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You are a paladin of the Order stationed in Zipangu. You spot a kejourou madly infatuated with you. As a paladin, especially of the Order, you are bound to chastity, especially from monster girls, so you ignore her. Just before you turn your head away from her, a cupid, the kejourou's best friend, shoots an black, then red arrow towards you, making you fall for the kejourou. "You'll thank me later," softly says the cupid. And at that moment, the kejourou ties her hair around you, so you come closer. You now have a feeling of love and rushing pleasure coursing through your veins, but your willpower fights it, and you're losing. "Hey there," the kejourou entices you in her most sultry-sounding voice. "Don't be shy now."

Given that you are still bound to the oath of chastity, what do you do?

-WWYD post by Imperial Kozak, put in the Cupid page due to the Cupid being the instigator.

WARNING: Contains sexual content. If you're under 18 years of age, then don't read! Viewer discretion is advised!

WWYD Response

As I, Sir Oliver Anderson, struggled with no avail to resist the gentle, pleasurable feeling of the kejourou's hair, combined with the effects of the cupid's arrows, I begged to her with a whimpering tone, "Please, no, don't do this to me. I'm sworn to chastity. I don't want this, no matter how great this feels."

She only gave a loving smile, as she replied in a reassuring tone, "Shhhh, don't be afraid, dear. You will enjoy the pleasure that is sure to come between us," before she puts her hands to my head as her (admittedly) beautiful face drew closer to my own. It is then that she closed her eyes, as her luscious lips touched mine; She's kissing me, that much is true, but it is also the loving kind of kiss that could comfort a distressed person. At this gesture, all of my resistance to the kejourou has become for naught. Before I knew it, I had put my arms around her and returned her kiss, as I then felt her tongue rubbing against my lips. We ended up exploring each other's mouths as we began to moan and sigh in pleasure before having to separate to catch our breath.

We then looked at each other, as the kejourou smiled at me with both lust and love. I was starting to smile with a blush at her, too, having succumbed to the influence of the cupid's arrows. Maybe I should thank her. You know what, if the kejourou doesn't mind sharing, maybe I after defect from the Order, I'll have the cupid join in with us! That is, if Eros doesn't mind me having two lovers. Besides, I was never truly fond of my superior commanding officer anyways. Such a blowhard he is, and all because he is from one of the more prestigious noble houses loyal to the Order. Plus, I always had thought that Zipangu was such a nice place since I first arrived, and to be honest, I was actually impressed with how well mankind and monster co-mingled.

She, whose name is Soyokaze (which means "gentle breeze"), then said to me in that sultry tone from earlier, "Come, I'll take us someplace where we would not be disturbed," as she then leads me someplace out of the village in a nearby bamboo forest. After several long minutes of trekking, we find ourselves in a clearing with a small cottage that has a zen garden next to it. Soyokaze leads me inside, as she then undressed herself. Hoo boy, she is truly going to go for it. From the way she smiled at me, I'll have to disregard my vow to chastity and give her what she wants. Her hair was coming towards me, when I asked her to let me undress myself. She nodded, before I took of my clothing, armor included. I was now as naked as a newborn babe. Soyokaze smiled further, liking how well-toned my body is. That is what one gets for being a warrior of the Order that was in constant training, and believe me, I had trained plentifully. She then comes up to me, before getting behind me and embracing me from behind. I hear her whisper to me in my ear as I felt her hot breath against it, "Such a handsome man you are. I will enjoy our time together," as she then manipulated her hair around me.

I gently sighed at the pleasure as the hair rubbed, touched, and even massage parts of my body, before I gasped at one lock of hair coiling around my penis. I've begun to tense up and shiver as I felt Soyokaze's hair slowly stroke my tool while feeling her breath against my ear, even while she cooed, "Relax, dear." 

I indeed relaxed as her hair stroke me, even while she herself began to plant little kisses on my neck, as the hair around my shaft began to jerk me off at an increasing rate. The pleasure was starting to become unbearable, but by that, I actually meant extraordinary. I was getting closer and closer to cumming that it could be considered ridiculous, I was moaning loudly in pleasure, and ended up begging to be made to cum. In response, more locks of Soyokaze's hair began to coil around my shaft also covering my tip, readying themselves to be soaked in my seed. I clenched my teeth to hold back a moan, as I then ejaculated, staining the hair with my semen. I breathed heavily as I basked in the afterglow of my orgasm, while feeling her nuzzle into the nape of my neck before she asked, "How did that feel?"

I replied to her that it was exhilirating, before I gave her a sly smile as I asked her, "You know, I think it would be fair if I pleasured you back, don't you think?"

