*Here, here, gather around the fire. I told you I was on an odyssey since quite some time, I think it's time for me to tell one of my stories.*

- Sieg Farolnorm ! For sparing an entire village of enemies and fighting your own comrades to defend foul demons, you are hereby stripped from your Order Knight status and any of your possessions ; your family will be branded as traitors against humanity ; and the King himself Lord Govaïn extended your sentence this morning : you will be beheaded publicly tomorrow morning in the town square.

A heavy silence fell upon the dungeon, as those words echoed in the cold and moist cells.

- Do you have something to say for your defense or about your judgment, traitor ? , added the bearded commander.

A man arose from the shadows, half naked and in rags, chains to his wrist and ankles. He slowly walked up to the barrier, and hit it with his hands, approaching his face from the light. His gaze was blank, his body covered with bruises, wounds, dirt and scars. He answered with a low voice, almost grave, but still warm.

- I acted as I was taught to : protect, not exterminate. The Order is blind. I gladly give up my life and everything else, because I know you're all in the wrong.

The two soldiers behind the commander laughed.

- What bullshit... So you've really fallen to the demon's embrace Sieg...

- Pathetic, added the other with a snarl.

The commander said nothing, and instead held his gaze. He knew this boy since his childhood, and educated him to be the perfect knight, a bulwark against evil. He knew Sieg better than everyone else, he knew he couldn't be corrupted in any way. Was he telling the truth ? He was right in a way...The duties of an Order knight these days were more of extermination of mamonos and taking away their husbands to human city to rehabilitate them than protecting the civilians and peace... On the other hand, it's clear that mamonos are only giving birth to female mamono for now, leading to the almost extinction of the dwarves and the elves, as well as greatly endangering the human specie...

But what the old commander saw in Sieg's eyes was disenchantment and resolve : he was now persuaded that he was walking on the path of the truth. The old man smiled to him warmly, keeping his tears for himself. He turned away with a quick movement of hand, his men following him.

- Farewell Sieg, may your next life be full of peace and love.

- Commander, you shouldn't speak that way to a traitor..., said lightly one of the soldier.

The old man turned and faced him, using all of his presence to tower him. The soldiers instinctively stopped and put themselves in line. He punched the soldier in the face, falling on the ground.

- Soldier, should you ever speak that way again to a commander and a father, I will have you executed in front of your family. Am I clear ?

Them gulped loudly, now remembering that the Commander Niels was the adoptive father of Sieg the traitor. He turned away from them, as they got out of the dungeons.

- Fall out.

The two men went hastily towards the barracks, fearing the offended and sad old man. He sighed, back against a stone column, looking at the stars.

- My son... I hope that you will find this that you wish to protect.

Meanwhile, deep down in his cell, Sieg wept bitterly. He knew he made the right choice. He had to save those people, mamonos or not. He wasn't raised to kill, but to protect. Sure he knew how to fight, but he refused to simply slaughter people just because they're monsters. He recalled that day, when he rejected the Order, dashing in front of the gates and resisting his comrades assaults, knocking out many of them with his tower shield. Once he heard an harpy yelling "thank you very much !!" from the skies, he had dropped his shield, revealing his many wounds, surrendering himself. He knew he was going to be stripped from everything, he knew he was going to be executed. But the look he gave to his father had told the old man everything he wanted to say to him.

"Don't worry. It's fine. Thank you for everything. I love you, Father."

Sieg couldn't say that aloud in front of him of course, it would have tainted his honor as a commander. But he simply couldn't let his only son die like this because of blind religion. He took out the key his father gave him before he left. There was a small piece of paper with it. He decided to read it later, when he wouldn't be in town anymore. Sieg faked being asleep, as the early patrol passed before his cell. He knew that they were stopping right at the corner ; he silently opened his door through the iron bars, secretly blessing the captain of the guards that couldn't stand the sound of rusted metal, and therefore oiled every single hinge in the castle. He sneaked behind the guards, then suddenly knocking their heads between them, slowly dropping them off the ground. He took the black shirt and pants from the first one, his sword and keys and ran for the exit. He also calculated that no guards would be here at this hour in the night. Sieg carefully opened the door, and slipped his head outside to scout the street. No sign of life, only the crickets songs and the summer wind answered to his wordless inquiry. After a few artful dodges with numerous patrols, he managed to get out of town while taking advantage of everything he had : shadows, diversions, and of course the laziness and exhaust of the guards.

