*Here, here, gather around the fire. I told you I was on an odyssey since quite some time, I think it's time for me to tell one of my stories.*

It was a really rainy day. It's been pouring like no tomorrow already since a few days. Today, the storm was particularly strong. A man was walking through the forest, unnerved by the winds and him being soaked to the bone. He had an objective. The trees weren't so tall, and the forest was regularly crossed by overflowing rivers and ponds. He did not stop. The man was average in size, but still brawny all over. Most oh his clothes were torn apart, especially his pants ; an almost broken sword hanging down his belt ; his boots could tear at each step. Brown scruffy hair, a charming smile and gaze if his face wasn't stuck into an expression of anger and determination.

He roamed the forest for entire days, sleeping and eating barely, still under the heavy rain. He knew he was getting close. It's been awhile since he saw or noticed any mamono ; the ones of this region had to be terrified by the unending storm.

For the first time in months, he stopped. He sighed deeply, falling against a tree that was large enough to protect ten men for the rain. He had to throw away his bag one week ago, completely destroyed by a rampaging ogre trying to take him as her husband. After knocking her out, he realized then that she left him almost naked, breaking what was left of his armor. He was still feeling the bruises she did to him, and hadn't fully recovered from his fight with her yet.

That still did not stopped him. He opened his green eyes, and looked at the darkened cloudy sky. The rain should have erased his scent, so the ogre shouldn't have followed him. He let himself slowly sink into sleep, knowing ( and hoping )that he was relatively safe under that big tree.

His dreams were distorted and dark, as always. First he saw him as a boy, half-starved and wandering in the streets of Glavion, the nearest city-fortress. He remembered the bullies that were taking almost all of his poor salary after every hard day working at the nearby mines. He remembered the looks people gave him when he went for appliance among the Order's Knights.

"He looks so weak..."

"Did you see that ? He's thinner than a bread loaf !"

"He'll never make it."

"Give up boy ! Go back to the slum you shouldn't ever get out of !"

A flash. A face he burned inside his memory, never to forget the pain he felt that day. As usual, his dream took the same turn as every time. Now was the time for him to remember the death of his only family, his mother.

He was on his knees, in the filthy back alley of an unspeakable pub. Before his eyes, was the corpse of his mother. She had to prostitute herself for them to have a roof to live under, but became gradually addicted to drugs, being one of the things she clanged onto after the disappearance of his father. Her body was almost naked, as if she was raped. Her eyes were wide open, with her expression mixing euphoria and madness. Sperm was still flowing out of her. He was too shocked to move a single finger. She overdosed herself without even thinking about him. She didn't wiped herself before dying. He stood. She looked like a broken doll. He closed her eyes, and carried her to the outskirts of town, and buried her under the biggest tree he found. That day, there was a storm as strong as the one he was sleeping under.

He woke up with a start, eyes wide open and full of tears. He curled his legs up to his chest and sat here, sobbing a little. After a while, he got up, a murderous light in his eyes. He clenched his fist, swearing between his teeth : "Just you wait, Father. You are going to pay." His word were accompanied by a huge lightning bolt that roared in the whole valley. He headed to the far most point, into the depths of the forest, knowing that he was close to his goal.

His expression did not change a bit, even as he was standing before the wooden gates of the village he was searching for years. He knocked at the large door three times. At first, nothing moved, but then he saw a man up the gates waving at him.

- Ooooii ! What are you doing here stranger ?

- I'm here to meet someone., answered the young man with a cold voice.

The guard looked suspicious.

- To meet someone you say ?

Then his face lit up. - Ah maybe you're a friend of one of us husbands ? Come on in !

The door opened slightly, just enough for him to pass through. The guard jumped in front of him, inspecting the traveler.

- Well ? Who do you wish to speak to ?

There was a little silence, then the visitor opened his mouth.

- I want to speak to the man named Kevan.

The guard pointed the largest house of the village, right behind them. He couldn't say another word that the man was already walking towards the house.

Thunder struck as he opened the door wide. There was a family before him, two young-looking lamias playing on the carpet while their parents were looking at them from the sofa. They jumped at his appearance, the mother instinctively holding her children away from the entry. The middle-aged man took his sword and faced the intruder.

- Who are you ?, he asked, determined to protect his wife and children.

The young man raised his head, revealing his face. Kevan lost composure as he recognized the man standing before him. He froze, and let his sword fall to the ground, his hands shaking.

- ..Honey ?, said the lamia, looking afraid and confused.