She responds with a sultry giggle, as I then notice her lying down onto the floor and spreading her legs, revealing her privates for me to see. I then got onto my knees and crawled over to her, as I then placed my head to where her entrance is. It is then that she pats the top of my head with her hair in an encouraging way. I delicately pushed my hands into her vagina as I then pulled the folds open, and proceeded to probe her insides with my tongue. She began to moan in pleasure as I tasted her fluids, even as she puts her hands to my head to hold it there. When I got deeper into her sweet spot, she began to put her legs around my torso while also shaking a little as if shivering. Looks like she's about to come. I began to lick her sweet spot at a rougher and faster pace, and with one loud pleasured moan, Soyokaze came as I felt her essence gush into my mouth. Tasted like a combination of honey and tart berries. I separated my head from her entrance, before I took a nearby cloth and wiped off any of her juices that didn't get into my mouth and instead onto my face, as I then sat down while giving her a loving smile.

She then crawled over to me while returning the smile, as we then embraced each other and kissed one another on the lips passionately. During this, we had also began to lightly grind at each other in the hips, making ourselves moan and groan in pleasure. Little had I known of the cupid, who had apparently been watching us from outside the cottage since our arrival. That asides, after we separated for breath again, she desperately clutched my shoulder before getting onto my lap as she moaned and panted with a pleading look, "Please, hubby. I need you in me! I can't wait! Please..."   

I smiled kindly at her, before I straddled her and slowly pushed my penis into her entrance, even while I tenderly kissed her. I felt her moan into my lips as my shaft went deep into her vagina before reaching her hymen. I asked her if she was sure about this, at which she gave a nod. Pushing even further, my tool pierced the barrier, causing her to let out a scream of pain while clutching me tightly. I kissed her gently to provide comfort, as she then transitioned from heavy breaths into a moan of pleasure. I felt her hand pat my head in encouragement, as I then began to thrust at a steady pace while I felt her hips buck in rhythm. So consumed in pleasure we were that we eventually reached our orgasms, as we both came. This went on for a few hours, before things eventually winded down as we then kissed one more time before falling asleep in each other's embrace, along with her hair coiling around us for warmth. That, however, was not before she cut and gave me a lock of her hair as a sign of fidelity to me.

The next morning, I awoke to find myself in the arms of Soyokaze, who is still asleep. Even though she was a monster, she is still such a beautiful creature, moreso with that peaceful look on her face and that content smile. Her hair, coiled around us, allowed for some of the best sleep I've actually ever had in my life. I smiled warmly and put a tender hand to her cheek, gently rubbing at it, at which she began to nuzzle into my hand with a soft moan, making me smile further. By Gods, she is as sweet as honey! I continued rubbing her cheek until I felt her hands hold mine there, as she continued nuzzling it. I eventually put my mouth up to her ear, and whispered, "Soyokaze, it's time to wake up."

She then stopped what she was doing, as she stretched her arms out with a soft yawn while having her hair uncoil from us. She gave me a lovely smile, as she said, "Good morning, Oliver-kun," as I said 'good morning' to her back. We then got dressed up, before we went out to the village to get some breakfast. After, one can never do things on an empty stomach. This also gives Soyokaze an opportunity to introduce me to how the people of Zipangu eat and what they eat, as well, giving me a bit of insight on Zipangese culture. I can only hope that I were not spotted by any other Order warriors if they saw me with her. They'd have my head for even having sex with her! Anyways, we soon arrived at the village, as she then took me to a place where they serve ramen noodles. I ordered some beef ramen, while she ordered miso soup. As we had our meal, after a small prayer, I noticed that eating with chopsticks seemed a bit trickier than with a knife and fork back home. Different countries, different eating utensils. Nontheless, the food was delicious, and there's nothing more enjoyable than slurping up some hot noodles. Plus, the beef pieces were delicious, too. Thankfully, the beef is not from any holstaurs, but from regular, non-monster cows. Anyways, I soon noticed the cupid also eating at another spot nearby. She soon noticed me, too, as I mouthed to her, "Thank you." 

She gave a nod, before I then mouthed to her in an asking kind of fashion, "Would Eros mind if I have you and Soyokaze share me?"

Her response, to my delight, she mouthed to me, "I had actually convinced Eros to allow to have me and Soyokaze both. Anyways, I'll meet up with the two of you at the cottage."

So, the day went on without incident, thankfully. Indeed, when we got to Soyokaze's cottage, the cupid, whose name is Aimi (which means "beautiful love" in Zipangese), was waiting for us. Not only that, but apparently, Soyokaze was also hoping to get to share me. I was nervous for a second, believing that she would think that I was cheating on her. However, they had put such a notion to rest. That night, we had a most memorable threesome, and before I knew it, I had become an incubus. Not that I don't mind or anything of the sort. After managing to quietly defect from the Order, I stayed in Zipangu, happy with the life I am living with Aimi and Soyokaze.  

However, little did I know that something adventurous this way would come...

The End