key features, firstly she had a pair of triangle shaped ear popping out the top of her wild hair, her wrist and forearms were covered in fur that followed the same color pattern as her hair, a long, fluffy matching tail, as well as some white fur on her feet and legs that makes it look like she’s wearing socks. She wore a fancy, albeit short, kimono, and I use the term “wore” as loosely as she wore her kimono, which did nothing to hide her generous mammaries and cleavage nor the bright blue lightning bolt tattoo on one of her boobs or the one on the inside of one of her thighs, a pair of what could either be a pair of super tight booty shorts or black leather panties and a pair of those wooden sandals the Zipangu people sometimes wear.

When I asked the Inari owner what she was, I think she called her a Raiju. She also warned to try to stay on her good side, since she has a reputation for being a bit of a hot-head and that she tends to abuse the Raiju’s natural ability. Before I could ask what natural ability, I hear a cough that grabs my attention, but when I look back the fox lady was already gone.

“Hey new guy. Haven’t seen you around here, what’s your name?” She asked taking a seat at the bar, resting her head on her hand, and looking at me intently.

“Uh… Zak.” I replied.

“Zak, huh. Strange name. You’re not from around here are you?” She continues her probing.

“No, uh, I come from a place far to the west.” I say already used to the questions native Zipangu people ask me all the time.

“Really… Got any neat stories you wouldn’t mind telling me?” She asks, leaning forward making her cleavage even more visible.

“N-n-not r-really.” I stutter, blushing and unable to keep my eyes from drifting downward. “H-hey! Uh… N-not to be rude, but are you going to order anything?” I ask trying to change the subject.

“Oh! Forgive me. I’ll have a bottle of sake, please.” She says, placing the money on the counter.

“Alright. One bottle of rice wine coming right up.” I say taking the money and turning around to retrieve said bottle.

While my back is turned I feel a shock on my butt, as if someone rubbed their feet on the carpet and touched a door knob, except the door knob was my ass. I turn back around to see who did it, but all I see is the Raiju looking away and whistling with a blush on her face. “Yep definitely not suspicious” I think to myself, but I decide to not press it and get the sake quickly and give it to her.

“Here you go, Miss…?” I say try and get some info out of her for a change.

“Oh! Excuse my lack of manners.” She says, semi-teasingly, “My name’s Rei.” She holds out her hand.

“Pleasure to meet you Rei.” I say taking her hand and shaking it. I could swear there was that same shocking sensation when I touched her hand, but I wrote it off as my imagination.

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine.” She says rather seductively.

             After the introductions, I decide to leave her alone with her drink for a while and get to cleaning the bar. A while later I hear a slightly intoxicated Rei get up and say, “Thanksh for the drink Zap. I’ll be shertain to come back tomorrow.” I then hear some money hit the counter, and Rei then say “Here’sh a tip for the handsome bartender.” She then leaves and I look to see the tip she left me. “WHAT!” I yell in surprise, she’d left me a two thousand yen tip for a one thousand yen bottle of sake. I then look around for the owners and ask them what I do with it, since I’ve never gotten a tip before, even when working here. They just tell me to keep it, since it is a tip and that I could use some spending money.

The day continues after that without much event, and I soon turn it in for the night. She keeps true to her word and comes back the day after that, and the day after that and so on, though while she’s over our conversations never really go past small talk, but while we are talking I can almost feel her undressing me with her eyes. Whenever she does come over she also almost always leaves a pretty good tip, so it’s safe for me to assume how she feels about me, but she never really goes beyond harmless flirting.

I wake up one morning, and after getting all cleaned up and ready to face the world, I notice a note pasted on the door to my room that said “You’ve worked so hard these past few days. Why don’t you take the day off? –Signed Izuki and Riki.” Seems strange for them to just give me the day off with no warning, but why look a gift horse in the mouth. I grab the bag filled with the money I’ve saved up since coming here, and head on out.

As I’m leaving I hear a familiar voice yell “Hey! Wait up!” I turn around to face it and I see a blue blur zip right up to me. Sure enough it’s the Raiju from before.

“Hey Zap. What you doing out? Aren’t you supposed to be working?” Rei greets me with her usual enthusiasm.

“Nah. It’s strange but the bosses told me to take the day off. So I’m just off to explore the town and enjoy myself a bit.” I reply, “Oh, and it’s Zach, by the way.”

“Hey! Mind if I tag along? I know a great noodle shop you just gotta try.” Rei offers, completely ignoring me.

I think it over and decide “Sure. Why not? Lead the way.” I motion for her to lead and I follow her to the noodle shop. We arrive at a building with a big sign on top above the door that says “Noodle Shop.” or that’s what Rei tells me it says, because, despite being able to understand it when they talk, I never got the hang of reading Zipangese.

“The name’s really on the nose, huh?” I say, sarcastically. She doesn’t really respond other than smirking, roll her eyes, and motion for me to go inside.