- I am Ankou, the first son of Kevan.

Stupefaction shook the three lamias.

- Ten years ago, he left with the Order without saying anything to me and my mother. He abandoned us into that damned slum. How could you...

- That's not true !, shouted one of the girls. Daddy is our daddy !

- Hell yeah he is, said Ankou with unrelenting anger and hatred exuding from him. He forgot his old family to find a better one elsewhere. Don't even think about finding excuses. I joined the Order only to find you and make you pay, and when they asked me who was my father, they laughed and told me : "The lad was talking all day long about lamias, that fucker surely let himself be captured !" !

A heavy silence fell upon the house. The girls were silently sobbing, while their mother was looking at her husband with bewilderment.

- Kevan... Is that true ?

He did not answer, hiding his face between his hands. Ankou took him by his shirt and lifted him in the air.

- Do you know why I searched for you ?

Kevan was too busy grasping for air and holding his arms.

- Because you let Mom perish. Because when you left, she had to be slut and be raped everyday. Because she became addicted to that fucking powder and that killed her !

As he shouted in the face of father, Ankou threw him across the room, breaking the dining table. The children screamed, but that only angered Ankou more.

- Shut up you damn monsters !!, he screamed at them. If you hadn't existed at all, my mother would still be alive and my stupid father wouldn't have left us to rot !! It's all your fault !! All your fucking fault !!

He turned toward Kevan, who was now coughing blood and was trying to stand up. Ankou hit him to the face, then nailed him to the ground and continued wrecking his body with his fists. He was crying and screaming his hatred with each blow.

- This one's for lying ! And for leaving ! And for letting her die ! And for being happy while we suffered ! And for being an asshole ! And for being weak ! And for not searching to come back !

He rose up, taking his father's beaten body with him and threw on the ground in front of his family.

- And this one's for destroying the life you gave me.

Ankou drew his sword, and approached them slowly, out of breath after letting everything go.

- You're going to pay. You're going to pay...YOU'RE GOING TO P.. !!!

He let out a burst blood from his mouth. His sword fell beside him as he fell on his knees. The illness finally caught him.

The lamias were looking at him terrified but somewhat curious. Why did he stopped from killing them ? He continued to cough blood, until he began vomiting a huge stream of the crimson liquid. Ankou turned his head to them, slowly regaining his composure.

- He also left us because I'm sick. When we discovered the illness, the doctor said..there was only one way to cure me, and that medicine costed too much money..for him to keep doing his petty jobs. He was afraid to care for me and my mother. We were the only ones working hard.

He vomited again, this time falling on his side. He was still looking at them, sustaining their reptilian gaze.

- This man is trash. The worst trash. But I don't blame you, you had no way of knowing...

He managed to get up, picked up his sword, and began staggering to the exit. The three lamias uncoiled from each other, and as Ankou anticipated to be beaten to death or stabbed or eaten or whatever, the one who seemed to be the mother placed her hand on his shoulder.

- Where do you think you are going ?

The rain had stopped. He then saw all the couples and other lamias of the village standing in front of him, with mixed expressions. He smirked.

- My whole life has been a living hell. Kill me now if you wish. I don't care anymore.

Cries of despair burst from inside the house. Kevan must have died from his wounds. At this thought, Ankou smiled, like he was relieved from the heaviest burden.

- Mom, I can join you now..., he said, while falling on the ground, vomiting a last liter of blood.

Silence fell upon the village, only disturbed by the cries of the two daughters.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ankou felt a familiar scent near him. Well, not so familiar, but he did sniff it before. He slowly opened his eyes. He was lying on a wide bed made from leather, furs and enormous beast bones. The cave was expanding to his left, with more furniture and what seemed to be a big basin made from stone. In the center of the cave was crackling a fire, and he noticed numerous furs lying on the ground like carpets. He looked at his right, and noticed the cave was higher than the trees, overhanging the whole valley ; he was amazed by the view, able to see the rivers, ponds, groves, the surrounding mountains and the beginning of the valley, far far away from where he was now. He also saw a small village not far, and everything came back to him. He tried to get himself up, but as he raised his torso, a violent pain numbed his body and he fell back on the pillows. He heard steps coming from outside : feet naked on the stone, heavy and strong pace but still quite agile. He saw a tall silhouette entering the cave, with two roe deers on her back. While she was carrying effortlessly her catch next to the fire, Ankou could finally detail her clearly.

