Origin: Among the many planes of existence that are either a multiverse or a dimension that connects one universe to the next, there is none so recognized as the Realm of Darkness and the hungry denizens that dwell within, the Heartless. Infinite in-number, a literal reality virus that adapts only to eat the metaphorical hearts of each of the universe's people and eventually, the very heart of the reality, breaking it down and transferring its pieces to that same realm or off-realms that are connected to it. They aren't that much strong and some might say they don't even have that many skills, but only very few can claim to permanently put them down, Pureblood or Emblem Heartless alike. Agitated by events unnamed, they spread through their own portals and consumed many worlds, leaving only remains and few living survivors.

And so, at one-point, the world, or a variant of the world known as MGE was invaded, Heartless at first trickling down, before flooding in like the infinite tide of darkness that they were. Like a valve slowly creaking open, but... it is here that the fault of the Heartless were found. They were bound by pure instincts, tactics other than swarm or cast magic in a general area with possible targets was usually beyond save for a special few... So in their folly, the mindless Heartless, learned in this realm... that nothing was sacred, and just because they could not be conventionally defeated like most enemies and they were relentless...

They didn't, they couldn't have realized that the very energies of this 'special' desired them not for power, but for desires sake alone. The Heartless, they were corrupted, struck down from their invulnerable throne that they never realized that they sat down in. The Heartless, Pureblood and Emblem alike... were turned mamono, instincts twisted, soul and body given anew, a simarclume of a heart to fill in their empty void. What should have been impossible by most, was accomplished in this lewd reality with little effort. The flow of Heartless was cut off inexplicably, and the hundreds of thousands were left stranded and unable to leave the World they set themselves on. So, they, given new powers, and a newfound intelligence, intended to create a false version of the Realm of Darkness... of home. They succeeded, for whatever it means. Only to quickly return to the material plane of MGE.

Description: The Shard of Darkness, is, as one can guess from the name, a rather bleak place. A moon hangs low to the ground and gives very little light, which is perfectly fine for the Heartless. The landscape itself likens to a desert, bluish-grey sand collects on the ground level while strange blue rock-like formations spread erratically across the ground and formulate the geography to have many upper and lower levels. Caverns are plenty, hiding from the baleful pale light that barely spreads from the moon.


Shard of Darkness

The area nearest to the moon is actually a beach, belonging to a seemingly endless ocean that houses no plant-life... or any life in-general, unless you consider the few aqua-based Heartless mamono that can be seen around. A couple rock formations on the beach, however, make nice sitting areas and for the most part, have few actual Heartless mamono around to harass  anyone living in the area.

The magical areas of the Shard of Darkness are quite rampant, and easily formulate into very seeable black and grey gases and winds that flow erratically about the area. Sometimes in these magical-heavy areas, there are petrified trees aplenty, that break into dust when touched by anything that isn't a Heartless itself.

There are no towns, no cities, no forts, no castles, there is only one center of civilization that belongs to the Heartless and it is in the middle of the realm, where the magic is strongest and the moon can no longer be seen under the malaise of darkness. The place is known as 'Sanctuary Vortex' and houses a couple camps with make-shift beds where love is made daily to the men that are captured and brought back to the realm. Though there are plenty other Heartless mamono that take their love-making elsewhere.

Any camps made by anything other than Heartless are short-lived, though there are a couple ruins of what remains of some Order or Adventurers attempts of buildings and the like... no doubt inhabited by Heartless themselves. Time is a stand-still in this realm and those that live here are effectively immortal and are unable to die of age, disease, thirst, starvation, or even lack of breath. Staying too long in this realm, however, will corrupt one's heart and infuse it with lustful demonic energy, resulting in transformation to incubi or Heartless mamono if male or female respectively. Sticking close to the magical winds will only make the process that much more quicker.

The only way to get into the Shard of Darkness is either being dragged by a Heartless mamono through a Corridor of Darkness, or Plane-shifting to it via magic. Sometimes, very rarely, a particularly raunchy and lewd person that isn't a mamono or incubus, dreams of the Shard of Darkness and ends up getting dragged into the realm by its ambient energies.

Common Traits of Heartless: The information detailed here is standard for all Heartless mamonos and all possess or can do these abilities unless stated in the individual profiles provided below.

All Heartless are almost completely immune to mundane items/weapons unless they desire to do so, if destroyed by a physical weapon they will reform nine hours later within the Shard of Darkness. Heartless can only be temporarily destroyed by magic or magic weapons, whereupon they will reform in the Shard of Darkness not 24 hour later. Heartless mamono can be permanently destroyed by instruments of Light, like Keyblades and specific items or magics that use 'The Light.' Holy, does not count as 'Light.' Heartless are also capable of using Corridors of Darkness, dimensional path-ways that allow them to connect and walk to any Plane within the MGE world.