Finally, he set foot in the plains outside the city, on the road towards the mountains. He did not know where to go, and instinctively set out in the opposite direction from the castle. After an hour of walk, he stopped at a small stony bridge, and hid himself under it. At the moon's rays, he eventually read the small piece of paper he held before his eyes.


If you're reading this, then you must have made it outside. I write you this note hastily, I do not have much time left to act. You'll find your shield in the forest near the entrance of the mountain path... You know which one already. Go back there, maybe you'll find your destiny behind this village... I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you my son. I am very proud of your choice, and I respect it. Live your life, and do not look back. Be strong, as always.

Your dear father, Niels."

Tears flowed down Sieg's cheeks, but he didn't let sadness overwhelm him, at least no from the beginning. He put himself to sleep, mourning over his old life. Tomorrow would be the dawn of something new, something scary but that he yearned for despite everything. He wanted to go on a trip around the world since he was a child, and that was the main reason he joined the Order. Now he had to do it alone...

  • * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * ** *

Sieg knew those plains like his pocket ; he went to a secret stash he had set up under a stump in a small village, across three rivers. He put on the light leather gear, changed his clothes with his own brown ones, and departed towards the nearby forest, that lead to one of the numerous mountainous paths of the region. He successfully evaded a group of harpies passing by, and three slimes that chased him for at least two hours straight. He finally arrived in front of the trail, weaving in the rocks and among the peaks, heading towards the sole volcano of the region. As he searched around, he unearthed his tower shield and a bag of supplies from under a fallen tree, right beside the wooden sign that showed him his destination. As he began his ascension, a thought crossed his mind : was that sign always there ? It was now too late to go back, so he let go and concentered on the dangerous path that awaited him.

As night fell upon the land, Sieg found shelter under a big rock formation, that provided him enough space to lay upon the battered dirt. He lighted up a fire with the firewood he had salvaged, and proceed to cook a rabbit he caught on his way. After he finished eating, he sat on the edge of the cliff, leaned back and look at the stars. What could they have in store for him now ? Would he become some mamono's husband ? Would he be hunted by the Order until the end of his days ? He sighed and appreciated the warm breeze on his face. He grabbed his shield and examined it under the remains of light from his fire. It was made of a special alloy and designed for his use : light despite his imposing size and stronger than steel, he could withstand heavy blows and give them back without losing any speed or mobility. More than one meter tall, curved from side to side, glowing with it's silver color, a big roaring lion head engraved on it's front : it was Sieg's most treasured possession, being the most incredible gift his father ever gave to him. He smiled again, thinking of hard it was for him to even wield it at the beginning.

He woke up early the following day. The Order must have been searching for him now ; they had no idea where he went, but eventually they were going to figure out his destination and would send another extermination party. Sieg hurried unto his journey to the village. It was barely noon when he made it to the small canyon, right before the circus where the village was hidden. He entered it carefully, watching up for falling rocks. It was already too late when he raised his shield to protect himself from the incoming blow. A heavy war-hammer swung from his back, and threw him five or six meters in the canyon. It was barely large enough for Sieg to use his shield, and he couldn't move very easily. He stood up, dodging an arrow that scratched his face.

- Who are you ? What do you want from me ?, he shouted.

A dozen soldiers were standing in front of him, weapons in hand. Then he recognized the Order's insignia on their tabards.

- We were sent by the King Govaïn to kill Sieg the traitor, bring back his shield and head, and to raze the village you are standing before ! Surrender, and we will grant you a painless death !

Sieg looked at the ground. Was this it ? Was he going to die here ? Could he fought his old comrades again ? The knights did not waited for him to stop his confused pondering. Another arrow grazed his face. Now was not the time to falter. He raised up his tower shield, trying to fill the way the best he could, leaving almost no space to swing a weapon towards him. He took out his sword and took his battle stance, behind his wall of metal.

- Come at me ! As a former knight, I will never surrender ! - So be it, said the soldier with the war-hammer. He took some steps back, and rushed at him with his weapon above his head, letting out a war cry as he rushed towards Sieg. He smirked. As the soldier stroke down, Sieg advanced a little and pierced through his chest with his sword while hitting him with his shield, stopping the man and making him fall behind him, dead.

- Anyone else is game ?, taunted Sieg while hitting together his weapons.