            We step inside and are immediately greeted by a woman yelling “Hey Rei! Welcome back!” Looking to see where the voice was coming from I’m met with a somewhat surprising sight, an Ushi-Oni wearing an apron in the kitchen. We take our seats and while waiting for our order to be taken, me and Rei make small talk, until that Ushi-Oni lady from before turns her attention back to us and asks “Good to see you again Rei.” Rei just smiles and replies “Oh, Yuu.”

The Ushi-Oni then turns to me, looks me up and down and then smirks and turns back to Rei, “Finally got yourself a boyfriend, huh? I’m kinda relieved, you’ve been single for so long that I thought you’d never get married.” She then turns back to me “So you gotta a name, Tidbit?”

I’m already blushing at the thought of being in a relationship with Rei, and when I look towards her for guidance, she just blushes, gives me a flirty look and raises an eyebrow. “*sigh* My name is Zak, and I’m not her boyfriend. We’re just friends.”

The Ushi-Oni pinches my cheek, and giggles “Such a strange name for such a cute little morsel. So what are you having?”

Rei and I both order and the Ushi-Oni turns around to start cooking. I give Rei a worried look from the nicknames the cook was giving me, and Rei smiles and says “Don’t worry Yuu’s just teasing you, and she’s married so you don’t have to worry about her snatching you up either. Me on the other hand.” She starts giggling, and it’s strange but I’ve never noticed how cute she looks when she’s smiling.

“Say, Zap. I’ve been wondering. It’s obvious you’re not from around here, so what caused you to travel so far?” Rei looks at me with earnest curiosity. I sigh and proceed to give her my life’s story up to that point. I tell her about my life in the Order city, what I did for work, and how I got into the whole “being a wanted man by the Order” mess to begin with. After my story she nods and says “I wish my life was that interesting.”

“Yeah, well. All I want is to put that all behind me. I’m pretty sure the Order have given up on finding me, and even if they haven’t I doubt they’ll find me here. So right now, all I want is to get married, settle down, and live out the rest of my days peacefully.” I respond.

She looks thoughtful for a moment, then her eyes immediately brighten up and she asks “Speaking of marriage, you got a special somebody? I mean you’ve already overheard about my love life, so tell me about yours.”

I chuckle a bit and say “Mine’s about the same as yours. I’ve never really been in a relationship.”

She smiles “So I guess that makes this a first for both of us huh?”

I look confused “This…?” Then realization smacks me in the face. Grinning, I answer myself, “Oh, you little weasel. You got me to go on a date with you without having to ask, didn’t you?”

“Guilty as charged.” She says looking proud of herself. We both start to laugh about it but are interrupted by Yuu giving us our meal, which we eat in relative silence, just glancing up at each other and grinning when our eyes meet.

            I figured we were both starving by the time the food arrived, because in almost no time at all, the food was gone. When we both had finished, we split the tab and left, but not two steps out the door, Rei suggests something.

“You know what I think we should do next?” She asked.

“No, what?”

“Well, there’s nothing I like more than heading over to the bath house after a good meal. What do you say wanna come with?” She winks at me.

            Never having had the time to go to the bath house on my own, and seeing as how we’re already on kind of a date, I say “Why not?” but I also make a point to say “But no mixed baths.” She doesn’t really agree to my terms, she just giggles mischievously like usual and drags me there by the hand.

            We walk inside and we see the proprietor of the place is a Jurou-gumo who, like the last place, immediately recognizes Rei and greets her, and, just like the last place, she spends most of the time asking about whose her new “boyfriend.” Before things got too out of hand, I interrupt her and ask “Listen, can we just have one private guy’s and one private girl’s bath please?”

Again I’m met with giggling, so I ask “Why are you laughing?”

“Oh, that’s right you never got out much. Since almost everyone in town is married, we only have mixed baths, and we only have one available… Don’t give me that look, that’s what you get for coming here on a weekend.” The Jurou-gumo explains, and shrugs.

I sigh and look at Rei whose looking at me as if pleading for something, and I think I know what that is. Groaning and handing the spider lady the money, I say “Fine. One private, mixed bath please.” She takes the money, and gives us the room key. We head towards the room, and upon reaching it I insist that she go in first. It takes a little convincing, but she agrees eventually and heads inside, I wait until I hear the splashing of water before I head in.

The first sight I’m met with when I enter the room is the pile of what little clothing Rei was wearing, and then looking up I think I see Rei in the big bath tub waving at me, but I can’t make out much of the details due to the steam.

Blushing furiously, I figure it’s do or die time, and I undress and, while doing so, I surprisingly hear very little from Rei, most likely for the same reason I can’t see much of her, she can’t see much of me. In no time, I’m as bare as the day I was born and I approach the bath. I hear Rei when I hesitate getting in say “Come on in, the water’s fine.” I take a deep breath and dip my foot in, and almost immediately I’m met with the feeling of an electric current coursing through my body, mixed with the feeling of having the most thunderous orgasm, causing me to pass out.