Very tall, at least 2 meters; long and scruffy silver hair, with numerous braids; fur was coating hers fore-arms and shin, while she wore a patchwork skirt and bra made from leather, bra that had a hard time to contain her voluptuous breast; her skin was of a smooth green, glistening from her sweat and the water from the forest. Exactly as he remembered her. She noticed him staring at her, detailing her whole body. Her face was as cute as ever, with rough but gentle traits, and those two little teeth that were uprising from her mouth. She grinned widely and approached him; he noticed that she was restraining herself to jump at him.

- Hey you're finally awake ! How d'ya feel ?

Ankou still had the taste of blood in his mouth, but managed to utter a few words.

- Like an ogre beat me up all night...

She burst out laughing, now really restraining her from hugging me.

- Ahahaaa...I knew when I saw you that you'd be perfect.

Ankou smiled faintly.

- So you did follow me after all... I thought the rain had erased my scent and my tracks...

- Hmph ! Don't underestimate me, you're in my valley after all !

- Your..valley ? You mean it's all your territory ?

- Yup !

- And...what about...wait, why am I here in the first place ? I should be dead !

The ogre stopped grinning and looked at him calmly,as to soothe him with her gaze.

- Ya collapsed on the brink of death into the village that I constructed and that I protect since I came here. Naya told us everything, and the village helped me with brewing an antidote for ya.

Ankou was completely confused. Why would they help a human that broke into their village to kill one of her husbands ?

- Naya ? - Yes, Kevan's wife.

He had spasm of hatred that made him grunt of pain.

- Hey calm down ! Everything's okay.

- How so ? I killed her husband...

The ogre face became a little sad, and she looked away in direction of the village.

- It's true that...ya didn't go easy on him, as expected from the guy who beat me. We buried him somewhere three days ago.

He said nothing, staring at the stony ceiling.

After a while, she broke the silence.

- There is a law in the village, that says that already married men, to mamonos or humans, must not be touched. If a human were to deceive us, we exile from the village, with the traitor's mark on him, meaning any mamono would see him as a traitor to their race and reject or pursue him. Naya did not stop ya from killing him because of that law.

He closed his eyes to drive out the tears from his eyes.

- I'm sorry..., he said, crying silently.

- Why ?, she asked, surprised.

- I ended up doing the same thing my father did to me to those girls; leaving without explaining.

The tall girl took my hand in hers and gently stroke it, with a warm smile on her lips.

- I'd never thought ya'd be this gentle too. Ya're gonna be the most awesome guy of my life.

- If I don't die before..., sighed Ankou. Did you forget that I'm ill ?

- We cured ya, I already told ya. We brewed a very powerful potion to heal yar internal wounds, and the shaman said that ya were alright now.

- So why does it hurt like hell ? , he grunted, trying to rise up again.

She blushed and chuckled, giving him a wide teethy smile.

- Oh that...Well I couldn't wait for ya to wake up anymore, so I kind of helped myself while ya were asleep.

He looked at her with big eyes, like it was surreal. Then he smiled and chuckled too. An ogre stays an ogre after all...

The next day he could move freely, or almost. The ogre girl was sleeping on top of him, and he couldn't make a single movement without waking her. Eventually she woke up, yawning and stretching like a little girl on Ankou's chest. She looked up at him, and he looked straight into her eyes. She blushed, while he switched positions, being now on top of her, spreading her legs.

- What's your name ?, he asked, removing his clothes.

It took her a few second to answer, as she was dazzled by the sight of his muscular body in the first timid rays of the morning sun. She shook off her head.

- I'm Zashavoria, but ya can call me...

- Zash.

He cut her with a deep kiss that overjoyed her. She entwined her tongue with his, finishing to undress themselves in a hasty way. But Zash couldn't get away from his grasp, as he maintained her under him.

- I think it's time for some payback, don't you think ?, he whispered to her ear, licking and biting everywhere in her neck.

She tried to throw him away, but he definitely was too strong, even though he was almost dead a few days ago... Her breasts were bouncing under him, her erect nipples brushing against his torso. He began to lick and suck them, nibbling on them to tease her. Zash was shivering under him, totally opened. She was already moaning even if he was only licking her...It was so good ! Her time his tongue touched her, her body heated up, becoming soon overflowing with lust and juices. Still maintaining her arms behind her back, he forced his head between her thighs, kissing her entrance. She let out a big moan as he swirled, sucked, teased, kissed, licked her soaked pussy. The first orgasm didn't make himself waiting as she screamed and squeezed his head between her legs.