He heard a slow creaking sound, as the soldiers before him made space. A canon was approaching, aiming right on him. There was no way he could escape now, the canyon behind too narrow for him to dodge. The canon men charged it and lighted the fuse, the soldiers surrounding the entrance. Sieg completely fell back behind his targe, readying himself for the impact. His heart was beating hard in his ears, and he already heard some soldiers laughing. The wind blew the second before the fuse disappeared into the canon.

- Fire in the hole !

The deafening sound and the impact like a punch from a giant made his head explode. He stayed in position as the impact was making him drift backwards, pushing aside the corpse behind him and burying his boots on the ground. He finally stopped in the middle of the circus, roughly thirty meters away, right in front of the village wooden walls. Half of his gear was torn away by the blast, and his targe was crumbling, letting the lead cannonball fall on the ground. The lion's head was nowhere to be seen, it looked more like a twisted and burned piece of metal. Sieg fell on his knees, then he heard another explosion and the sound of falling rocks. Dust clouded his sight, then he felt a thundering pain in his belly. He looked down, and smiled : parts of his shield had shattered and were pushed in his body by the force of the impact.

- So I did not completely withstood it, huh...

He fell unconscious, hearing a small flapping and burst of voices, from far, very far away...

  • * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sieg slowly and painfully awoke from his deep slumber. His head was spinning and his body felt like he was weighing a ton. A few minutes later, his mind began to uncloud, and he tried to remember what happened to him. He saw the cannonball, the strength of the impact, the harpies and their husbands carrying him... Wait. Harpies ? He gave a look around. He was lying on what seems a pile of hay, herbs and furs, arranged in the most comfortable way possible. Around it were several other piles, of shiny trinkets, gems, gold ; he glimpsed some rudimentary furniture made from bones and wood in a corner; it seemed that he was in a circular cave, with the wide entry around fifteen meters in front of him. He tried to get up, but his wounds weren't ready yet, as he fell back while letting out a cry of pain. The exact moment his voice got out of his mouth, he heard flutter and the sound of wings as a black harpy appeared in the entrance, rushing towards him. She immediately held him tightly in place by the arms with her wings, putting her medium breasts in his face. Out of confusion and surprise, Sieg stopped struggling, and endured the pain as it slowly faded.

- Don't struggle. Your wound has healed fully yet.

Her voice was commanding and singing, mature and slightly alluring. She smelled good, a mix of lavender and hay, fresh water and warm wind. She quickly undid their embrace when she noticed that he was sniffing the scent in her breasts, looking a little embarrassed. She regained composure however, and looked down at him from the end of the pile.

- My name is Fralie. What's yours ?, she asked with a lofty tone. - I'm Sieg, former knight of the Order, he answered, staring at her and observing her every movements and details.

She was truly beautiful. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

- Former ?, she asked raising an eyebrow, visibly curious. Why's that ? - I...protected your village from an extermination expedition one week ago. I turned against my comrades and helped some men from your village and their daughters to flee while taking blows for them and driving off the soldiers. Thankfully I think that nobody was harmed during the attack, but I severely injured some of my men to prevent them from killing innocent families...

She listened to him, secretly amazed by how he could withstood her gaze without looking away while telling his story.

- Then I surrendered myself, and they judged me guilty of treason : they took away everything I had and were going to put me to death, but my father helped me and I got away. I traveled back here to take back my shield, and I hoped to go inside this village to warn you from another possible attack from the soldiers, but they were faster than expected...

- It's alright. We drove them off.

- Really ?, said Sieg, surprised. But hey had archers, and even a canon...

- After they blew you up, we attacked directly from the skies, trying to push them into the canyon. Half of them were taken as husbands, and two managed to flee. As for the others...

She suddenly became grim ; he sensed some regrets and disgust in her eyes.

- They tried to fire against the village while taking shelter in the canyon. They almost killed two of our sisters with their damned arrows... They did not left us any choice. We buried them and the path with the rock trap we prepared in the worst case scenarios...

Sieg was shocked. He never thought that they had to resort to this. He knew mamonos hated killing humans, even for defending them and their husbands. Fralie was fidgeting on the side of the bed, visibly ashamed and tortured by her deed. He reached his hand towards her : she looked at him with tears in her eyes.

- Come here, he said, with his warm voice.

Her face reddened as she threw herself against his chest, bursting in cries of regrets. He wrapped his arms around her, withstanding the pain in his muscles. They stayed like this for hours, until he noticed that she had fallen asleep.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps near the entrance, and one man dressed with leather garments approached carefully.

- Excuse me ?, he said gently. Can I come in ?

