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R/C Monster Girls Side-Story: Sean & Cupid

By JustAlex93

Author's Note: Made with some ideas discussed with ThemoonprinceN, so big thanks to him. Oh, and all the sections will be put in this one package!


Sean Henderscheid is a pen-pal of Roddy Jackson, living in the pacific northwest of the United States, particularly in Seattle, Washington. Just as Roddy has a thing for R/C vehicles, Sean has a passion for Mini 4WD cars. He is also a member of a local club of Mini 4WD racers, calling themselves the Seattle Mini-Stars. They would meet at their local hobby shop every other day, to talk about stuff, and of course, do anything that's got to do with Mini 4WD cars, from tuning them up to racing them. His Mini 4WD cars of choice are a Proto-Saber JB tuned for cornering and acceleration, a Black Saber tuned for speed and stability, and finally, a TriDagger X tuned for all-around performance.

With these fine-tuned 1/32 scale mini-machines, he's won and lost many races with his friends. At one point, the club's leading member, Justin, was cheated on by his now-ex-girlfriend. Learning of this affected Sean, who always had a rather unsure and nervous streak before meeting Justin, who helped him out of his shell. Sean has become fearful that his heart would too become broken from getting cheated on should he ever get into a relationship, thus he closed his heart off to all except his friends and family.

When he saw a news report detailing the spread of semi-humanoid female monsters throughout the United States, he didn't believe it, at first. That is, until a lilim, a powerful arch-succubus and a daughter of the Monster Lord, came and invaded Seattle with an army of monster-girls at her beck and call. Any resistance that they tried mounting was quickly swept away in a tidal wave of lust and magic. In little time at all, the whole city was taken over, and was transformed into a monster-friendly state.

Things became different for Sean and the Seattle Mini-Stars, as the monster-girls quickly became commonplace among the population. Thankfully, they only went after unmarried men, but that would be bad news for the Mini-Stars, since they're unmarried themselves. Nonetheless, they accepted two new members into their club, due to being seemingly reasonable enough. This is the story of Sean, and one of those monster-girls that joined the Mini-Stars...

Prologue End

Section 1





Sean Henderscheid had just punched his alarm clock onto the floor, having had enough of that irritating noise. He began to sit up in his bed, stretching his arms. He then gets out of the bed, before putting his bed sheets neatly in place. He then went to the bathroom, and took a shower. He then gets back into his bedroom, and got dressed for the day ahead. For breakfast, he had a couple of waffles with two sausage links, along with a glass of orange juice. Afterwards, he had a morning work-out, running on his treadmill and doing push-ups. It is then that he took his beloved Mini 4WD cars, and went off to the local hobby store to meet up with his fellow Mini-Stars and race with them. However, he also knew that those two monster-girls that had recently joined in are also going to be there, especially that cupid.

For some reason that he could not understand, he had to keep himself from peeking at her, but always failing. Little does he knows of the faint feelings of attraction towards her, which is only kept back by his own fear of getting cheated on and having his heart broken. Somehow, the cupid could sense that attraction, straight through those negative emotions holding it back. She knew, then, that she will have to bring it out, but preferably through kindness and seduction. Using one of her arrows would only be a last resort, as there would be no telling how much of her love she would put into it.

Anyhow, Sean reaches the hobby shop, and goes over to where the other Mini-Stars are. Justin smiled, "Hey, Sean, how are things with you?" He replies, "Good. Had a good breakfast, worked out, and I brought my Proto-Saber, Black Saber, and TriDagger X so we could race each other's cars."

"Sweet," Justin smirked, as he then noticed the cupid giving Sean a loving kind of a look, at which he thinks, "Sean should lighten up! There's no reason to be scared of getting cheated on! While it's true that getting one's feelings hurt is terrible, he shouldn't let it hold him back from matters of the heart!"

As everyone raced each other's Mini 4WD cars around the track, Sean couldn't help but sneak glances at the cupid from time to time. Just as he feels that he may get caught, he turns his attention back to the track, where he sees his TriDagger X racing against an Aero Avante, a Savanna Leo, and a Festa Jaune. Sean is a good sport, and all that mattered to him in Mini 4WD is having a good time, but he absolutely despises cheaters and sore losers. They're just as bad as rabid fans of famous YouTubers or egotistical, god-playing extremist vegans. It is then that Justin points out to Sean, "So, I noticed you sneaking glimpses of Cupid here, and every time you feel as if you're going to be caught, you put your attention back to the track."

"So, what?" asked Sean irritably while hiding a small blush, "I'm not about to let myself be hooked up with someone and get cheated on. No, sir!"

"Listen, Sean," said Justin sternly, "I may have felt a lot of things when I was informed that my now-ex was cheating on me, but that's not any reason for you to act like a jerk about how you don't want the same thing happening to you. Got it? Just try to get along with her."

He nodded, noting the severity in his tone, Sean relented from his attitude, as he then notices Cupid bringing out her Mini 4WD car, a Spin Wizard from Bandai's WGP Bakuseed series. "Bakuseed?" Sean thought, "I never took an angel that serves the Goddess of Love to be a Bakuseed kind of a person. Guess it's just for the color scheme."

That is, until he saw Cupid's Spin Wizard blazing around the track with incredible performance that could only come from a well-thought-out tune-up, at which he thought, "Hold the phone! That Spin Wizard is tuned up for competition-level stuff! Perhaps she'll be my racing rival for now," even as Justin and the others gave all sorts of positive comments on the Spin Wizard's performance.

Section 1 End

Section 2

Throughout the week, Sean had been competing with Cupid on the Mini 4WD track at the hobby shop at every Mini-Stars meeting. He also noticed that Justin and some of the guys had been teasing him lightly about getting together with the Cupid, at which he says to them, "Oh, give over! I only see her as a worthy racing rival for now."

"Dude, you should seriously lighten up about Cupid," said Mike, another member of the Mini-Stars and Justin's self-proclaimed right-hand dude, "She's hot stuff and is totally reasonable enough, though she doesn't speak."

Sean mumbled what Mike said to himself in a sarcastic way, at which the latter sighed with a shrug, "Don't make yourself look like a hypocrite, dude. We know you don't like sore losers, don't turn into something that you hate from not wanting to be cheated on, man."

Sean scoffed, before retrieving his Proto Saber JB and walking off in a huff, at which Mike was about to go after him, until he felt Justin's hand on his shoulder.

"Mike, don't," warned Justin before continuing, "He'll get over that childish thing one way or another, on his own if need be."

(Work in progress, not finished yet!)