Due to strange events, Heartless mamono have been cut off from other worlds and can only venture between the planes of the MGE world. Heartless are able to sense the emotions of living things or undead things... or things that are between, and the exact distance of a person's heart, as long as they are in the same plane. Outside of a plane, they can sense emotions still, just simply not the exact distance between them until they are on the same plane.

Heartless are naturally drawn to those of 'dark' emotions like hatred, jealousy, anger, sadness, and despair, and generally 'serve' such people if they are of strong will, only to devour them when they let their guard down. However, due to their transformation into mamono, they more likely go after those with strong emotions of lust or desire, and more than a couple even ignore the qualities of Spirit Energy simply for a certain person's lecherous nature. Finding the taste of Spirit Energy, no matter the quantity or quality, to be tinged in lecherous lust to be much tastier. That does not mean they go exclusively after those lecherous in-nature, merely more inclined to do so.

All Heartless attacks are magical in-nature, demon realm silver in-nature, and are capable of the infamous 'heart-steal' if the foe is weakened enough. To males, it simply drenches their heart and soul in darkness, turning them into incubi that the Heartless mamono would find delectable, for females, it actually steals their metaphorical heart. Giving the Heartless that stole the heart a boost in power and turning the woman into a Heartless, usually a Pureblood.

Heartless can see perfectly in the dark, whether natural or magical. They are immune to darkness-based effects, and for the most part all Heartless have yellow glowing eyes.

Pureblood Heartless are naturally 'born' from the darkness within people's hearts, but only form within the Shard of Darkness, there can be only one Heartless for each person, but due to their invasion, there are still a lot of Purebloods. Purebloods can transform into different types of Purebloods if they have enough power gained from stealing hearts, the higher the number, the more powerful a Pureblood is indicated to be. Purebloods give birth to Purebloods.

Purebloods give birth much the way slimes do, the more Spirit Energy they possess, the more physical excess darkness they have to spend, and they can spend this darkness when it becomes too much to handle and split themselves apart. The new birthed Pureblood is essentially an adult, possesses all of the memories of the Pureblood that they split of, but have their own sense of self and can only view these memories intellectually.

Emblem Heartless are artificially created Heartless with an emblem that resembles a heart with a fleur-de-lis at the bottom and a spiky "X" crossing through the centre. At-first these Heartless came from a machine, but patient Heartless mamono can recreate their 'shell' for human women to place their heart and soul within... it is an equally disconcerting and pleasurable experience to say the least. Emblems cannot transform into different types of Emblems, they stay like that forever unless there is an exception, they can gain power from stealing hearts, but it simply does not change their forms, just giving them new abilities and skills instead. Emblem Heartless usually give birth to Emblems, but very rarely give birth to Purebloods.


The Emblem that all Emblem Heartless possess.

Emblem Heartless give birth to other Emblems much the way any mammal mamono does it, and unlike Purebloods, the offspring does not start as an adult and does not possess the memories of their mother, though they do have the potential to gain the certain special abilities that the mother has if they're lucky.

It is a note, but the power of a human turned Heartless mamono is dependent more focused on the amount of 'darkness' laid within their hearts. The angrier and spiteful, or full of sinful desires they are, the more powerful the initial Heartless they will become. A very rude woman with sarcastic tendencies might become a Darkball, while someone like a psychopathic murder or nympathomanic rapist will become a Darkside immediately. This also happens with Emblem, though they won't become anything different than their 'mother' they might have new abilities depending on the strength of darkness at the time of the heart-steal. On the other hand, those with little darkness will be nothing more than a Shadow of their former selves, for a time-being at any rate.

Heroes don’t make good Heartless.

Pureblood Heartless: Shadow (1), Invisible (3), Neoshadow (2), Darkside (4), Darkball (2), Bit Sniper (1)

Emblem Heartless: Soldier, Air Soldier, Large Body, Fat Bandit, Red Nocturne, Blue Rhapsody, Yellow Oprea, Green Requiem, Power Wild, Bouncy Wild, Sniper Wild, Bandit, Pot Spider, Barrel Spider, Search Ghost, Sheltering Zone, Screwdriver, Aquatank, Gargoyle, Wight Knight, Pirate, Air Pirate, Battleship, Wyvern, Defender, Wizard, Mushroom Trio, Angel Star

Boss Emblem Heartless: Guard Armor/Opposite Armor/Red Armor, Trickmaster, Stealth Sneak/Sneak Army, Pot Centipede, Behemoth/Arch Behemoth/Destroyed Behemoth

One of A Kind Heartless: Kurt Zisa, Phantom

Adventures Within The Realm: RPs, WWYDs, and other materials that do not fit above go down here.

Heartless Girl Quest: The First Part