- Yes, said answered Sieg, recognizing this voice with a mix of happiness and apprehension. Is that you Folgeir ?

A young man with short red hair appeared in the light and walked towards him with a big smile on his face.

- Captain ! It's so good to see you're doing well !

Sieg lowered his gaze, feeling sadness engulfing him.

- I'm sorry I...dragged you into this...

- Not at all Captain ! What you did was awesome ! I mean, you stopped a freaking cannonball to protect us !

-...Us ?

Folgeir rubbed the back of his, looking a little embarrassed.

- Yeah,uh...About that..I kinda fell in love with one the harpies that attacked us after we shot you, with several other guys from your old unit, and we became husbands here. So...

A dozen other men entered the cave, surrounding the bed, making sure they did not wake the harpy sleeping at their captain's side. Sieg recognized his whole squad from when he became captain, the same squad he fought against to defend the village the first time they attacked it. Tears welled up to his eyes.

- I'm sorry everyone, I didn't want to harm you, to betray you.

- You did not betray us Captain, said one tall guy. You showed us the right path to follow.

- Yeah he's right. After they trialed you, we realized that you protected families, and not a bunch of bloodthirsty monsters as the church has told us.

- We realized you were more of a hero than any of us. We volunteered for the next extermination party, expecting to outnumber the others and help you to escape.

- But then our wives attacked... And among the chaos we managed to convince them that we weren't enemies.

- After everything calmed down, we told them the truth on the first attack : the black harpies weren't there at that moment, so that's why we managed to get inside. And the other harpies told them the same thing : you were the hero that saved the village that time.

- On the behalf of all the village, we came to thank you, Captain.

- Thank you Captain !, they all said in unison, bowing before him.

Sieg couldn't hold his tears back anymore.

- Everyone...

He felt Fralie moving under him, and looked at him concerned when she saw him cry. He smiled to her, realizing he cried of happiness. She stood up and the soldiers lined up to let her pass.

- It's too noisy here. I'll come back later, and you better be alone this time.

She glanced a lustful eye to him.

- Tonight you're mine.

As she flew away, his men gathered around him, laughing and bringing out the booze they had stored for their captain. They reveled until the end of the day, discussing about their wives, their daily lives at the village, the defenses, the water and food stocks : they taught Sieg all he had to know around here.

- Of course you're staying with us Captain !

He laughed.

- Well, I'll consider the request.

They heard multiple flutter and blast of wind, instantly stopping their little party.

- Oops, time's up I guess, said a guy.

- Men, fall out, ordered playfully Sieg. I think you have duties to attend now, don't you ?

They all smiled widely to him, bowing again before him.

- Yes sir !

They all went back to their wives, some of them getting scolded the second they opened their mouth. Fralie waited for everyone to go home before coming up to him. She seemed upset.

- You're angry ?, asked Sieg, realizing how scary she looked when she was mad.

- You had fun ?, she answered coldly.

- W..Well, yeah. It was fun, I guess.

- Good.

She flew towards him and landed on his crotch, staring in his eyes, her wings on his head. Hers were full of desire and lust. He detailed her face : serious with small lips, short jet black hair, she wore a pair of blue hearing. She was already panting like mad, and Sieg felt her wetting his shaft with her shorts. She whispered in his ear.

- I'm holding back since the day I brought you here. I didn't want to harm you, So I tried really hard... But now, now you're mine. Now you're going to make me feel good, now I'm going to make you my husband.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sieg stripped her naked before she could say anything, leaving her exposed as he began touching and feeling her. He played with her tits with his left hand, gently sucking on her right nipple while groping her ass mercilessly. She chuckled.

- My my, aren't you bold...

- You wanna make me yours ? Come and get me, he teased her, licking and biting gently her ears while stroking her back and her wings.

- Don't push your luck mister "Hero", I'm the one in charge here.

Fralie pushed him down and undid his pants, setting free his bulging member. She stared at him a few seconds, wondering a thing this big would fit in her; Sieg looked embarrassed as she playfully stroke, licked and kissed him, exploring his nether region. She began to suck on the tip shyly, unsure of what she was doing, and paid extra care not to hurt him with her teeth. After a while, he grabbed gently her hair, panting as he was close to come.

- Fralie, hold on, I can't..Hold it..anymore...

She stopped with a loud pop, and aligned her hips on his stiff shaft.

- Then let me take you away now.

