• One night after a long day at work, my buddies and I decided to go for bout of drinking as is our usual custom. After a few rounds Craig drunkenly brings up how he has been hearing how a cave nearby is said to be haunted. After deliberation we all agree to test it out. Needless to say, in my drunken stupor I agree, and I managed to last only a minute over twenty in the supposedly haunted cave, when I felt something was watching me. Later on, feeling proud of myself, I stumble home and fall into my bed with a thump... Though the second I close my eyes I feel the same 'watched' feeling that I did at the cave. I now sit up and turned to the window to see a Gazer patiently staring at me with all eleven eyes.

Still feeling slightly tipsy I stare at her. A minute passes and I wave slightly. She smiles and waves back. As I look at her I feel an odd feeling in my gut as I look at her one eye. A strange pulling sensation calls me to her, to open the window and let her in... As I get out of bed and walk to the window she exhales, fogging the window, and smiles in triumph. The second I unlatch the window it snaps open letting the cold winter air into my room. I shiver, not from the cold but the expectation and excitement of her being so close to me. I offer my hand to her as she levitates over the ledge, entering.

As she takes my hand I get chills down my spine. As she sets her dainty oily black clad feet on the floor she looks directly at me. As I gaze into her I feel a burning longing, an empty feeling that could only be filled by her. She coos, thinking she won me over and as she puts an arm around my neck and bites her lower lip I loose control. I grab her and pull her into a hot kiss, putting one hand on her waist and the other into her midnight black hair. She stiffens, not expecting me to be so forward, and eventually regains her senses and begins to kiss back, wrestling her tongue with mine. I lift her and push her to the wall hoisting her to a level of easier access. She gasps in surprise and blushes furiously. I growl with a primal need and struggle with my pants. Once they are off I plunge into her sweet, fall into my bed with her drowning in pleasure.......

  • dawn* she lazily draws circles on my chest as we lay together in the warm afterglow of our passionate night when she finally speaks

“You... really like me? My spell wasn't supposed to be that effective." I smile and turn to her and respond "More than anything... I.... I know it is really soon but I feel like we made a very special bond with each other and... Heh... wow this is awkward... * I perch I up on one elbow and look at her directly in the face. * Sabine... Will you do me the honor of being my bride”? She gasps and looks at me with her eye brimming with joy and love as she sits up on the bed “You mean... you want me? To BE with ME? Accepting everything about me like.... *looks down and whispers* one eye?"

I simply smile and lift her chin up with a finger, forcing to look at me and say with a heartfelt “Everything" and gently kiss her as I pull her petite frame against mine. She giggles happily and wraps her arms around me and happily snuggles against me. A few hours later we get happily married and move to a monster friendly village.

  • A few years later*

Looking back I am surprised it went so well... I now look at my beautiful wife as she sashays around the kitchen happily, occasionally rubbing her pregnant belly with a look of pure joy.

• CREDT TO Nola19 For the original idea, A " what do" prompt.