A moment after, he flipped her on her front, leaving her ass exposed to his growing shaft. She adjusted to his height, an arm still behind her back, begging for him as he repeatedly smacked himself on her clit, before putting it in. She moaned with lust, but not as much as she wanted : he only put the tip. When she tried to ask him what he was doing, he took her second arm and slammed the hardest he could. Zash's eyes rolled up as she screamed like a beast, Ankou ravaging her insides with each powerful strokes of his dick in her. Her tits were swaying up and down to the dawn, her whole body sweating and exuding love for the man that was transforming her into a shivering mess. Suddenly, he thrusted faster and even harder, approaching his climax.

His thoughts were full of lust, full of sex, full of sloppy sounds, grunts and moans, full of pleasure : full of her. It only took him the night to make up his mind. Zash had already acknowledge him as her husband, and she would never let him go. Besides, where would he go ? He was with a gorgeous, strong and kind woman that was addicted to him and sex. He couldn't wish for more. He emptied himself into her with a deep stroke. He moaned lowly, like a beast, while Zash screamed even louder. He let her go, and she fell on the bed, legs and arms spread, beaten. But it wasn't over yet. Ankou lowered himself, and plunged into her again. He hammered into her tight cunt, his arms supporting himself just next to her face. She clanged to each of his wrist with her hands, her hair whipping his face. He fought his way to her ear, and spoke to her in a harsh and loving voice.

- You did not -ask my name. I'm going to tell you.

- YEeee-eess te-eell meeeaaaOoh..., she moaned, as he reduced the pace a little.

- My name is Ankou. An-Kou. Say it. Moan it. Scream it.

He hammered those words, with long and powerful strokes. Zash became so turned on that she begun rocking her hips against him.

- An-kuh ! Oooouu- Uh ! Ankou ! Ankou ! Aaaahnkoooou... Ah ! Ah ! Ah! AaaahnnKkouoouuu !!

He thrust even harder.

- You made me -your husband. Now I'm -going to -make you -my woman !!

He was fucking her the hardest he could, beating her meat with all his strength, so much that the bed began to creak a little too hard. The more he was ravishing her, the more he wanted her. They both were nearing their limits, and he felt that she was becoming more and more restless, trashing her head from side to side, sometimes biting his arms or demanding a kiss from below.

- You gonna cum ? Tell me- You gonna cum ?, he grunted in her ears. Cum for me. Cum -the loudest you can ! Those words sent her over the edge as she screamed the loudest she ever did.


Ankou's ears were ringing from the power of scream, but he kept on and went on full force. He shouted while the bed collapsed under them. She was clumping down on him like crazy, so much his cock could snap with a wrong move.



They both climaxed together, as Zash had her sixth orgasm. He fell on her and rolled to her side. They were both out of breath, barely capable of moving. In a final effort, he pulled her on his chest embracing her with passion as they drifted to sleep.

They woke up a few hours later, drenched in sweat, sperm and love juices. Zash kissed him deeply, but without any lust : just tremendous and unbound love.

- And with that ya're more than my husband : ya defeated me two times, in combat and in sex. I'm yars now, no matter what will ever happen.

He hugged her in his arms and kissed her forehead.

- I'm yours too Zash. You're the best thing that ever happened to me...I don't think I could live without you now...

She let out a few tears of joy.

- Ya're the first guy to ever talk to me like that after fucking my brains out. And also the first to ever fuck me like that.

He smiled.

- Satisfied ?

She grinned.

- Hardly, she answered while kissing him. Come on, show me what ya got, "husband". He kissed her back.

- I'm going to make you my bitch. You're going to crave me like the beast you are. Her look became wild and aroused like never.

- I just loooooove when you talk dirty to me, "stud".

They continued all day, all night, and the following day, until an angry lamia came up to demand them to take a break so that the village could sleep. They looked at each other with loving and meek eyes. This valley became one of the biggest refuge for mamonos over the years, protected by one of the strongest family of ogre ever known in the country. Rumors spread, and this valley was named "Valley of the Ankou", the safest haven for broken people and rejected couples.


Greetings readers and thank you for reading my first fiction on MGE ! I wrote this story right after creating an account here...I hope this story was to you taste ! I tried to develop a little the background of the hero, and I wanted maybe to develop even more their day to day activities, but I thought it would be too long... So anyway, please let me know if you liked it, or not, if you saw some errors excuse me, english is not my mother tongue. Well, see you for another story !