JustAlex93 presents a new one-shot story

The Order Knight and the Ryu

Based on a what-if scenario comment in the Ryu article by Mike the Psalmist.

Disclaimer: I do not own the MGE series! It belongs to Kenkou Cross!

You are a knight of the Order of the Chief God, who had just entered Zipangu. You were the only one left and all of your fellows are busy fighting with mamono (as you were tasked into a secret mission to infiltrate a castle while this occurs). It is late evening and the skies are a beautiful shade of orange. After a long walk, you reach a great lake. There's crystal blue water, healthy water lilies and glowing yellow orbs floating up mid-air. Other than those, you see a shrine on the middle, and you inspect it carefully and you realized that a rain-calling ritual had passed a few hours ago. The coast is clear, so you decide to sit on and enjoy the view of the floating yellow orbs. Awestruck at this beauty, you felt peaceful and relaxed, you stripped your sword, armor and shoes, before laying down and breathing in fresh air. Suddenly, you hear a singing voice, you stood up and readying yourself. You saw a Ryu, singing beautifully while swimming around the lake.

What will you do?

I, Nathaniel, had thought to myself, "She's so beautiful, and her singing voice is lovely. No! I've been assigned to spy on those heathens of Zipangu, not admire some monster! I've got to get to my equipment and carry on with my mission before she spots me," as I quickly scrambled to where my equipment is. I put on my armor and my shoes, and just as I was about to grab the handle of my sword, I felt something on my shoulder. I turned around slowly to see the Ryu, who is still nude.

I blushed at this indecency, before falling on my posterior next to my sword, which I had grabbed and pointed it at her. "S-s-stay back," I stammered, "Or y-y-y-you'll t-taste my b-blade!"

The Ryu simply gave a heartwarming smile, as she moves the tip of my weapon to where her heart may be with her scaly, humanoid claw. "It's okay," she cooed in a reassuring tone, "If you want to simply end my life here and now, go ahead. I will not resist or flee to get help."

Wait, WHAT?! I was greatly shocked. That Ryu had just offered to let me kill her without any resistance! I would have gladly taken such an opportunity for a promotion within the Order's ranks, but I began to feel conflicted. Should I kill the Ryu and proceed with my mission, or do I just leave her be and miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to slay a monster as powerful as her? My indecisiveness built up quickly to a breaking point, before I dropped my weapon to the ground, before turning away from her and getting into a fetal position.

I broke down into tears, as I sobbed, "I can't do it! I just can't!" I cried for a few moments, before feeling the Ryu's arms gently pick me up and embrace me in a tender way. Touched by her kindness, I instinctly buried my head into her bountiful chest and wrapped my arms around her, as she comforted me. Eventually, my breathing became calmer as I relaxed in the embrace of such a graceful, powerful and loving creature as her. I then felt her gently raise my head to her eye level, as I stared into the wonderful, goldenrod orbs that are her eyes. I had then realized, that I had not asked for her name!

As if she had read my mind, she said to me, "By the way, my name is Mizuhana, which means "water flower" in the language of this land," while I thought, "Water flower is right! She is as beautiful--No, her beauty surpasses that of any flower that I had seen, even back home! By the gods, this makes me want to kiss her on the spot! Damn it, Nathaniel, control yourself!

I had then heard her sweet, melodic voice giggle out, before cooing, "If you want to kiss me, then by all means, go ahead." If she would allow me to kiss her, then by the gods, I'll do it! I gently pressed my lips to hers, as I then felt an electrifying feeling go through me like a lightning strike while Mizuhana tightened her embrace to enjoy this wondrous moment, while her lower body gently coiled around me. After what seemed to be an eternity, we separated for air, as we looked in each other's eyes lovingly. She then gave a seductive look, and asked me in a sultry tone, "Would you like to go someplace, where your so-called comrades would not disturb us?"

I blushed, knowing what she had implied. I would have wanted to continue my mission, but my own desire to love this Ryu proved more prominent, so I accepted her proposition. Thus, we went to a cavern some distance away from the lake, and it was there that we made passionate love to each other, as we moaned, groaned, and cried out each other's names in pure pleasure. After a few hours of heated lovemaking, we now lie in each other's arms, satisfied at having consumated our love, even though we hadn't even known each other for that long. And yet, we proved to be perfect for each other, just right.

For the sake of being with my beloved Mizuhana, I defected from the Order to live out the rest of my life with her. She eventually blessed us with a beautiful daughter, who we named Hanako, which means "little flower". Oh, yes, my friend. Life is great right now.