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Bryce and the Titania

By JustAlex93

Author's Note: This one-shot is inspired by a what-if comment made on the Titania article by Trainguy111. Also, it's in the character's point of view.

The Story

You are a 13-14 year old boy. Your parents are out often, so you get lonely. One day, they decide to adopt an older sister for you. When she arrives, you discover she's a Titania. Unlike most Titanias, she is not childish and is more interested in spoiling you. How do you react? 
- Trainguy111's what-if comment.

The name's Bryce, and I'm 14 years old, living in jolly old Great Britain. My life's pretty good, but unfortunately for me, my parents are out of the house a little more often than I would like, because of their jobs. However, one thing I can tolerate from being alone at home, is that I have plenty of time to myself before mom and dad return home. But, I make sure not to eat too much or break anything, or even watch my parents' more grown-up DVDs. By that, I meant anything with sexual content!

One form of entertainment I'm really into is video games, and there's no video game system I love more than my Commodore Amiga 2Go. In case you don't know what that is, the Amiga 2Go is a portable gaming system based on the hardware of the Amiga 500+ computer, right down the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS). You can expect it to beat out the Atari Lynx, the Sega Game Gear, heck even Nintendo's GameBoy! Not only that, but it's got controls like the Amiga CD32 console, except with a better D-pad and the fire and shoulder buttons press more comfortably and responsively. The games are on these little two-and-a-half inch floppy disks, which I think is neat. It's also got this area where you can use these memory expansion modules to increase its base memory, two expansion ports for peripherals, an area for an adjustable wrist strap, a backlit screen with adjustable brightness, and other features that I can't bother to name at the moment. The one I have is the model A2G-001B, which has 2MB base memory. 

However, I still get lonely, always wishing that I have someone that I could enjoy some time with at home when mom and dad aren't around.

That is, until one morning, when they were about to leave for work, they told me that they found someone and adopted her as my older sister. She would arrive later this afternoon, and they also said this about her, "Let's just say that she's something...Well, special! "Magical," you could say! Not only that, but she's quite beautiful, too, and is very sweet."

I took their word for it, as I then saw them off, leaving me alone once again, at least until my new adoptive sister shows up. Anyways, in case you're wondering why I'm not going to any schools, I've been home-schooled for most of my childhood. I got rewards from my parents if I did good on whatever classwork they come up with for me. My Amiga 2Go was one of those rewards, and it is a very well refurbished one, too. Nowadays, I do studying periods every morning so that I don't let myself get dumber.

Anyways, after I did my morning study session, I grabbed my Amiga 2Go and decided to play a little game of Zool on it. I eventually made it as far as Level 10, before deciding to end it there after losing my last extra life. It was a decent run, though. Afterwards, I decided to take a shower and put on some good clothes, so that I could look nice for my new older sister when she arrives. After that, I decided to go relax on the couch in the living room, and watch some cartoons on the telly. I went through the channels, but nothing good is on, not even Steven Universe! Giving up on my search for a good cartoon to watch, I decided to do a few chores around the house; taking out the trash and recycling, sweeping up the place, using the vacuum cleaner, cleaning my room, etc.

After finishing up, I looked at the clock to see that it is 11:30 AM; time to make myself some lunch! So, I opened a can of beanless chili to heat up on the stove for some chili dogs. After stirring the chili periodically every few minutes or so, I decided that it's hot enough. So, I moved the pot off of the burner and turned it off, before heating up a couple of hot dogs in the microwave. I then took the hot dogs out of the microwave, and put them in buns, before taking a ladle and pouring some chili onto the hot dogs, completing the chili dogs. I then went into the living room with my lunch, and watched my Deadliest Warrior DVD on the DVD player. It's Season 1 Disc 3, which has Shaolin Monk VS Maori Warrior, William Wallace VS Shaka Zulu and I.R.A. VS Taliban. My favorite was Shaolin Monk VS Maori Warrior. I do have to admit that the Maori Warrior depicted in that battle scene did the most improper Ka Mate haka I've ever seen, but the Taiaha weapon is super-cool. A spear on one end and a slicing club on the other. Too bad the Maori lost due to the Shaolin Monk's superior combat skills.

When the DVD was over and I had finished my lunch, I took the disc out of the DVD player and put it back in the case, before putting my plate in the kitchen sink. I then put the leftover chili away in a plastic container, and put it in the fridge for later. 

Right when I was about to grab my Amiga 2Go again and play me some Pushover on it, I hear a knock on the front door. I figure that it's my new older sister, so I went over to the door, as I called out, "I'll get it!"

Little did I know of who I was going to meet when I opened the door!

When I did, I rubbed my eyes to make sure of myself that I wasn't hallucinating the beauty that stands before me with a gentle, friendly smile on her face that just left me awestruck. She appears to be something out of a medieval fantasy storybook. Her translucent though rather revealing dress is something befitting of a princess or a queen, she has a flowery-themed neck bracelet with a magenta jewel on the front, large, colorful butterfly-like wings on her back, and on either side of her head are flowers. Plus, she has beautiful blonde hair, pointed ears like an elf, and her eyes are the most beautiful shade of purple I've ever seen. For some odd reasons, I could see all sorts of magical-looking lens flares around her. She introduced herself as Stardust, and that she is a Titania, a sort-of fairy queen.