She brutally lowered her hips, causing both of them to cry in pleasure. She was drenched inside, twitching and tight. They stayed like this for a moment, Sieg almost bursting which little movement of her hips. They looked at each other, slowly reaching for each other faces, and kissed passionately, burying their hand ( or wings ) in each other hair. Without even noticing, they both started moving their hips, slowly, gently, as their tongues entwined and their saliva mixed. The more they kissed, the more they were hot, and the more they were aroused. Their desire built up, then Fralie couldn't take it anymore ; she pushed him completely on their bed, holding his chest with her wings, and began rocking her hips like there was not tomorrow. She sought pleasure ; she wanted to feel good, she wanted to feel pleasure from him, she wanted him to feel pleasure from her. Only her. She shook her hips faster, as she felt her orgasm coming slowly. Suddenly, Sieg broke free from her grasp and embraced her, sitting up in the bed and grabbing her thin waist to slam her on him. She let out loud moans, almost screaming his name with each thrust.

- N-no pleeEEaasee... Don't be sOOo rooOUgh...

- So what ?, he whispered. You're mine -and I'm yours now -Oooooh god you're so sweet...

- Stop saying thaaaat..., she cried, shaking her head from the overflowing pleasure he gave her. I'm..I'm not sweEEeet !

He started slamming her on him the hardest he could, using all his strength while sucking, licking and biting her breast.

- Don't ! M-my breasts ! PleeEAase ! I'm gonna gO-oo maaad from the pleasure..., she said, her voice climbing in the tones.

It aroused him even more. She hold him tight, and then all of a sudden, she wrapped her legs around his waist, arched her back in a loud scream from pleasure. She was clamping down him so hard Sieg could not take it anymore. He released it all in her, groaning from the astounding feeling. He hold her against him in a fiery kiss, pumping his seed in her, for at least a long minute. She continued to moan while kissing him, devouring him with her eyes, their mutual love now burning like a fire in the hot night.

- So ?, asked Sieg, out of breath. Am I up to -your expectations ?

Fralie chuckled lightly, smiling happily.

- Hmph...Not that bad I suppose... Care to go once more to show me ?

He flipped her on the furs, dominating her with his brawny shape. Only then she noticed that was fit like a true hero, his muscles glistening in the moon light. It only made her wetter than she already was. Suddenly, she remembered that he was wounded, and instinctively tried to put him down on the bed, but Sieg resisted, holding her legs firmly.

- Oh my wounds ? Don't worry, actually I'm fine since the guys came to visit me.

He put himself against her entrance and proceed to rub himself against her gaping slit, making her squeal and squirm in his grasp. Her mind went blank when abruptly rammed his thick shaft into her. Loud and wet noises rose up in the cave, along with their cries of pleasure. He focused on his pace, working different angles, gyrating his hips, sometimes grinding himself the deepest he could, trying to hit her weak spots and to make her scream again. She was tight as any could be, and the more he moved he felt her insides quiver and grasping his member, hungrily stroking him and inciting him to go further, and harder. In fact, from a certain point, she was coming non-stop, completely losing it as he hammered on her G-spot. She was on the verge of consciousness, babbling love words and vulgar non-sense, screaming and moaning the loudest she could. Until Sieg finally stood on his knees, holding her by the waist, her legs falling on each side, and began to furiously fuck her like she was a weightless piece of lesh that he used to indulge into inhuman pleasure.



They both reached their orgasm at the same time, flooding the pile of herbs and furs that served as bed with sperm, sweat and love juices. Sieg filled her to the brim a second time, falling on his right side, with his happy harpy wife clutching his whole body tightly. They fell both asleep in no time, completely exhausted.

The next morning, they awoke sticky and with back aches, but full of an unbound happiness. They looked at each other with hungry eyes ; hungry for love, but most certainly hungry for each other.

- Fralie, I love you. I want to stay here with you, always.

- Sieg...I love you too...So much...

She spent the morning fawning all over him, discussing of their life together, the future of the village, the future of their family.

"Father, Sieg thought, I have found it. This peace and love, I think I understand now what you wanted me to find. I won't disappoint you."

- Say, do you think of any special name for our first child ?, she asked, beaming with love and bliss.

Sieg smiled with joy.

- Niela.


Here it is, my second fiction on MGE. Tell me what you think about it in the comments, good or bad. And maybe give some requests ? Actually I love to write, and it would maybe be cool to fulfill somebody's dream story, I don't know. Anyway, see you for another story !