JustAlex93 presents his second MGE fanfiction...

A Yo-yoer in the Demon Realm

Disclaimer: The author has no claim to any ownership of the MGE series.

My name is BurgleFlangle Cinnabutters...NOT! Just kidding! My name is Justin Zody, and I'm a skilled yo-yo player and a member of Team N-E Brand. The team's name means that anyone who is a member can use yo-yos from whatever brand that they liked, whether the yo-yo used is bone-stock or modded to perform competitively. Yo-yo collectors and modders are also welcomed onto the team.

Anyways, my story!

It had all started when me and some of the guys were returning home from competing in a yo-yo contest over in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-Saint Paul in Minnesota. We had a real blast competing and showing off our collections. Anyways, half way through our flight back to Washington State, which is where our team is based, our plane got caught in a pretty bad storm. What's odd is that the lightning bolts that were arcing about in the clouds were red or pink. Of course, it's raining too, and pretty hard, as well. Before I could do anything else, the plane began to shake something fierce and we were caught up in a bright flash of light, and I ended up losing consciousness.

It felt like an eternity, but I had eventually awakened to find myself in a rather fancy-looking bedroom that appears to be someplace in some kind of castle or fortress. I had also noticed that my luggage was nearby, sitting in a corner of the room. I had gotten up from the bed, and went over to my luggage to see if any of my stuff (especially my yo-yoing equipment) is still in there. Thankfully, it's all there, especially my YoYoJam SpinJammer, which I had since I was a kid. Before I could do anything else, I hear a sultry voice speak out to me, "Ah, so you're awake. I thought that you would sleep longer from enjoying such a comfortable and luxurious bed."

I turned around fast to see a beautiful, white-haired woman with crimson red eyes, lips that seem to be begging to be kissed, and a voluptuous figure of pale skin, along with pointed ears like an elf out of a sword-and-sorcery fantasy story. She also appears to be scantily dressed in a way that would surely provoke something real lustful. However, I had also noticed that she had black horns on her head, and white, webbed wings like a bat and a tail, too, along with a royal kind of a look to her. Aw, snap! I'm facing an honest to goodness demoness, and a pretty damn sexy one, too!

"Hello," I greeted before asking, "Who exactly are you, where are we, and why have you brought me here?"

The she-devil replies while swaying her breasts and hips a little, "I am Hydrangea, one of the lilim, the daughters of the Demon Lord. Speaking of which, mother requested your audience in her throne room here in the castle of the Royal Demon Realm. Why I brought you here is for a couple of reasons. For one thing, you look handsome, and two, we may be lustful monsters, but we're not so heartless as to leave any unconscious human lying around where he might end up getting seriously hurt or captured by something unsavory," as she then disappeared in front of me and reappeared behind me, before putting her arms around my neck and breathing hotly at my ear.

Not wanting for things to get out of hand quickly, I ask her, "Can we go and meet this Demon Lord now?" It seemed to work, Hydrangea, as she was named by her mother, realized that she was getting ahead of herself and replies flirtatiously, "Yes, thank you for reminding me, handsome," before playfully pinching my cheek.

She leads me down a hallway and down a couple flights of stairs. On the way to the throne room, she explained to me some essential things that I needed to know about this strange new world that I'm in now; it is a world populated by humans and female semi-humanoid monster girls that seek out human men to basically f*** them. When a man intermingles with a monster girl, the demonic energy generated through intercourse would change him into an incubus, and the rate of the transformation depends on the amount of demonic energy generated during sex. These monster girls come in many shapes and sizes. There are also gods in this world, especially the Demon Lord's arch-nemesis, the Chief God, who has a very powerful international organization revolved around her, known as the Order, that opposes the monster girls.

Apparently, monster girls weren't always feminine or semi-humanoid, and were just plain monstrous beasts that went around attacking humans to eat them up. Then, a certain succubus became the new Demon Lord, and turned all the monsters into the monster girls known today. Hydrangea is one of the daughters of that succubus Demon Lord, who had apparently seduced a powerful human hero that was sent to destroy her. However, that hero sided with her and became her husband, as well as a super-powerful incubus. The Chief God attempted to bring the fight to them, but she was gravely wounded and was forced to retreat. Ever since then, monster girls existed everywhere, on land, at sea, and in the air. Plus, there is also this wandering scholar who writes a series of books all about the monster girls. He is, of course, seen as a blasphemer by the Order so he never stays at one place for too long.