I then regained my composure, before inviting her inside the house, as I have said to her, "Come on in, I'll show you around the place so that you could be familiarized with it."

"That would be most appreciated, my new little brother," she said with a rather heavenly tone, and her smile just makes me want to...No, no, no! Get it together, bloke, that's your hormones talking to you, Bryce! Come on!

Anyways, I lead Stardust through the different areas of the house, before taking her upstairs to a spare room. If she wants, she could use it as her bedroom. She accepted, and apparently, on one condition; that I let her sleep with me in my bed (not in the sexual way, no!) on any two days of the week that she wants. She had also said for me not to be surprised if I end up waking up with her in my bed with me without any prior warning.

After giving Stardust the walkthrough of the house, I decided to ask her if she wanted to sit down and relax for a while in the living room. She smiled and nodded, as we then went downstairs to the living room, and sat down on the couch. She scooted close to me, at which I got a little bashful. Let me tell you, I never got to go out much, so I'm not really used to socializing in public, especially with a girl. I got redder in the face as Stardust got closer, as she giggled at my reaction. I put my head down in shame, not wanting to look at her, right before I then felt a pair of arms gently wrap around me in a comforting embrace. I looked up to see Stardust giving me a loving kind of smile that just seems to really warm the heart, as she soothed in her heavenly voice, "Shhh, it's okay, little brother. There is nothing to be ashamed of, dear Bryce. Your sister is here for you."

Caught up in her warmth, I tentatively put my arms around her to return the hug, as I buried my head into her bountiful chest. Stardust gently holds it there while rubbing my back. I ended up dozing off, though, as I faintly had the feeling of being carried like a baby along with the sounds of Stardust's footsteps on the staircase. I woke up in my bedroom, and turned to see Stardust sitting near my bed with a smile, as she asked, "How was your nap, sweetie?"

I replied sheepishly, "Refreshing. I guess I got comfortable around you, Stardust. There was so much warmth when we hugged each other, that I wanted to sleep and bask in it as much as I can."

She gave a small giggle, before saying to me, "If you want, we could hug again," as she held her arms out towards me.

I thought to myself, "Ah, what the heck," as I then got up from the bed and put my arms around her. I closed my eyes and smiled, enjoying the emotional warmth from this friendly gesture, but the way she held me, it's as if we're lovers more than siblings, but I digressed. After a few moments, we separated as I then asked Stardust if she wanted to watch something on the telly.

However, she's had something better in mind; she decided to freeze time here, so that she could take me to the Fairy Kingdom. There, I met all these happy and friendly fairies and those naughty little pixies what tried to steal my Amiga 2Go that I took with me. She had also told me that the Fairy Kingdom is also a spirit realm within a medieval sword-and-sorcery fantasy world full of these monster girls what go around seeking men to...erm, do the dirty with. After that little stint in the Fairy Kingdom, we went back home, and Stardust un-freezed the time. 

I checked the clock, and to my relief, it still isn't evening yet, which is when mum and dad usually come home from work. I told her that we still have plenty of time before they return home, at which she got this seductive look on her face. Oh, bloody Hell, something tells me that she's gonna want to do something rather inappropriate with me, eh what? She pulled me into a lover's embrace, before I felt her lips upon my own. I blushed beet-red, because she's flippin' kissing me! I ended up moaning a little, while putting my arms around her. Before I knew it, I ended up returning the kiss, and after a moment or two, we separated for air. I turned away in embarrassment, not believing that we kissed each other full on the lips! However, I admitted to myself that it was quite extraordinary. I wanted more of that wonderful, dreamy feeling, so I asked Stardust if she wanted to kiss again. 

She nodded with a loving smile, before I pulled her close and mashed my lips against her. I closed my eyes in content, feeling that nothing else in the world mattered, and before I knew it, I felt her tongue demanding entrance. Oh, bother. We ended up exploring each other's mouths, as we moaned in pleasure. My God, it was euphoric! After all that kissing, we separated for air again. I then told her that I'm willing to go as far as kissing for the time being, and she's fine with that. I also told her that we'll only kiss each other if mom and dad aren't around to notice. I figure that if they catch us doing it, they might find it a little too inappropriate. 

Later that evening, mom and dad returned home, and they were happy with how well I accepted the new addition to our family. To celebrate, we decided that we would go out for some pizza for the weekend. Oh, boy! We're gonna go to Big Chunky's Pizza! Well...probably. Now that place has some bloody great pizza, and even make it in different styles, especially real Italian style. Of course, they also have some arcade video games, especially one of my personal favorites; San Francisco Rush 2049. Oh, and to sweeten the deal for you lot further, it's the Special Edition, which has all seven tracks, one of which being the Alcatraz track, along with new cars. Oh, and I have a Team Rush profile on that particular cabinet. It's a two-player set-up, too. Of course, I love Rush the Rock Alcatraz Edition, as well.

That night, I asked Stardust to sleep with me in the same bed. I want to lay close to her tonight because of how much she had come to mean to me. As we slept, I held close to her for comfort. Something tells me that things are gonna be all that and a bag of Wotsits from now on.