When I come to, my eyes are met with a fuzzy image in the shape of a familiar busty weasel lady, straddling me. As my vision becomes clearer, I start to make out more and more details in the fuzziness hovering over me, and suddenly I hear Rei say “Great! You’re awake. Sorry about that, guess I got a little too excited and forgot water conducts electricity.”

“Wait. Electricity?” I ask.

“Yeah, but exposition will have to wait for a while, cause that little surge seems to have affected us both.” She says, giggling maliciously. Wondering what she’s talking about, I look down and see that not only am I hard enough to smash diamonds, but her thighs seem to be extra wet.

            I look back up, only to be startled by Rei kissing me.  She breaks the kiss and says, panting with desire “You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do this. I figured I needed to get you somewhere where we wouldn’t be disturbed.” It’s now I notice her making an expression I’ve never seen her make before, she looked... embarrassed, she was avoiding looking in my eyes and was blushing brightly, “I see so this is how you really are.” I think to myself. She then takes a deep breath, then mumbles to herself “Man, why is this so hard to say?” The look on her face suddenly becomes filled with and she yells out “Zak, I-I love you!”

            Just then we here from outside the door a person ask another “Hey did you hear something?” I look back at Rei and she’s blushing even more and trying to hide her face in her hands. “Ah, so that’s why she wanted to be alone… Man, she’s cute.” My internal monologue says, and without thinking I tell Rei the first thing to pop into my head “Rei, I l-love you too.” At those words a huge smile grows on her face and with an excited squeak lowers herself onto me and we do the deed.

            Afterwards we lie in the bath cuddling and smiling until the spider lady from before comes in and tells us our time’s up. As we’re leaving, I see an opportunity to ask Rai about that electric shock from earlier, which she laughs at before saying “You really don’t know by now? Raiju have the ability to charge up electricity by masturbating, and then we can release that electricity anytime we want, and anyone shocked by it not only gets paralyzed by the electricity but also feels the pleasure we felt while masturbating, the Raiju feels the pleasure a second time as well when releasing the charge but we’re so used to it, it doesn’t affect us.”

“Wow! That really was some exposition.” I say, then I realize something, “So does that mean, before I got in the bath you were… uh…?” I ask, blushing. She just blushes and smirks in response.

            After that things started moving pretty fast, we started seeing each other more often, and started asking my bosses if I could take days off to spend some time with her, which strangely the bosses agree to every time. Eventually we decide to get married, the ceremony was held at the Ryu’s shrine, and we got everyone from town to attend, our wedding presents were… interesting to say the least, we got a mini version of the kimono that Rei wears from the Jurou-gumo for our future daughter, from Yuu the Ushi-Oni and her husband, Ishi, we got a certificate that would allow us to have all we could eat for one day at her restaurant for half off, and Izuki and Riki just smiled and said the gift could wait till later.

            Me and Rei’s honeymoon suite wasn’t as glamourous as the average couple would want, in fact it was just my room at the inn, but she seemed happy enough just being there with me to consecrate our love together that night. The morning comes and I first awaken to the sight of Rei’s adorable, still-asleep face, but my attention is caught by the sound of giggling, and this time it didn’t belong to Rei. I look up to see Izuki standing in front of the door, I get up and ask “What are you doing here so early?”

“I just love seeing a plan come together.” She says, giggling some more.

“What plan?”

“Why my plan to get you two together. I wouldn’t bother asking Rei about any of this though, she wasn’t in on it either.”

“So, you planned this all from the beginning?” My confusion deepens.

“Yep, in fact, I’ve done the same with almost every other mamono and single man in town. I did almost the same thing with Yuu and Ishi too.” She says with a hint of pride in her voice. Around this time all of our talking seems to have roused Rei from her sleep.

“Hey, honey, what are you doing up?” She sits up, yawning, and hugs me from behind and rests her head on my shoulder. She her face against me before opening her eyes and suddenly notices our uninvited guest.

“IZUKI! What are you doing here!?” Rei exclaims, blushing, and trying to cover her nudity with the sheet.

Izuki laughs softly and says “I’m just checking up on the two lovebirds. Also, I’m here to help your husband get ready to move.”

“Move?” Me and Rei say simultaneously.

“Yes, since you’re married Zak told me he wanted to move in with you.” She winks at me.

“I did?” I ask.

“Yep, now get dressed, there’s a lot of work to do.” Izuki says and then leaves.

I start to get angry at Izuki, but when I feel Rei lean against me, still a little drowsy, I can’t help but smile and let my anger go, because even though Izuki tricked us I finally got one of the things I’ve wanted. Now all that’s left is the settling down and the peaceful life.