Right after she explained to me the essentials of this monster girl world, she remarks, "While you were resting, we took the liberty of sorting through your belongings, and I noticed that you, Mr. Justin Zody, are a member of a group of yo-yo players called Team N-E Brand." For explaining all the monster girl essentials, I decided to return the favor by explaining about yo-yos and such, and the amazing tricks that one could do with them.

After several minutes of walking and talking, we eventually arrived at the throne room of the Demon Lord and her incubus husband. Sitting on one of the thrones is the Demon Lord herself; a white-haired, regal-looking succubus with sinister, demonic eyes and six wings, along with horns as black as the night pointing upwards and a tail with a heart-shaped tip. On the throne next to her, is her husband, obviously. He resembled one of those handsome-dashing-heroes-with-attractive-looks, but he also appeared to have the standard incubus features, as well; a couple of wings, a pair of horns, and a tail. 

Of course, I kneeled down before them, as the Demon Lord herself smiles, "Ah, so you are the human named Justin Zody, no? I am Lilith, the Demon Lord of this world. Sitting next to me is my handsome husband, the Fallen Hero Akul." The now-identified Akul smiles, "Pleased to meet you, young man."

So, we went back and forth explaining things to each other. During this, I had also learned what had happened when the plane got into that storm; Apparently, a branch of a monster religious organization known as "Sabbath" had developed a way to magically summon objects from other worlds. They had tested out this new spell, and ended up summoning the plane that me, my teammates and a whole bunch of other people were on. I inquired about the other people that they found on the plane or the "giant metal bird, um....thing" as they called it. I was told that they were given temporary shelters, of course, until their fates would be determined.

Since Hydrangea took a shining to me, Lilith and Akul has placed me with her, and something tells me that I'm in for something strange but extraordinary. Of course, they warned me that if I did anything to hurt her feelings...well, we've seen those kinds of threats before in movies!

So later that night, I was sleeping in that luxurious room that I first woke up in (they're just spoiling me rotten with that one), when I felt something press up against my back. I realized, then, that Hydrangea is in the bed with me. I blushed beet-red at the contact, before smiling warmly and planting a gentle peck on her forehead, before pulling her sleeping form closer to myself. Ain't she so sweet when she's snuggling up to someone?! Anyways, I went back to sleep. However, I ended up having a dream, where I find myself in a starry void with galaxies and stuff, and standing before me is a real beauty of a woman with long, blonde hair and pure blue eyes, dressed in a toga like those in ancient Greece, along with a glowing, golden halo floating above her head. On her back are a set of six, white feathery wings. I realized, then, that this heavenly entity before me is either a very high-ranking angel sent to visit me in my dreams on the Chief God's behalf, or more likely, the Chief God herself, but if she were the Chief God, shouldn't her title be Chief Goddess?

"Greetings, Justin Zody," she starts with a smile, "I am the Chief God of the world that you have been brought to by that branch of the sinister Sabbath. I am visiting you in your dreams to offer you a chance to return home to the realm from whence you came," before handing me a knife that appears to glow with a holy energy, "You must betray and kill the Demon Lord, so that humanity would no longer be plagued by all those lustful monster girls. If you succeed, I will give you godlike power, and a one-way trip back to your home world with your teammates and all who were aboard that flying machine. Now then, will you make your decision?"

I was struck by a dilemna by what she is offering me; godlike power and a return trip back to my home world, at the expensive of betraying and murdering the Demon Lord. Why should I do that? I am a guest in this world, and the Demon Lord and her subordinates are good hosts to me, and I should be a gracious guest, too! 

"You know what?" I started, "No deal! They were nothing but good hosts to me, and I will not betray them to a genocidal slimeball like you! Not even for godly powers! Go offer that deal to someone else who's willing to take up this, like some Nazis or something! Good-bye!"

