JustAlex93 presents his first Monster Girl Encyclopedia fan fiction...

The Guitarist and the Gandharva

Disclaimer: The author does not lay claim to any ownership of the MGE series.

I am a survivor, a former conscript of the Order that had forced me to fight and left my parents and family to their greedy, lustful clutches. Damn those zealots for forcing this upon me. Currently, I'm on a train with my comrades riding to any town who is willing to accept us. I have little hope left, and the only thing that helped me to keep my sanity is my guitar.

Suddenly, as I was singing an old, but very nostalgic tune of a dragon, fire, and a small town; a tanned, well-endowed bird-woman with golden wings, a Gandharva, stops at my seat.

"That's a nice tune," She chirped with a charming smile, "Want to hear mine?"

My blood turned cold for a moment as I remembered escaping the mass orgy that once spread the battlefield with sex and debauchery. I remember her voice, her face, even her body, recognizing the Gandharva that destroyed my only hope in being reunited with family, and from the way she looked at my damaged uniform; I could have sworn that she recognized me.

I ranted to her about how she dashed mine and my comrades' hopes of returning home to our beloved families, before breaking down into tears as I buried my sobbing face into my hands while turning away from the Gandharva. "Please..." I beg tearfully as I cried, "...Just leave me be..."

After a few seconds, I felt her feathery wings wrapped around me from behind in a loving way, at whiched I tensed up. She then gently rocked me from side to side as I heard her humming a lullaby and feeling her head lean against mine. Feeling the positive energy of the tender gesture, I eventually turned around and returned the embrace while burying my head into her buxom as I allowed her to comfort me.

She gently rubbed my back as she cooed, "Shhhh, there, there. It'll be alright, I'm here for you. We Gandharvas may be passionate lovers, but we are not so overly lustful as to be inconsiderate of some men having families that they loved so dearly. One's love for his family is as precious as his love for his soulmate. It's so beautiful." I then felt her gently raise my head to her eye level. I couldn't help but turn away shyly from her beautiful smiling face, at which she giggled in a rather melodic way before tenderly taking my face and turning it towards hers. I then felt her lucious lips upon mine...she's kissing me! And it was my first kiss, too! It wasn't a forceful and lustful kiss or anything. Rather, it is a gentle and loving gesture, and I closed my eyes in contentment as I put my arms around her neck and returning the kiss.

We were like this for quite a while, before we separated for air as we touched our foreheads to each other. Needless to say, I had fallen in love with this inhuman yet beautiful creature that represents the Goddess of Love herself, Eros.

Of course, we had to go our separate ways after this encounter, due to the train nearing its arrival at the station, but she promised me that we would meet again one day. 

After a few more years in service, I was allowed to resign from the Order's ranks without too much trouble, and I was finally able to reunite with my family. Thank goodness that they did not fall victim to the corruption within the Order. I had also kept quiet about my encounter with the Gandharva, not wanting to be hunted down and killed by any Order operatives.

Speaking of that Gandharva, whose name is Sonatina, her words that we would meet each other again rang true, as I encountered her again one rainy night, when I found her unconscious by the doorstep of my cottage. I took her inside and nursed her back to health, just as she had freed me from my hopelessness five years prior. When I had asked Sonatina what had happened, she had explained that she was caught in a terrible storm that blew her off-course and ended up losing consciousness. Recovery took her a few days, and during this time, we got to know each other better.

Once fully recovered, Sonatina left me in peace, but not before we ended up kissing each other again, that is! I was about to confess my love to her, but she knew how I felt for her and admitted that she, too, was attracted to me. Since then, she came by every now and then, and we played music with our instruments or got affectionate with each other whenever she visited (though we never went as far as lovemaking, because I believed in sex after marriage). One day, I decided to introduce Sonatina to my family. By the gods did they like her music, and mother even said that we made the best couple she's ever seen in her life, even if it's a monster-human couple. Right after Sonatina (or Tina as I nicknamed her) and I did a duet with our instruments, my younger brother suggested that we get married and/or start a musical band. 

After some careful consideration, we decided to start up a musical band as suggested by my younger brother. We became moderately successful, especially in the monster-friendly territories. 

Months later, we got married, and moved to one of the monster-friendly states, along with our bandmates and our family, safely away from those of the Order. Although, we still travel from place to place to perform before going home to relax for a while. One night, Tina and I had finally had sex with each other, and by the gods we made such passionate "music" (moaning, grunting and crying out in pleasure). It went on like that until it was very, very early morning (a little past midnight), when we got exhausted, but we were also satisfied that we had finally made love to each other.

Several months later, Tina laid three eggs, our future children. My mother and her friends gave her a baby shower for the occasion. Eventually, the eggs hatched into these adorable little Gandharva chicks complete with instruments, and Tina and I became proud parents. My parents were thrilled at finally having grandchildren, and my siblings were excited that they're aunt and uncle to our beautiful children. We had lived happily ever since. Were it not for Tina, I wouldn't even be here today!

The End.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this one-shot. I'll change the title to something more fitting BTW.