o On an average spring day I decided to go walking along a heavily wooded mountain path when a Manticore stepped out in front of me. She licked her lips and with an evil grin said o "My you look delicious I wonder how you'll taste.” She takes a few steps towards you and I backed up in fear. “Where are you going? I just want a taste of you.” she grins at you maliciously. Once again she licks her lips What will you do?

I, not knowing she won’t eat me, I freak out and back up. As I retreat my foot catches on a root, and I fall backwards, on my head on a rock and I see stars and as my vision darkens I see her rushing to me and then I black out.

When I come to I am in a pleasantly soft bed in what seems to be quaint house. As I start move a feel a tidal wave of pain wash over me. Groaning, I now hear footsteps and a shadow falls over me. I lay still and am now looking eye to cleavage as the manticore leans over me to check my head which I feel is bandaged up. As she turns walks to a table to gather something I now have a chance to gat a really good look at her and despite the situation I find her quite attractive and I take my time to view my captor.

Starting from her head, she has spiky rusty orange colored hair that is bunched up at the end and has a long braid that ends at her mid back. She has a pair of dark grey wolf type ears that twitch occasionally, as if she heard something. Her face is as beautiful, or more than any of the noble women in the town. Her eyes are a deep violet that seems to be hiding some mischief, and her lips seem to have sheen to them, begging to be kissed. Below her neck is a grayish white fur ruff that adds to her charm. Her arms are normal to the elbow, where it turns to and animal like arm that is the same grey/black color as her ears. Her hands, better described as paws, have very wicked looking claws on the end of them.

My gaze now turns to her more than pleasant bust which has to be at least a DD. She is wearing a bikini like top which seems like it can hardly contain its precious bounty and is ready to burst at the slightest provocation. I blush at my perverted thoughts and continue on my way down. At mid-back, she has a pair of bat like wings that are currently folded. Her tail, attached to the base of her spine, is a dull red and almost snakelike, the end is about the size of a cantaloupe and has bony spines around it... I have no clue what it is for but fear it is for nothing good. Her shapely legs, like her arms, are human halfway and animal from her knee down. After my viewing I here a light chuckle and I now know she was letting me check her out. She: Well well... you finally came to. You took a nasty blow to the head." I gulp and try to find my voice. “I ... Wh... Why didn’t you eat me?" She replies “Hm? Oh it’s no fun when my prey is out cold. I like looking at my prey squirm when I... feed" and she licks her lips seductively. I shudder and she chuckles "oh? What’s this?" as she notices now tenting member, which had grown from all my ogling and smiles as she lightly strokes the bulge in the front of my pants. " Is that because of me? You are so sweet. You know how to make a girl feel good."

An idea hits me, albeit a very risky one but I muster all my courage and say as confidently as I can "Hey... let me live and I’ll make you feel REALLY GOOD. The way, only a man can." 

Her face lights up and tosses her head back laughing " Oh my... You certainly are feeling better it seems." Predatory gleam goes across her eyes. "What a deliciously tempting offer...” and she purrs lightly. I take a chance and pull my hand up and gently stroke her thigh. “You feel warm... “She sighs as she relaxes under my touch. "Do we have a deal?" I ask warily. She responds by suddenly straddling me and arching her tail back into a striking pose. I cringe ready to die when I feel her fumbling with my pants. " Huh?! Wha ... what?! I begin to stutter. "

She puts her claw to my mouth to shush me “Silly human, this is how I feed" as her tail flexes I see it dripping juices and its wet folds. “You can call me Raquel, just so you know whose name to scream" she says with a malevolent grin. I feel the needles of her tail hit me and then the heat begins to radiate thought my body.

*1 week later* 

“Johnnar... please be gentle with me... it’s my first time using my womanhood." I reassure Raquel by stroking her cheek and riving her ears a gentle rub causing her to squirm under my gentle ministrations.

“Of course love, anything for you." I say with a grin. She blushes and squirms in my arms. I pull her closer to me and kiss her deeply, savoring every sensation. Her warm skin, the sent of her fur, her heartbeat against mine. As we break the kiss she looks at me with warm eyes and whispers...

“I... my kind doesn’t usually do this but... " she takes a deep breath " I truly love you. You have shown me real compassion and given me real love." I smile gently and stroke her face. “And I love you to my sexy mistress. “As we sink into the covers of the bed we both know we found our soul mate.

  • 3 Years later*

We have a lovely pair of twin girls at age three that are running in the front yard and a third child on the way. I turn to my wife and pull her closer to me as we watch our two girls play and I gently rub her pregnant belly. She smiles and nestles up to me with a smile and I sigh, fully content with how things turned out.