It is then that I awaken in the bed with Hydrangea also awake, and it appeared that she knew of my little encounter with the Chief God in my dreams. She coos, "My hero," before planting a kiss on my cheek, at which I blushed. She then asks me, "By the way, what are Nazis?" I gulped at the aspect of having to explain those bad people to Gea (as I've come to nickname her), before gaining my composure and warning her, "Hydragea, what I am about to explain to you is something that will surely bring out some righteous anger for the atrocities that these people have wrought." 

So, I explained to her about the Nazis and about the millions of lives that they have destroyed during the second World War. "You know what I think?" started Gea, "I think that these 'Nazis' should have a certain part of their bodies removed so that they can't have children to carry on their legacy of bigotry and racial arrogance."

I gulped at what she is implying, but internally, I smirked. Castrating those racist scumbags? That ought to be good for doing my home world a favor! We went back to sleep for the rest of the night, content in each other's arms.

The next day, Gea decided to take me on a tour of this "monster girl world", and our first destination; the Demon Realm of Lescatie, which was formerly the Theocracy of Lescatie. Apparently, one of Gea's older sisters, the forth lilim Druella, had launched an invasion and conquered Lescatie, transforming it from what was known as the #1 hero-producing nation into a realm of monsters and sexual depravity. There was a counterattack by the Order to try and reclaim Lescatie, but it had failed miserably. So, at this point, Lescatie is a lost cause for them. There were some...factors that lead to the downfall of this nation-state to Druella's invasion;

For one thing, all the important offices of the nation were run by high-ranking Order members for their organization's conveniences (and lining their own pockets), that which created plenty of dissent among the people. Typical corrupt government officials and politicians from extremely-powerful religious organization. They were also taxing the people in the slums, too! I'm starting to hate the Order and their greedy guts more and more by the minute!

The second thing, is that the heroes that lived in the central district didn't really like that the government ignored their will and tried to control their lives, thus more and more of them defected to Druella's side during the invasion. I'm not going to blame them; I wouldn't be too happy about the government wanting to dictate my life. Heck, Rick Santorum back home in the United States of America wanted to have the government control everybody's lives (as well as having gay people imprisoned). What a scumbag he is! 

In short, the Order basically got too arrogant and greedy about Lescatie, and losing it to Druella is the terrible price that they have paid. 

Right before we arrived at Lescatie, Gea gave me a special pendant imbued with powerful magic that protects the wearer from the influence of the demonic energy that permeates the air, especially in the central district, which is where it is the strongest. As we have arrived at Lescatie, we could hear the sounds and see the sights of monsters having sex with human men, with wet sounds and pleasured cries and all that. As we went through the districts, I noticed that some of the monsters are giving Gea jealous looks, while others give me looks of absolute lust. We eventually went to the palace, where we met Druella and her husband, an Order-soldier-turned-super-powerful-incubus named Elt, who she shares with some other females that she converted into monsters (well, one of them was converted by a black-furred baphomet named Lucella, and not Druella herself).

We stayed in Lescatie for the night, and the next day, we left for the next destination of our whirlwind tour of the monster girl world; the distant land of Zipangu, also known as the Kingdom of Fire. I had to admit, it was this world's equivalent of feudal era Japan. Along with that, there are monster girls based on creatures from Japanese mythology, such as kitsunes, onis (Japanese ogres), nekomata (two-tailed cats), especially the horrid Ushi-Onis.

Our next stop in our world tour is in the Mist Continent, which is kind of like ancient China, and it is also where we met more exotic monster girls, especially the playful Ren Xiongmao, who are quite handy with pole-based objects, and those youko, those DAMNED YOUKO! They're so aggressively lustful (they're also so full of themselves!), and Gea had to assert her authority as a daughter of the Demon Lord (as well as flaring her powerful lilim magic) to get them to back off! The food there tasted so much better than the way that Chinese food is prepared by Westerner chefs. The orange chicken was fantastic! Eat your heart out, P.F. Chang's!

We then went to the nation of Polove, home to an association of elementalists lead by a Dark Matter scholar named Saphirette Spherica, who is a covenanter of not one, but four dark elemental spirits. It is also something of warzone between anti-monster factions and the Elementalist Association, so we had to be careful not to run into any members of the Order, lest they go after us!

All I'm saying, is that we went through quite a few places and met a lot of new faces in our whirlwind tour of the monster girl world. Oh, and not only that, but I also did some yo-yo demonstrations in some of those places we went to. Of course, I ended up attracting an audience, with both humans and monster girls watching in awe as I showed off my tricks.

On our way back to the Royal Demon Realm, however, we were confronted by a vain-looking Order hero (oh, brother!). He proclaims like a stereotypical medieval warrior, "Halt! I shall smite thee, in the name of the Chief God for consorting with that lilim!" 

"Funny you should mention her, Mr. Hero," I started sarcastically as I crossed my arms, "She came to me in my dreams and offered me godlike power in exchange for betraying the Demon Lord. I refused, citing that she and all in her abode were good hosts to me, and it's dishonorable to betray one's hosts."

"You lie!" he shouts angrily as he drew his sword, but Gea retorts, "Actually, it DID happen. As a lilim, I have enough power to see into his mind."

The hero thought for a moment, before saying to me, "If what you have said is true, then I shall show you what happens when you refuse the Chief God in favor of monsterkind! Have at you," before charging at me with his sword. When he got close enough, I grabbed him in the sword arm, and used the momentum to slam him into the ground. I wrench his sword away and threw it aside, before pinning him down and repeatedly punch him in the face. At one point, I even got up, grabbed him by the wrists, and gave him a harsh stomp in the crotch, at which he let out a high-pitched scream of pain before fainting. 

I then turned to see Gea coming up to me with a stern look on her face. She slapped me in the face as she scolded, "That's for nearly getting yourself killed," before smiling lovingly and cooing, "And this is for putting up such a great fight against that foolish hero," right before she mashed her lips against mine in a passionate kiss while wrapping her arms around me. I put my arms around her in turn, before returning the kiss. I got bold, and flicked my tongue against her lips to request entry into her mouth. She opened her lips a little, and we began to French each other, moaning as our tongues danced for dominance. Good God, I love her so damn much right now! I would want to have sex with her right here and then, but I want to wait until I get her parents' blessing and then marry her. 

We then separated for breath as we looked at each other lovingly, touching our foreheads to each other while we embraced.

Eventually, we returned to the castle of the Royal Demon Realm, exhausted after a long journey around the world. Gea decided that if I want to able to fight off Order warriors more effectively, she and some other powerful monster girls would train me. In exchange, I offered to teach her how to use and maintain a yo-yo, as well as a few tricks in between. The yo-yo of her choice; a YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. 201 from my collection. With its special response system and adjustable string gap, Gea could progress to different skill levels on the fly. On the other hand, I learned martial arts, weaponry, and how to use magic spells. The monster girls that taught me those things were the coolest teachers ever! 

One day, I finally decided to go to Lillith and Akul to ask for their approval in marrying Gea. Guess what? They said yes! So, I went to one of the passengers of the plane that is in the castle, and it turns out that he had some CNC machining equipment on there. It is there that I got a sweet idea for the coolest marriage proposal gift ever! So, I asked him if he could machine yo-yo halves (that have recesses for .555-sized response pads) out of demon realm silver. Then, I also went to a local jeweler for a couple of Devil Gems that I could put on the hubs. As for the axle, bearing, and response pads, I got that covered. I have a titanium axle, a couple of .555-sized silicone IrPads, and a KonKave bearing. Not only that, but one those little Sabbath witches loyal to Gea offered to place some enchantments on those things to enhance them. I nodded, just as she cast her spells on the items. As a result, the IrPads are enchanted to never completely wear out, no matter the amount of usage, the axle is magically enhanced to never bend or break, and the bearing is charmed to spin practically forever and to never wear out. I came to the machinist, who had successfully machined the demon realm silver yo-yo halves that I wanted. He admitted that it wasn't too easy, but it was a worthy challenge, because demon realm silver was an unknown quantity to him compared to other familiar materials like 6061 aluminum, 7075 aluminum, bronze, stainless steel or even titanium.

PLEASE NOTE: Work in progress! Thank you for understanding.